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Herb-Roasted Salmon

Outlander Kitchen 2

In this recipe, a large salmon fillet is covered with herbs and capers held together loosely with butter, then slow-roasted until flaky. It's perfect if you like your salmon cooked well, but still moist.

This recipe is found in the second Outlander Kitchen cookbook.

Serving Sizeserves 6


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we're going to be
[00:08]: working from
[00:09]: what will probably be the first recipe
[00:12]: in this book that you guys see we're
[00:15]: going to be making
[00:17]: herb roasted salmon from Theresa Carl
[00:20]: Sanders Outlander Kitchen 2 cookbook so
[00:23]: the second one in the series
[00:25]: um
[00:26]: and we've started another recipe today
[00:28]: but that won't be ready for quite a
[00:31]: while it's a preserve type recipe so
[00:34]: you'll see that later this is a very
[00:37]: simple salmon recipe my family loves
[00:41]: salmon as I've said many times so it was
[00:44]: a no-brainer for me to make this and
[00:46]: I've made something kind of similar for
[00:48]: quite a while but this one
[00:52]: you start it by making an herbed butter
[00:55]: oh it also says to use a fork so let me
[00:58]: go get a fork I have some butter in here
[01:00]: this is unsalted butter because we're
[01:02]: going to add salt to it I didn't want it
[01:04]: to be too salty
[01:06]: um so to this we're going to add
[01:10]: some salt
[01:13]: we're going to add some pepper I'm not
[01:16]: going to measure this I rarely
[01:18]: measure pepper
[01:21]: that looks good to me
[01:23]: um
[01:24]: we're going to put in
[01:27]: uh
[01:28]: some scallion so this is just green
[01:31]: onion and finely chopped she says
[01:34]: basically a minced
[01:37]: this is quite a bit of it but it is what
[01:40]: it is just the white and light green
[01:42]: Parts though
[01:44]: um
[01:45]: we're going to use put in some lemon
[01:47]: zest I've used the rest of this lemon
[01:52]: I've just cut it up into
[01:55]: wedges to use you know at the table and
[01:58]: for garnish
[01:59]: so these are done
[02:01]: um
[02:02]: parsley
[02:04]: yes this is the parsley so I'm going to
[02:08]: measure this because I didn't measure it
[02:10]: before
[02:12]: um
[02:13]: and any
[02:15]: bits that I don't use I might just
[02:17]: scatter on top to make it pretty
[02:20]: we have some basil these are all just
[02:23]: kind of minced
[02:26]: my basil is not doing great right now
[02:29]: it's a little bit late it's in the
[02:31]: season I should have
[02:32]: should have harvested and made a ton of
[02:35]: pesto already but I didn't so I'll have
[02:37]: to do that
[02:39]: and the last ingredient is some capers
[02:44]: mine were a little mushy but those were
[02:47]: also supposed to be chopped so I don't
[02:48]: think it'll matter all that much and now
[02:51]: we're just supposed to use this Fork
[02:53]: to sort of combine it all together it's
[02:57]: a lot of stuff to combine into this
[02:60]: little bit of butter
[03:04]: [Music]
[03:09]: it kind of comes together
[03:12]: I think the butter is really just a
[03:15]: vehicle for the herbs and the Capers and
[03:18]: all of that
[03:20]: get all spreadable and mix it all
[03:23]: together
[03:24]: I think that is good
[03:26]: so I'm going to clean this up and be
[03:29]: back with my salmon okay
[03:31]: here's my salmon
[03:33]: um this is supposed to be skin on salmon
[03:36]: but
[03:37]: this is not skin on salmon so it's okay
[03:41]: it is what I had available to me so
[03:44]: it'll be fine
[03:46]: um and we're just going to spread this
[03:49]: herbed butter
[03:50]: evenly
[03:53]: over the salmon
[03:56]: so I might need to get
[03:59]: my offset spatula but we will see
[04:06]: it's not spreading great with this this
[04:10]: is not spreading very well and it
[04:13]: doesn't seem to be
[04:15]: quite enough
[04:17]: in my opinion
[04:26]: not super happy with this
[04:29]: I mean it's gonna melt so
[04:34]: I just have to get it relatively
[04:36]: like on everything because that is
[04:41]: and this is actually a little bit
[04:43]: smaller than she calls for so I don't
[04:47]: know how
[04:53]: this is mint
[04:55]: to cover the whole gosh darn thing and I
[04:59]: measured all those green herbs so
[05:05]: it shouldn't be too many
[05:07]: the amount of butter
[05:10]: the recipe calls for
[05:13]: it's just this is not great this doesn't
[05:16]: work very well in my opinion
[05:25]: all right well
[05:28]: [Music]
[05:29]: look there's a there's a bone right
[05:31]: there that's great
[05:34]: I guess I will
[05:37]: be using
[05:40]: the
[05:43]: tools at my disposal
[05:50]: so maybe I should have dried
[05:53]: my semen a little bit but
[05:56]: too late for that now
[06:00]: all right I'm gonna make sure it is up
[06:03]: here where all the meat is and assume
[06:06]: that
[06:09]: at least some will melt down onto the
[06:12]: other
[06:13]: parts of the salmon because of you know
[06:17]: heat and gravity
[06:19]: we will just
[06:22]: have to call
[06:25]: that
[06:26]: good I think
[06:29]: any more that I do is it's not going to
[06:31]: help here so
[06:33]: we're gonna call that good and I'm gonna
[06:35]: wash my hands so the other big part
[06:37]: about this recipe is the heat in the
[06:40]: oven is only at 275 degrees so this is
[06:44]: going to be low and slow kind of Cook
[06:47]: and I've put a pan of water on the
[06:51]: bottom of the oven on the lowest rung
[06:54]: rack of the oven
[06:55]: and we're gonna put this above that in
[06:58]: the middle
[06:60]: so 275 degrees for
[07:03]: she says 40 to 45 minutes
[07:07]: so
[07:09]: we'll show you what it looks like in 40
[07:11]: to 45 minutes it's just going right into
[07:14]: the oven just like this
[07:16]: all right it has been 40 minutes at 275
[07:19]: degrees and now we're supposed to test
[07:21]: to see if it is flaky
[07:25]: I think we're going for a fully done
[07:27]: kind of
[07:29]: uh
[07:31]: fish here
[07:34]: I guess it flakes yeah it flakes pretty
[07:37]: well
[07:38]: all right I'm gonna put it back in the
[07:40]: oven for about five minutes basically
[07:42]: just to keep warm
[07:44]: um while I finish up the rest of our
[07:45]: dinner
[07:47]: and we will let you know what we think
[07:50]: after that
[07:51]: [Music]
[07:58]: on this episode of cooking the books
[08:00]: with Heather you watched me make herb
[08:02]: roasted salmon from uh Teresa Carl
[08:06]: Sanders
[08:07]: second Outlander kitchen cookbook I
[08:10]: think this is probably the first
[08:12]: recipe that you will see from this book
[08:14]: so
[08:16]: um and as you can see I have several
[08:19]: marked that I want to cook so I'm
[08:22]: excited about cooking from this book and
[08:25]: um
[08:27]: this recipe
[08:29]: worked out pretty well it was a little
[08:32]: difficult to spread the butter uh the
[08:36]: the kind of softened butter on the cold
[08:39]: salmon just with all the herbs just did
[08:41]: not spread all that well
[08:45]: it was okay the herbs did kind of stay
[08:50]: on the fish where the butter was
[08:54]: but it is what it is it tasted really
[08:58]: good and it's probably best if you like
[09:02]: your salmon pretty done because
[09:07]: this is definitely a you cook it low and
[09:10]: slow for a long time until it is like
[09:13]: fully cooked
[09:15]: um
[09:16]: so it was I mean it tasted great we do
[09:19]: prefer our salmon usually on the you
[09:23]: know sort of
[09:24]: a little bit less done not rare really
[09:26]: but but on the rarer side of done so but
[09:30]: we really liked it we had some leftover
[09:32]: it reheated fine I don't think you
[09:35]: really need the skin on it so if it's
[09:37]: hard for you to find the skin on salmon
[09:39]: this works uh this this sort of recipe
[09:42]: works well for that type of fish in my
[09:47]: experience because that's what we had
[09:49]: and with skin I really like to get it
[09:51]: nice and crispy which this recipe
[09:53]: wouldn't do so
[09:59]: like your salmon done fully cooked you
[10:03]: should try this recipe
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