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Alabama White Sauce


Way back before the world shut down (I can't believe it's been three years!), there was a local food truck that I loved. It served barbecue; here in NC the staple is pulled pork, and that was their specialty, but my favorite was their smoked chicken wings with Alabama White Sauce. I hadn't seen them since things opened back up, and I am disappointed to learn that, like many food establishments, they closed down during the pandemic and have not reopened.

So, I got the idea to try to make it myself! I found the sauce recipe in a book we've had for a while but haven't ever cooked from on the channel, and recruited my husband to help smoke and grill some chicken wings, and here it is. Mine is not quite as good as theirs was, but it will just have to do.

You can find this recipe on his website here:

Serving Sizeabout 1/4 cup
Carbohydrates4g (1g fiber, 1g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with Heather today we are working from a
[00:09]: new book to the channel we've had this
[00:11]: book for a while but we've never cooked
[00:13]: from it
[00:14]: um but it is called Meathead by Meathead
[00:18]: Goldwin with Greg blonder PhD
[00:22]: the science of great barbecue and
[00:25]: Grilling so this is sort of like the
[00:27]: best source online for
[00:31]: uh all of the grilling recipes he has uh
[00:36]: forums and all that kind of stuff on his
[00:38]: website they have a Pit
[00:41]: Master Club there we're not members I'm
[00:43]: not a member I don't think my husband is
[00:44]: this is um
[00:46]: all about grilling and smoking and all
[00:49]: of that but the thing I wanted to make
[00:51]: today was Alabama white sauce so there's
[00:56]: a recipe for there's a bunch of
[00:58]: different
[00:59]: um
[00:59]: barbecue sauce recipes and this is
[01:02]: the one that I was looking for today
[01:04]: because I wanted some chicken wings
[01:07]: with the Alabama white sauce
[01:10]: um
[01:11]: there was a food truck that I'm not sure
[01:14]: is still in business I don't know I
[01:16]: haven't seen them recently but they tend
[01:18]: to be
[01:20]: sort of the other side of town or they
[01:22]: were
[01:23]: I think I follow them so I'm not sure
[01:24]: that they're still in business but there
[01:25]: was a food truck in the Raleigh North
[01:28]: Carolina area called The Humble Pig and
[01:32]: they had smoked chicken wings and they
[01:34]: served them with an Alabama white sauce
[01:37]: so I really wanted that it's been a long
[01:39]: time since I've seen that food truck and
[01:42]: I haven't had it in a while so I bought
[01:44]: a big pack of wings my husband's going
[01:46]: to smoke those just with salt and pepper
[01:48]: there is a recipe later for this in the
[01:51]: book but really salt and pepper and some
[01:54]: grilling method we're not going to go
[01:55]: into that today but we do think we're
[01:59]: going to go through some more recipes in
[02:00]: this book and the Whole Hog Barbecue
[02:03]: book from Sam Jones that we've only done
[02:07]: sort of one recipe for so far
[02:11]: um
[02:12]: throughout the summer because we do a
[02:14]: lot of grilling and smoking and might as
[02:16]: well share that here uh mostly it's my
[02:19]: husband that does that but yeah we'll
[02:22]: see
[02:22]: for anyway on to the sauce so this is a
[02:26]: mayonnaise-based sauce and it's almost
[02:28]: always served with chicken
[02:31]: um he says that they dip the chicken in
[02:35]: it
[02:36]: um in a vat
[02:38]: at their bar at the barbecue restaurant
[02:40]: at Big Bob's I assume that's in Alabama
[02:43]: somewhere I'm nowhere near Alabama so I
[02:45]: don't know
[02:47]: um
[02:48]: but uh
[02:51]: I think we're probably just going to
[02:53]: kind of serve it with the sauce we'll
[02:55]: see
[02:56]: anyway
[02:58]: we're going to start with mayonnaise in
[03:00]: our Bowl I've already measured that out
[03:02]: I've got everything else measured except
[03:03]: for we're going to go ahead and put in
[03:06]: some prepared horseradish this is in
[03:08]: vinegar he says you can also use creamy
[03:13]: so
[03:15]: right
[03:16]: there we go
[03:20]: and then we're going to go through in
[03:22]: order we have some apple cider vinegar
[03:28]: we have some
[03:30]: lemon juice this is fresh lemon juice
[03:36]: foreign
[03:37]: and we have some it's supposed to be
[03:40]: apple juice we had apple cider um
[03:42]: already in a big jug in the refrigerator
[03:44]: so that's what I'm using today
[03:47]: um
[03:48]: and I've already measured out garlic
[03:51]: powder and quite a lot of coarsely
[03:55]: ground black pepper so lucky my husband
[03:59]: got me
[04:00]: um a battery operated pepper grinder for
[04:03]: Christmas
[04:04]: so uh
[04:07]: that I use that and it still took quite
[04:10]: a while but there we go
[04:13]: and then we have
[04:16]: some dry mustard I'm using Coleman's we
[04:19]: have some cayenne pepper and some kosher
[04:22]: salt
[04:24]: and that is all the ingredients so we're
[04:25]: just going to whisk this up
[04:31]: which will take a little bit to get all
[04:33]: that mayonnaise and everything whisked
[04:36]: with the uh
[04:38]: liquid because there's a lot of liquid
[04:41]: in this recipe this looks like it's
[04:42]: going to be a very thin Alabama white
[04:45]: sauce you'll see
[04:48]: we need to make this early because he
[04:50]: says it needs to sit at least two hours
[04:52]: in the refrigerator to sort of combine
[04:54]: especially with those dry spices and
[04:56]: everything we want the flavors to all
[04:58]: combine but we're going to put this into
[05:00]: a jar with a tight fitting lid
[05:04]: and refrigerate it for a couple hours
[05:05]: and
[05:07]: we'll show you what it looks like with
[05:09]: our chicken and let you know what we
[05:11]: think give just a minute
[05:28]: [Music]
[05:31]: on this episode of cooking the books
[05:33]: with Heather you watched me make Alabama
[05:35]: white sauce from Meathead goldwyn's book
[05:38]: Meathead and there is a whole section on
[05:42]: different sauces and we made the Alabama
[05:45]: white sauce because it is really good on
[05:48]: chicken and I wanted to do some smoked
[05:51]: grilled chicken wings and so that's how
[05:54]: we had it we did not show you how we
[05:57]: made
[05:57]: the chicken wings they're
[05:59]: there is
[06:01]: um a recipe back in the back here in
[06:04]: another section to cook like a whole
[06:07]: chicken
[06:08]: or chicken pieces with this but
[06:11]: we did our our chicken on the grill with
[06:16]: coals
[06:18]: from our outdoor fireplace which was
[06:21]: interesting first time my husband had
[06:23]: tried to do that that was all him
[06:26]: um
[06:27]: so we cooked it really low and slow at
[06:30]: first until it gets to about 145 and
[06:32]: then we put it on a higher heat to crisp
[06:36]: up the skin and finish cooking and uh
[06:39]: before we did that we covered it with
[06:41]: the sauce and then we served some extra
[06:45]: on top in fact I'm about to heat up the
[06:48]: leftovers for lunch
[06:50]: um
[06:51]: so it was it was really easy this sauce
[06:54]: is super easy because you don't have to
[06:56]: cook it it just mix it all up and then
[06:59]: it's done so and it goes really well on
[07:02]: chicken
[07:03]: uh I found this a little thin
[07:08]: um
[07:09]: when I've had it before it's been a
[07:11]: little bit thicker but that might have
[07:13]: been I don't know
[07:14]: the goal here to be thin more of like a
[07:17]: mop sauce I don't know whatever it was
[07:19]: really tasty it works really well with
[07:21]: chicken and
[07:23]: um if you haven't had it before I really
[07:25]: do recommend that you try it
[07:27]: and if you do let me know in the
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