The author and cook, Heather

Line Cook's Grilled Cheese

It's Always Freezer Season

Let's use those caramelized onions! This is a simple but extra-flavorful grilled cheese sandwich. If you froze those caramelized onions we made last week in 1/2 cup batches, as suggested in the book, each batch will allow you to make two big sandwiches, once you've thawed it.

You can put these together beforehand and then brown them up just before you're ready to eat. It's also really flexible -- use your favorite bread and whatever good, melty cheese you like and have on hand. Cut them in fourths when they're done and they could be a great party snack!

You may be able to find the full recipe on the google books preview here:





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[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather on this episode we're going
[00:08]: to be working from ashley christensen's
[00:11]: and caitlin golan's it's always freezer
[00:13]: season
[00:14]: and we made
[00:16]: caramelized onions so you should have
[00:18]: seen that video before this one if not
[00:20]: i'll link it right up here
[00:21]: um and this was her recipe for
[00:23]: caramelized onions it did end up taking
[00:25]: me a little bit longer but the good
[00:26]: thing is
[00:27]: i have five of these these are half cup
[00:30]: portions
[00:31]: that are going in the freezer that i
[00:32]: will have caramelized onions
[00:34]: to use in all sorts of things
[00:37]: and
[00:38]: today we're going to be using these to
[00:40]: make what she calls a
[00:42]: lime cooks grilled cheese um
[00:46]: i was trying to see
[00:47]: there's an onion tart in here you can
[00:49]: use to make use it to make which
[00:53]: seems
[00:55]: like i would love it but my kids
[00:56]: probably wouldn't you could make a
[00:58]: roasted beet salad
[01:01]: i think that's about all for these but
[01:04]: caramelized onions have so many uses you
[01:07]: could use these for the um
[01:10]: pinch me frenchy bread that i made
[01:14]: from
[01:15]: this will make it taste good i'll link
[01:17]: that up here
[01:18]: and i was thinking about maybe adding a
[01:20]: little bit of
[01:22]: sugar making a little bit of sort of
[01:24]: caramelized onion jam
[01:27]: and putting it with goat cheese on a
[01:29]: burger somebody suggested that was one
[01:31]: of their favorite burgers and since i
[01:33]: don't know where to get one of those
[01:34]: here i'd have to do it myself but i
[01:35]: think this would be a great place to
[01:37]: start for uh onion
[01:39]: jam but
[01:41]: let's go ahead and put together our line
[01:43]: cook's grilled cheese um
[01:45]: my oven is preheating to 400 degrees i
[01:49]: don't usually do this when i make a
[01:50]: grilled cheese but for this one
[01:53]: she toasts the sandwich on the stove and
[01:56]: then
[01:57]: finishes it in the oven
[01:59]: to
[01:60]: sort of make sure all the cheese is
[02:01]: melted
[02:02]: and for the cheese we've got a mixture
[02:05]: of cheese on both of these i've sort of
[02:08]: measured out the cheese but it's at
[02:10]: least three different types on both of
[02:12]: these i've got
[02:14]: some aged cheddar
[02:17]: we think this was gouda
[02:20]: this is some fontina
[02:23]: um
[02:24]: this one also has the aged cheddar
[02:26]: and i think
[02:28]: this is fontina a different kind
[02:31]: she says to use thinly sliced
[02:34]: cheeseboard cheese so basically a cheese
[02:37]: that you would you know eat by itself
[02:39]: not just plain american
[02:42]: or anything like that although an
[02:43]: american
[02:44]: cheese scent grilled cheese is
[02:46]: delicious and i love it still
[02:49]: um with a cup of tomato soup it's just
[02:52]: the perfect sick food
[02:54]: anyway
[02:55]: so i've separated these we're gonna make
[02:57]: two different sandwiches the recipes for
[02:59]: one
[02:60]: but i'm gonna make two of them i'm gonna
[03:01]: cook them separately though
[03:04]: just to make sure that i'm not
[03:08]: a little bit
[03:09]: um
[03:10]: that it doesn't i don't crowd the pan it
[03:13]: doesn't work because you know i'm not
[03:14]: doing it quite right so she says to do
[03:16]: this in a small skillet no she says to
[03:19]: put it on a small rimmed baking sheet so
[03:21]: let me get one of those prepared
[03:24]: okay
[03:25]: i would normally just put it in the oven
[03:28]: in the the pan might burn it though
[03:30]: because the pan holds more heat than the
[03:33]: baking sheet that will not
[03:35]: be already hot
[03:37]: anyway
[03:38]: so
[03:41]: other ingredients besides the cheese we
[03:43]: have some unsalted butter for the pan
[03:45]: i have some
[03:46]: whole grain mustard
[03:49]: i have some
[03:51]: stone ground mustard
[03:53]: which i was going to use but i saw this
[03:55]: and i know she calls for a whole grain
[03:57]: mustard so this is the only stuff i
[03:59]: could find at my grocery store today
[04:02]: which means i should probably go ahead
[04:03]: and open that there we go
[04:05]: and
[04:06]: some mayonnaise
[04:08]: whatever you like
[04:10]: for both of those will be just fine i'm
[04:13]: going to measure the amounts for those
[04:15]: because
[04:16]: why not
[04:18]: um
[04:19]: and so
[04:20]: open up both of them
[04:23]: and open up our caramelized onions
[04:27]: so we're going to put
[04:33]: um
[04:35]: mustard on one slice
[04:37]: and mayonnaise on the other slice
[04:42]: so let me
[04:45]: measure that out good enough i bought
[04:48]: pre-sliced
[04:50]: uh
[04:54]: um
[04:55]: sourdough bread that's the bread that
[04:57]: she calls for for this i'm sure any
[04:59]: bread that you like will be fine
[05:01]: but uh we went with with what she asks
[05:03]: for which is sourdough
[05:05]: but mine isn't a really rustic sourdough
[05:08]: it's a pre-sliced one from the grocery
[05:09]: store because
[05:12]: that's what i could find today
[05:14]: so i'm gonna
[05:16]: set that in there and we're just gonna
[05:18]: spread these
[05:20]: on the slices
[05:22]: [Music]
[05:31]: and i think what i'm going to do is
[05:33]: toast up both of them
[05:35]: and then put them in the oven at the
[05:37]: same time so that they'll be both be
[05:39]: done at the same time because the oven
[05:40]: really won't
[05:42]: be
[05:44]: a problem
[05:45]: like the pan
[05:49]: now
[05:50]: on the slice with the mayonnaise
[05:53]: arrange the caramelized onions so this
[05:55]: is
[05:56]: enough for both of these sandwiches
[05:59]: so i'm just going to put about half
[06:02]: on each it's a lot
[06:05]: it's a lot
[06:10]: so that will be very oniony
[06:14]: i think i might not have gotten it quite
[06:16]: divided evenly
[06:19]: but
[06:19]: that is okay
[06:22]: we can fix it
[06:29]: so there we have
[06:32]: the onions all spread out
[06:36]: and then
[06:37]: on the slice with the mustard arrange
[06:39]: the cheese in an even layer so
[06:42]: this is going to be more than one layer
[06:45]: because this is a lot a lot of cheese
[06:48]: so i'm going to kind of make sure that
[06:50]: we get
[06:52]: a little bit of everything
[06:55]: on
[06:56]: every
[06:58]: piece
[07:00]: i think if i can
[07:10]: sure
[07:17]: all right
[07:18]: close enough oops i missed one
[07:26]: there we go i think i have a little bit
[07:28]: more cheese but not by a whole lot than
[07:30]: what she asks for
[07:31]: [Music]
[07:36]: so
[07:39]: um
[07:40]: now press them together
[07:43]: to form a sandwich that part i think
[07:46]: is pretty self-explanatory
[07:48]: i'm gonna put
[07:50]: these on my
[07:53]: plates so that we can
[07:55]: transfer it easily i'm gonna go turn my
[07:58]: stove on to
[08:01]: medium high and i've got
[08:04]: some butter in the skillet unsalted
[08:06]: butter like i said
[08:07]: and when that melts we're gonna toast
[08:09]: one side for four minutes
[08:12]: lift it up put
[08:13]: the same amount of butter back in the
[08:15]: skillet let it melt
[08:17]: put turn it over toast the sides i'll
[08:20]: probably show you that just sort of with
[08:22]: my camera rather than setting everything
[08:24]: up over there
[08:25]: um but so let me go do that and then i'm
[08:27]: going to clean up and put some stuff in
[08:29]: the dish in the
[08:30]: refrigerator
[08:32]: so i melted the butter
[08:34]: and i am toasting this she says for four
[08:37]: minutes
[08:39]: we will see how long that takes for us
[08:42]: it took like a minute at medium high
[08:45]: heat to toast it like that and i'm glad
[08:47]: i checked it because it was on its way
[08:49]: to getting burnt four minutes would have
[08:51]: been really burnt
[08:53]: since we're going to put these in the
[08:55]: oven
[08:55]: um
[08:57]: yeah i'm not too concerned i'm going to
[08:59]: i turned the heat down to medium
[09:02]: and i'm going to watch the other side
[09:05]: see how long that one takes at medium
[09:07]: instead of medium-high heat okay it took
[09:10]: like
[09:11]: three minutes maybe more like two
[09:13]: two three minutes for
[09:15]: the other side to get this brown at
[09:18]: medium heat of course the pan was
[09:20]: already
[09:21]: medium high hot so we'll see how long
[09:23]: the other sandwich takes
[09:26]: but i'm not going to put it in the oven
[09:27]: until they are both ready to go in the
[09:29]: oven so it took about two minutes for
[09:32]: this sandwich to get that brown i know
[09:34]: some of that um
[09:36]: dark is probably from previous
[09:39]: the previous iteration of butter being a
[09:41]: little brown in the bottom of the pan
[09:43]: but
[09:44]: i think two to three minutes even at
[09:46]: medium heat is probably where we'll go
[09:48]: with this
[09:52]: as soon as this one is done i'm going to
[09:54]: put them both in the
[09:56]: 400 degree oven
[09:58]: for
[09:59]: about eight minutes
[10:02]: calling that
[10:03]: brown enough
[10:04]: for
[10:05]: us
[10:07]: i'm gonna put these in the oven
[10:09]: for eight minutes
[10:11]: my timer hasn't quite gone off yet but
[10:13]: i'm fairly certain that was hot that
[10:16]: these are the cheese is is fully melted
[10:19]: because it's oozing out everywhere so
[10:20]: i'm gonna put these on my cutting board
[10:23]: and
[10:30]: and i'm gonna cut these into quarters
[10:32]: she says just cut them in half to serve
[10:34]: i'm gonna cut them in quarters so that
[10:36]: the whole family can try both
[10:37]: combinations just to see which one we
[10:40]: like better
[10:42]: so in just a second we'll let you know
[10:43]: what we think
[10:49]: [Music]
[10:52]: on this episode of cooking the books
[10:53]: with heather you watched me make a line
[10:56]: cooks grilled cheese with the
[10:58]: caramelized onions from
[11:01]: ashley christensen's
[11:03]: and caitlyn golan's uh
[11:05]: all it's always freezer season cookbook
[11:08]: so this is one of the recipes in the
[11:10]: book that she uses
[11:13]: the caramelized onions for
[11:15]: um
[11:16]: it's a very
[11:19]: flexible recipe based on what cheeses
[11:21]: you like uh what cheeses you think go
[11:24]: together
[11:25]: it's a very cheesy sandwich
[11:31]: it's a very rich sandwich
[11:34]: mine took a little less time
[11:36]: than hers as far as browning and then
[11:39]: melting the cheese in the oven
[11:42]: it was it was it did not need quite as
[11:44]: much time as
[11:46]: her recipe says but that's something
[11:47]: that you can easily
[11:49]: um
[11:51]: adjust as it goes check on the check the
[11:53]: bottom of your sandwich and
[11:55]: turn it over if you need to take it out
[11:57]: of the pan and then finish it in the
[11:58]: oven
[11:59]: now
[11:60]: i don't do that
[12:02]: with my grilled cheeses that i make here
[12:04]: at home my kids don't love grilled
[12:06]: cheese
[12:07]: but we do make them relatively often um
[12:11]: such that you know i have a method that
[12:13]: i prefer and usually i cook mine a
[12:15]: little bit lower heat sort of medium to
[12:18]: medium low
[12:19]: and i put the lid on
[12:21]: um
[12:22]: so that it sort of acts as an oven so it
[12:25]: cooks it a little bit more slowly you
[12:27]: still get the nice crispy
[12:29]: uh brown outside
[12:31]: um
[12:32]: none of the water from the lid you know
[12:34]: the condensation usually falls on the
[12:36]: sandwich so it doesn't mess that up
[12:39]: and the cheese melts sort of at the same
[12:42]: rate
[12:43]: as the browning of the sandwich but
[12:46]: however you like to make sandwiches uh
[12:49]: this we really enjoyed this sandwich it
[12:51]: was you know it was a lot of great
[12:52]: cheeses
[12:54]: the onions were a nice touch and i liked
[12:56]: the mustard
[12:58]: on it it had a nice added a little bit
[13:00]: of a nice tang
[13:03]: to the sandwich which you know is
[13:04]: unexpected my husband felt it was a
[13:06]: little bit rich with the
[13:09]: mayonnaise and the butter and all of the
[13:12]: cheese
[13:13]: it was a very ooey gooey type sandwich
[13:15]: my son did not love
[13:17]: the onions on it
[13:20]: but it was that's what was the goal for
[13:23]: this to put the caramelized onions on
[13:26]: whatever
[13:27]: made him eat it
[13:29]: but i probably won't make it for him
[13:30]: again i don't know if my daughter will
[13:32]: ask for it again but she did eat it
[13:34]: um
[13:35]: he said he liked the mustard but did not
[13:37]: like the onions on it but
[13:40]: this is a a recipe you can certainly do
[13:44]: with what you want the bread you like
[13:46]: the cheeses you like the mustard you
[13:49]: like
[13:50]: mayo or no mayo i think
[13:53]: i would enjoy this with
[13:55]: maybe some goat cheese in place of the
[13:57]: mayo and a little bit of melty cheese
[13:59]: too
[14:00]: and i might have to try that but
[14:03]: i have a bunch of caramelized onions in
[14:05]: the freezer that i can try that with so
[14:09]: we will see
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[14:19]: [Music]