The author and cook, Heather

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Heather Jones

These are definitely our favorite cookies that we make ourselves, and maybe my favorite ever. Well, for me favorites are situational, but these are a standard for sure. I consider this my own recipe, because even though I started with another recipe I had to modify it quite a bit to fit our own preferences.

I started with a recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies that I got out of our newspaper a loooong time ago, from La Farm, a local bakery. ( But that recipe just Did Not Work for me -- the cookies spread way too much, even though I followed it exactly aside from switching out chocolate chips in place of the raisins (which are ick.) So they were crispy where we prefer a softer cookie, even better if it's ooey-gooey right out of the oven. (Warm cookies are THE BEST.)

I don't remember how many batches it took to get it just right, but it was a *lot* of cookies. And we've been making them now for more than ten years. (I know, because I also altered the recipe a bit to be a lactation cookie after I had my first child. We made so many of those!) The best part is, it makes a lot of cookies so you can freeze them in cookie-sized balls and have freshly baked cookies whenever you want!

You can find the full recipe here:

Serving Sizeper cookie, assuming 5 dozen
Carbohydrates19g (1g fiber, 7g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather today we are not going to
[00:08]: be cooking from a cookbook we're going
[00:09]: to be making a recipe that
[00:11]: i made myself
[00:13]: um
[00:14]: i started with a recipe that i found in
[00:16]: the newspaper years and years and years
[00:18]: ago
[00:19]: uh but i had to modify it because it did
[00:22]: not work for me at all if i can find the
[00:24]: original recipe i might go ahead and put
[00:26]: it down below but because this is a
[00:28]: recipe that i feel like i developed
[00:32]: i will include all of the measurements
[00:34]: for this
[00:35]: today we are making oatmeal chocolate
[00:38]: chip cookies
[00:40]: i don't like oatmeal raisin the original
[00:41]: recipe was oatmeal raisin and i don't
[00:43]: know if substituting in chocolate chips
[00:46]: instead of raisins made it not work but
[00:48]: whatever
[00:49]: when i first made it it was just flat
[00:52]: did not work at all so
[00:56]: these however are our favorite cookie
[00:59]: i prefer oatmeal chocolate chip even to
[01:01]: regular chocolate chip and we've made
[01:03]: these so many times that my husband
[01:05]: knows exactly what to do to help me and
[01:06]: so he helped me get all the ingredients
[01:08]: ready
[01:09]: and uh we even modified them to be sort
[01:13]: of a lactation cookie
[01:15]: when i had uh babies
[01:19]: eight plus years ago now
[01:22]: um they're no longer babies
[01:24]: uh but so we've made them many many many
[01:26]: times at this point
[01:28]: anyway
[01:29]: to get started we're going to take
[01:32]: some of the oats and we're going to
[01:34]: process this basically into oat flour
[01:38]: these are quick oats as you might be
[01:41]: able to tell they're not this sort of
[01:42]: rolled old-fashioned oats they are just
[01:46]: quick oats and we're going to use our
[01:48]: food processor
[01:50]: and try to get them close to the
[01:52]: consistency of regular flour so
[01:55]: i'm probably not going to pulse it you
[01:57]: can post if you want it takes a while
[01:59]: i'm just going to turn it on and let it
[02:00]: go till it's done
[02:02]: i'm going to call that good enough
[02:06]: and we're going to just take this out of
[02:08]: here and we're not going to use it right
[02:10]: now this was
[02:12]: helps right away this was a cup and a
[02:14]: quarter of quick oats and we have a cup
[02:17]: and a half
[02:18]: that we're going to leave
[02:21]: whole
[02:22]: we're not going to process those
[02:26]: still trying to soften my frozen butter
[02:30]: it's getting there
[02:31]: but something we can do while we're
[02:33]: waiting uh
[02:35]: is we're gonna mix our eggs so we've got
[02:38]: three large eggs
[02:40]: whatever you have is probably fine
[02:44]: that we're just gonna put the whole egg
[02:46]: in we don't have to separate them or
[02:48]: anything
[02:52]: into this bowl
[02:55]: and we're going to add
[03:00]: so we've got our three eggs in the bowl
[03:02]: and we're going to add a whole
[03:04]: tablespoon
[03:06]: of vanilla extract so i use mexican you
[03:10]: can use whatever you like
[03:17]: here we go
[03:20]: so i'm going to just take a whisk and
[03:22]: mix this all up together thoroughly
[03:26]: nicely mixed together
[03:30]: this is probably still a little cool but
[03:33]: we're gonna call it good for now
[03:35]: so i've got two sticks of unsalted
[03:37]: butter
[03:38]: i'm gonna put in
[03:41]: my stand mixer
[03:47]: i'm gonna go ahead and get that um
[03:50]: just sort of beating up a little bit by
[03:52]: itself since it is kind of cold this
[03:55]: really should be at room temperature
[03:57]: it helps
[04:03]: okay
[04:04]: it's on its way to not being so cold
[04:08]: but what we're gonna do now is add the
[04:12]: sugar so we're just gonna cream the
[04:13]: sugar and the butter
[04:16]: and
[04:17]: let's go ahead and do those sugars we've
[04:19]: got a cup of white sugar just plain
[04:22]: white granulated sugar
[04:24]: we've got a cup of light brown sugar
[04:30]: both go in there
[04:32]: and then
[04:33]: we also put in here this is interesting
[04:36]: we put in our salt which i'm using just
[04:38]: some granulated
[04:40]: sea salt i think granulated
[04:42]: yeah just like table salt size not
[04:45]: kosher salt size
[04:46]: um and this is baking
[04:49]: soda so there's a teaspoon of baking
[04:51]: soda and a teaspoon of salt in here
[04:54]: and we're going to add this and cream
[04:56]: all of that together
[04:59]: and this is going to take
[05:01]: a really long time
[05:03]: i'll let you know exactly how long it
[05:04]: takes for me mine is
[05:06]: pretty cold which means it's going to
[05:07]: take a little bit longer for it to sort
[05:09]: of heat up and get creamy
[05:11]: it's supposed to be very light and
[05:13]: smooth and you can stop
[05:15]: every so often and
[05:17]: scrape down the sides make sure it's
[05:18]: getting all
[05:21]: mixed up appropriately and you don't
[05:23]: just end up having some bits up on the
[05:25]: sides
[05:26]: i end up doing that like two or three
[05:27]: times at least so
[05:30]: we'll see how long this takes for us
[05:32]: [Music]
[05:35]: when i do this i do this about medium
[05:38]: heat medium heat medium um
[05:41]: speed
[05:48]: scrape it down now
[05:50]: this is nowhere near done
[05:53]: certainly not light and creamy you might
[05:55]: have seen
[05:56]: that i depends on what my editor leaves
[05:59]: in i
[06:00]: often will
[06:02]: sort of put my hands on the outside of
[06:04]: the bowl when the butter is too
[06:10]: cold to be
[06:12]: quite right yet and that just helps
[06:16]: transfer a little bit of heat
[06:18]: into
[06:20]: the ingredients
[06:21]: helps it go a little bit faster i think
[06:25]: [Music]
[06:34]: this is definitely getting better
[06:38]: kind of see it's gotten lighter it's
[06:40]: gotten creamier
[06:42]: but still
[06:43]: not quite where i want it to be
[06:46]: you can see
[06:48]: sort of
[06:49]: the difference
[06:52]: to what it was before
[06:57]: go another couple of minutes probably at
[06:59]: least
[07:09]: this is pretty much what i'm looking to
[07:11]: see here
[07:15]: it's much lighter much creamier
[07:17]: it's all combined with the sugars
[07:23]: here we go
[07:27]: now
[07:28]: we're going to add our egg mixture in
[07:31]: about three additions
[07:33]: um
[07:35]: let's see
[07:36]: on
[07:38]: yeah this doesn't have to be on low
[07:39]: speed so i'll do it probably on medium
[07:41]: speed
[07:42]: about a third each time and scraping
[07:44]: down in between
[07:48]: [Music]
[08:04]: all right
[08:06]: that's one edition
[08:24]: [Music]
[08:33]: okay
[08:35]: that's my second edition
[08:38]: and one more
[08:42]: [Music]
[08:55]: there we go that's all of our
[08:58]: wet ingredients
[08:60]: combined
[09:04]: now
[09:06]: on low speed we're going to add our
[09:09]: flour i think this is two cups of just
[09:12]: plain all-purpose flour
[09:14]: um so i'm gonna add about half of it and
[09:17]: then i'm gonna add the baking powder we
[09:19]: need another teasp a teaspoon of baking
[09:21]: powder not another teaspoon
[09:23]: um
[09:25]: but i'm going to add about half of this
[09:26]: on low speed
[09:28]: add a teaspoon of baking powder
[09:32]: yes and then add the rest
[09:37]: [Music]
[09:49]: [Music]
[09:57]: so i've got my bake half of my flour and
[09:59]: my baking
[10:01]: powder in here and i'm just gonna scrape
[10:03]: it down
[10:06]: now i'm going to get the rest of my
[10:08]: flour
[10:09]: on one spoon
[10:12]: [Music]
[10:15]: i'm going to try to
[10:16]: tap off the flower that kind of gets
[10:19]: stuck up on the top
[10:22]: scrape it down all of my flowers in here
[10:26]: all of my leavening ingredients are in
[10:28]: here
[10:29]: and now
[10:31]: i'm going to add my oat flour and my
[10:34]: quick oats again on low speed
[10:37]: as it
[10:38]: as it
[10:39]: mixes i'm going to add this now
[10:42]: if you'll notice i kind of made a mess
[10:44]: one thing i've never had
[10:46]: for my mixer is sort of a shoot
[10:48]: sort of
[10:49]: make sure all the dry ingredients go
[10:51]: down in there and don't puff out
[10:53]: if you have one of those let me know
[10:54]: what you think because i've never had
[10:56]: one and i really kind of want one but i
[10:58]: just haven't ever bought one
[11:02]: [Music]
[11:19]: so that was a cup and a quarter of my
[11:22]: quick oats that were processed into oat
[11:24]: flour
[11:26]: and now
[11:27]: i'm going to add
[11:32]: a cup and a half of quick oats
[11:39]: [Music]
[11:41]: all right i'm just gonna sort of get
[11:43]: everything off of this
[11:44]: and stir it up one more time
[11:49]: and then we're gonna add our chocolate
[11:50]: chips i have just
[11:52]: regular old nestle toll house
[11:56]: semi-sweet chocolate chips here
[11:59]: um
[12:01]: you can use what you like so i'm gonna
[12:03]: turn this on low again and the last step
[12:06]: is to
[12:06]: stir in these chocolate chips so this is
[12:09]: a cup and a half of semi-sweet chocolate
[12:11]: chips you can use whatever you like here
[12:14]: i'm going to stir those in just briefly
[12:16]: now
[12:17]: sometimes when i'm scooping these out
[12:20]: the last bits don't have enough
[12:22]: chocolate chips in them and my husband
[12:24]: says you can always have more chocolate
[12:25]: chips in here so put as many as you want
[12:27]: in there
[12:29]: for me i do it like this and then if the
[12:31]: end bits don't have enough chocolate
[12:33]: chips i just add a few more in
[12:36]: [Music]
[12:39]: all right
[12:40]: now
[12:43]: that is it for our cookie dough
[12:48]: and my crazy doll
[12:51]: uh i'm going to put this in the
[12:53]: refrigerator because they do bake up a
[12:55]: little bit better from
[12:59]: um
[13:01]: cold
[13:02]: when the
[13:03]: when the dough has has had a time sort
[13:05]: of rest and it's cold they don't spread
[13:08]: quite as much these don't these don't
[13:10]: spread badly either way
[13:12]: and then we'll show you how we
[13:15]: scoop them out and bake them
[13:17]: my oatmeal cookie batter dough
[13:20]: whatever has been in the refrigerator
[13:22]: for
[13:23]: probably about an hour and a half we
[13:24]: watched a movie so
[13:26]: um i have a cookie scoop here i don't
[13:29]: know exactly how much this is but
[13:31]: rounded sort of heaping tablespoons is
[13:34]: kind of what we usually go for
[13:36]: um
[13:37]: so i'm going to just scoop some out on
[13:39]: here
[13:41]: i have my uh oven heated to
[13:45]: 375 degrees
[13:49]: i'm just going to
[13:52]: plop these out
[13:54]: [Music]
[14:02]: okay so i have about a dozen of these on
[14:04]: the tray i'm going to put them in the
[14:05]: oven in the middle
[14:07]: for
[14:08]: 10 to 14 minutes you can bacon up bake
[14:10]: them up how you like them we prefer them
[14:13]: a little bit
[14:15]: um
[14:16]: soft in the center not super crispy so
[14:19]: we'll probably go on the 10 minute side
[14:21]: i'll let you know how long hours take to
[14:23]: get the way we like them you're looking
[14:25]: for maybe a little bit of brown but not
[14:27]: a lot
[14:29]: um for what we like anyway
[14:32]: um
[14:33]: and while these are baking i have
[14:34]: another sheet with some wax paper on it
[14:38]: um and i will be scooping the rest up
[14:42]: onto that
[14:43]: and
[14:45]: we will put that in the freezer and then
[14:46]: we can just
[14:48]: take those off the wax paper put them in
[14:50]: a
[14:51]: ziploc bag in
[14:54]: the freezer and have cookies whenever
[14:56]: when you can bake them up
[14:58]: right out of the freezer
[15:00]: if they're right out of the freezer they
[15:01]: take a little bit longer just you know
[15:03]: to heat up and everything but uh
[15:05]: yeah that is it for our cookie recipe
[15:07]: i'll show you what they look like when
[15:09]: they're all done
[15:10]: and we'll let you know what we think of
[15:12]: this batch
[15:13]: [Music]
[15:25]: on this episode of cooking the books
[15:26]: with heather you watch me make
[15:29]: my own recipe
[15:30]: um
[15:32]: for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and i
[15:34]: do feel pretty confident calling this my
[15:36]: own recipe because i did spend
[15:40]: quite a bit of time making multiple
[15:42]: multiple batches of this cookie to get
[15:44]: it just right and just the way we wanted
[15:47]: it
[15:49]: many years ago probably
[15:51]: definitely more than 10 years ago i sort
[15:53]: of developed this recipe
[15:56]: i don't
[15:57]: write down a lot
[15:58]: of recipes or a lot of what i do
[16:01]: but since this was a baking recipe and
[16:03]: something i wanted to be able to
[16:04]: reproduce
[16:05]: i
[16:07]: wrote everything down and can reproduce
[16:09]: it very well
[16:11]: um
[16:12]: thankfully because we love them
[16:15]: um
[16:16]: they turned out great as expected that
[16:19]: batch made with the disher that i was
[16:22]: using
[16:23]: i ended up making just about five dozen
[16:26]: i think i had like five dozen plus one
[16:29]: um
[16:31]: once i was all
[16:32]: done
[16:35]: uh so
[16:37]: that's a very large batch
[16:39]: but
[16:41]: all i do is bake off what i want at that
[16:44]: time and then
[16:46]: everything else
[16:48]: i dish
[16:49]: out put on a baking tray with a wax
[16:53]: paper under it put that in the freezer
[16:55]: until it's frozen
[16:57]: and then you can put all of those into a
[17:01]: zip top plastic freezer bag
[17:04]: and
[17:05]: i write what they are
[17:08]: and the time and temperature for baking
[17:10]: them
[17:11]: um
[17:12]: on the bag so that we know you know
[17:14]: exactly i don't have to look up the
[17:16]: recipe every time i want to bake them
[17:19]: and you can bake them directly from
[17:20]: frozen they may take an extra minute or
[17:22]: two but really
[17:24]: with this cookie
[17:26]: it depends on how you like it if you
[17:28]: want it a little gooey in the middle or
[17:29]: if you want it well baked so
[17:32]: you can do it however you like we like
[17:33]: ours
[17:35]: sort of a medium not super gooey but we
[17:37]: do like them when they're warm to be a
[17:39]: little bit gooey in the middle and i
[17:42]: can't remember how long that was i
[17:45]: probably talked about it
[17:46]: right afterwards is somewhere between 10
[17:49]: and 14 minutes
[17:51]: and you just have to kind of keep an eye
[17:52]: on them when they get a little brown
[17:53]: around around the edges only that's when
[17:56]: i usually pull them out
[17:57]: for that
[17:59]: um
[18:01]: it is a little bit fiddly
[18:03]: uh because you do have to grind
[18:07]: the oats into sort of an oat flour
[18:10]: i've never tried
[18:12]: i'm sure somewhere you can probably buy
[18:15]: oat flour
[18:16]: i have to think that's a thing but has
[18:21]: i've never actually looked for it so i
[18:23]: might look for that but i've never tried
[18:24]: it with that but i've always
[18:26]: used quick oats and uh ground them into
[18:30]: a flour-like consistency with the food
[18:33]: processor so that's a very important
[18:34]: part
[18:35]: of the recipe
[18:38]: so if you don't have a food processor
[18:39]: that would be a lot more difficult you
[18:41]: may be able to do that in a blender i've
[18:43]: never tried it let me know down below if
[18:46]: you do try to grind any greens in a
[18:48]: blender if that works
[18:51]: like i said never tried it
[18:53]: would love to know
[18:55]: um
[18:56]: so that part is a little more difficult
[18:59]: you do need
[19:02]: a
[19:03]: mixer i guess you don't probably
[19:05]: probably don't absolutely need a mixer
[19:06]: but it's a very big batch and it gets
[19:09]: very stiff cookie dough generally is a
[19:11]: kind of a stiff dough so
[19:14]: it's
[19:15]: it's easier with a mixer
[19:18]: if you're very strong
[19:19]: don't get worn out really quickly like i
[19:22]: generally do you could probably do it by
[19:24]: hand
[19:25]: but
[19:27]: so the mixer and the food processor and
[19:29]: all that
[19:30]: and mixing the eggs with the vanilla and
[19:32]: mixing things in batches and
[19:35]: scraping it down it's all a little bit
[19:37]: fiddly but we've done it so many times
[19:40]: uh it doesn't bother me at all uh i i
[19:44]: don't generally like things that are
[19:46]: super fiddly or take a lot of steps but
[19:48]: once i
[19:49]: once i get going i'm good
[19:51]: for this recipe because i kind of know
[19:53]: every step it's a little bit
[19:56]: ingrained now my husband even can help
[19:58]: me
[19:60]: with this and has been helping me make
[20:02]: these just about every time i've made
[20:04]: them
[20:05]: recently so
[20:08]: you spread the work around and it's it's
[20:10]: not so bad
[20:11]: and you'll have cookies for quite a long
[20:13]: time
[20:14]: if you put them in the freezer and like
[20:16]: to eat them warm like we do
[20:19]: so if you enjoyed watching me make this
[20:22]: give me a thumbs up
[20:23]: let me know what you think of my recipe
[20:25]: in the comments down below i will link
[20:27]: the full recipe down there as well
[20:31]: so you don't have to watch and write
[20:34]: down all of the measurements or i hope i
[20:36]: didn't forget one that kind of thing
[20:38]: i will link to a full recipe
[20:42]: below text recipe so you can just print
[20:44]: it out
[20:46]: or save it
[20:47]: however you like to save recipes
[20:51]: and
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[21:01]: [Music]