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Pomme Royale

Drinking French

I'm not usually a fan of dry sparkling wine, but adding a bit of sweetness and some citrus makes this taste like an apple-y adult punch! I really liked it, but if it's a bit too sweet for you, you can always reduce the simple syrup.

I didn't manage to find actual calvados, but when I do I will definitely make this again to see the difference. I've had it before, and as I recall the flavor is more subtle than the more apple jolly rancher flavor of this particular apple brandy.

Serving Size1 cocktail
Carbohydrates27g (13g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with heather today we're going to have a
[00:09]: cocktail recipe for you because we've
[00:10]: been kind of wanting to make this
[00:12]: for a while now and finally decided
[00:15]: today was the day
[00:16]: we're going to be making a pum royale
[00:19]: from
[00:20]: dave david leibovitz's drinking french
[00:22]: book
[00:23]: um it's a relatively simple cocktail
[00:26]: it is supposed to be calvados which is
[00:29]: an apple
[00:30]: brandy from normandy in france
[00:33]: could not find it locally but we have
[00:36]: a different apple brandy which smells a
[00:38]: lot like
[00:40]: green apple jolly ranchers when i open
[00:42]: it but
[00:44]: i'm sure it will be fine
[00:47]: cointreau fresh squeezed lemon juice i
[00:50]: have to
[00:51]: be completely honest this is not
[00:53]: entirely fresh squeezed
[00:55]: lemon juice my two lemons only
[00:58]: made three quarters of what i needed so
[01:01]: the rest i just used a squeezy bottle
[01:03]: because
[01:04]: that's what i had um and he says
[01:07]: sparkling a splash of sparkling wine
[01:11]: that is dry such as cremo this
[01:14]: is just a champagne a dry champagne that
[01:17]: we had
[01:18]: that we were going to use this for so
[01:21]: i'm just going to go ahead and get
[01:22]: started and once again i as usual i'm
[01:25]: making a
[01:26]: double batch so we're going to start
[01:28]: with the calvados
[01:30]: or apple brandy and i need quite a bit
[01:34]: of that i don't have ice in my shaker
[01:36]: yet
[01:39]: um
[01:45]: because he says to put everything in
[01:46]: first and then fill it with ice and it's
[01:48]: probably a good idea especially since
[01:50]: i'm making a double
[01:55]: i've already measured my lemon juice so
[01:57]: i don't need my
[01:58]: shaker for that um oh i forgot my simple
[02:02]: syrup i'll get that in just a minute
[02:04]: um this was not even opened so we have
[02:09]: our cointreau you could also use grand
[02:10]: marnier
[02:11]: probably any orange liqueur would be
[02:13]: fine as
[02:14]: long as it is sweetened probably
[02:18]: which this is so i need
[02:26]: there we go let me go get my
[02:30]: simple syrup so i just made my simple
[02:34]: syrup so it's still a little bit warm
[02:36]: but that's okay it was in the
[02:37]: refrigerator it's not super hot anymore
[02:39]: um i just make it in the microwave
[02:42]: equal parts water and sugar heat it up
[02:45]: until it's about boiling and stir it and
[02:47]: then you won't see the sugar anymore and
[02:48]: there you have
[02:49]: simple syrup um so i need some of
[02:53]: that
[02:59]: okay so that's all that goes in my
[03:01]: shaker and
[03:03]: i am going to go fill this up
[03:06]: with ice
[03:09]: face shaker
[03:13]: just shake it until it's well chilled
[03:19]: which doesn't actually take that long
[03:24]: all right let this sit here for just a
[03:27]: second while
[03:28]: i prepare the glasses i have my
[03:32]: two coop glasses which i've been
[03:33]: chilling with some ice
[03:35]: and water sitting on the counter and
[03:38]: then he says
[03:39]: to use a fresh wedge of lemon
[03:42]: i'm just going to use this this one
[03:45]: because all we need to do
[03:46]: really is get the rim of these wet
[03:50]: so that some sugar will stick
[03:53]: it was what i used to um
[03:57]: to make to make the lemon juice so
[04:00]: you do that and then you have i have
[04:02]: some just plain granulated sugar here
[04:05]: on a small plate and just sort of run it
[04:08]: around
[04:11]: there we go we have our sugared
[04:14]: rims there we go
[04:18]: and it got very wet because the inside
[04:21]: of the glasses was wet but that's
[04:23]: okay sugar's not expensive
[04:26]: i am very cheap so i'm just going to
[04:30]: reshape this a little bit
[04:33]: and strain this as much as i can
[04:36]: into these two glasses
[04:40]: and definitely want to leave some room
[04:43]: for a splash
[04:46]: of the champagne i'm gonna
[04:51]: i'm not gonna put white all of it in
[04:53]: there we'll refill later
[04:55]: um there's a little bit left in there
[04:57]: but i wanted to have enough room for
[04:58]: some champagne and we're just going to
[05:01]: put a splash in there
[05:02]: [Music]
[05:04]: make it a little bit sparkly
[05:10]: and then top with a
[05:13]: twist of lemon i just like to
[05:16]: twist it a little bit get the uh
[05:20]: oils out which you should do over the
[05:23]: glass
[05:24]: add it to the glass and there we go
[05:27]: that is our palm royale i'm going to use
[05:30]: this one so i can take pretty pictures
[05:32]: of that one
[05:34]: should be appley and probably pretty
[05:37]: sweet
[05:42]: i really like that i'm not a huge fan of
[05:45]: champagne
[05:46]: so honestly i was especially i don't
[05:48]: like dry sparkling
[05:50]: wine off dry is fine i do not like
[05:54]: super dry or super sweet sparkling wine
[05:57]: this is pretty dry so we decided to make
[05:58]: this
[05:59]: add some sweetness to it this the
[06:02]: sparkling from the champagne is really
[06:04]: nice
[06:04]: um can taste the lemon
[06:08]: uh yeah a little bit a little bit of the
[06:10]: orange but the apple is very present the
[06:12]: sort of a little bit like apple jolly
[06:14]: ranchers which i am a fan of and i do
[06:16]: like kind of sweet drinks so
[06:21]: very good i'll have to see if we can
[06:25]: find some calvados at some point and try
[06:27]: this again just to see how different it
[06:29]: is
[06:30]: but i think it'd probably be pretty
[06:32]: similar
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