The author and cook, Heather

The Evolved Revolver

Drinking French

This is a bourbon and coffee drink; there is nothing in here that I am remotely concerned about not liking. It's like it was made for me! If you also enjoy bourbon and coffee, I'm sure you'd like this, too. There are no gotchas here, either, no special techniques to learn.


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking books with
[00:07]: heather
[00:08]: on today's episode we're going to be
[00:09]: working from drinking french again and
[00:11]: we are going to be making
[00:13]: the evolved revolver
[00:16]: so uh this is a bourbon and
[00:20]: coffee liqueur drink with a little bit
[00:22]: of vermouth
[00:24]: um and some bitters and that's
[00:27]: about it and we're gonna add a little
[00:29]: bit of cold
[00:30]: espresso cheated a little bit we don't
[00:33]: have an espresso machine
[00:34]: but we did have some um instant espresso
[00:38]: so we made that and then chilled it
[00:41]: i'm pretty sure in the drink that will
[00:43]: be fine
[00:44]: so i'm gonna go ahead and make it i
[00:47]: think this has
[00:48]: been yes okay so i have my cocktail
[00:52]: shaker here but we're not gonna shake it
[00:54]: but i did need something to strain
[00:56]: out the ice when i'm done so
[01:01]: uh making a double batch as usual
[01:04]: and i think this is supposed to go into
[01:06]: a chilled coop glass
[01:08]: i still don't have one have a large ice
[01:11]: cube
[01:12]: in a in our usual glasses so
[01:15]: um this is a pretty strong drink
[01:22]: but again making two of them
[01:31]: [Music]
[01:39]: um we have
[01:41]: bourbon we're just going with a blended
[01:44]: bourbon um
[01:47]: coffee liqueur uh kahlua is usually the
[01:51]: brand
[01:52]: you know the more expensive brand we
[01:54]: kind of go with the
[01:56]: uh off brand
[02:02]: okay
[02:05]: just trying to get my measurements right
[02:07]: here i think that's right for this
[02:11]: um oh wait
[02:15]: no i have old eyes
[02:19]: so that was
[02:23]: i needed a whole one oh well
[02:29]: so then
[02:34]: about right i think that's about it
[02:38]: um
[02:42]: and then i'm putting the wrong
[02:46]: cap on that and then we need some
[02:49]: vermouth
[02:53]: sweet vermouth for this
[02:58]: and i need
[03:01]: not much there we go
[03:05]: [Music]
[03:07]: and then we're going to add some bitters
[03:09]: these are orange
[03:10]: and fig bitters he says orange bigger
[03:13]: bitters coffee bitters or cardamom
[03:17]: bitters but you'll want to go a little
[03:18]: bit lighter on the cardamom bitters if
[03:20]: that's what you're doing
[03:25]: all right and now we're going to add
[03:28]: our coffee our espresso to this
[03:31]: and this is again to your taste um
[03:40]: there we go all right
[03:44]: so all i'm going to do is stir this up
[03:49]: [Music]
[03:50]: i probably have an actual like stir
[03:54]: [Music]
[03:59]: thing
[04:00]: [Music]
[04:03]: all right there we go
[04:07]: and i'm gonna put this on so i can
[04:09]: strain it into our glasses
[04:27]: so
[04:32]: all right and we're going to garnish
[04:35]: with um an orange twist so i'm just
[04:39]: going to kind of
[04:40]: twist it up a little bit to get the um
[04:43]: the uh oils to come out a little bit
[04:46]: more
[04:47]: so i just i did just take this off the
[04:49]: orange so
[04:52]: there we go there is our
[04:55]: evolved revolver uh bourbon and coffee
[05:00]: sounds good to me
[05:13]: it's good it is um gets all of its
[05:16]: sweetness from the
[05:17]: coffee liqueur and i um
[05:20]: a little bit from the vermouth too
[05:22]: obviously but uh
[05:24]: coffee the core is pretty sweet so
[05:27]: it's really good i enjoyed it if you
[05:30]: enjoyed watching me make this
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[05:36]: something else next week