The author and cook, Heather

Squash and Onions

Deep Run Roots

Squash and onions are a summer staple in the south. Summer squash is pretty easy to grow (if you're diligent about the bugs!) and can be very prolific, but it doesn't lend itself well to long term storage. I hear you can freeze it, but canning it loses any texture unless it is pickled first. So mostly, people just try to use it up.

For this recipe, you cook the vegetables down A LOT. I had never cooked it quite this much before; if you prefer, you can really eat this at any point in the cooking process -- I'd suggest waiting at least until the liquid has been released and cooked off, but you can try it at any stage and see what you prefer.

We went the distance this time, for the recipe's sake, and found it a little too well-cooked for our preferences. But it made a great base for the next recipe! It also took a LONG time for us, even longer than the hour+ suggested. I continually rediscover that the "medium heat" recommended is often not quite hot enough for me to get the same results using "med" on my stove.

I usually cook this in butter, but the bacon fat definitely adds a different flavor here. If you want this to be vegetarian (or vegan), you could very easily make this with any flavorful fat you prefer.

Serving Size8 servings
Carbohydrates17g (5g fiber, 9g sugar)