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Viv's Addiction (Spiced Glazed Pecans)

Deep Run Roots

Roasted, sometimes spiced, pecans are a staple in our household over the holidays. These are sweet, a little spicy, and crunchy. She says they'll last 5 days in an airtight container, and I suspect they would last even longer than that when it's not too humid out, but we usually finish them way before they'd go bad!

They're great as a snack, or to add a crunchy element to a salad (like the beet salad here: or anything else where a sweet and spicy crunch would be welcome.

They also make great small gifts, or you can take them to a holiday dinner as a host gift, or an easy contribution to a potluck. You know, when we can do that stuff again. Bye, 2020!

I found this recipe here:


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather
[00:07]: um it is december it is the holiday
[00:10]: season
[00:11]: and we are going to be making
[00:14]: viv's addiction these are a sweet and
[00:16]: spicy
[00:17]: spiced pecan roasted
[00:21]: glazed whatever you want to call it um
[00:24]: pecans now in the holla during the
[00:26]: holidays we'd like to have
[00:28]: pecans we give these sorts of things as
[00:31]: gifts
[00:31]: um either just the plain butter salt and
[00:34]: butter roasted nuts which i'll
[00:36]: include a link for here or um something
[00:40]: that's sweet and spicy
[00:41]: uh like this so to prepare for this
[00:45]: recipe i have my stand mixer with a
[00:47]: whisk attachment i'm sure you could use
[00:49]: a
[00:50]: hand mixer or your muscles and a whisk
[00:55]: my arm would be very tired but we're
[00:56]: going to be um
[00:58]: taking egg whites to a stiff peak stage
[01:01]: and so
[01:02]: this is the best option and i have my i
[01:04]: have my oven
[01:05]: preheated to 350. and so let's get
[01:09]: started
[01:11]: i'm gonna crack these and separate
[01:14]: the whites and the yolks the yolks i'll
[01:16]: probably just save for
[01:18]: maybe making some extra rich scrambled
[01:20]: eggs for myself tomorrow or something
[01:21]: but
[01:22]: or you can make like a quick custard
[01:24]: sauce whatever
[01:26]: so i just crack them and try
[01:30]: not to get any of the yolk
[01:33]: in with the white there we go
[01:38]: i'm gonna put this in here
[01:42]: okay so i've separated both my eggs we
[01:44]: had a small technical difficulty
[01:46]: whatever i'm sure we'll be editing
[01:48]: around that um
[01:50]: and there are the yolks no the whites
[01:52]: are both in here and we're going to just
[01:55]: whisk them until they're foamy we're not
[01:57]: going for the
[01:58]: um stiff peak stage just yet
[02:04]: i would call this very foamy and the
[02:06]: first ingredients that i'm going to add
[02:08]: is i'm going to whisk them and slowly
[02:11]: add
[02:12]: some salt and
[02:15]: sugar so we'll be doing that and then
[02:18]: we're going to be
[02:19]: beating them until they are stiff peaks
[02:23]: before we do anything else yet
[02:37]: certainly not
[02:49]: okay
[02:53]: having a hard time getting to a stiff
[02:55]: peak stage but i think they're
[02:59]: let's see so stiff peaks
[03:03]: in case you didn't know you should be
[03:04]: able to turn it up and this the peak
[03:07]: stays and it doesn't fall down
[03:14]: i'm gonna try for a little bit longer
[03:20]: that's almost there maybe
[03:42]: i think this might be i think this is
[03:45]: good honestly
[03:51]: it's it's pretty good it's good enough
[03:53]: my husband
[03:55]: is trying to backseat drive here he's
[03:57]: saying i'm not there but uh
[03:60]: i say it's good enough because i have
[04:02]: made these before
[04:04]: and when i added all the spices it kind
[04:06]: of just fell
[04:07]: anyway so um as long as you can coat the
[04:10]: nuts with these
[04:12]: it's good i swear because
[04:15]: all this is meant to do is to coat the
[04:18]: nuts
[04:18]: with the spices so
[04:22]: now i'm going to whisk in whisk in the
[04:26]: spices that she calls for i've got
[04:30]: um ground chipotle powder i couldn't
[04:33]: find this at my local grocery store i
[04:34]: had to go to pensies
[04:36]: for that i have
[04:39]: ground coriander a lot of these look the
[04:42]: same
[04:43]: i have ground cumin
[04:46]: and just sweet paprika
[04:50]: not not smoked just regular and not
[04:53]: spicy just regular sweet paprika if it's
[04:56]: just labeled
[04:57]: paprika that's the one you want and i'm
[04:60]: going to
[05:01]: whisk those into this and
[05:04]: we'll see how it goes
[05:12]: so i've got all the spices in here but
[05:14]: because there aren't a ton of egg whites
[05:16]: some of them are sort of stuck to the
[05:17]: side of the bowl so i'm just going to
[05:20]: kind of stir it up a little bit with my
[05:22]: whisk
[05:23]: and then with my whisk with my spatula
[05:27]: and then whisk it a little bit more
[05:30]: before we stir in the pecans
[05:33]: that is not at all working right there
[05:35]: but oh well
[05:39]: okay i'm gonna call that pretty good
[05:43]: everything looks mixed up and it it is
[05:45]: not as you can tell
[05:46]: still uh stiff peak stage it kind of
[05:49]: just
[05:51]: becomes more of a uh of a liquid again
[05:54]: but i'm pretty sure that is fine so i'm
[05:56]: going to put this in the sink
[05:59]: so i don't make everything actually
[06:01]: right here put it right here i've
[06:03]: already
[06:04]: made my countertop messy whatever
[06:08]: so i've got a lot of pecans here that
[06:10]: i'm just gonna pour in they are pecan
[06:12]: halves or pieces uh whatever you like
[06:16]: really is fine mine are mostly halves
[06:18]: but of course there are a few
[06:20]: just pieces in there and we're going to
[06:22]: use the spatula to coat them
[06:24]: with this mixture
[06:31]: and see that's why i was like no we
[06:33]: don't really need it to be
[06:36]: fully stiff peak stage it just needs to
[06:40]: coat
[06:40]: these nuts and this is doing the job
[06:44]: just fine so my backseat cooker
[06:49]: over there didn't need to worry
[06:54]: all right so i'm going to
[06:58]: uh move this and clean up a little bit
[07:02]: and
[07:02]: we'll be right back so i have my baking
[07:04]: sheet uh
[07:05]: with a sheet of parchment paper on it
[07:09]: i have to say i got this tip from high
[07:11]: flute and low carb
[07:12]: uh if you buy the pre-cut sheets of
[07:16]: parchment paper it's a lot better
[07:19]: because they're not all rolled up and
[07:20]: they're
[07:21]: they want to just lay flat on your on
[07:23]: your baking tray so
[07:26]: i like it i think i just found mine on
[07:29]: amazon
[07:30]: and so we're just gonna spread these out
[07:39]: on the tray
[07:54]: try to put make them a single layer and
[07:58]: not get off of the
[08:02]: baking parchment stuff
[08:06]: which is always fun
[08:13]: if you don't want it to move you can put
[08:15]: a little butter on your um
[08:18]: on your pan before you put down the
[08:22]: the parchment paper and that will help
[08:24]: it
[08:25]: not move while you're
[08:28]: futzing with your pecans here
[08:33]: okay that's as good as i can do now
[08:34]: these are going to go into the
[08:36]: 350 degree oven in the center rack for
[08:39]: 10 minutes
[08:41]: and then we're going to come back and do
[08:43]: something else so we'll see in 10
[08:44]: minutes
[08:46]: pecans have been in the oven for 10
[08:48]: minutes and now i'm supposed to use a
[08:50]: metal spatula
[08:51]: to lift them up and turn them over and
[08:54]: break up
[08:54]: any clumps that i see
[08:58]: and this whole
[09:03]: uh moving parchment is annoying
[09:09]: i don't know if butter will help at this
[09:11]: point because it would be all melted
[09:13]: maybe i can use my
[09:17]: so you're supposed to lift lift them up
[09:19]: this is the only metal spatula i own by
[09:20]: the way but it's a good one
[09:23]: um turn them over
[09:30]: and then spread them out again
[09:33]: and break up any clumps
[09:36]: so that is our goal here
[09:40]: basically stir them up turn them over so
[09:43]: they're not
[09:44]: just the tops aren't just always on the
[09:49]: top
[09:52]: so i am getting them all back out into a
[09:56]: single layer again
[09:58]: as much as i can trying to break them up
[10:05]: and then we're going to do this about
[10:07]: two more times over the course of 20
[10:10]: more minutes
[10:11]: it should take about 30 minutes and when
[10:14]: they're done they should be sort of a
[10:16]: dark brown and they should
[10:19]: sound hard and not soft so right now
[10:24]: they don't sound hard when i touch them
[10:25]: with my spatula
[10:27]: they're not crispy they're not done yet
[10:30]: and she says that um the freshness of
[10:33]: your pecans will depend how long this
[10:36]: takes for you
[10:37]: and this is a peking season so i don't
[10:41]: well
[10:41]: i didn't buy them freshly shelled or
[10:43]: anything
[10:44]: i usually buy them in bulk from a um
[10:49]: warehouse type store but uh just because
[10:52]: we use
[10:53]: a lot of them um but
[10:56]: uh it is pecan season so getting fresh
[10:59]: ones is
[11:01]: more likely so rather than older ones
[11:04]: which will already be a little bit more
[11:05]: dried out
[11:06]: so back in the oven i'm gonna do that
[11:09]: one more time
[11:10]: and then we'll show you what they look
[11:12]: like when they're done
[11:14]: actually do that two more times sorry do
[11:16]: that two more times
[11:18]: 30 minutes give or take and then we'll
[11:21]: see you when they're done
[11:30]: my nuts are done and when they are done
[11:32]: you
[11:33]: just let them cool on the sheet uh
[11:36]: and i'm gonna break them up and put them
[11:38]: in a closed
[11:39]: container an airtight container you
[11:41]: could probably just put them in a
[11:42]: plastic bag but i had this available so
[11:44]: i'm going to use it
[11:46]: i ended up cooking mine for
[11:49]: an extra i think 15 ish minutes in five
[11:53]: minute intervals
[11:55]: until i actually felt that they were a
[11:57]: nice dark brown and they're not burnt
[11:60]: and they're very tasty they are um
[12:04]: the little bits
[12:07]: of the egg mixture that i sort of ate a
[12:11]: little bit while i was
[12:13]: turning them over and tasting them
[12:16]: seemed really spicy to me but with the
[12:18]: nuts
[12:19]: it's not that spicy you've got you get a
[12:21]: nice smoky
[12:22]: kind of flavor that with the cumin cumin
[12:25]: actually always tastes a little bit
[12:26]: smoky to me
[12:27]: and probably the chipotle adds a big hit
[12:30]: of the smokiness because that's like a
[12:32]: smoked pepper we've made these before
[12:35]: but we did not have the ground chipotle
[12:38]: so i can't remember exactly what we used
[12:43]: probably just some other type of
[12:46]: um ground red
[12:49]: spicy pepper uh
[12:52]: those seem to be spicier than these
[12:54]: according to my husband
[12:56]: he doesn't think these are spicy at all
[12:57]: but he has a
[12:59]: less delicate spice palette than i do
[13:04]: so um if you like a spicy smoky
[13:08]: a little bit sweet kind of nut
[13:11]: you would love these they're not that
[13:13]: hard to make
[13:14]: the whipping the egg yolks took quite a
[13:17]: bit of time
[13:19]: but it was very much worth it um and
[13:22]: there's not a whole lot of cleanup
[13:23]: because we have the
[13:25]: parchment on our tray so um i think
[13:27]: these are a great
[13:29]: thing to have when you're having a party
[13:31]: or just a little uh snack
[13:32]: before your holiday meal or um to give
[13:36]: as gifts
[13:37]: i make little um bags full of them to
[13:39]: give away
[13:41]: um for you know people that we see
[13:43]: during the holidays
[13:46]: probably won't be seeing very many
[13:47]: people this this holiday season so
[13:50]: we'll just have to enjoy them all
[13:52]: ourselves so
[13:53]: if you enjoyed watching me make this
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