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Poole's Three-Cheese Gougères

It's Always Freezer Season

We've made tons of gougères on our channel, probably because the whole family loves them. How could you go wrong with the same mix of cheeses used in my absolute favorite mac and cheese from Poole's Diner? (

You can either freeze this dough if you need to make it in advance (or refrigerate, if you know you'll use it in a couple days) or bake them up and freeze them that way. A brief crisp in the oven right before you serve makes them just like fresh!

Serving Size1 gougère
Carbohydrates4g (0g fiber, 1g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather today we are going to be
[00:08]: using the pasta shoe we made from ashley
[00:11]: christensen and katelyn golins it's
[00:13]: always freezer season and we're going to
[00:15]: be making
[00:16]: pools three cheese gouger now
[00:20]: this uses the same three cheeses that
[00:22]: pools diner uses in
[00:25]: their
[00:26]: absolutely delicious macaroni ograta
[00:29]: which everybody loves we've made it i
[00:32]: will link it above
[00:33]: it is
[00:34]: by far my favorite mac and cheese
[00:37]: and my kids have grown to actually like
[00:40]: it which is great because they honestly
[00:41]: usually prefer the box stuff but they
[00:43]: will eat this now
[00:45]: um
[00:46]: we make it a lot at home in fact
[00:49]: when we buy the cheese we freeze
[00:53]: cheese in the
[00:55]: amounts that you need for that recipe in
[00:57]: a bag
[00:58]: in the freezer so we can just make it
[01:00]: any time we want because you need that
[01:02]: cheese you need some salt you need some
[01:04]: cream and you need some macaroni and
[01:06]: that is it
[01:07]: anyway
[01:09]: so we have those three cheeses already
[01:11]: grated and
[01:14]: measured here
[01:16]: so we have
[01:17]: sharp cheddar this is a three-year aged
[01:20]: white cheddar
[01:22]: we have grano padano
[01:25]: and yarlsberg
[01:26]: same cheeses
[01:28]: um i'm not sure about the ratios in the
[01:31]: mac and cheese versus this but whatever
[01:37]: anyway but we did make well i didn't my
[01:40]: my assistant made up a few bags of this
[01:42]: after we uh graded what we needed for
[01:44]: this recipe but we're going to mix them
[01:47]: all up together
[01:49]: as well as we can
[01:51]: just like you do when you make the mac
[01:53]: and cheese
[02:05]: try to get these distributed they were a
[02:07]: little warm still
[02:09]: definitely want to keep these in the
[02:11]: refrigerator until you're ready for them
[02:14]: because you need these mixed up because
[02:17]: you're just using them all
[02:19]: together and you need to keep some
[02:24]: held back to put on top
[02:26]: of the gougere before you bake them
[02:30]: so
[02:34]: you kind of want it all mixed up
[02:39]: so we did not freeze this petal shoe
[02:42]: which is something you can do
[02:44]: but we will be freezing whatever
[02:47]: gouger are left over after we're done
[02:51]: eating them my husband assures me that
[02:53]: there will be none but
[02:55]: usually we do have at least a few left
[02:57]: over
[02:58]: and for these you can freeze them
[03:01]: pre-baked
[03:03]: and then just reheat them
[03:06]: in the oven for a few minutes until
[03:08]: they're hot and they will crisp up
[03:10]: that's what we do when we have them
[03:13]: left over we've had them left over a few
[03:15]: times and if you heat them up in the
[03:16]: oven you can re-crisp them and they'll
[03:18]: be pretty good
[03:20]: but in this case we usually just
[03:21]: refrigerate them but we're going to
[03:23]: freeze them this time
[03:25]: all right so that's mixed up as much as
[03:27]: i possibly can
[03:28]: so we've got our package shoe still in
[03:30]: here so we're just going to put it in
[03:32]: here and we're going to mix it on low
[03:34]: and we're going to put
[03:36]: um in fact i'm just going to
[03:41]: put about
[03:43]: two thirds of this
[03:46]: into our pates shoe
[03:51]: and save the rest for
[03:54]: sprinkling on top i think i got a little
[03:57]: bit of peta shoe on there
[03:59]: there we go so we're going to mix this
[04:01]: in um
[04:03]: [Music]
[04:08]: all right
[04:09]: so that's pretty much
[04:11]: done
[04:12]: since we had the pack tattoo pre-made
[04:14]: there are a couple other recipes in the
[04:17]: book for that pack test shoe so we will
[04:19]: separate those out
[04:22]: just to make it easier to link you to it
[04:32]: anyway so i'm going to
[04:35]: scrape as much as i can off of here
[04:41]: and then she says to put this in a
[04:43]: pastry bag which is not my thing at all
[04:48]: i don't we don't really
[04:49]: care if it's a little
[04:52]: uh
[04:54]: shall we say rustic
[04:57]: so we're just going to put it into a zip
[04:59]: top bag and cut off the
[05:03]: corner
[05:04]: and pipe it from there so
[05:06]: let me get all that set up
[05:08]: okay so we have our
[05:11]: pastry bag
[05:13]: close enough
[05:14]: here with all of our patashu
[05:16]: uh gujar
[05:18]: dough in it
[05:20]: and we're supposed to put this uh pipe
[05:24]: this
[05:25]: two inches apart
[05:27]: tablespoon sized mounds let me get
[05:33]: she says this will take two
[05:36]: baking sheets so these are the baking
[05:38]: sheets i have left that's okay
[05:40]: um
[05:43]: and
[05:47]: yeah i think i'm ready i know that it's
[05:48]: going to be messy once i get this
[05:50]: started just like switch to another one
[05:52]: so i might might as well have them both
[05:53]: here so i'm going to be going probably
[05:55]: all around this location but
[05:58]: trying to make it so that i have about a
[06:00]: half an inch
[06:03]: and about a tablespoon
[06:14]: i've done this um with a
[06:16]: scoop as well and that worked fine
[06:20]: for our purposes
[06:25]: but these will puff
[06:28]: that is the point
[06:32]: cook these
[06:33]: oh yeah speaking of i have my
[06:37]: oven heated to 400 degrees to bake these
[06:48]: it's supposed to make
[06:50]: 20 something of them but i think i might
[06:54]: get more than that
[06:55]: i don't know
[06:57]: now that we've piped them all out i got
[06:59]: how many 18 1922
[07:03]: 29 i think i was supposed to make about
[07:05]: 25 so maybe some of mine are a little
[07:07]: small oh well
[07:08]: um
[07:09]: we are going to
[07:11]: sprinkle
[07:13]: the rest
[07:15]: of our cheese that we had reserved
[07:18]: on top
[07:20]: of the
[07:24]: gougere
[07:26]: they'll make a nice crispy cheesy top
[07:32]: i'm trying to make sure i have enough
[07:34]: for all of them
[07:35]: [Music]
[07:37]: i can always come back and add more
[07:39]: later
[07:40]: so these are going to go into the oven
[07:43]: at 400 degrees fahrenheit of course
[07:46]: um
[07:47]: for
[07:48]: about 22 minutes they'll be puffed and
[07:51]: golden brown
[07:52]: and
[07:54]: i'm gonna have to
[07:56]: put mine on two different racks and then
[07:58]: rotate it because
[08:02]: uh
[08:03]: yeah i don't they won't both fit on one
[08:05]: rack so i'm gonna definitely move them
[08:06]: around in the
[08:08]: oven
[08:09]: as they
[08:10]: bake so i'm probably going to cook it
[08:12]: for about 11 minutes and then finish it
[08:14]: out and then switch them around and then
[08:15]: finish it out so let me set up my oven
[08:17]: real quick
[08:18]: so i'll have i'll have one that's a
[08:20]: little closer to the bottom one that's a
[08:21]: little closer to the top but not on the
[08:23]: very top or very bottom of the rack
[08:25]: actually is kind of the very bottom rack
[08:27]: anyway
[08:28]: so
[08:29]: we'll be back and show you exactly what
[08:31]: they look like when they come out of the
[08:32]: oven and let you know what we think in
[08:34]: just a minute
[08:36]: [Music]
[08:44]: on this episode of cooking the books
[08:45]: with heather you watched me make pools
[08:47]: three cheese gouger
[08:50]: from the no not this will make you taste
[08:52]: good
[08:53]: from uh ashley christensen and katelyn
[08:56]: golan's it's always freezer season and
[08:58]: we haven't frozen any of this yet
[09:01]: but um for these
[09:04]: we you are supposed to let them cool all
[09:06]: the way and then freeze them
[09:08]: uh on a sheet
[09:10]: so that they you know won't
[09:13]: get all
[09:14]: uh won't crush each other up while while
[09:17]: they freeze so i think she calls it a
[09:19]: formative freeze um so you freeze them
[09:22]: on a baking sheet kind of like this
[09:25]: and then uh you reheat them
[09:29]: in a 350 degree oven for eight to ten
[09:31]: minutes and then they will be pretty
[09:33]: much just like they
[09:35]: are when they come out of the oven so
[09:37]: if we have any left we're going to
[09:39]: freeze these we'll see
[09:42]: whole family really likes gougere we've
[09:43]: made
[09:44]: at least
[09:46]: two other recipes
[09:49]: these ones remind me more of the ones
[09:51]: from um
[09:53]: drinking french
[09:55]: because of their cheese gougier without
[09:58]: the sausage we like the ones with the
[09:59]: sausage in them actually we've made
[10:00]: three recipes i think
[10:03]: because i think we made one from
[10:04]: outlander kitchen as well so we we
[10:05]: really like gougere and that's why we've
[10:07]: made them
[10:08]: um
[10:09]: so often
[10:11]: i did end up having to bake these a
[10:13]: little bit longer i'm not sure if i made
[10:15]: mine a little too big or they're
[10:18]: inconsistent size a little bit
[10:20]: inconsistent whatever that's kind of
[10:22]: like kind of why i like um
[10:25]: using a disher for those it's a little
[10:27]: bit more a little bit easier to have a
[10:29]: consistent size with that
[10:31]: but we love them we're going to enjoy
[10:34]: them and uh with a little bit of wine
[10:37]: have a little snack
[10:38]: and be ready for dinner later
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