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Apple Fritters

Outlander Kitchen

As soon as apple season began, I started looking for apple recipes. When I found this one in a new-to-me cookbook, Outlander Kitchen, I decided I should make it for the channel! I mean, who doesn't like fried dough, and it's even better with bits of soft cooked apple in the middle.

While I really don't love frying things at home (and the leftover oil you have to deal with in one way or another), otherwise these were very easy! With extra sugar (I used powdered), they make a nice sweet treat, but without those, they aren't too sweet to be eaten with a meal.

The full recipe is available here:

I have loved the Outlander book series since I found one of the first three books randomly in an office book swap in my early 20s, and now I love the television show almost as much. So this cookbook is a fun addition to my list!

Serving Size1/20th recipe, not including oil used for frying
Carbohydrates8g (3g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather
[00:07]: today we are going to be cooking from a
[00:09]: new new to us book called outlander
[00:13]: kitchen by teresa carl sanders um if
[00:17]: you're not
[00:18]: familiar outlander is a series of books
[00:22]: well the first one was called outlander
[00:24]: um and then there's a very long series
[00:27]: of books by diana gabaldon i think is
[00:29]: how you pronounce it i could be very
[00:31]: wrong about that um the last name always
[00:33]: gets me
[00:34]: um and this is the official
[00:37]: uh cookbook
[00:39]: so it's been authorized by by the author
[00:42]: and everything
[00:43]: um she takes food that has been
[00:46]: mentioned in the books and has sort of
[00:50]: modernized a little bit the recipes
[00:52]: because most of them are from
[00:54]: the
[00:55]: 1700s i believe so um they're modernized
[00:60]: to be easier
[01:02]: to make now with the ingredients we have
[01:04]: available and also
[01:06]: um
[01:07]: to suit our palettes better um
[01:10]: so i haven't we've made one recipe out
[01:13]: of this book not on the channel my
[01:15]: husband made some bread it was delicious
[01:17]: um but this is the first one i am making
[01:21]: here
[01:22]: for you guys um if you're not familiar
[01:24]: with my channel i'm not going to give
[01:26]: you all of the recipe ingredient
[01:29]: measurements because this is not my
[01:32]: recipe this is her recipe if you
[01:34]: want to
[01:36]: make it
[01:37]: you should buy the book
[01:39]: or sometimes you can find these recipes
[01:42]: online and if so if i can find it i will
[01:44]: link it in the description below
[01:46]: um but let's
[01:48]: get cooking uh
[01:50]: so today we're gonna be making apple
[01:51]: fritters
[01:53]: and i
[01:54]: saw this recipe and it's fall and apples
[01:58]: and i've just been really wanting these
[02:01]: things
[02:02]: and it looked really good so we decided
[02:04]: to make them and i actually have been
[02:06]: listening to the book that this recipe
[02:08]: came from
[02:09]: um
[02:11]: and have and saw it relatively recently
[02:13]: or heard it relatively recently this is
[02:15]: from the fiery cross which i think is
[02:17]: book
[02:19]: five maybe in the series um
[02:23]: and so these are sort of a
[02:27]: pancakey doughnut type thing that we're
[02:29]: gonna fry
[02:31]: after we put everything together
[02:33]: and
[02:34]: it includes whiskey so i'm really
[02:35]: excited about that
[02:37]: um
[02:39]: she says that these normally would have
[02:41]: accompanied a savory meat dish like
[02:44]: especially pork
[02:47]: we're gonna have it
[02:49]: sort of as a breakfast donut type thing
[02:51]: today but
[02:54]: we're going to get started because we
[02:55]: have to cut up a bunch of apples well
[02:57]: not a bunch we have to cut up some
[02:59]: apples and let them marinate for about
[03:01]: 30 minutes so we're going to get that
[03:02]: started
[03:03]: all right so we're going to make a
[03:06]: mixture of stuff to marinate our apples
[03:08]: in
[03:09]: and
[03:11]: first we're going to start with some
[03:12]: whiskey you want to use a blended scotch
[03:16]: whiskey for this don't use your best
[03:18]: single malt it
[03:19]: doesn't need that i've got some doers
[03:23]: that we happen to have on hand i do i
[03:26]: did manage to score some sasanak whiskey
[03:29]: which is
[03:30]: um
[03:31]: from the show outlander there's now also
[03:33]: a series about that on stars if you
[03:36]: weren't aware of that um it's great i
[03:39]: love it um and
[03:41]: this comes from one of the stars um but
[03:44]: it's very expensive and i'm not using it
[03:45]: in this recipe so i've got a little bit
[03:48]: of blended scotch whiskey
[03:52]: um
[03:52]: [Music]
[03:54]: some whole milk she does call for whole
[03:56]: milk in this and i'm gonna keep this
[03:59]: around because i'm going to use it later
[04:03]: got some lemon juice i need to measure
[04:05]: this because i did not pre-measure it
[04:07]: and if there's not enough oh well
[04:10]: i'll be about right
[04:15]: all right that's good
[04:18]: lemon juice
[04:20]: lemon zest
[04:22]: i used um my microplane as usual here
[04:26]: for the lemon zest
[04:28]: just
[04:30]: get it off and it gets in small pieces
[04:31]: and it's very easy to use um
[04:34]: we have some just plain granulated white
[04:37]: sugar and some
[04:39]: ground ginger dried ground ginger very
[04:42]: different flavor than the fresh stuff i
[04:44]: probably wouldn't use fresh stuff in
[04:45]: this
[04:50]: and we need some vanilla
[04:57]: i almost always use mexican vanilla
[05:00]: um
[05:01]: i just i like the flavor of it it's
[05:03]: slightly different than other
[05:05]: vanilla
[05:09]: there we go
[05:11]: so that's all that goes into this apple
[05:13]: marinade
[05:15]: i'm going to mix it up
[05:18]: got a spoon to mix it up it's probably
[05:21]: going to be loud so you won't
[05:23]: probably won't see all of this
[05:32]: i just stirred that until i didn't hear
[05:34]: much of the sugar grating against the
[05:36]: bowl
[05:36]: but now we have to deal with our apples
[05:38]: so you need some
[05:41]: firm
[05:42]: sweet apples for this she suggests uh
[05:46]: gala which i think is what these are
[05:48]: um
[05:50]: granny smith which i think is what this
[05:52]: is although it was supposed to be golden
[05:53]: delicious i've cut one in cup cut one up
[05:56]: recently and i'm pretty sure it's granny
[05:58]: smith um
[05:60]: pink lady are really great
[06:02]: honey crisp would probably be good
[06:05]: you want something that's kind of gonna
[06:06]: stand up and not be mushy so
[06:08]: um we need to peel oh that's right need
[06:11]: to peel core and cut these into
[06:13]: basically a really small half inch
[06:17]: dice
[06:18]: so i'm gonna peel this
[06:21]: i didn't peel it beforehand because they
[06:23]: do
[06:24]: often get
[06:26]: pretty brown and we i just didn't want
[06:27]: that to happen
[06:31]: all right so this has a few brown spots
[06:34]: on it i'm not too worried about that
[06:36]: i'm not going to bother cutting those
[06:38]: off for this particular application
[06:40]: because they're going to be mostly
[06:41]: cooked so i cut it in half cut it in
[06:43]: quarters and then
[06:47]: just slice off the middle
[06:50]: core part
[06:56]: good enough and so this is how
[07:00]: all of the little bits of skin that i
[07:02]: missed okay this is how i cut up
[07:06]: these i
[07:07]: make half inch slices this way
[07:14]: try to keep it together
[07:18]: and then half inch slices this way
[07:24]: and then turn it this way
[07:29]: half inch slices and then we have our
[07:32]: half inch dice and i'm just going to
[07:33]: toss them into the marinade as i cut
[07:35]: them up
[07:37]: and i'm going to be
[07:40]: peeling and chopping for just a little
[07:42]: while here
[07:43]: okay i'm done uh cutting up my apples
[07:47]: and all i'm gonna do is stir these into
[07:50]: the marinade and we're gonna let this
[07:52]: sit for
[07:54]: 30 minutes before we continue with the
[07:57]: recipe and we're going to just stir them
[07:59]: up every so often to make sure they all
[08:03]: get some love from that whiskey mixture
[08:07]: and i'm going to clean up and prepare
[08:09]: for the next step and we'll see in just
[08:10]: a little bit
[08:13]: my apples have been
[08:15]: marinating in this whiskey mixture for
[08:18]: about half an hour
[08:19]: and i've got everything ready to put
[08:21]: together the
[08:23]: batter
[08:24]: for these apple fritters
[08:26]: um but the first thing i have to do is
[08:29]: strain
[08:30]: these apples so i have my strainer set
[08:33]: over this it's it won't have nearly as
[08:35]: much liquid as this will hold but
[08:38]: it's convenient because my it holds my
[08:40]: strainer pretty well
[08:42]: so i'm just gonna
[08:46]: strain these
[08:54]: because we're not going to use all of
[08:56]: this liquid but we are going to use some
[08:58]: of it
[08:59]: so
[09:08]: there we go
[09:12]: so i'm gonna put this this way so i
[09:14]: don't
[09:15]: knock all of that lovely stuff off
[09:19]: in the bowl i have just some all-purpose
[09:22]: flour
[09:23]: to that i'm gonna add
[09:25]: there's some kosher salt
[09:27]: some cinnamon
[09:29]: and some baking powder yes baking powder
[09:32]: quite a bit that's gonna provide the
[09:33]: lift and make it
[09:34]: nice and um
[09:37]: fluffy
[09:38]: and not super dense
[09:40]: so we have that and we're going to just
[09:43]: i'm going to whisk this together we're
[09:45]: going to use a whisk later and that'll
[09:46]: that'll make it a little bit airy and
[09:47]: get get out any lumps
[10:03]: okay
[10:05]: so now we're going to add some eggs
[10:11]: i have had mine sitting out at room
[10:12]: temperature but that is not necessary
[10:22]: actually
[10:22]: i'm gonna need this bowl i think
[10:26]: i'm gonna
[10:29]: oh i dripped all over that's okay i'm
[10:31]: always messy we've got our eggs
[10:34]: we've got some melted butter here um i
[10:37]: used some unsalted butter
[10:39]: probably use salted since it's not that
[10:41]: much it wouldn't be a big difference
[10:47]: and
[10:48]: we need just a little bit of this
[10:50]: marinade that's why i kept this out i
[10:52]: just rinsed it didn't really wash it
[10:54]: since i was
[10:56]: mostly using something that
[10:58]: was it was something that went into here
[11:00]: anyway so there we go
[11:02]: just a little bit left over
[11:05]: i'm gonna add this
[11:10]: there we go we're gonna whisk this
[11:12]: together
[11:17]: supposed to be a pancake like batter
[11:19]: i'm not going to keep whisking because i
[11:21]: don't want the
[11:24]: the gluten to develop anymore in here
[11:26]: because we do want it to be light and
[11:28]: fluffy
[11:30]: it's not super thin but before i add any
[11:33]: more of the liquid i'm going to
[11:35]: stir in my apples and see
[11:37]: where we are
[11:40]: and that's what we're going to do next
[11:41]: we're going to stir the apples into the
[11:43]: batter
[11:45]: and try to make sure we get a good
[11:47]: distribution of apples
[12:03]: i think that will be perfect i don't
[12:05]: think i want it any thinner than that
[12:08]: the apples added a little bit more
[12:09]: moisture
[12:11]: and but it's
[12:12]: enough to
[12:14]: kind of coat the apples
[12:16]: i think that will be
[12:18]: perfect
[12:19]: so this is ready
[12:21]: to
[12:22]: fry
[12:23]: so i've had my oil heating in a um
[12:27]: deep i think she says a beet
[12:32]: a large saucepan so that's sort of my
[12:33]: largest not my largest but that's a
[12:35]: decent saucepan
[12:37]: it's a lot of oil she says two to three
[12:39]: inches vegetable oil
[12:42]: any oil you usually fry in that sort of
[12:45]: neutral flavored would be absolutely
[12:47]: fine
[12:51]: she says over medium-high heat we're
[12:52]: looking for 350 degrees
[12:55]: we'll get everything set up over there
[12:57]: so you can watch us fry and we'll be
[12:60]: right back
[13:02]: so i'm waiting for my oil to come up to
[13:05]: 350. she says medium high heat
[13:09]: on my
[13:11]: stove that is usually about where i need
[13:13]: to need to land
[13:14]: um
[13:16]: about a seven
[13:17]: sometimes a six and a half and kind of
[13:19]: have to kind of have to knock it back
[13:21]: sometimes but i use this um
[13:25]: infrared thermometer got this from
[13:27]: thermoworks
[13:29]: a while ago it's got a probe for like
[13:31]: meat and stuff
[13:33]: uh and it's got this infrared which i
[13:35]: use to test the
[13:41]: temperature of oil or whatever
[13:43]: um
[13:45]: i i don't like the thermometers that you
[13:47]: kind of stick on the side i've never had
[13:50]: much luck with those but we'll see
[13:53]: this works okay for me
[13:55]: if it works for you use it
[14:01]: so
[14:02]: she says to drop these by table
[14:04]: spoonfuls in here
[14:06]: um
[14:07]: i don't know if she means like a heaping
[14:09]: tablespoon they look pretty big in the
[14:12]: picture
[14:13]: um
[14:14]: we'll see i'm gonna start with this
[14:16]: small
[14:17]: cookie scoop that i have which is about
[14:20]: a tablespoon maybe a little bit more um
[14:23]: if i want them bigger i'll go ahead and
[14:26]: choose something else but
[14:28]: our first batch that's what we're going
[14:30]: to try
[14:30]: [Music]
[14:36]: we're getting there we're over 300 at
[14:38]: least
[14:40]: turn it up a little bit more just to
[14:44]: i am frying in grape seed oil didn't
[14:47]: have quite enough
[14:48]: uh so i also added a little bit of
[14:51]: avocado oil so i've got like a mixture
[14:54]: going
[14:55]: it'll be fine those are both pretty
[14:57]: neutral oils that can handle high heat
[14:60]: and frying pretty well so
[15:03]: all right i'm gonna go ahead and start
[15:04]: putting some of these in there and i'll
[15:05]: have to i'll probably have to turn this
[15:07]: down after
[15:09]: it comes back up to temperature
[15:11]: but make sure you get some apples
[15:14]: and just drop it in
[15:17]: we don't want to crowd the pan
[15:22]: here
[15:25]: so not too many
[15:53]: now i'm going to try to keep these
[15:55]: turned over and turn it down just a
[15:56]: little bit
[15:58]: turn these over
[15:60]: as i feel like they need it
[16:03]: luckily since these aren't super round
[16:07]: they don't want to flip themselves over
[16:10]: so you can
[16:12]: make them cook on the side that you want
[16:14]: that's good
[16:20]: let's see how i'm doing as far as
[16:27]: so a seven or seven and a half will
[16:29]: probably be good on my stove
[16:35]: we're going for the usual golden brown
[16:38]: and delicious here
[16:52]: a little bit
[17:09]: she says this should take about five
[17:11]: minutes for them to be done
[17:12]: [Music]
[17:17]: i think
[17:19]: which means the rest should be pretty
[17:22]: close to done
[17:46]: have a plate with some paper towels as
[17:48]: you can see
[17:49]: drain these on
[17:52]: and i don't think you want to eat these
[17:53]: while they're super hot those apples
[17:55]: would be really hot but the
[17:58]: warm is probably best now she says
[18:01]: that uh you can eat these plain as they
[18:05]: are or
[18:06]: uh
[18:08]: sprinkle them with more sugar
[18:10]: i think i'm going to
[18:12]: dust
[18:13]: some powdered sugar over these probably
[18:17]: wouldn't be very
[18:20]: um
[18:23]: specific to the very true to the era
[18:26]: that these were originally from but i
[18:28]: think that'll be pretty so that's what
[18:30]: i'm gonna do
[18:32]: so there we go we have
[18:34]: our first batch
[18:37]: of apple fritters i am gonna keep
[18:40]: frying these up
[18:43]: and
[18:45]: we'll let you know what we think of them
[18:46]: in just a minute
[18:50]: [Music]
[19:00]: on this episode you watched me make
[19:02]: apple fritters from outlander kitchen
[19:06]: it's our first one from this book
[19:08]: that we filmed for you guys and i have
[19:11]: to say we really loved it uh i was
[19:13]: afraid the apples wouldn't be cooked
[19:15]: enough it did take us less time to fry
[19:18]: them
[19:19]: than she indicated i think it was more
[19:21]: like
[19:22]: three minutes dish so it was kind of
[19:24]: quick
[19:24]: um
[19:26]: not too much less but i was a little
[19:27]: worried that the apples wouldn't be
[19:29]: cooked enough but they were perfect
[19:32]: a little bit of a bite the batter was
[19:33]: really uh really light it wasn't stodgy
[19:37]: it was a little bit like a pancake
[19:39]: batter like she says like a like a
[19:41]: funnel cake with apples in it
[19:43]: we really love them um
[19:46]: they were delicious they were not super
[19:49]: hard you know chopping up the apples is
[19:51]: probably the most difficult thing and
[19:53]: then you have to wait
[19:54]: 30 minutes to let them marinate and you
[19:56]: did get that whiskey flavor the whiskey
[19:59]: and the lemon juice in the apples that
[20:00]: was really good
[20:02]: um so you got that
[20:04]: and
[20:05]: then you just sort of mix everything
[20:06]: together nothing's really hard doesn't
[20:08]: require a lot of equipment which
[20:10]: considering the era that these recipes
[20:12]: come from that is uh to be expected i
[20:15]: don't think they'd have you know
[20:16]: sous-vide machines or food processors
[20:19]: food processors or anything like that
[20:21]: back then so
[20:22]: you know easier recipes
[20:25]: um
[20:27]: and it's just frying
[20:29]: kind of sucks all the time but it wasn't
[20:31]: that bad honestly um my stove didn't get
[20:35]: quite as messy as it usually does when i
[20:37]: fry because i used a deep pot so that
[20:40]: helps and they fried up pretty quickly i
[20:42]: think we got
[20:44]: a little
[20:45]: a few more than she said but not many so
[20:48]: i think i chose the right size to make
[20:50]: these um
[20:53]: most of them were not hard to flip over
[20:56]: sometimes they got a little a few got a
[20:58]: little too round
[20:59]: and hard to to to keep flipped over they
[21:02]: really wanted to be on one particular
[21:04]: side but
[21:06]: um those were only a few
[21:08]: requires frying always requires a little
[21:10]: bit of babysitting so that part sucks
[21:13]: um
[21:14]: to me i don't really love frying at home
[21:18]: but it's worth it if the recipe is
[21:20]: really good and we really like the
[21:21]: recipe we ate almost all of them with
[21:23]: our breakfast
[21:25]: i thought they were good for breakfast
[21:27]: kind of like pancakes with some apples
[21:29]: on top except all cooked together
[21:32]: and fried
[21:35]: but i would i would eat them for dessert
[21:36]: and i think without the sugar as a side
[21:40]: accompaniment with a
[21:43]: a nice pork dish a sort of a fatty meat
[21:46]: that would be really good
[21:47]: um so yeah
[21:49]: if you enjoyed watching me make this
[21:51]: please give me a thumbs up hit the
[21:52]: subscribe button and come back and watch
[21:54]: me make something else next week
[21:57]: [Music]
[22:00]: you