The author and cook, Heather

Liqueur des Fraises

Drinking French

You can't get much easier than this strawberry liqueur! It just takes time to infuse a strong strawberry flavor into vodka.


[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather this week I'm pretty
[00:08]: excited we're gonna be starting work
[00:10]: starting to work from a new cookbook for
[00:12]: us which is really all about well it's
[00:16]: not entirely correct
[00:17]: this is drinking French by David
[00:20]: Lebovitz it's he's an American who lives
[00:25]: in Paris and has been writing books
[00:28]: about the French and his life there and
[00:32]: things like that but this is both
[00:36]: cocktails non alcoholic beverages that
[00:39]: they drink in France and some snacks and
[00:44]: recipes that you have while you drink in
[00:47]: France and it is strawberry season again
[00:52]: here in North Carolina and I had this
[00:56]: look I've been looked had this book for
[00:58]: a while now and my husband was was
[01:02]: talking about wanting to do something
[01:04]: with strawberries and a cocktail and I
[01:07]: happened to open it up to this page in
[01:11]: this book just earlier today and it is
[01:14]: Licata Fuzz which is a strawberry
[01:17]: liqueur and it's really simple and we
[01:20]: had all the ingredients which was
[01:22]: important right now
[01:23]: so we're gonna go ahead and get this
[01:27]: started
[01:28]: it does take five to seven days of
[01:31]: basically marinating before you can use
[01:35]: it so so the only ingredients in this
[01:46]: strawberries sugar and vodka so this is
[01:52]: just straight vodka a little bit of
[01:56]: sugar and strawberries he asks for them
[01:59]: to be quartered we had a bunch and my
[02:02]: husband was already slicing them so
[02:04]: they're just sliced I'm sure it will be
[02:06]: fine but all we have to do is combine
[02:10]: the sugar with the strawberries and the
[02:15]: vodka and I'm fairly certain this will
[02:18]: all fit in this jar I hope it's supposed
[02:21]: to it's gonna be real tight I feel like
[02:32]: there's some air in there that maybe I
[02:34]: think it'll all fit but I'm gonna be
[02:36]: Rebecca so I just got a little butter
[02:39]: knife because it's long and I just want
[02:40]: to sort of encourage the air bubbles to
[02:45]: come to the top and if it doesn't quite
[02:48]: fit I'm sure that is fine
[02:52]: it's pretty much it's almost the amount
[02:56]: that he calls for that's it we'll try
[03:03]: something else and so we put a lid on
[03:07]: this and put it in a cool dark place
[03:14]: shaking it once a day for five to seven
[03:18]: days so we'll be back in about a week
[03:23]: our strawberry of the car has been
[03:25]: sitting for about six days at this point
[03:27]: I think it was Sunday when we put it
[03:29]: together and now it's Saturday so six
[03:31]: days yes my hair looks very different
[03:33]: I've been doing this a lot since we've
[03:35]: been stuck at home so now we're ready to
[03:38]: strain this we are supposed to strain it
[03:40]: through a fine mesh sieve that's lined
[03:43]: with cheesecloth I'm pretty sure I don't
[03:46]: have any cheesecloth the last time I
[03:48]: tried to find it I couldn't so yeah
[03:51]: we're just gonna strain it through this
[03:53]: I think this is fine enough to catch all
[03:58]: the strawberry seeds I thought I guess
[04:01]: we'll find out I did take a picture of
[04:04]: this a couple of days into the like the
[04:07]: first day and then a few days later and
[04:10]: it it started getting the pretty color
[04:11]: really quickly so by the first day it
[04:14]: was pretty colorful
[04:15]: we're just gonna time to carefully pour
[04:19]: this out you'll see the strawberries
[04:22]: look pretty white they've given most of
[04:24]: their color to the liquor and looks like
[04:31]: we have about 3 cups of that I'm going
[04:33]: to just rinse this out and then I'm
[04:38]: going to pour this in here and we're
[04:41]: going to chill it you can drink this by
[04:49]: itself but there are also a couple of
[04:51]: other drinks that include this in the
[04:54]: book and if you but if you do want to
[04:57]: drink it by itself he does suggest
[04:59]: chilled so we are going to chill this
[05:02]: overnight and you'll let you know what
[05:06]: we do with it tomorrow
[05:16]: so chill that our strawberry liqueur
[05:19]: overnight and we're just gonna taste it
[05:22]: as is we did make it for another recipe
[05:24]: which we're going to show you now
[05:27]: but we weren't tasted Isis just to see I
[05:29]: think it's not gonna be very sweet I
[05:31]: think it's going to be pretty strong but
[05:33]: we'll see
[05:41]: it's actually it strong I can taste the
[05:45]: vodka and it's not super sweet but it
[05:47]: does taste very much like strawberries
[05:49]: so that's pretty good
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