The author and cook, Heather

Jin Deui

Mister Jiu's in Chinatown

I really didn't know what to expect with these. I had never had one before, but I was in the middle of frying ALL THE THINGS and happened to have almost all of the ingredients on hand, so decided to go for it.

The technique was unique, but then I am not very experienced working with rice flour so boiling a portion of it might be a common strategy. It's a bit of a process, but then making 15 individual servings of anything is going to feel more difficult than making one big dessert.

They are chewy and crispy, and the exterior tastes mainly of toasted sesame. Use whatever jam that you like, because rice flour is pretty mildly flavored, so that will be key!

Serving Size1 ball; makes 15; not including oil for frying
Carbohydrates30g (1g fiber, 13g sugar)


[00:00]: foreign
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we're going to be
[00:09]: frying again I swear
[00:12]: it's probably the last fried thing we're
[00:14]: going to do because I'm using up the
[00:15]: same oil although I'll probably have to
[00:17]: add some more to this whatever
[00:19]: but today we're going to be making a
[00:23]: uh
[00:25]: recipe called gin dewy I think something
[00:29]: like that
[00:30]: um
[00:32]: from Mr Jews in Chinatown by Brandon Zhu
[00:35]: and tianlon ho
[00:37]: these are fried sweet Sesame coated rice
[00:43]: flour based
[00:45]: donut kind of things
[00:47]: I think I
[00:49]: had to go for another reason
[00:51]: to a an Asian market and I think I
[00:54]: actually saw some there and they were
[00:55]: pretty big but he says uh his
[00:60]: um
[01:01]: pastry chef makes them relatively small
[01:04]: because she likes the crispy outside
[01:06]: part best to sort of maximize that and
[01:10]: quite often they are made using red bean
[01:12]: paste which there's a recipe for in here
[01:14]: but this recipe actually says to use a
[01:17]: chunky fruit Jam
[01:19]: so the first thing I'm going to do is
[01:21]: get our chunky fruit Jam
[01:24]: uh
[01:26]: reducing so we're going to
[01:30]: reduce it to about a half a cup which is
[01:33]: not a whole lot of producing but we want
[01:35]: it to be very very thick
[01:37]: and then we're going to portion it out
[01:38]: and freeze it but he says it should only
[01:40]: take about 10 minutes
[01:43]: I don't know
[01:46]: um we are using
[01:49]: the Fraser strawberry jam
[01:52]: I will link that up there that we've
[01:54]: made on the channel
[01:57]: uh
[01:60]: it is strawberry and it had apples in it
[02:02]: and it's very chunky and I think that'll
[02:04]: be perfect for
[02:06]: this recipe so I'm gonna go put this on
[02:09]: I think he says medium high heat
[02:13]: um
[02:18]: on over medium no medium heat sorry
[02:21]: medium heat cook it stirring
[02:23]: occasionally until it is a until it's
[02:27]: reduced to a sticky paste that no longer
[02:29]: jiggles
[02:30]: and measures about a half cup so
[02:34]: supposed to do this in a small saucepan
[02:36]: I do not have a small saucepan currently
[02:38]: available
[02:39]: uh
[02:41]: and it would be a lot for my larger ones
[02:44]: so I've got this
[02:46]: sort of Skillet here
[02:48]: um
[02:49]: so I'm going to get that started
[02:52]: now we're going to get started on the
[02:53]: dough which is going to have to rest for
[02:55]: like an hour before we can fry it anyway
[02:57]: and it is a very interesting uh excuse
[03:02]: me
[03:04]: it is a very interesting method and I I
[03:08]: am not familiar with rice flour based uh
[03:13]: doughs at all I am
[03:16]: I do not have a problem with gluten it's
[03:18]: you know something I don't have a
[03:20]: problem with but uh I've never seen
[03:24]: anything like
[03:26]: this method before
[03:28]: but I'm gonna try to follow it
[03:30]: because
[03:31]: because you know why not
[03:33]: so uh in my mixer fitted with the paddle
[03:37]: attachment I have measured most of the
[03:41]: long grain glutinous rice flour in the
[03:44]: recipe
[03:45]: and I'm going to add
[03:49]: just granulated sugar I measured both of
[03:52]: these by weight but I'm just going to
[03:54]: kind of mix these up together
[03:57]: okay
[03:59]: and
[04:05]: I have
[04:07]: the rest of the same flour same rice
[04:10]: flour in a small bowl
[04:13]: and
[04:14]: I'm going to
[04:16]: put a measured amount
[04:19]: of
[04:21]: water
[04:23]: in a small saucepan
[04:25]: and bring that to a boil over
[04:27]: medium-high heat so let me do that
[04:30]: my water is boiling I'm gonna go put a
[04:33]: measured amount I'm going to measure
[04:35]: kind of approximately into the small
[04:38]: bowl of flour
[04:40]: okay
[04:41]: and now I'm going to stir
[04:46]: your fingers to squeeze it into a rough
[04:48]: ball and then to knead it into a smooth
[04:51]: ball
[04:54]: thank you
[04:55]: I think we have a pretty smooth ball now
[04:58]: and I'm gonna have to wash my hands
[04:59]: that'll be enough okay so we're going to
[05:02]: put this into the boiling water water
[05:04]: and boil it into boil until it is glossy
[05:08]: and floats about three minutes so my
[05:10]: boiling water is at medium high heat and
[05:12]: I'm just going to go drop this in
[05:15]: turned off my jam
[05:18]: in my saucepan it was hard to tell if
[05:20]: this was floating so I kind of had to
[05:21]: turn it sideways
[05:24]: uh but this is I've decided it's done I
[05:26]: think I boiled it for maybe four minutes
[05:28]: but now we just put that in there
[05:31]: and
[05:33]: mix on low speed until the dough ball
[05:35]: breaks up into flaky pieces about one
[05:37]: minute
[05:40]: till
[05:42]: I mean there's kind of some flaky pieces
[05:45]: in there it looks like so I guess I
[05:47]: guess we're good
[05:48]: and now
[05:51]: I'm gonna add some boiling water
[05:55]: continue on low speed and add the water
[06:00]: increase to medium high and mix until it
[06:03]: sticks oh on low speed until the dough
[06:06]: forms
[06:07]: okay
[06:16]: uh increase to medium high heat medium
[06:20]: medium high speed and mix until
[06:24]: uh it sticks
[06:26]: to the side of the bowl but not the
[06:28]: paddle about a minute
[06:33]: still kind of sticking to the paddle I
[06:35]: don't know when it won't stick to the
[06:37]: paddle
[06:39]: okay well
[06:41]: will it ever not stick to the battle
[06:45]: I don't know
[06:51]: but this is supposed to be a very soft
[06:53]: and sticky dough
[06:56]: so I guess we definitely have that
[07:06]: try one more time
[07:08]: I haven't been keeping track but I don't
[07:10]: think this will ever not stick to my
[07:11]: paddle so I'm gonna go get
[07:13]: plastic wrap and a bowl scraper
[07:16]: so I've got a sheet of plastic wrap that
[07:19]: we're going to try to
[07:20]: dump this on
[07:23]: oops my dough came in oops
[07:30]: now I'm trying to get all this off of
[07:33]: here which is not supposed to stick to
[07:34]: but
[07:36]: it is what it is
[07:38]: good thing is that you don't have to
[07:40]: worry about
[07:43]: um
[07:44]: overworking rice doughs because they
[07:47]: don't have gluten
[07:49]: in them
[07:52]: this is what it is
[07:54]: going to wrap this up
[07:57]: and let it sit at room temperature for
[08:01]: an hour
[08:06]: I'm gonna clean up a little bit and show
[08:07]: you what we have to do with our reduced
[08:09]: Jam
[08:10]: got some plastic wrap
[08:13]: on a sheet pan you can also use a plate
[08:17]: so this is where I decided
[08:19]: we were good it is very sort of Pasty
[08:23]: and now I'm going to divide this into 15
[08:27]: dollops of about a teaspoon and a half
[08:30]: each
[08:31]: foreign
[08:38]: supposed to refrigerate that until said
[08:40]: about 10 minutes whatever
[08:42]: so this is fine
[08:43]: now we are supposed to
[08:46]: freeze for at least an hour so
[08:50]: we'll be back in about an hour
[08:52]: my dough has been resting for a little
[08:54]: over an hour and it's time to divide it
[08:57]: is pretty sticky
[09:01]: I have oh I have basically a 50 50 mix
[09:05]: of black and white sesame seeds that I'm
[09:08]: just
[09:09]: uh mixing up here that when we're done
[09:12]: we're going to roll these
[09:14]: little
[09:15]: fried dough balls in here
[09:19]: now obviously in the pictures they have
[09:22]: just a few of the black ones and more
[09:26]: white ones
[09:28]: these are just
[09:29]: it says half and half so that's what
[09:32]: I've got
[09:34]: um
[09:35]: so I'm supposed to divide these into 15
[09:39]: balls so I'm going to start
[09:43]: uh by going in thirds
[09:47]: approximately and then try to get
[09:51]: five out of each
[09:53]: third
[09:55]: so we're going for basically I think
[09:58]: painful ping pong ball size
[10:07]: might be kinda small and I've got a
[10:11]: baking sheet
[10:12]: with
[10:14]: uh
[10:15]: parchment
[10:17]: paper on it
[10:19]: and
[10:23]: uh a damp
[10:26]: towel but I swear is clean it might not
[10:29]: look very clean that I'm going to cover
[10:30]: it with so that it doesn't
[10:35]: I don't know dry out I guess you could
[10:37]: also cover it with just plastic wrap
[10:40]: this looks like it will be bigger than
[10:43]: the other ones
[10:45]: so I might have to re
[10:47]: think
[10:48]: my strategy
[10:53]: or I'll just well I can't more can I
[10:56]: because
[10:56]: I've only got 15 job little dollops of
[10:60]: jam
[11:02]: so I don't know some of them might be a
[11:05]: little bit bigger than others
[11:07]: these seem more like the right size
[11:10]: so I just didn't do a very good job the
[11:12]: first time
[11:16]: I just cleaned this floor
[11:19]: you can cut that out
[11:22]: just one
[11:23]: they're gonna be fried it's fine
[11:29]: all right
[11:32]: I made more than five there I made more
[11:34]: than five years
[11:39]: let's let's see
[11:44]: gonna
[11:47]: try to make them all about that size and
[11:50]: see if I can get
[11:58]: the right number
[12:02]: yes that is 15.
[12:05]: I'm gonna call back and cover them up
[12:09]: now I need to go get my jam
[12:11]: so here
[12:13]: are my frozen Jam pieces
[12:17]: so the goal now is to
[12:20]: flatten this out
[12:23]: and put
[12:27]: a bit of jam
[12:29]: inside
[12:31]: and
[12:35]: just
[12:36]: cover it up
[12:39]: try not to try not to get it too too
[12:42]: thin and some of the places are getting
[12:44]: really thin oh my goodness
[12:47]: all right that's gonna have to that's
[12:50]: gonna be have to be okay and then we're
[12:52]: gonna see if these will stick
[12:54]: if they don't stick
[12:57]: you can moisten them a little bit with
[13:00]: this one I have just some plain water
[13:04]: there we go and then return it to the
[13:07]: baking sheet
[13:09]: and now I have
[13:11]: sesame seeds on my fingers so
[13:14]: great
[13:18]: so we'll have a few sesame seeds
[13:21]: inside
[13:25]: but oh well
[13:28]: all right so I've moistened it a little
[13:30]: bit
[13:36]: there we go
[13:38]: I'm just going to keep
[13:42]: flattening them out and putting
[13:45]: Jam inside
[13:48]: if the jam gets too unfrozen
[13:52]: you can stick it back in the freezer
[13:55]: uh briefly
[14:05]: oh
[14:11]: these are going in the freezer and I'm
[14:12]: going to heat my oil up to 350 degrees
[14:15]: and we'll see you at the stove
[14:17]: oil is almost up to temperature I'm
[14:19]: going to let it come up to 350 before we
[14:23]: put any in there my
[14:26]: dough balls have come out of the freezer
[14:28]: this is nice and Frozen
[14:30]: um
[14:31]: and he says we should fry about a third
[14:34]: at once so about five of them at once I
[14:37]: have
[14:38]: uh a rack over a baking sheet just ready
[14:42]: to put them on
[14:44]: and this to straighten out
[14:48]: so
[14:60]: he says they will uh sink to the bottom
[15:04]: and might stick so just be careful about
[15:07]: that use your
[15:10]: utensil to
[15:13]: move them around and then just keep
[15:16]: turning them around after they float to
[15:18]: the top
[15:19]: and it should take
[15:21]: six to seven minutes for them to be
[15:24]: evenly Brown
[15:27]: so
[15:30]: six to seven minutes
[15:32]: I kind of expected that to puff up
[15:33]: because that's what you know mostly the
[15:36]: things you fry puff up but there's no
[15:40]: um
[15:41]: eggs or Yeast or anything like that so
[15:45]: they don't
[15:48]: be interesting
[15:50]: I've never had these before so it's new
[15:52]: to me I think
[15:55]: I think these are
[15:57]: definitely done
[16:01]: it's going to take the first ones out
[16:02]: and
[16:05]: keep adding
[16:09]: the ones that are not done
[16:12]: keep frying these
[16:14]: and
[16:16]: we have to wait
[16:18]: at least 30 minutes to eat these they're
[16:21]: supposed to be
[16:23]: um
[16:25]: not piping hot because the filling will
[16:28]: stay really really warm and will
[16:32]: probably burn you if you eat them
[16:34]: directly out of the fryer so
[16:36]: uh about 30 minutes oh
[16:42]: got a little stuck on that one
[16:45]: and we can eat these and we'll let you
[16:48]: know what we think
[16:55]: on this episode of cooking the books
[16:57]: with Heather you watched me make gin
[16:59]: Dewey from Brandon Jew and tianlon ho's
[17:04]: cookbook Mr Jews in Chinatown
[17:07]: um and so this is something I had never
[17:09]: eaten before but it looked good it
[17:11]: looked uh relatively simple
[17:15]: um and looked like it might be tasty so
[17:20]: we tried it uh and I will say that it
[17:23]: was
[17:24]: the the method for making the dough was
[17:27]: a little
[17:29]: weird and I'm not sure why we did
[17:30]: everything we did so it'd have to do a
[17:33]: little more research on that
[17:34]: but it turned out okay I think
[17:38]: I don't know why we had to boil
[17:40]: part of the dough probably for hydration
[17:44]: I just I don't know
[17:46]: but I don't work with rice flour all of
[17:49]: that all that much so
[17:51]: um they
[17:54]: the the fruit making the the fruit
[17:58]: Jam filling was not too hard we just
[18:01]: boiled it down for
[18:03]: what 10 minutes or so until it was very
[18:05]: thick uh
[18:07]: I think that if I'd had more people
[18:10]: making
[18:12]: the uh the filling the little dumpling
[18:16]: ball things that we were making it would
[18:18]: have been
[18:20]: easier but as it was near the end they
[18:24]: were defrosted quite a bit and it was a
[18:27]: little bit more difficult but I didn't
[18:28]: want to take the time to put them back
[18:30]: in the freezer and get them back out and
[18:32]: all of that
[18:33]: so I didn't I just kind of dealt with it
[18:36]: but it didn't it wasn't awful nothing
[18:39]: ever when I fried them nothing came out
[18:42]: so that's good
[18:44]: um I was a little worried that some of
[18:46]: them wouldn't get sealed very well and
[18:48]: that you know might have exploding Jam
[18:50]: in my oil but that didn't happen
[18:54]: um they fried up pretty quickly they it
[18:56]: was not too hard to fry them
[18:60]: um they were
[19:01]: pretty simple
[19:03]: um
[19:04]: the dough didn't take any
[19:08]: any
[19:09]: awful
[19:11]: um
[19:12]: tools we just used our mixer so there
[19:17]: was no really special equipment that we
[19:19]: needed
[19:21]: um and and once you have the rice flour
[19:26]: there's nothing that's particularly
[19:27]: difficult to get which is sometimes a
[19:29]: problem with a book like this if you are
[19:31]: in especially a small American Community
[19:35]: a small American town getting some of
[19:38]: the
[19:39]: um
[19:40]: ingredients in a
[19:43]: book like this with a specific Cuisine
[19:47]: that's that looks for ingredients that
[19:48]: are not common sometimes that's hard
[19:51]: this doesn't have any of that except for
[19:53]: the long grain glutinous rice flour
[19:56]: which I don't even know if what I used
[19:57]: was long grain but it worked out
[19:60]: um the end result was really was tasty
[20:03]: it was not super sweet
[20:05]: um it tasted very much like the toasted
[20:09]: sesame seeds that were sort of on the
[20:10]: outside that well they got toasted as
[20:13]: they fried
[20:14]: um so that was a very that was the the
[20:18]: main flavor of it was was a sesame I
[20:22]: don't know if that's what it's supposed
[20:23]: to taste like the dough is very chewy
[20:28]: um
[20:30]: again since I've never had those I don't
[20:32]: know if I did something wrong or if
[20:33]: that's how they were supposed to be I
[20:34]: think that's how they were supposed to
[20:35]: be that's what I did a little research
[20:38]: and I think it's supposed to be a kind
[20:39]: of chewy dough
[20:42]: um
[20:43]: and
[20:45]: everybody liked them okay but nobody
[20:47]: loved them I don't think we had a few
[20:50]: left over and they did not
[20:52]: uh
[20:55]: taste as good at all the next day so I
[20:58]: think these are something you probably
[20:59]: want to eat
[21:01]: right after you make them well not when
[21:03]: they're super hot because you don't want
[21:04]: molten jam on your tongue but I think
[21:08]: these are something you want to go ahead
[21:09]: and eat once you make them but uh they
[21:12]: were they were not so bad they were not
[21:14]: hard to make which is which is something
[21:16]: I was looking for because a lot of the
[21:17]: recipes in here
[21:19]: seem to have a lot of steps which is a
[21:21]: lot easier when you're in a restaurant
[21:22]: than when you are trying to cook at home
[21:25]: for your family
[21:26]: and fit it into your life
[21:28]: so
[21:30]: if you have had these before and you
[21:33]: think I did something wrong or it wasn't
[21:35]: supposed to turn out like that please
[21:36]: let me know in the comments down below
[21:38]: because I would love to know uh if what
[21:42]: I ended up with is what was supposed to
[21:45]: what it was supposed to be like that's
[21:46]: one of the problems with
[21:48]: having something making something you've
[21:50]: never had before
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