The author and cook, Heather

Asparagus Mayonnaise

Outlander Kitchen

I have always loved asparagus. When I was a kid, a can of asparagus was a big treat! It was expensive compared to something like green beans or corn, and only a couple of us even liked it. But fresh asparagus is an entirely different experience than canned.

These days, I only buy fresh asparagus and usually roast it or grill it, high heat giving the vegetable a little char in places but not overcooking it. But for this recipe, you cook it very quickly in boiling water, then plunge it into an ice bath so it doesn't get mushy and stringy. Then it is perfect for dipping into a flavorful sauce. Feel free to eat this with your hands!

I finally planted an asparagus patch at my house this year, so I am hopeful I'll get to eat some fresh-picked homegrown asparagus next year. I'll definitely be making this one again.