The author and cook, Heather

Hearty Beef and Bean Chili

Heather Jones

I've won my fair share of chili competitions, with several different types of chili. This one is a pretty standard American type chili, with both beef and beans. I like a mix of beans, and both chunks of beef as well as ground beef crumbled in it. The trick is not to be shy with the spices. The fresh chiles and chile powder I use don't make it spicy, just flavorful. If you DO like spice, you can add spicier chile peppers or use a chile powder with more heat. (Cayenne is a good choice for that, and readily available.) Of course, if not everyone likes spice, anyone who does can just add their favorite hot sauce to the finished product.

This is VERY filling. Feel free to add extra water or broth to thin it out to your preference. We serve it topped with cheese, sour cream, and green onions, but all of that is not strictly unnecessary. Round it out with some rice, tortilla chips, or corn bread...or homemade focaccia, if you're as lucky as we were when I made this.

This is my own recipe, so you can find the full recipe here:

Serving Size16 modest servings
Carbohydrates28g (12g fiber, 7g sugar)


[00:00]: foreign
[00:08]: books with Heather today still winter is
[00:12]: very cold outside even though it's sunny
[00:13]: tomorrow is going to be rainy and uh we
[00:17]: just really wanted some chili we're
[00:18]: supposed to go to a
[00:20]: potluck tonight I was going to bring
[00:22]: chili I don't know if we're gonna end up
[00:24]: going because
[00:25]: the child got a cold it's not covered
[00:28]: um but I'm still gonna make chili and if
[00:32]: I have to I'm making a really huge batch
[00:34]: so there will be plenty left to freeze
[00:37]: if we don't end up going to the potluck
[00:38]: so very first thing I'm going to go
[00:41]: ahead and get my beef
[00:44]: searing let me show you
[00:47]: I just have a relatively small chuck
[00:50]: roast this is about
[00:53]: two and a third pounds 2.3 pounds I'm
[00:56]: going to leave it whole and sear it in
[00:59]: my largest pot
[01:02]: um
[01:03]: on both sides and then I'm going to cut
[01:05]: it up because I like my chili to have
[01:07]: chunks in it but I also like it to have
[01:09]: sort of the ground beef texture so we're
[01:11]: going to be doing both today
[01:14]: um
[01:15]: so this is I'm gonna go ahead and get
[01:16]: this started because my Pan's been
[01:17]: heating and I don't want it to overheat
[01:19]: and start to smoke that's bad so one
[01:21]: second now that we're all sizzling in
[01:23]: the background I have my pan on medium
[01:26]: high heat I want to get a really good
[01:28]: sear on the outside and doing it whole
[01:31]: and then cutting it up means I don't
[01:33]: have to worry about uh
[01:36]: turning over all the little bitty pieces
[01:38]: and doing it in batches this just gets
[01:41]: it done so much faster and you get some
[01:43]: of that
[01:44]: um
[01:45]: brown beef flavor in your final product
[01:49]: so I'm gonna have to check on that
[01:50]: occasionally but I want to tell you
[01:51]: about the rest of the ingredients
[01:54]: um I've already cut up some yellow
[01:56]: onions they're two medium since this is
[01:59]: my recipe I will be telling you like how
[02:02]: much of everything so I've got two
[02:04]: medium and one small yellow onions
[02:06]: that's just what I had left in my bag I
[02:08]: would do probably two medium to large
[02:11]: see some sort of medium to small and
[02:13]: then one small
[02:14]: so you know
[02:16]: it's all very fluid I never make chili
[02:18]: exactly the same anytime but I'm going
[02:20]: to try to keep track of all of my
[02:23]: proportions for you guys this time I
[02:26]: also have a jalapeno chili that I have
[02:29]: seeded and dice these are sort of rough
[02:32]: chops because they're going to simmer
[02:34]: for a really long time and mostly break
[02:36]: down into the sauce
[02:38]: um
[02:39]: so it doesn't really matter these are
[02:41]: some two really big jalapenos and I'm
[02:44]: going for flavor and not heat because my
[02:47]: children don't do eat very much
[02:52]: um
[02:53]: my husband usually adds hot sauce to his
[02:55]: to make it spicier but you get a good
[02:58]: flavor with this you can use spicier
[03:01]: Peppers you can leave the the seeds in
[03:03]: if that's what you like
[03:06]: um we just don't so I'm gonna put this
[03:09]: over here oh and also quite a lot of
[03:13]: it's about half a head of minced up
[03:15]: Garlic which will go in
[03:18]: near the end of when these are all
[03:20]: cooked but I'll show you that later
[03:23]: foreign
[03:24]: let's talk about some other some of the
[03:26]: canned ingredients that we won't be
[03:27]: using until later I like a mixture of
[03:31]: beans in my chili so I have a couple
[03:33]: cans of black beans a couple cans of
[03:36]: kidney beans and a couple of cans of
[03:39]: pinto beans this is my usual mix usually
[03:42]: I get sort of one light and one dark red
[03:45]: kidney beans but they only had the darts
[03:48]: in this one it doesn't really matter use
[03:50]: whatever you like but this is I'd like
[03:53]: to have the black beans I like to have
[03:54]: the pinto beans and I like the kidney
[03:56]: beans so these are what we like and use
[03:58]: what you like I think for a large batch
[04:00]: six cans is is good I will be rinsing
[04:04]: these before I put them in but these
[04:06]: won't go in until the beef is pretty
[04:08]: much tender because these are already
[04:10]: cooked and I don't want them to fall
[04:12]: apart
[04:13]: some of these over here
[04:16]: [Music]
[04:23]: um
[04:24]: and then as far as canned goods I also
[04:27]: have some fire roasted diced tomatoes
[04:30]: couple cans of that I also sometimes use
[04:33]: um
[04:34]: whole tomatoes in cans and then I crush
[04:37]: them up with my with my hands but this
[04:39]: will be fine fire roasted because that's
[04:41]: what I have on hand and it's a little
[04:43]: more flavor it's a little different
[04:45]: um and then as far as tomato products I
[04:47]: also have some some tomato paste these
[04:50]: will all go in pretty early
[04:53]: um the tomato paste we're going to Brown
[04:56]: I'll show you that when we get there
[04:58]: before we add a bunch of other things so
[05:02]: just need a little more flavor a little
[05:04]: different flavor in it
[05:07]: and now I'm going to start making a sort
[05:11]: of a spice mix oh wait I'll also be
[05:13]: adding a little bit of red wine any sort
[05:15]: of like sometimes we have a beer or
[05:19]: whatever I keep a little bottles of
[05:21]: halfway decent dry red wine around just
[05:25]: to use and sauces and and things like
[05:28]: this especially with tomato face stuff I
[05:31]: use red you could also use like this is
[05:33]: what you like
[05:34]: and I will be throwing a bay leaf in
[05:37]: there I'm not gonna do anything else
[05:38]: with that so that goes back here
[05:45]: um so now I'm gonna kind of measure out
[05:48]: some spices
[05:50]: I usually do this
[05:52]: over the pot when I add them in but
[05:55]: anyway
[05:57]: um
[05:58]: I have some let's do the chili powder
[06:01]: first this this is chili powder it's a
[06:04]: mixture of chili pepper spices salt
[06:08]: garlic who knows what exactly is in it
[06:11]: but I'm going to start with a couple
[06:13]: tablespoons and I do just sort of
[06:18]: uh you can use a tablespoon usually for
[06:21]: my first round
[06:24]: um
[06:25]: so that's just regular chili powder this
[06:27]: is sort of a base
[06:29]: dark chili powder
[06:31]: that's mostly what I see in my stores
[06:33]: I'm going to add I have some ancho chili
[06:36]: pepper this is
[06:38]: a dried chili ground up uh but it gives
[06:43]: it a good flavor I was almost out so I
[06:45]: had to pick up some more
[06:49]: um
[06:50]: yep just just chilly nothing else
[06:55]: um these are real these are very mild
[06:58]: but it gives it a great flavor so
[07:02]: that's about one tablespoon
[07:07]: uh
[07:11]: um
[07:12]: got some cumin seed I'm gonna go with
[07:16]: one full tablespoon of that as well
[07:21]: I liked human in it they usually end up
[07:23]: adding more spices later
[07:27]: um
[07:28]: paprika
[07:30]: that gives it a nice red color so if you
[07:34]: end up making
[07:37]: so the the Texas Chili does not have a
[07:40]: lot of tomato products in it but it gets
[07:45]: a lot of its color from paprika so
[07:48]: I used two tablespoons of paprika
[07:52]: and this is just regular paprika but I
[07:55]: also like to add smoked paprika so
[07:59]: that's what I'll be doing next and I
[08:01]: will have to open it so before I finish
[08:04]: up this my beef uh Chuck is done and I'm
[08:07]: going to add some uh 80 20 ground beef I
[08:13]: have bought a big pack I put some in the
[08:15]: freezer but this is about a pound and a
[08:18]: third left so okay I have my assistant
[08:23]: watching the ground beef as it Browns so
[08:26]: I can continue with this I'm going to do
[08:28]: a tablespoon of
[08:31]: this smoked paprika
[08:35]: smells nice and smoky
[08:40]: so there we go
[08:42]: and I'm going to keep this for later
[08:45]: this stuff I'm all going to Brown a
[08:49]: little bit in the pan but I don't want
[08:51]: to do that with the garlic and onion
[08:53]: powder so many different kind of
[08:54]: difference
[08:55]: so even though I have fresh garlic and
[08:58]: fresh onion
[08:59]: in there I'm going to add some of this
[09:03]: powder and my onion powder is kind of
[09:07]: kind of lumpy but it'll be okay
[09:11]: approximately two tablespoons of that
[09:14]: and I'll do about the same with this so
[09:17]: I almost always end up adding more later
[09:21]: as I sort of taste it
[09:24]: um
[09:25]: and Mexican oregano you can use regular
[09:30]: oregano I like it's a little bit of an
[09:31]: herbal note to it I'm going to add it
[09:34]: with this stuff because I don't really
[09:35]: want to Brown up
[09:38]: the leaves
[09:41]: and that I've got my two different spice
[09:43]: mixes that are going to go in at two
[09:44]: different times
[09:47]: um and we'll show you that
[09:49]: as it as it comes up
[09:51]: so my ground beef is all brown and I
[09:54]: strained it out I've got um I'll show
[09:58]: you
[10:01]: I usually just put it in a colander a
[10:03]: sieve like this and then I used some of
[10:05]: the
[10:06]: grease to
[10:09]: uh cook my
[10:13]: peppers and onions
[10:16]: um just kind of use some of that like I
[10:19]: used about two tablespoons worth
[10:21]: approximately
[10:23]: um
[10:23]: if you don't if you use a
[10:26]: beef that's got a lot of fat in it and
[10:28]: you don't strain it sometimes you end up
[10:30]: with you know some beef beef fat
[10:33]: floating on top and it's just not that
[10:35]: great so
[10:37]: um
[10:38]: that's what I do you don't have to if
[10:40]: you're like on a keto diet or something
[10:43]: like that you really want to eat a lot
[10:44]: of fat
[10:46]: so while that is while the uh
[10:51]: peppers and onions are cooking I'm going
[10:53]: to go ahead and slice this up it's not
[10:55]: hot anymore in fact it's nowhere near
[10:58]: cooked but it is uh
[11:04]: browned on the outside and I'm going to
[11:07]: cut it into basically bite-sized pieces
[11:10]: the size pieces I want to eat
[11:13]: foreign
[11:14]: so and I'm going to cut off as much of
[11:17]: the fatty bits because I just don't like
[11:19]: that in my mouth
[11:21]: even after it's all hooked down it's
[11:24]: just not something I enjoy sometimes I
[11:27]: will cook those fatty bits and make it
[11:29]: kind of like beefy bacon add salt make
[11:31]: them all crispy they're delicious my
[11:34]: family loves it
[11:35]: um so I'm just gonna
[11:38]: cut them into pieces about about an inch
[11:41]: cubes approximately I don't you don't
[11:44]: have to cut out all of those because a
[11:46]: lot of it a lot of that fat will render
[11:49]: um
[11:50]: and be really delicious but anything
[11:54]: especially that is
[11:57]: hard uh bits it'll just be yucky in your
[12:02]: mouth
[12:03]: so I trim those out and so I'm going to
[12:06]: be cutting this all into
[12:11]: bite-sized pieces to add back in
[12:15]: a little bit later and when we come back
[12:17]: we will show you what we're doing at
[12:20]: stove
[12:21]: [Music]
[12:29]: thank you
[12:31]: [Music]
[12:47]: okay so these are
[12:51]: um almost ready you want to be start not
[12:54]: they don't have to be entirely cooked
[12:56]: but you definitely want them to start
[12:58]: getting kind of translucent a little bit
[13:01]: cooked they will cook a lot
[13:03]: in becoming
[13:06]: hours because it would take quite a
[13:08]: while I'm gonna add in
[13:10]: the garlic here
[13:13]: we want this cook just a little bit with
[13:15]: the garlic before we add anything else
[13:24]: I think I ended up having about another
[13:27]: spoonful of the beef fat
[13:33]: so now I'm going to add in
[13:37]: the spices the garlic powder and
[13:42]: chili powders and paprika and stuff like
[13:45]: that just to let that
[13:48]: um
[13:49]: bloom
[13:50]: but if I get a little bit more
[13:53]: toasted with the fat
[13:59]: cook that for a couple minutes
[14:02]: and while we're doing that I'm going to
[14:04]: go ahead and move my stand
[14:07]: you'll have to forgive
[14:10]: the Clutter all over the place I've got
[14:13]: a new pan that I don't know what to do
[14:15]: with and oh it's all kind of crazy here
[14:18]: I don't have room for it in my in my
[14:21]: usual tan storage area anyway I think
[14:24]: this is nicely
[14:26]: uh
[14:28]: round balloon a little bit and now I'm
[14:32]: going to put in the
[14:35]: um
[14:36]: tomato paste and brown that a little bit
[14:40]: foreign
[14:52]: get as much off as I can
[14:58]: tomato paste all over me
[15:06]: I mean the whole can of this tomato
[15:08]: paste
[15:14]: I'm gonna have to go wash my hands a
[15:16]: little bit okay so now
[15:19]: can't see this but I'm just gonna
[15:21]: mix this all up into
[15:25]: the spices and the
[15:29]: um
[15:30]: peppers and the onions just to let this
[15:34]: get a little bit of brownness to it
[15:38]: a little bit of sort of
[15:40]: browned tomato flavor
[15:47]: my heat is on medium so
[15:52]: take a couple minutes and before I watch
[15:56]: this might as well go ahead and open up
[15:58]: my
[15:60]: diced tomatoes
[16:06]: I'm going to get up another thing that I
[16:08]: forgot so I keep a little chicken and
[16:12]: beef
[16:14]: sort of uh soup face whatever better
[16:18]: than bouillon I had a couple different
[16:20]: uh
[16:22]: uh Brands but I keep something like that
[16:25]: in the refrigerator just four times when
[16:29]: I
[16:30]: feel like I don't have any of the stock
[16:32]: or I don't have it in the right amounts
[16:34]: or whatever so I'm going to use that
[16:36]: instead of like a box of stock you can
[16:39]: obviously
[16:41]: you know buy some beef stock
[16:49]: so I think we've got I think we're okay
[16:53]: here so I'm going to show you what it
[16:55]: looks like
[16:56]: um this is what it looks like
[16:59]: now that it's all sort of brown
[17:02]: it's not burned it doesn't smell burnt
[17:05]: at all but it kind of looks dark so
[17:07]: that's what I was going for I'm going to
[17:10]: add some wine
[17:12]: so I've got this Cabernet Sauvignon
[17:15]: I'm going to add this is about I'm about
[17:17]: to put about half a cup so about half of
[17:19]: this
[17:24]: that's good
[17:33]: I'm gonna let that just
[17:37]: Cook in for a bit
[17:41]: excuse my patient
[17:43]: I'm gonna add in
[17:45]: the garlic powder onion powder and
[17:49]: um
[17:51]: Mexican oregano that's what was in there
[18:05]: you know now this one's just a little
[18:06]: thick I'm going to add in my cans of
[18:10]: tomato
[18:12]: foreign
[18:21]: my ground beef
[18:29]: now I'm going to dump in the rest of my
[18:32]: beef
[18:32]: these are just all of the this is that
[18:34]: chuck roast that I cut up
[18:40]: [Music]
[18:42]: so now what I'm going to do is add water
[18:45]: just to cover
[18:48]: um I like my chili kind of thing so add
[18:50]: some water just to cover and then I'm
[18:52]: going to add like a spoonful of the
[18:53]: better than beef bouillon so
[18:57]: if you're using beef stock just beef
[18:59]: stock to cover so I'm going to use I'm
[19:02]: going to fill up these cans to do it to
[19:04]: kind of get the last bits of
[19:06]: um
[19:07]: tomatoey stuff out of them
[19:21]: foreign
[19:26]: of
[19:28]: water two of the larger cans of water
[19:32]: and it
[19:34]: just covers you can see some of my um
[19:42]: chunks of
[19:44]: onion powder in there hopefully that
[19:47]: will all get dissolved as it Cooks
[19:52]: I'm going to add
[19:55]: as about I would say that's probably
[19:58]: about a quart so each one of those is
[20:00]: almost two cups so I'm just going to do
[20:03]: sort of a big spoon
[20:06]: [Music]
[20:08]: one and a half tablespoons for a quart
[20:13]: that's what I'm gonna do about like
[20:16]: I just get that off the spoon
[20:19]: some I'm gonna well first
[20:23]: I'm putting a couple of egg leaves
[20:26]: because why not
[20:32]: and
[20:34]: pepper I got this cool automatic pepper
[20:37]: grinder for Christmas
[20:40]: just gonna
[20:44]: find find right in there
[20:51]: I'm going for about a tablespoon
[20:56]: it's a lot it's gonna be a lot of chili
[20:58]: remember
[20:59]: we haven't put our beans in yet so
[21:01]: that'll kind of stretch it too
[21:04]: and then
[21:06]: I'm gonna go with some salt
[21:13]: we haven't put any salt in this the only
[21:15]: salt in it was what was in the beef
[21:18]: bouillon and the canned goods and the
[21:22]: the chili powder heads on it so I'm
[21:25]: gonna go with two tablespoons of salt
[21:27]: for now but I am betting that it will
[21:29]: need more later so
[21:32]: foreign
[21:38]: just a second I'm going to bring it up
[21:40]: to a boil and put a lid on
[21:43]: I'm going to simmer it for like hours
[21:46]: it's going to be probably two hours and
[21:49]: I'm gonna try to keep it a kind of a low
[21:51]: simmer so let me show you what it looks
[21:54]: like
[21:54]: so with everything
[21:57]: there's kind of just enough liquid to
[22:00]: cover it
[22:02]: um
[22:03]: I will be checking it sort of as those
[22:06]: I'm gonna check it probably at an hour
[22:08]: if I if you need to add more water you
[22:11]: just want to keep it just covered at
[22:14]: this point
[22:15]: um
[22:16]: and yeah that's it for right now I will
[22:20]: show you anything else I do to this as
[22:23]: it uh as it Cooks
[22:27]: um but at this point we're cooking it
[22:29]: until the beef is as tender as you want
[22:32]: it to be so or very close to because
[22:36]: once we add the beans
[22:38]: all we have to do is wait for those to
[22:40]: heat up so
[22:41]: uh we'll be back in about an hour
[22:45]: okay so it's been about an hour
[22:48]: um and I'm just checking
[22:50]: and what I'm looking for is for these
[22:52]: meat pieces to kind of fall apart but
[22:55]: they are very tough you can can you see
[22:57]: that
[22:58]: and see how this won't won't really
[23:01]: uh
[23:03]: squish it so it's tough not ready yet I
[23:07]: am going to taste a little bit for
[23:10]: flavor see if it needs more salt or
[23:13]: anything like that
[23:14]: so
[23:20]: it's actually not bad for right now it's
[23:21]: got
[23:23]: a decent amount of salt so I'm gonna
[23:25]: taste it again uh check it in about an
[23:28]: hour the
[23:29]: um
[23:30]: the lid is doing a good job of keeping
[23:32]: the moisture in so I haven't had to add
[23:35]: any water or anything but so
[23:38]: excuse me
[23:41]: leave it on medium low for about another
[23:43]: hour check it again
[23:45]: all right so it has now been two hours
[23:48]: that this has been cooking and I checked
[23:51]: it and you still
[23:53]: they're still seeming very tough so
[23:57]: uh
[23:59]: uh I've got another hour so I'm gonna go
[24:01]: ahead and
[24:02]: uh test again I'll probably test again
[24:05]: in a half an hour but if it takes longer
[24:07]: than that I will let you know and show
[24:09]: you again probably in about an hour
[24:11]: okay so it's been about another half
[24:14]: hour since I checked it and the meat is
[24:16]: starting to kind of Fall Apart
[24:20]: so it's starting to get tender so that's
[24:22]: good we tasted it
[24:25]: my taster felt like it needed another
[24:28]: depth of flavor so just a second so this
[24:31]: is an ingredient I add sometimes
[24:35]: um I'm gonna put in some cocoa powder
[24:39]: so this is just the cocoa powder I had
[24:41]: in my cabinet
[24:44]: it's kind of like for a mole it just
[24:48]: adds another little
[24:49]: depth of flavor and so I just had about
[24:54]: a spoonful
[24:55]: I know that's
[24:58]: super accurate but
[25:03]: I'm gonna let that
[25:05]: sort of simmer in there
[25:09]: and I'm going to go ahead and get my
[25:11]: beans ready
[25:12]: and then we can just let this sit I'll
[25:15]: probably turn it down once it comes up
[25:17]: to a boil I'll turn it down as low as I
[25:19]: can and we can just let it sit until
[25:21]: we're ready to eat and that meat will be
[25:23]: the chunks of meat will be super tender
[25:25]: and the beans will be cooked
[25:28]: well they're already cooked beans will
[25:30]: be hot and um I might taste it for
[25:34]: flavor
[25:35]: let me see now that I've mixed all that
[25:37]: brown sugar in brown sugar not brown
[25:40]: sugar
[25:41]: cocoa powder
[25:44]: Coco although sometimes a little bit of
[25:46]: sugar does not is is okay because
[25:49]: Tomatoes sometimes need a little bit of
[25:51]: sugar but
[25:55]: I think that's good I think it needs to
[25:57]: simmer for a bit but yeah I'm going to
[25:58]: go ahead and rinse and drain my beans
[26:02]: put them in here and I'll show you what
[26:03]: it looks like when that's all in there
[26:05]: and then it'll be basically done
[26:08]: okay so now the beans are all added this
[26:11]: is what it looks like
[26:13]: um and I've tasted it and I feel like it
[26:15]: needs a little something
[26:17]: so
[26:18]: I'm gonna add
[26:20]: some more chili powder and maybe some
[26:23]: ancho
[26:24]: um
[26:25]: chili powder
[26:27]: and
[26:28]: maybe a little bit of salt because I
[26:31]: think the beans are gonna
[26:35]: a little bit of salt
[26:38]: and uh I will definitely have the full
[26:41]: recipe linked down below
[26:44]: with how much I ended up using
[26:45]: altogether
[26:46]: [Music]
[26:54]: on this episode of cooking the books
[26:55]: with Heather you watch me make my own
[26:57]: recipe for what I'm calling beef and
[27:00]: bean chili this is what I consider to be
[27:04]: a sort of standard American chili
[27:07]: in some places there's no beans in some
[27:10]: places I don't know they do a pork uh
[27:14]: chili like the the green chili with pork
[27:18]: um I think that's more of a
[27:20]: Southwest type Chile where they
[27:23]: especially where they grow Hatch Chiles
[27:25]: but
[27:26]: from what I understand beef and bean is
[27:29]: a standard American chili
[27:32]: there are lots of other recipes for for
[27:33]: chilies and I do
[27:35]: make some other recipes
[27:37]: for chili but this is
[27:41]: what I call Standard
[27:43]: um
[27:44]: and it's very beefy there's a lot of
[27:48]: beef and I like the chunks and the sort
[27:51]: of smaller texture of ground beef uh so
[27:55]: it has that and it has a lot of beans in
[27:57]: it a different mix of beans and as you
[28:01]: have seen because I've already made it
[28:03]: for you on this video
[28:05]: um but my family really enjoys this
[28:08]: chili the recipe the way I made it this
[28:10]: time
[28:12]: um
[28:12]: made
[28:14]: probably at least 12 servings because we
[28:19]: ate last night and there are two large
[28:23]: containers that
[28:24]: we'll go in the freezer at least one of
[28:27]: them will make it to the freezer uh and
[28:29]: then we'll have chili another time with
[28:31]: no work which is great
[28:33]: um
[28:34]: it's hard for me to say that this is
[28:37]: a very specific recipe because I hardly
[28:39]: I hardly ever make it exactly the same
[28:42]: every time I kind of throw things in
[28:44]: depending on what I have
[28:47]: but this is sort of the basics of of
[28:50]: what I do
[28:51]: um and you can adapt it however you like
[28:55]: my family loves it it is so hearty it is
[28:60]: so filling you don't need a whole lot if
[29:03]: you like it thinner add some water make
[29:06]: it make it less thick if you uh
[29:10]: sometimes I do add some masa harina I
[29:12]: don't happen to have any now I think I
[29:14]: had to throw it out at some point I
[29:16]: forget but that can help thicken it up a
[29:18]: little bit too
[29:20]: um so sometimes I add more water and add
[29:23]: a little bit of that and it just gives
[29:24]: it a little different flavor but uh I
[29:27]: will include the full recipe for what I
[29:31]: did exactly today in the comments or not
[29:35]: in the comments in the description below
[29:38]: um so you can try it out yourself and if
[29:40]: you do please let me know what you think
[29:42]: I'd love to hear what other people think
[29:45]: like I said I have
[29:47]: won several chili competitions uh and
[29:50]: sometimes with different recipes but
[29:52]: this is
[29:53]: a recipe that I used and um certainly
[29:57]: got some sort of recognition for
[30:00]: um
[30:02]: is it was it exactly what I made
[30:04]: probably not but it's it's pretty close
[30:06]: uh I will include
[30:09]: the whole amount of everything that I
[30:11]: added sort of at the end but that is a
[30:14]: very
[30:15]: big part of the recipe you really need
[30:19]: to sort of
[30:20]: once it's almost done basically when you
[30:23]: add the beans
[30:25]: taste it and add things
[30:28]: that you think it might need sometimes I
[30:30]: end up adding more garlic powder or
[30:32]: onion powder sometimes most times I end
[30:35]: up adding more chili powder either just
[30:37]: the straight chili powder or the the
[30:39]: chili powder that's a mix of different
[30:41]: things a lot of times I add more cumin I
[30:44]: didn't think it needed it this time
[30:47]: but that's a big flavor component in my
[30:50]: chili usually
[30:52]: um
[30:53]: so yeah anyway I hope you enjoyed
[30:56]: watching me make this I hope you try it
[30:57]: and let me know what you think and uh
[31:00]: if you do
[31:02]: uh give me a thumbs up hit the Subscribe
[31:05]: button and come back and watch me make
[31:07]: something else next week
[31:09]: [Music]