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La Marguerite

Drinking French

Recently I happened to find Lillet Blanc at a grocery store in our area, and I snagged it up because I knew there were several recipes in Drinking French that we wanted to try with it. (I really should keep a list of things to be on the lookout for; I always forget what it is exactly I need.)

This French take on a margarita was the first thing we found when we looked for a recipe using it in the least, the first recipe for which we ALSO had all the other ingredients. My oranges were not very juicy, so it took more than I expected to make this drink.

I found the full recipe here:

Serving Size1 drink
Carbohydrates7g (0g fiber, 6g sugar)


[00:00]: foreign
[00:06]: books with Heather today we're going to
[00:09]: be working from David liebovitz's
[00:11]: drinking French cookbook because
[00:14]: I'm looking to have a cocktail and we
[00:17]: just bought some of this Lina Blanc we
[00:20]: found it locally and had noticed several
[00:23]: recipes in here that used it and so we
[00:25]: looked for something that we had all of
[00:27]: the ingredients for and found LA
[00:29]: margarite which is basically just a
[00:31]: margarita but sort of French style so
[00:35]: all that's in it uh besides the Lele
[00:38]: Blanc is some tequila you can use
[00:41]: Reposado or Blanco whatever you like and
[00:45]: some fresh squeezed orange juice my
[00:47]: oranges were not very
[00:50]: um
[00:51]: juicy today
[00:53]: but we'll do what we can so uh he says
[00:57]: he doesn't usually flower or flower he
[01:01]: says he doesn't usually salt the rims
[01:03]: and so I'm not going to do that today so
[01:07]: we're going to try it without but if you
[01:08]: like it he says do use a flaky
[01:11]: fleur-de-cell or another delicate sea
[01:14]: salt
[01:15]: um
[01:16]: and delicate I guess
[01:18]: so
[01:20]: I'm going to be making two at once in my
[01:23]: shaker which should work out and he says
[01:26]: to put them in Coop glasses chilled Coop
[01:29]: glasses so I have those here chilling
[01:31]: with ice and water and
[01:37]: looking for the full right
[01:40]: for an ounce and a half
[01:42]: all right
[01:47]: probably should strain this but I'm not
[01:51]: gonna
[01:53]: got a few extra pulpy bits in there but
[01:59]: this does have a bit of a strainer it'll
[02:01]: be fine
[02:03]: that was just enough
[02:06]: and then so we're going to put in
[02:10]: the LeBlanc
[02:27]: it's a pair of teeth so it's sort of a
[02:32]: um
[02:32]: fortified type wine it's
[02:36]: not super
[02:38]: uh super alcoholic it's we were able to
[02:40]: buy it here in North Carolina and the
[02:42]: grocery store so
[02:44]: and now all I have to do is add
[02:46]: the tequila we chose a Reposado
[02:51]: um something we had on hand
[02:54]: let me see
[02:58]: um goodness
[03:02]: so
[03:09]: foreign
[03:16]: there we go
[03:20]: so now I just need to fill this with ice
[03:24]: so we can shake it
[03:28]: got my top I really do like this
[03:33]: um
[03:33]: sort of One Piece Shaker that's
[03:37]: insulated so my hand doesn't get cold
[03:41]: [Applause]
[03:43]: my hand's not as big as my usual
[03:46]: bartender
[03:51]: okay that's pretty cool
[03:54]: dry a little bit
[03:57]: and empty out my glasses
[04:08]: there we go
[04:10]: away because I'm gonna make a mess
[04:18]: would look a little bit nicer if I had
[04:21]: strained it
[04:22]: but I don't mind
[04:25]: you can tell it's definitely fresh
[04:42]: and we're gonna garnish with a half
[04:44]: wheel of
[04:46]: orange or lime
[04:50]: whichever you prefer I decided since we
[04:52]: were already using orange we're going to
[04:53]: go with orange
[04:55]: and that is it for this cocktail I'm
[04:57]: going to take a little sip
[05:07]: definitely different than the standard
[05:09]: lime margarita
[05:11]: it's pretty good
[05:13]: um
[05:14]: [Music]
[05:21]: so the the Lele is kind of like a
[05:25]: vermouth it's a little bit of a it's a
[05:27]: pear teeth it's kind of sweet this one's
[05:30]: white we've also had the red we also
[05:32]: have the red I think
[05:34]: um
[05:35]: you can make a spritz or all sorts of
[05:37]: things out of it and there's several
[05:38]: other recipes in the book that we would
[05:40]: like to make so you might be seeing some
[05:43]: of those coming soon
[05:45]: I'm gonna go enjoy my cocktail it's if
[05:47]: you like orange if you like Lele Blanc
[05:50]: I'm sure you would love this a little
[05:52]: bit of tequila taste in there too
[05:55]: but if you enjoyed watching me make this
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[05:60]: button and come back and watch me make
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[06:03]: [Music]