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Pâte à Choux

It's Always Freezer Season

I didn't know you can freeze pâte à choux! Apparently, you can freeze both the dough, and things you make with it. In this case, we did not freeze the dough, since we used it immediately for another recipe, but we did freeze the leftovers from the next recipe!

We've made choux pastry before several times, but I'm pretty sure this is the first recipe that included milk. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same. We'll show you what we made with it in the next video.

Serving Size1 batch
Carbohydrates97g (3g fiber, 14g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with heather today we are going to be
[00:10]: doing two recipes
[00:12]: from ashley christensen and caitlin
[00:14]: golden's uh it's always freezer season
[00:18]: because the first recipe is one that you
[00:20]: can either
[00:21]: freeze immediately and then do something
[00:24]: with later or
[00:26]: make the second recipe and freeze it
[00:29]: baked so we are going to be making today
[00:31]: in this recipe
[00:33]: petashu
[00:34]: we've made this before um we've made a
[00:37]: couple of different different gouges
[00:38]: recipes which start with excuse me which
[00:42]: start with pattashu
[00:45]: and
[00:46]: so we're not going to show you
[00:48]: all of the stuff at the at the stove
[00:50]: because we've done that before
[00:52]: but it's a little bit different because
[00:54]: i'm pretty sure all the other recipes
[00:56]: start with just water and butter whereas
[00:60]: this one starts with whole milk
[01:02]: and butter so we have our milk
[01:05]: already measured out we're going to go
[01:07]: ahead and pour this in here with our
[01:08]: butter which because it's milk instead
[01:11]: of leaving it
[01:13]: a whole i kind of cut it up into pieces
[01:16]: just to just so
[01:18]: it will melt a little bit faster and
[01:20]: because i don't want to burn the milk
[01:23]: so we've got that
[01:25]: we also have our flour
[01:28]: measured out here
[01:29]: um and that's
[01:31]: i'll tell you about that in a second um
[01:33]: but so to this we need to add
[01:36]: salt
[01:37]: so we have a fine ground sea salt it
[01:41]: does call for
[01:42]: she uses sea salt in a lot of her
[01:44]: recipes and this is fine ground and it
[01:47]: will be
[01:48]: a little bit different if you use kosher
[01:51]: salt the
[01:52]: depending on the
[01:54]: the size of your
[01:56]: kosher salt
[01:57]: um
[01:60]: depending on the size of your kosher
[02:01]: salt you may need a little bit more
[02:04]: um
[02:05]: [Music]
[02:06]: by
[02:07]: volume but we're we just use this the
[02:10]: salt so we use this
[02:12]: um fine ground sea salt
[02:19]: and so
[02:20]: what we're gonna do before we come back
[02:22]: over here and show you everything
[02:24]: we're going to put this on medium heat
[02:29]: bring it to a boil so it's going to be
[02:31]: relatively slow boil at medium heat it's
[02:33]: going to take a little while to get to
[02:35]: that because especially since the milk
[02:36]: and the butter are both cold
[02:39]: and then we're going to add the flour
[02:42]: all at once
[02:43]: and stir with our wooden spoon
[02:46]: until it comes together in a
[02:48]: ball
[02:50]: and we're gonna
[02:51]: stir it over medium heat for three to
[02:53]: five minutes until until it's basically
[02:56]: a really smooth texture and it's all a
[02:57]: ball and it's pulling away from the side
[02:59]: of the pan
[03:00]: we've done that before on some of the
[03:02]: other recipes i will definitely link
[03:04]: them above and you can sort of see how
[03:06]: that looks while we're doing it but it's
[03:07]: not
[03:08]: super difficult honestly um
[03:11]: so
[03:12]: we're not going to show you that right
[03:14]: here just because
[03:15]: moving things around kind of sucks so
[03:17]: i'm gonna take my flour
[03:19]: my salt and butter and milk
[03:22]: and we're gonna go over the stove and
[03:24]: i'll show you what this is like when
[03:25]: we're all done
[03:28]: okay so i don't i didn't cook mine that
[03:30]: much longer after i put the flour in but
[03:33]: this is what it looks like and i'm
[03:34]: calling it done it really does
[03:36]: come away from the pan very easily
[03:39]: now we're going to put this in our stand
[03:40]: mixer
[03:44]: just all of it
[03:48]: and we have eggs at room temperature
[03:51]: so it says to do this on low speed so
[03:53]: i'm going to give this a little
[03:56]: second to kind of cool off a little bit
[03:59]: before i start adding eggs to it but
[04:02]: that's not in the recipe that's just you
[04:04]: know
[04:04]: me trying not to curdle eggs
[04:08]: we've had a hard time with some of these
[04:09]: eggs
[04:11]: with shells getting shells in the eggs
[04:14]: which is not
[04:15]: common for me so i'm definitely gonna
[04:18]: um
[04:21]: break these into
[04:22]: a small
[04:25]: ramekin before i put them in so we're
[04:27]: gonna
[04:29]: get each egg fully incorporated before
[04:32]: we add another one
[04:34]: and scrape down the sides as we as
[04:37]: necessary so
[04:40]: [Music]
[04:45]: i think right now we are mostly open
[05:06]: [Applause]
[05:10]: okay
[05:12]: all right i'm going to uh go ahead and
[05:15]: scrape down the sides after that second
[05:18]: egg went in just to make sure we've got
[05:20]: everything
[05:22]: and keep adding my eggs
[05:38]: i'm going to just scrape the sides one
[05:41]: more time and then beat it
[05:44]: for a little bit but she says the final
[05:46]: dough should be sticky and shiny which i
[05:49]: think we have pretty much accomplished
[05:53]: [Music]
[05:58]: okay so this is it for the peta shoe
[06:01]: this is ready for whatever you want to
[06:03]: use it for
[06:05]: um
[06:05]: and she says if you want to make this
[06:07]: ahead of time you put this in a zip top
[06:11]: bag and freeze it in that bag and you
[06:15]: can use that bag like a piping bag
[06:18]: after you defrost it just pipe it out of
[06:20]: that bag for things like eclairs or
[06:22]: whatever
[06:24]: we are going to add some more stuff to
[06:26]: this in just a second but um
[06:29]: so we are not going to freeze it at this
[06:31]: point but you can
[06:34]: i'm sure it would be absolutely great
[06:36]: because
[06:37]: uh one of the good things about this
[06:39]: dough is that it's it's already cooked
[06:41]: so
[06:42]: um
[06:44]: it's basic you're freezing basically a
[06:45]: cooked dough
[06:47]: since we cooked it on the stove on the
[06:48]: stove um
[06:50]: the the flour has been hydrated and all
[06:53]: of that so
[06:56]: stay tuned and we'll tell you what we
[06:58]: thought of this patta shoe because it is
[07:00]: a little bit different than the ones
[07:01]: that we've made previously
[07:03]: and we'll show you what we made with it
[07:06]: [Music]
[07:14]: on this episode of cooking the books
[07:15]: with heather you watched me make
[07:17]: pattashu from
[07:19]: uh ashley christensen and katelyn
[07:21]: golin's it's always freezer season and
[07:24]: we didn't freeze it as just the dough in
[07:27]: fact we pretty much immediately made the
[07:29]: three cheese gougere which you will see
[07:31]: probably next week
[07:33]: um
[07:34]: and we can freeze
[07:36]: that product as well as freezing the
[07:38]: dough so that's
[07:39]: um
[07:41]: that's an option you have with this
[07:42]: recipe you can just freeze it as the
[07:45]: dough or make something and freeze it
[07:47]: with that and let me oh there we go so
[07:50]: there's also a way to make
[07:53]: pattachu doughnuts in here
[07:56]: banana cream profiteroles which are um
[07:59]: you know
[08:01]: a
[08:02]: sweet dessert
[08:08]: so like a cream puff but with bananas
[08:11]: so i have those whole shoe nuts i've i
[08:14]: watched them make those on the great
[08:15]: british baking show and
[08:18]: i would love to try them so i might have
[08:20]: to do that too
[08:21]: but
[08:22]: the i really enjoy making pattachu
[08:25]: because it's relatively easy it's a lot
[08:27]: easier to me than it looks a lot easier
[08:30]: than like pie dough or anything like
[08:32]: that
[08:33]: i don't have a problem with cakes
[08:35]: although
[08:36]: it's really easy to get a dry cake
[08:39]: but pattachu is just one of those things
[08:41]: that i've never messed up i'm sure it's
[08:43]: absolutely possible to mess it up but
[08:45]: it's actually really easy to get it
[08:47]: right as well and it doesn't require a
[08:48]: lot of ingredients and there's no since
[08:50]: there's no leavening except for the eggs
[08:53]: i have never had a problem with it um
[08:56]: i did when we baked the gougere
[08:59]: a couple of them were a little bit under
[09:01]: baked probably because of
[09:03]: um
[09:04]: consistency issues consistency in size
[09:08]: but
[09:09]: they were still delicious and they
[09:10]: weren't so under baked that it was
[09:14]: a health hazard uh for eating raw eggs
[09:16]: so
[09:19]: we don't care about that here in this
[09:20]: house
[09:21]: uh as long as they taste good we're
[09:23]: we're fine with that so
[09:26]: um i think this dough was a little bit
[09:28]: differently different
[09:30]: than the other ones that i've made
[09:31]: because i'm fairly certain
[09:33]: the other ones have included water
[09:35]: whereas this one was just milk i don't
[09:37]: remember if they included
[09:40]: any dairy in them i don't have to go
[09:42]: back and check which i haven't done yet
[09:44]: but i know that they mostly started with
[09:46]: water and butter and this one was just
[09:48]: milk and butter so
[09:52]: they definitely are very
[09:54]: rich
[09:56]: a very rich end product which
[09:59]: i'm fine with i like that
[10:02]: but let me know if you've tried any of
[10:04]: our google recipes that we've made here
[10:07]: and uh if you enjoyed watching make me
[10:09]: make this please give me a thumbs up hit
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