The author and cook, Heather

Penne alla Vodka

It's Always Freezer Season

I am not above buying a jar of sauce for a quick pasta meal, or to make a more difficult dish (I'm looking at you, lasagna) a little quicker to put together. But if you take some time to make a big batch of this sauce, you can have homemade sauce the next time (or three) with the same amount of effort as a jar!

Since I didn't really show mixing the sauce with the pasta in this video, don't forget to thin the sauce with some pasta water; the recipe says to save about a cup. It is a pretty thick sauce to start with, and adding the starchy pasta water and cooking the pasta in the sauce is a good habit to get into anyway. It definitely helps the sauce coat the pasta!

The author says that each pint of sauce serves 2 people, when mixed with 2/3lb of pasta. We don't usually eat that much pasta in one serving, and I can often feed my family of 4 with those amounts. I also add meat in some way (meatballs or browned Italian sausage) and sometimes a salad. But I have calculated the nutrition information below, for just the sauce, based on that recommendation. Your mileage may vary.

Serving Size8 servings, sauce only
Carbohydrates33g (4g fiber, 14g sugar)