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A Coddled Egg for Duncan

Outlander Kitchen

This is really more of a method than a recipe, but I'd never tried coddled eggs before. No wonder, I found it almost impossible to buy an egg coddler here in the US. At least, not a new one, and the vintage ones online were not inexpensive. However, you can use small mason jars instead! Which I happen to have on hand, but I decided to buy a similar silicone version, called an "egglette" anyway.

I'm not sure how I feel about these. I love a boiled egg, but I think I would need to play with the timing using my particular coddlers to see if I can get it *just right* for my liking. And try a bunch of things to figure out what additions are my favorite! I can't decide if it's more effort than a boiled egg, or less. Peeling eggs isn't my favorite thing, and you can't add cheese before you boil an egg in the shell. But, a simple boiled egg is also delicious and I've got the method and timing to make them just like I like them down pat already.

You can find this on the author's website here:

The nutrition information on this depends on the additions you make, but the amounts are so small it's probably not that different than just an egg.


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather today we are making
[00:09]: breakfast and we are working out of
[00:11]: teresa carl sanders outlander kitchen
[00:13]: cookbook
[00:15]: and for this recipe we're going to be
[00:17]: making
[00:17]: a cottled egg for duncan um
[00:21]: so i've never really done cottled eggs
[00:23]: it's not a thing that i think is super
[00:25]: popular here in the united states i
[00:28]: looked on the internet and it was super
[00:29]: expensive
[00:30]: to buy a porcelain egg coddler they were
[00:33]: mostly
[00:34]: um
[00:37]: old ones that were like on ebay or
[00:39]: reselling
[00:41]: finding them
[00:42]: new was difficult
[00:45]: but
[00:46]: i found these things they're called
[00:48]: egglets and instead of being porcelain
[00:51]: or glass they're silicone
[00:53]: and they will kind of
[00:56]: float in the water so i'm hoping these
[00:59]: work pretty well
[01:00]: so
[01:02]: these are really simple and it the great
[01:04]: thing is you can make it for breakfast
[01:06]: on a weekday
[01:08]: with just a little bit of leftovers a
[01:09]: little bit of um
[01:11]: cheese or pre-shredded treat cheese
[01:13]: whatever you have
[01:15]: and
[01:17]: it will be great because this is really
[01:19]: just
[01:20]: an egg a little bit of flavoring and
[01:22]: then we're going to boil it in these
[01:26]: things so it's
[01:27]: not it could be hard boiled but my goal
[01:30]: hopefully is going to be set whites with
[01:33]: a runny yolk
[01:35]: because that's how we prefer it i don't
[01:37]: like a super runny white
[01:40]: and for that she says for
[01:43]: the porcelain cobbler that she has
[01:46]: in a one egg
[01:49]: uh
[01:50]: 9 to 12 minutes for a medium which is a
[01:53]: firm outer and inner whites and
[01:55]: semi-liquid yolks that's what i'm going
[01:57]: to go for
[01:58]: it might take a little bit different
[01:60]: timing with these because of the
[02:03]: heat conductivity of the silicone is
[02:05]: probably different
[02:07]: and she says with um
[02:09]: porcelain and glass those are different
[02:11]: as well so the timings are different
[02:13]: with their with those so it's kind of
[02:15]: something you have to figure out
[02:17]: what works for the equipment you have
[02:21]: so um
[02:23]: we're gonna see
[02:24]: um
[02:26]: so really in addition to the eggs
[02:28]: uh all i have is
[02:30]: flavorings that are
[02:33]: specific to what you want
[02:35]: she has some suggestions in the back
[02:38]: i grabbed what i had on hand i have some
[02:41]: shredded smoked gruyere which is one of
[02:44]: the things she suggested and i happen to
[02:45]: have it on hand
[02:47]: um
[02:49]: i have some finely
[02:51]: diced
[02:52]: green onions mostly the whites from the
[02:54]: green onions
[02:56]: i have the greens
[02:58]: just sliced for garnish for other things
[03:01]: but you don't need much of these things
[03:04]: because
[03:05]: basically you want about a tablespoon
[03:07]: combined of flavorings max to go with
[03:10]: your egg
[03:12]: i have a little bit of parsley and i
[03:13]: have a little bit of chopped up tomato
[03:18]: so i've already discussed with the
[03:20]: children what they want in theirs and so
[03:22]: we'll see but they can all be different
[03:24]: because you're making them all
[03:26]: separately
[03:27]: and so we're doing one egg for each of
[03:29]: us today
[03:31]: so first thing i'm gonna do is i'm gonna
[03:33]: take a little bit of butter and i'm just
[03:35]: gonna use my fingers
[03:38]: to spread it on the inside of these she
[03:40]: says to um
[03:43]: brush it
[03:45]: but
[03:46]: i just find it's pretty easy to use my
[03:49]: fingers
[03:50]: to butter these things
[03:52]: this will help it come out easily if you
[03:55]: have if you keep um
[03:59]: spray
[03:60]: pam whatever it's called
[04:02]: cooking spray
[04:03]: this would also be something you could
[04:05]: use here
[04:06]: up to you you could do olive oil
[04:09]: whatever you like
[04:10]: um
[04:12]: and so
[04:13]: i have my egg cobblers my egglets not
[04:16]: sponsored i just bought these on the
[04:18]: internet
[04:19]: um
[04:21]: and i know my eggs have really thin
[04:23]: shells the this batch is just it's
[04:25]: really easy to get
[04:27]: a little bit of shell
[04:30]: when you crack it
[04:31]: so
[04:32]: i'm gonna crack it into this first
[04:34]: before i put it in there just so i don't
[04:36]: have to try to
[04:37]: get a bit of shell out of these little
[04:39]: containers
[04:47]: so there we go and i'm just going to
[04:50]: pop that in there
[04:52]: also trying not to break the yolks when
[04:54]: i do this so
[04:57]: and now what i'm going to do is i'm
[04:59]: going to put some salt and pepper in all
[05:01]: of them so i'm going to wash my hands a
[05:02]: little bit better so first i'm going to
[05:03]: just crack a little bit of pepper
[05:06]: you can leave that out if you don't like
[05:07]: pepper i usually don't do pepper on my
[05:09]: eggs but we'll do a little bit here
[05:11]: especially since there are additions
[05:14]: and just a little sprinkle of kosher
[05:16]: salt
[05:18]: a little bit of salt
[05:20]: and now
[05:21]: now is where we make it different for
[05:23]: everybody
[05:25]: see both of my kids wanted some cheese
[05:29]: try not to knock these over
[05:32]: it really just needs a little tiny bit
[05:35]: of cheese
[05:37]: now one of them wanted some tomato
[05:40]: because he likes tomato
[05:45]: so there we go a little bit tomato on
[05:47]: that one
[05:49]: and
[05:50]: the other one said just a little bit of
[05:52]: green onion
[05:54]: so there we go
[05:56]: a little bit
[05:57]: as you can see you do not need a lot
[06:00]: so i'm going to
[06:05]: fingertip tighten those
[06:08]: and so
[06:09]: i believe with a porcelain or a
[06:14]: glass coddler these would probably sit
[06:17]: on the bottom and she says the water
[06:18]: should cover them that's not going to
[06:21]: happen with this i looked at a video and
[06:22]: it looks like they float in the water so
[06:24]: you'll want enough water so that they'll
[06:26]: be you know fully
[06:28]: as fully submerged as these can be or
[06:31]: fully submerged or
[06:33]: depends on the instructions for your
[06:35]: coddler so if your coddler says not to
[06:37]: to cover them with water she says just
[06:39]: go ahead and do what they say
[06:42]: so i'm gonna put some cheese
[06:44]: in the others
[06:50]: there we go
[06:52]: i'm gonna have i'm gonna take the small
[06:54]: one here because
[06:56]: it was my bad
[06:58]: got a little bit of tomato
[07:02]: i'm gonna add a little bit of green
[07:03]: onion to mine
[07:06]: i think we're gonna do a little green
[07:07]: onion on my
[07:08]: husband
[07:11]: and a little bit of parsley on both of
[07:13]: ours because that's yeah she's pretty
[07:16]: just a little bit of chopped parsley
[07:20]: there we go
[07:22]: now
[07:23]: uh now is where the timing comes in so
[07:26]: we're going to put these into
[07:29]: boiling water and i'm gonna try it after
[07:33]: i think nine minutes i'm gonna take one
[07:35]: out and see
[07:38]: uh if it looks like it's done enough
[07:40]: um
[07:42]: she says you can get them for dump like
[07:43]: one that will hold two eggs too and
[07:45]: those will take longer so a lot of this
[07:47]: is really just
[07:51]: depends on how you like it and what your
[07:54]: equipment is like so
[07:57]: that's where we are with that so
[08:01]: uh i probably am not going to show you
[08:03]: exactly
[08:05]: all of that
[08:06]: because really it's it's going to look
[08:08]: like
[08:09]: these bobbing in water
[08:12]: and then i'll show you what they look
[08:13]: like
[08:14]: when we take them out and let you know
[08:16]: what we think in just a minute
[08:19]: [Music]
[08:27]: on this episode of cooking the books
[08:28]: with heather you watched me make a
[08:30]: cuddled egg for duncan from teresa carl
[08:33]: sanders outlander kitchen cookbook
[08:37]: um
[08:37]: and as you
[08:40]: may remember i could not find coddlers
[08:43]: however i used some silicone
[08:46]: uh
[08:47]: boil egg things they're called egglets
[08:50]: whatever
[08:51]: bought them online they weren't that
[08:52]: expensive and that was fine
[08:54]: she does say that you can use a small
[08:57]: mason jar with a lid
[08:59]: instead of a coddler so they make these
[09:02]: kind of tiny little
[09:03]: mason jars they probably take
[09:06]: like half cup max
[09:10]: i have some of them because i've made
[09:12]: them
[09:12]: um
[09:13]: i've made
[09:15]: the sous-vide egg bites or at home and
[09:18]: the you know made them in those so i
[09:21]: bought them for that but you know
[09:22]: you could use them for this as well
[09:25]: um
[09:26]: i should have done that that might have
[09:27]: been more like the usual because the
[09:30]: problem that i had
[09:32]: was that mine were
[09:34]: either a little underdone or a little
[09:36]: overdone
[09:38]: so when i checked it originally
[09:41]: at about nine or ten minutes i don't
[09:43]: like a runny white and the egg white was
[09:45]: a little bit too runny as far as i could
[09:47]: tell and then at 12 minutes mine was
[09:50]: pretty hard cooked some of the other
[09:52]: ones mine i think was the one that
[09:54]: i lost quite a bit of the egg white so
[09:56]: it probably cooked a little bit faster
[09:59]: the other ones had a little more
[10:00]: runniness at
[10:02]: 12 minutes but
[10:04]: at 9 or 10 minutes
[10:07]: i think at 9 minutes the the white was
[10:09]: too runny for us we just don't like a
[10:11]: runny egg white at all
[10:14]: so
[10:16]: maybe next time i would try about 10
[10:18]: minutes and see see if that goes well um
[10:22]: i definitely
[10:24]: would be making these again they they're
[10:26]: something that i could make easily on a
[10:30]: weekday
[10:31]: morning
[10:33]: just for myself
[10:37]: so i mean the kids liked him fine but
[10:40]: they didn't love them so whatever
[10:45]: having some of the
[10:48]: extra bits
[10:49]: is nice it's not just the egg flavor and
[10:51]: you can add whatever you want in there
[10:53]: so they're very highly customizable
[10:55]: um they're very tasty and it's just sort
[10:58]: of a good
[11:00]: different egg recipe so i kind of go
[11:03]: between
[11:05]: scrambled and fried here most of the
[11:07]: time so this is something else we can do
[11:08]: and adds a little extra flavor to the
[11:10]: eggs so
[11:12]: yeah i'll probably be doing these more
[11:15]: often
[11:16]: now that we've tried it
[11:18]: so if you enjoyed watching me make this
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