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French Manhattan

Drinking French

This French twist on the standard manhattan cocktail uses cognac instead of rye whiskey and adds orange liqueur. The usual cocktail can be a bit too burn-y for me, but the sweetness from the Grand Marnier really helps me love this one. And we finally have coupe glasses to serve it in!

You can find the full recipe on David Lebovitz' site here:


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:05]: with heather today
[00:06]: we are going to be making the french
[00:08]: manhattan out of
[00:10]: dave david leibovitz's drinking french
[00:13]: book
[00:14]: um this is a pretty simple cocktail we
[00:16]: just have to
[00:17]: stir it and strain it into our chilled
[00:20]: coop glasses and it has
[00:22]: cognac sweet vermouth grand marnier
[00:25]: and some orange or angostura bitters
[00:29]: so i'm to go ahead and get mixing so i'm
[00:31]: going to have my cognac i'm going to
[00:33]: once again be making a double batch
[00:37]: as usual so it's going to seem like a
[00:41]: lot
[00:44]: try not to spill this time
[00:51]: that and then we have our driver
[00:54]: our sweet vermouth which we are almost
[00:58]: out of but
[01:10]: we do have enough for this recipe that's
[01:13]: great
[01:14]: and then our grand marnier that we kind
[01:16]: of broke
[01:17]: the stopper on last time we used it
[01:19]: we're gonna go ahead and
[01:21]: use up uh well
[01:24]: use as much as we can for this um
[01:28]: yeah make sure i'm getting the right
[01:31]: amount
[01:37]: there we go there's no other sugar in
[01:40]: this so you're getting all of your
[01:41]: sweetness
[01:42]: from the vermouth and the
[01:44]: [Music]
[01:45]: grand marnier and we're going to get
[01:49]: a few dashes of this orange bitters
[01:54]: ours is orange and fig we're just going
[01:57]: to stir this up
[02:03]: until it's nice and cold and
[02:06]: strain it into our
[02:10]: chilled coop glasses
[02:19]: and get them roughly equal
[02:24]: there we go and then we're gonna garnish
[02:28]: with a maraschino cherry we have these
[02:32]: luxardo cherries which are really
[02:34]: delicious and very expensive but we can
[02:37]: find them
[02:37]: at a local at a grocery store around
[02:42]: here you can order them online
[02:43]: if you cannot and there we go
[02:48]: that is it for our french manhattan
[02:53]: [Music]
[02:57]: i'm going to take a little taste
[03:04]: really good not too sweet a little hint
[03:07]: of orange
[03:09]: and otherwise i think the vermouth has a
[03:12]: lot of the flavor in this it's pretty
[03:14]: good
[03:15]: i enjoy it
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