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Fernet and Coke

Drinking French

After watching Alton Brown make this on an episode of Quarantine Kitchen (, my husband picked up some Mexican Coke to go with the Fernet Branca we already had for a previous recipe (the Toronto, here: so we could make it ourselves! In the book, David Lebovitz says that in France they often use a different Fernet (Fernet Vallet), but I haven't been able to get that one here.


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello
[00:06]: and welcome to cooking the books with
[00:07]: heather today we're going to do a really
[00:09]: quick
[00:09]: drink recipe out of
[00:13]: david levi this is drinking french um
[00:16]: since we had the fernet bronco that my
[00:18]: sister kindly brought to
[00:20]: us um and we saw i think it was alton
[00:23]: brown
[00:24]: and his wife making this this week on
[00:28]: their channel
[00:29]: um we decided we'd go ahead and try it
[00:32]: so we are going to be making fernet and
[00:34]: coke
[00:35]: now in the book he generally uses fernet
[00:38]: valet which is what they usually use
[00:40]: in france um there are there's a wide
[00:43]: range
[00:44]: of fernettes available uh it's basically
[00:47]: a particular type
[00:49]: of amaro um this one
[00:52]: branca is apparently more menthol a
[00:54]: little more minty
[00:55]: than some especially than the fournette
[00:57]: valet but
[00:58]: we're using what we can find and this is
[01:01]: what alton brown used in his
[01:03]: so we're gonna just mix it up
[01:06]: and try it so
[01:09]: the first ingredient is just the
[01:11]: fernette
[01:12]: and i'm going to make two you know for
[01:14]: my cameraman back there
[01:18]: one for me one for him
[01:21]: so we've got that
[01:25]: and then for this recipe
[01:28]: um one bottle of this
[01:32]: that is very mental and not very sweet
[01:36]: um we've got some mexican coke
[01:39]: which is uh made with real sugar
[01:42]: which you know we kind of prefer it's
[01:44]: more the traditional
[01:46]: coke um and actually fernet valet
[01:50]: was originally made by a mexican who
[01:53]: came to france i think
[01:54]: so you know maybe a little more true to
[01:57]: the original
[01:58]: i don't know if the coke that they get
[02:01]: in france is also made with
[02:03]: sugar i just don't know i hadn't thought
[02:05]: about that
[02:07]: so we've got this and we're going to use
[02:09]: almost
[02:10]: all of this but not quite according to
[02:13]: this recipe but you can
[02:15]: um make this to your liking so
[02:19]: he says to taste it and then if you
[02:22]: would like a little more coke or a
[02:23]: little more fernette
[02:24]: you know feel free to
[02:28]: all right we're gonna go with that and
[02:30]: that will be
[02:31]: approximately what his recipe is and so
[02:34]: i'm going to stir it
[02:36]: a little bit just to make sure it's
[02:39]: mixed
[02:42]: and then i'm going to go get some ice
[02:46]: i think i'm going to do like a large
[02:48]: cube of ice
[02:50]: i think what do you think so yeah i
[02:53]: think i'm gonna go get a large cube of
[02:54]: ice
[02:55]: actually
[02:58]: that is very minty all right i'm gonna
[03:00]: get some ice our coke wasn't
[03:02]: fully chilled so we definitely need ice
[03:04]: in this
[03:06]: so we prefer these uh cubes these large
[03:10]: cubes of ice as opposed to the spheres
[03:13]: it's just more difficult to get
[03:15]: the spheres to like be filled up and not
[03:17]: spill and
[03:19]: get them out so we go with the large
[03:21]: cubes be right back
[03:23]: and the only other thing for this recipe
[03:25]: is to garnish with some
[03:27]: fresh lemon i'm gonna go with
[03:31]: one little lemon wedge
[03:34]: for each of these glasses and that is it
[03:36]: and let's give it a taste
[03:43]: now it's it's good it is definitely has
[03:45]: a very menthol
[03:47]: feel in your mouth which i don't i don't
[03:50]: remember from the previous drink we used
[03:52]: the fernet in but i mean i could be
[03:54]: wrong
[03:56]: i might go a little heavy on coke in
[03:58]: this one because the fernet
[03:59]: is a bit bitter and we are not super
[04:02]: fans of the bitter flavor
[04:04]: but yeah it's pretty good and it's a
[04:06]: very simple cocktail that you can
[04:07]: just sort of mix together and if you
[04:10]: have the frenette
[04:12]: it's pretty easy so if you liked
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