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Ahmedabad Street-Style Grilled Chicken

I Am From Here

I'm always looking for a new way to grill chicken. This takes some time to marinade, but the flavor was good, and it was unlike anything else I've ever made.

I think I need some more practice with the two-step grilling process; it is supposed to help the outside char (which I love!) but I think the timing was a bit off for the first step. The skin stuck like crazy for me, and the chicken was nowhere near the right temp. So, either I needed to cook it longer on each side, or my heat wasn't quite high enough.

Another note: if you do want a nice pink color, don't get lazy like I did and buy pre-peeled raw beets. Mine were too dry to impart much color to the marinade, sadly. If you want the color, you're going to have to peel them yourself.

Serving Sizeserves 4
Carbohydrates16g (5g fiber, 4g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with Heather today we're going to be
[00:08]: working once again from I am from here
[00:11]: uh by vishwesh bot and this is sort of
[00:14]: Indian inspired but uses some more
[00:17]: American ingredients
[00:19]: kind of I don't know
[00:21]: um
[00:22]: and we're going to be making
[00:24]: a metabod street style grilled chicken
[00:27]: this is sort of like a tandoori chicken
[00:29]: we're going to be using some Tandoori
[00:32]: spices and some yogurt to marinate it
[00:35]: um
[00:36]: and we're going to grill it outside
[00:39]: tomorrow so we're gonna be doing this
[00:41]: tomorrow probably afternoon it says we
[00:44]: get we should only marinate for up to 12
[00:46]: hours it's going to be a little more
[00:48]: than that because
[00:52]: I don't want to do it any later tonight
[00:53]: and I don't want to do it in the morning
[00:54]: so we're just gonna it's just gonna have
[00:56]: to be okay
[00:57]: I don't think longer will be too much of
[00:59]: a problem but
[01:01]: you can do this with a whole chicken cut
[01:04]: up or you can use chicken leg quarters I
[01:08]: have chicken leg quarters here and I am
[01:11]: going to open them up it says I can tear
[01:13]: it but
[01:15]: oh it worked
[01:17]: find it
[01:19]: sort of there we go
[01:23]: I don't know how many are in here but uh
[01:25]: it's about
[01:27]: five pounds I asked for four we'll see
[01:31]: um so what I need to do is
[01:35]: Pierce each piece several times with a
[01:38]: fork and put it in this bowl so I'm
[01:40]: gonna
[01:42]: try to do that
[01:45]: there we go with
[01:47]: all of the pieces as I take them out and
[01:52]: [Music]
[01:55]: so now I'm supposed to toss this with
[01:60]: um
[02:02]: a mixture of salt turmeric
[02:05]: which I have both in here and I'm just
[02:08]: gonna
[02:09]: sprinkle it over everything
[02:12]: I might end up adding some more salt
[02:15]: since I do have a little bit more
[02:17]: chicken than
[02:20]: he calls for but that's all right and
[02:23]: then I'm going to
[02:24]: put some lemon juice on here
[02:30]: and I'm going to just sort of mix this
[02:33]: up get it all
[02:36]: coated
[02:39]: and this is supposed to sit
[02:43]: for 20 minutes
[02:44]: while this is sitting for 20 minutes
[02:46]: we're going to be preparing the rest of
[02:48]: of our marinade I haven't chopped
[02:51]: everything up yet
[02:52]: um but I should have plenty of time for
[02:54]: that for 20 minutes so let's have
[02:56]: another large bowl here that I'm going
[02:58]: to be mixing up the marinade in we're
[03:01]: going to start with some
[03:04]: plain full fat Greek yogurt so I have to
[03:08]: measure that out
[03:12]: so I'm just going to go buy the weight
[03:13]: on here
[03:15]: and measure this out in grams
[03:23]: all right that should be good I'm going
[03:25]: to keep this mix everything in
[03:30]: so first I'm going to go ahead and put
[03:32]: in my spices
[03:35]: um
[03:36]: this is
[03:38]: some cumin regular ground cumin uh some
[03:43]: cashmere chili powder he says if you
[03:46]: don't have that if you can't find it use
[03:47]: a hot paprika it's supposed to be
[03:50]: relatively mild chili powder I haven't
[03:53]: tasted it yet I just bought it I got
[03:54]: that off Amazon
[03:56]: um
[03:57]: I don't think I could find that locally
[04:01]: I could find hot paprika of course and
[04:04]: then this uh Tandoori Masala which is
[04:07]: just a mix of seasonings
[04:10]: paprika cumin coriander garlic ginger
[04:14]: cardamom
[04:17]: um I'm sure other places he he says he
[04:20]: likes spicewala
[04:23]: I'm sure there are different mixes from
[04:24]: different brands but this is what I
[04:25]: could find
[04:27]: um and so I'm just going to first
[04:30]: drop those in there
[04:33]: so I can put these away I need some
[04:37]: chopped fresh cilantro which I actually
[04:39]: chopped some a while back and these are
[04:42]: fun just fine I'm just gonna dump all of
[04:44]: it in there because I don't feel like
[04:47]: measuring it and it's approximately the
[04:49]: right amount we need some fresh ginger
[04:52]: it's supposed to be minced I keep mine I
[04:56]: keep some in the freezer I'm just going
[04:58]: to assume that this is about the amount
[05:00]: that he need he asks for and
[05:04]: try to
[05:08]: grate all of it in there because
[05:11]: so much easier than seeing Jane Burr
[05:15]: this
[05:20]: grading it from Frozen
[05:23]: so I'm gonna
[05:24]: chop up some
[05:26]: garlic
[05:28]: [Applause]
[05:30]: there's the garlic
[05:33]: good enough for me
[05:41]: all right
[05:43]: I'll do this first so
[05:46]: the most interesting ingredient in this
[05:49]: recipe is some peeled and minced red
[05:54]: beet I bought it pre
[05:58]: I'm gonna do that much pre
[06:01]: yield and chopped and I'm just going to
[06:03]: mix it up this will give some of that
[06:06]: that color
[06:08]: that Tandoori generally has that really
[06:12]: vibrant red color
[06:15]: [Laughter]
[06:20]: hopefully
[06:22]: even though mine is
[06:24]: that seem quite as
[06:29]: bleeding color as it usually does I'm
[06:32]: sure it'll be fine I'm gonna measure
[06:34]: this just so I make sure I get enough
[06:36]: because
[06:38]: color stuff
[06:44]: all right that'll be almost exactly the
[06:47]: right amount
[06:51]: fingers are getting a little bit red
[06:54]: so that's good
[06:57]: and
[06:59]: the last thing we need I need to
[07:00]: actually rinse this
[07:02]: um is some serrano chili that I'm going
[07:06]: to seed
[07:09]: and mints you do not have to take the
[07:13]: seeds out of this but you know I talk
[07:16]: about my kids all the time and I want
[07:18]: them to eat this and they do not like
[07:21]: spicy things and it will be
[07:25]: probably
[07:26]: a little bit spicy even without the
[07:29]: seeds
[07:30]: but
[07:36]: fine I've cooked with Serranos before
[07:38]: and they usually are fine
[07:41]: with it
[07:42]: [Music]
[07:49]: this also should be minced
[07:55]: I'm not going to measure it because I
[07:58]: can tell by looking that it is almost
[08:00]: exactly how much he calls for after
[08:04]: having seen the beets
[08:06]: and measuring those
[08:09]: I think this will be absolutely fine we
[08:11]: should garnish with some of these as
[08:14]: well so if you want to go ahead and
[08:16]: mince up more go ahead
[08:19]: go ahead but I'm not going to do that
[08:20]: today
[08:22]: all right
[08:24]: so
[08:27]: I'm just going to mix this up
[08:36]: so that is nicely mixed it's not as
[08:39]: vibrant red as
[08:41]: uh Tandoori sauce usually is but I'm
[08:44]: sure it'll be fine now we need to take
[08:46]: about a third of this and put it in a
[08:48]: different Bowl to reserve it for another
[08:50]: use so it doesn't go with the chicken
[08:53]: um
[08:54]: but it will later so let me go get a
[08:57]: bowl for that so
[08:60]: about a third of it I'm gonna go in here
[09:03]: so we're gonna go in the refrigerator
[09:06]: it's been 20 minutes my timer just went
[09:08]: off and now add the chicken so instead
[09:12]: of adding the chicken to this bowl since
[09:14]: there's a lot of chicken I'm going to
[09:16]: just add the marinade to the chicken
[09:18]: bowl
[09:19]: and toss it up
[09:21]: so I'm going to toss this with my hands
[09:24]: and make sure it all gets covered
[09:28]: [Music]
[09:30]: I'm going to cover this with plastic
[09:33]: wrap and put it in the refrigerator for
[09:36]: at least four hours he says up to 12
[09:40]: hours I'm gonna go with overnight though
[09:42]: so and we'll see you tomorrow to grill
[09:45]: these chicken
[09:47]: it's been
[09:49]: marinating for like almost 24 hours
[09:50]: which is longer than he says but it is
[09:53]: what it is we'll see if that made any
[09:56]: difference or caused any problems soon
[09:59]: it's kind of weird the Beats didn't get
[10:01]: all mixed in but you can see the little
[10:03]: pieces of where it's
[10:05]: been sort of red the red has sort of
[10:07]: bled out but it's not all over
[10:10]: I don't know it's it's not as red as as
[10:12]: tandoori chicken usually is but
[10:15]: who knows I don't know what it's
[10:16]: supposed to be like
[10:17]: our Grill is heated it's pretty hot
[10:21]: uh
[10:23]: but
[10:25]: we're not fully grilling at this right
[10:27]: now
[10:29]: um
[10:32]: we are
[10:34]: only trying to get it up to 130 and
[10:37]: we're supposed to
[10:39]: only flip it once so I'm going to take
[10:41]: my
[10:43]: chicken and try to fit it all
[10:45]: on my grill I'm starting it with the
[10:48]: sort of mostly skin side down
[10:53]: at least there's only
[10:56]: about four minutes per side I don't
[11:00]: I mean and he also says
[11:03]: that this should be a medium heat so I I
[11:07]: don't I don't know I don't know that
[11:08]: that will get it to 130 but I have
[11:13]: um I'm talking over that way so
[11:14]: hopefully you can hear me
[11:16]: um
[11:19]: I have a thermometer which is
[11:22]: absolutely imperative so I can check it
[11:24]: to see if we get to that temperature
[11:32]: so I have fit all eight of my pieces of
[11:35]: chicken on here
[11:38]: um
[11:39]: which again is a little bit more than he
[11:43]: says
[11:44]: I'm gonna put the lid on because I think
[11:48]: that will help it
[11:49]: cook a little faster and I don't think
[11:52]: that
[11:55]: eight minutes without that will
[11:59]: cook it to 130 degrees but we will check
[12:02]: so I'm going to check it in about four
[12:03]: minutes
[12:05]: and turn it over because he says we only
[12:07]: should turn it over once at this point
[12:11]: um so yeah I'm gonna check it in four
[12:12]: minutes and turn it over and we'll see
[12:13]: what it looks like at that point okay
[12:15]: it's been four minutes
[12:20]: it is smoking quite a lot
[12:22]: [Music]
[12:24]: we are concerned it's going to be stuck
[12:26]: but we're going to try to turn it over
[12:34]: not much anyway
[12:36]: not super cooked
[12:39]: but we are doing as the
[12:45]: recipe says
[12:47]: some stuff is a little stuck
[12:51]: I don't think that was anywhere near
[12:53]: long enough
[12:55]: but
[13:00]: we will check
[13:03]: oh no that's definitely getting stuck
[13:11]: yep yep yep that's some stuck skin right
[13:13]: there
[13:18]: yep
[13:20]: it's not skin
[13:23]: great I don't like this idea but we're
[13:26]: doing it
[13:27]: well we certainly have lost some skin
[13:30]: but we're gonna do another four minutes
[13:33]: and then I'm going to take his
[13:34]: temperature
[13:36]: it's been about four minutes
[13:38]: excuse my
[13:41]: sous chef back there we're gonna
[13:44]: check the temperature
[13:48]: I don't believe it is anywhere near
[13:51]: 130
[13:56]: although 105 is you know
[14:02]: higher than I expected so we're at like
[14:04]: a little over a hundred we got to go 30
[14:07]: more degrees I'm gonna give it about
[14:09]: five more minutes on this side
[14:12]: uh I'm not going to turn them over again
[14:14]: I really hate that we lost the skin that
[14:17]: we did but it is what it is
[14:22]: uh I'm gonna clean up a little bit and I
[14:25]: will be back
[14:26]: in about five minutes
[14:28]: okay I'm gonna take its temperature now
[14:33]: about 1 23 we need about 10 more degrees
[14:38]: at least
[14:41]: depending on which one I check 10 to 20
[14:43]: more degrees
[14:45]: my grill is
[14:47]: not as hot as it was
[14:50]: I think I'm gonna have to ask my uh
[14:52]: Grill man to
[14:54]: check on it when we have to take it off
[14:56]: because
[14:57]: we have to uh
[15:00]: we have to let our meat sit for 30
[15:04]: minutes before we finish grilling it
[15:08]: I don't know why but we're gonna take it
[15:10]: off we're gonna let it sit for 30
[15:11]: minutes
[15:12]: after it gets to 130 degrees and then
[15:15]: we're gonna finish grilling it
[15:17]: so
[15:19]: um
[15:22]: I don't know five more minutes or so
[15:24]: maybe we'll be at 130
[15:26]: . we'll see
[15:27]: all right
[15:29]: another five six minutes seemed to work
[15:32]: okay everything's at about
[15:35]: uh 130 so now I'm going to
[15:39]: take them off
[15:42]: and put them here and he says if it's a
[15:45]: particularly hot day you may want to
[15:49]: cover them
[15:51]: with foil take them inside
[15:56]: um
[15:57]: it is not a particularly hot day today
[15:60]: and I'm not going to worry about that
[16:03]: but I am going to get them off of the
[16:06]: grill and set a timer for 30 minutes
[16:09]: and while that is happening I'm gonna go
[16:13]: this is getting real heavy uh
[16:17]: finished making some of the other things
[16:21]: that we want to eat with this
[16:23]: and my grill man's gonna get my grill
[16:28]: back up to temperature so
[16:32]: I'll be back in 30 minutes to show you
[16:34]: what we do next
[16:36]: it's been about 30 minutes
[16:38]: uh we're about to lose our light but uh
[16:44]: come back up to temperature I have now
[16:47]: the the reserved marinade that I'm going
[16:51]: to
[16:52]: slather over this side I'm just kind of
[16:57]: give little dollops and slather
[17:00]: on the chicken before I put it back on
[17:03]: the grill
[17:03]: [Music]
[17:06]: this is the skin side again
[17:09]: [Music]
[17:11]: we'll see how that goes but uh we're
[17:15]: just supposed to brush this on
[17:20]: and put it back on the grill
[17:24]: until it's done I'm gonna let it go on
[17:27]: this side for a decent amount of time
[17:31]: because it got less on this side the
[17:34]: last time
[17:37]: very sadly lost the skin that we lost oh
[17:40]: very very sad
[17:46]: go
[17:48]: on the grill
[17:56]: now I'm just going to use the rest of it
[17:58]: on this other side
[18:02]: and we're gonna Grill it until it is
[18:05]: done for me
[18:07]: on these leg quarters that's about
[18:10]: 180 185
[18:14]: um I don't know if that's what the
[18:17]: instructions say but that is what I'm
[18:19]: definitely going for
[18:22]: [Music]
[18:23]: um
[18:24]: I think thighs taste better
[18:30]: a little more done than the white meat
[18:32]: so
[18:35]: that's what we'll be doing and I have
[18:38]: been making some
[18:41]: uh
[18:42]: palak paneer
[18:45]: and I'm very excited about that because
[18:47]: we had a little bit of a snafu with our
[18:48]: milk order recently so I made some
[18:51]: paneer from scratch
[18:54]: we don't have a video of that though but
[18:56]: uh because I couldn't find a book that
[18:59]: had that I had that had a recipe in it
[19:02]: so
[19:03]: but I'm super excited because that's one
[19:05]: of my favorite Indian dishes and I'm
[19:07]: gonna I'm gonna let this go for probably
[19:09]: about 15 minutes or so before I check it
[19:12]: at all
[19:15]: and uh
[19:17]: we'll let you know how long this takes
[19:19]: us and show you what it looks like when
[19:21]: it's all done in just a minute
[19:26]: thank you
[19:28]: [Music]
[19:30]: on this episode of cooking the books
[19:32]: with Heather you watched me make a
[19:34]: medebod street style grilled chicken
[19:37]: from vishweshbots I am from here
[19:40]: cookbook
[19:41]: and I had some problems with this recipe
[19:44]: I think
[19:47]: I would have done better with a
[19:50]: fresh beat and maybe even a grated
[19:54]: beat my beat was fresh but it happened
[19:57]: to be a little bit dried out because I
[20:00]: bought them pre-cut
[20:02]: and so they were a little dry
[20:04]: but I was just being lazy so I think if
[20:07]: you really want the the color
[20:10]: the good you know pink color that you
[20:13]: expect from this type of yogurt
[20:17]: tandoori-ish uh
[20:21]: marinade
[20:23]: go with a fresher beat than I used and
[20:25]: just you know deal with your
[20:27]: pink hands
[20:29]: um
[20:30]: I also had a little bit of a problem
[20:33]: with the grilling method I think
[20:37]: I think that the first grill that he
[20:40]: says about
[20:43]: um four minutes I think he says yeah
[20:46]: about four minutes on each side to get
[20:47]: it up to 130 that was not at a medium
[20:49]: heat that was not what happened for us
[20:52]: and I think if I if I do this again and
[20:56]: you know I might
[20:57]: I I liked the result it was really tasty
[21:00]: uh I did not like that the skin stuck
[21:04]: horribly to my grill and I think that
[21:07]: was more the method and not
[21:11]: oiling my grill grates which you know I
[21:14]: probably should have done anyway
[21:16]: um I think
[21:19]: cooking each side until it actually
[21:22]: would release from the grill would have
[21:24]: helped but four minutes was not enough
[21:27]: for that
[21:28]: so it ended up taking us a really long
[21:30]: time to grill this because we had to
[21:33]: with the method that he says to get it
[21:35]: up to 130 and then take it off and let
[21:37]: it rest and then Grill it again
[21:40]: we had to start more charcoal to get the
[21:43]: grill back up to temperature
[21:45]: um so if you have a gas grill it'll be a
[21:47]: whole lot easier but we used a charcoal
[21:48]: grill
[21:50]: um yeah it was
[21:54]: the meth I didn't I didn't enjoy that
[21:56]: method I don't think the timing was
[21:57]: quite right I don't know
[22:02]: I don't know if
[22:04]: actually grilling it on each side until
[22:08]: that side sort of starts to char and
[22:11]: release from the grill and then doing a
[22:13]: rest
[22:14]: instead of trying to turn it over way
[22:16]: before I should have uh would help we'll
[22:20]: we'll see uh but if I made this again I
[22:23]: probably wouldn't do it exactly that way
[22:26]: even though he says that that helps
[22:28]: uh the two
[22:31]: two-stage cooking helps it get a nice
[22:33]: Char except and cook all the way through
[22:35]: it didn't it didn't work out for us
[22:36]: didn't work
[22:39]: um but it was really tasty and we we
[22:41]: liked the flavor I would like to have
[22:44]: that nice crispy flavorful skin which we
[22:47]: did not get the way we made it but if
[22:50]: you've tried this if you have
[22:55]: and if you've enjoyed watching me make
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[23:04]: [Music]