The author and cook, Heather

Country Ham Wrapped and Roasted Peaches

Deep Run Roots

These were delicious! I think I might prefer them without the roasting step, at least if the peaches are perfectly ripe, but this recipe is more forgiving of slightly under-ripe peaches than raw applications like the Perfect Peaches we posted last time.

Vivian Howard has a recipe like this on her website:, but this is not the full recipe from the book. This one uses just blue cheese instead of the goat cheese mixture, plain balsamic instead of the balsamic and honey, and leaves off the pecans. Which makes this even easier, and my husband would definitely prefer the blue cheese option! The process for roasting the peaches themselves is the same.


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather excuse my Tippy tappy
[00:08]: co-star down there
[00:10]: um
[00:11]: it is peach season here in North
[00:13]: Carolina it is August we've just
[00:15]: inundated with peaches and we've had
[00:17]: some in the refrigerator for a while
[00:18]: that were ready
[00:19]: and I just hadn't done anything with
[00:22]: them and then we got more in our produce
[00:23]: box this week so it's time to make more
[00:26]: peaches
[00:27]: and I saw this recipe in Vivian Howard's
[00:30]: Deep Run Roots cookbook that we hadn't
[00:32]: done and I'd been wanting to do it
[00:35]: So today we're going to be making
[00:37]: country ham wrapped and roasted peaches
[00:41]: so the first thing that we're going to
[00:43]: make for this is the three separate sort
[00:47]: of
[00:48]: pieces to this recipe and the first
[00:50]: thing is gingered goat cheese
[00:53]: some of the
[00:54]: grating some ginger now I'm probably not
[00:58]: going to actually measure the amount of
[01:01]: Ginger especially since it's
[01:06]: uh it like starts out really big when
[01:09]: you braid it when it's frozen and then
[01:11]: it
[01:12]: feed flights quite a lot but it's a lot
[01:16]: of Ginger too it's a lot of ginger in
[01:18]: this recipe so
[01:20]: I'm going to sort of estimate by sight
[01:24]: and then it's going to look like a lot
[01:25]: less when I'm done but
[01:29]: it's going to deflate and defrost that's
[01:32]: okay
[01:36]: and I'm sure I've said before but I just
[01:40]: keep peeled ginger in the freezer in a
[01:43]: bag
[01:44]: and it's so much easier to grate and to
[01:47]: and then I don't have to chop it up and
[01:49]: it stays fresh
[01:51]: I'm gonna put it back in the freezer
[01:53]: so the rest of this part is goat cheese
[01:56]: so I'm going to
[01:60]: just kind of estimate exactly how much
[02:04]: from these containers based on weight
[02:07]: excuse me I'm just gonna
[02:15]: so I'm gonna put this in here first
[02:25]: having a time today
[02:32]: all right that was much more difficult
[02:33]: than I thought it was going to be so I'm
[02:35]: gonna wash my hands so maybe I don't
[02:36]: have to
[02:39]: struggle so much with the other package
[02:41]: because I want to keep that package
[02:42]: pretty much intact
[02:44]: this is just plain goat cheese you can
[02:46]: buy flavored goat cheese but obviously
[02:48]: we're going to be flavoring this
[02:50]: ourselves
[02:52]: and um
[02:54]: clean cook
[02:56]: okay so now I'm just going to
[02:59]: estimate the amount I need from this
[03:02]: package
[03:08]: and hopefully we will end up with
[03:11]: approximately the right amount of
[03:13]: cheese but I'm sure it doesn't matter
[03:17]: I'm a little bit off all right I'll put
[03:20]: that back in the refrigerator in just a
[03:21]: minute
[03:23]: so now we have our goat cheese and we
[03:25]: have some buttermilk
[03:28]: that I did measure
[03:43]: we go
[03:46]: and now I'm going to put in my Ginger I
[03:49]: just didn't want it to get stuck on the
[03:50]: bottom so I put that in last
[03:56]: the bottom is about to be the top she
[03:59]: says to do this in a food processor but
[04:01]: it's such a small amount
[04:06]: and the last thing that we need in here
[04:09]: is a little bit of salt
[04:13]: okay so now let me
[04:16]: go get
[04:18]: me put this away and I'm gonna go get
[04:21]: the blender part for this okay so now I
[04:25]: just need to put my blender piece on
[04:29]: here
[04:36]: I'm just going to blend it until smooth
[04:41]: all right
[04:49]: let's check this texture she says it
[04:52]: should be soft and
[04:55]: creamy and spreadable not runny
[04:59]: um so I'm which I think is what we've
[05:02]: got there
[05:03]: uh let me
[05:07]: sort of uh looks like not all of my goat
[05:09]: cheese is even Incorporated yet
[05:13]: it's all kinda
[05:15]: stuck to the sides
[05:18]: so we will
[05:21]: try that again
[05:26]: that's a little potentially
[05:29]: runny let's see if I've got everything
[05:34]: incorporated or not
[05:43]: looks like almost
[05:45]: but
[05:46]: I should have kept my goat cheese out
[05:48]: because if we want this thicker
[05:52]: we need to add more goat cheese so I'm
[05:54]: gonna go get that out of the
[05:55]: refrigerator and add a little bit more
[05:57]: I'm gonna put maybe another ounce or so
[05:59]: in there
[06:05]: and then
[06:07]: give it another wear
[06:09]: foreign
[06:20]: after it sits in the refrigerator for a
[06:22]: little while because that's pretty runny
[06:23]: I'm gonna put it in a container
[06:27]: and let it sit in the refrigerator and
[06:28]: see if I feel like we need to add
[06:30]: anything else to it it is although it is
[06:33]: not quite the amount it's just about the
[06:36]: amount that she says it should be
[06:39]: um
[06:39]: that it says this recipe should make
[06:42]: so maybe I will add a little more goat
[06:44]: cheese
[06:45]: just a little bit more
[06:55]: I don't know that I've told my husband
[06:56]: there's goat cheese in this but
[07:04]: all right I'm just going to call that
[07:07]: good find a container
[07:10]: to put this in
[07:13]: and get it all out of the this container
[07:16]: and put it in the refrigerator
[07:18]: I'm gonna give it a little taste
[07:23]: little gingery
[07:25]: not as much as I thought it would be
[07:26]: given the amount in there but also
[07:28]: Savory all right
[07:30]: I'm going to put this in
[07:32]: our refrigerator and hopefully when we
[07:35]: are ready to eat
[07:37]: it'll be a little bit thicker than this
[07:39]: if not I might just whisk in some more
[07:42]: goat cheese I don't know we'll see so
[07:45]: the next thing we need to make is
[07:48]: balsamic honey
[07:50]: so
[07:51]: I've got my honey
[08:01]: and this bowl with this little teeny
[08:03]: whisk because it makes
[08:06]: just about a quarter of a cup total so
[08:09]: I don't need anything bigger
[08:15]: and instead of getting something else
[08:17]: out to measure
[08:18]: I'm gonna go ahead and use this even
[08:20]: though I don't really need to
[08:22]: so this is supposed to be age balsamic
[08:24]: vinegar again it's what I have in my
[08:27]: pantry which I don't know how aged it is
[08:30]: it doesn't say
[08:31]: aged
[08:34]: the idea for cold dishes I don't know
[08:45]: that's great okay
[08:47]: that's what I get
[08:49]: we're using the wrong
[08:53]: measuring tool for the job
[08:58]: a little splash more since I lost some
[08:60]: on my counter
[09:03]: now all I need to do is try to get these
[09:05]: whisked up together
[09:08]: which you know the honey just needs to
[09:11]: sort of dissolve in the vinegar
[09:15]: and I'm just going to keep it in this
[09:17]: bowl at room temperature like she says
[09:20]: until we need it
[09:23]: and I'll probably leave the Whisk in it
[09:24]: so we can give it another little whisk
[09:26]: just in case the honey tries to separate
[09:28]: I don't know if that'll happen or not
[09:30]: but sometimes
[09:32]: that actually came together pretty
[09:35]: easily okay
[09:38]: so that's it except for the peaches now
[09:42]: we're going to deal with these peaches
[09:43]: they're supposed to be large ripe
[09:45]: Freestone peaches which is what I
[09:46]: believe these are Freestone she does not
[09:50]: say that we need to
[09:53]: peel these but I know my family
[09:56]: and I'm going to peel them it might make
[09:59]: the country ham not stick very well but
[10:02]: I'm going to go ahead and get these
[10:04]: peeled and I'm pretty sure I have done
[10:06]: this before honestly but what you do is
[10:11]: make a little X on the bottom
[10:15]: put these in boiling water for like 30
[10:18]: seconds maximum and then these were in
[10:21]: the refrigerator so I'm not going to
[10:22]: worry about water bathing them or giving
[10:24]: them an ice bath afterwards to stop the
[10:26]: cooking because usually they stay
[10:28]: pretty well chilled after that
[10:31]: but if yours are at room temperature you
[10:34]: definitely want to stop the cooking
[10:37]: and then I will come back and we will
[10:40]: cut these to the appropriate size be
[10:43]: right back
[10:45]: okay so I've got
[10:48]: a place to put
[10:50]: my skins
[10:52]: so now
[10:53]: um
[10:54]: hopefully these will peel nicely what
[10:58]: I'm going to do is go ahead and cut them
[11:00]: into quarters like I usually do
[11:04]: and yeah it looks like the peel is going
[11:06]: to come off very well
[11:11]: that's not happening
[11:13]: um
[11:14]: but the peel is coming off so that's
[11:15]: good
[11:23]: except for the occasional little spot
[11:36]: it's become
[11:40]: a little more difficult to deal with
[11:41]: when they are
[11:43]: whole and skinless but that's okay yeah
[11:49]: I just need to try to
[11:52]: keep them apart here this one looks like
[11:54]: it feels like it might not have been
[11:56]: fully ripe
[11:59]: that's
[12:00]: fine since we are going to
[12:03]: uh
[12:07]: cook it or won't you so now I'm going to
[12:10]: cut these into
[12:11]: basically
[12:14]: eighths
[12:17]: which is approximately the size that she
[12:20]: says an inch and a half
[12:23]: uh thick at their widest point
[12:28]: probably maybe a little bit less than
[12:31]: that but
[12:35]: that's a little bit more so
[12:37]: six might have been perfect but I'm
[12:39]: gonna go ahead and do the eighths
[12:45]: the good news is if there are any bad
[12:48]: spots little little bad spots on them
[12:50]: you can easily trim those off and
[12:51]: they're going to be covered
[12:53]: the way she does it makes me think that
[12:55]: she only gets
[12:57]: about six
[12:59]: actually less
[13:01]: four pieces approximately per Peach
[13:06]: so although it looks more like
[13:12]: the picture looks a little bit bigger so
[13:17]: maybe I will use that for
[13:21]: because those look really too big anyway
[13:24]: I'm gonna go ahead and do the other two
[13:26]: in quarters
[13:28]: and I guess we'll see because uh with
[13:32]: the number of slices of country ham or
[13:35]: prosciutto which I'm going to be using
[13:37]: prosciutto today because it is hard in
[13:39]: my hard to find
[13:41]: country ham sliced already but I can
[13:45]: already I can get prosciutto sliced
[13:47]: already so
[13:50]: I'm going to do this one maybe in sixth
[13:57]: I feel like I did the wrong thing with
[14:00]: the quarters
[14:02]: so we're gonna
[14:15]: we're doing a few different things here
[14:17]: so that's interesting
[14:24]: there we go anyway
[14:30]: I don't know I don't know I don't know
[14:32]: uh I'm gonna wash my hands so I can open
[14:34]: this package
[14:36]: so now I just have this tray to put
[14:38]: these down on this is not what we're
[14:40]: going to cook them on
[14:42]: but
[14:44]: I'm gonna try to very carefully these
[14:46]: should be
[14:48]: uh
[14:50]: one tenth of an inch thick so I thought
[14:52]: this was perfect
[14:54]: these pre
[14:56]: sliced ones I'm gonna go with these
[14:58]: first
[15:03]: and
[15:04]: wrap
[15:06]: each one and put the seam side
[15:10]: well we're gonna put the seam side down
[15:11]: when we put them in the oven
[15:14]: for sure I'm gonna go ahead and do that
[15:24]: let's see she said it should go around
[15:27]: roughly
[15:28]: one
[15:30]: and a half times trying to get a seam
[15:33]: side on
[15:35]: the
[15:37]: on a flat side
[15:42]: almost all right that's fine
[15:52]: just like the six are with this size
[15:56]: Peach is a
[15:57]: about right
[16:00]: [Music]
[16:12]: my oven is not quite heated
[16:18]: to where it's supposed to be we're
[16:21]: feeding it to 500 Degrees
[16:24]: that's done
[16:26]: I'm going to
[16:28]: clean up a little bit
[16:30]: and get the rest going
[16:33]: so I've got she says to use a 9 by 12
[16:35]: inch baking sheet I don't have that size
[16:39]: I don't think that this is bigger so
[16:40]: that's fine and I probably have more
[16:42]: pieces than she intended because it's
[16:44]: supposed to be 12 to 14 pieces and I
[16:47]: have
[16:48]: 12 right there plus these so anyway
[16:52]: this is going to go in my preheated oven
[16:53]: for five minutes
[16:57]: so this is my very hot baking tray
[17:01]: 500 degrees for five minutes
[17:04]: and now I'm going to put some olive oil
[17:08]: on
[17:09]: the bottom
[17:16]: and
[17:18]: supposed to line these up
[17:20]: seam side down
[17:23]: so they don't touch
[17:33]: supposedly in one row I'm probably going
[17:35]: to end up with at least two rows here
[17:38]: but I'm definitely going to make sure
[17:40]: they don't touch
[17:44]: the button here but I have the non-stick
[17:48]: so that it won't stick to my tray
[17:52]: good enough all right these are going to
[17:54]: go in the oven for about 10 minutes
[17:59]: oh wait nope I forgot one more thing
[18:01]: supposed to drizzle a little more olive
[18:03]: oil on top
[18:24]: good enough
[18:26]: all right in the oven 10 minutes and we
[18:29]: have one more thing to do
[18:31]: and that is in the middle of the oven
[18:33]: sorry it's in the middle of our 500
[18:35]: degree oven 10 minutes and the last
[18:37]: thing I need to do for this recipe is to
[18:39]: roughly chop
[18:42]: some nuts this is viv's addiction which
[18:46]: I will link up here we've made before
[18:48]: they are
[18:50]: sweet a little bit spicy crunchy roasted
[18:54]: please
[18:57]: so
[18:59]: that's what we should have another one
[19:02]: for good measure and they're just
[19:03]: supposed to be roughly chopped
[19:15]: you could use sort of any
[19:18]: glazed nuts you like I'm sure but I
[19:22]: think the sweet and spicy
[19:25]: is a good complement to the
[19:29]: peaches
[19:39]: it's time for no huge pieces here
[19:43]: but there we go I'm going to call that
[19:45]: roughly chopped and put these back here
[19:48]: with my vinegar
[19:52]: my husband will be very happy to have
[19:54]: the rest of these to eat he's been
[19:56]: snacking on them since we made them but
[19:58]: making sure to leave enough for this
[19:60]: recipe
[20:01]: so this is my goat cheese and I feel
[20:04]: like it is
[20:06]: too thin
[20:08]: so
[20:10]: while we wait for that
[20:13]: I'm going to try to whisk in some more
[20:16]: goat cheese and keep my fingers crossed
[20:18]: that that works
[21:09]: foreign
[21:37]: not too bad
[21:47]: we're gonna call that good I just don't
[21:49]: want to use I don't want to be
[21:52]: two goat cheesy if you know what I'm
[21:55]: saying
[21:56]: still very gingery
[21:60]: I feel like the ginger has gotten
[22:04]: more pronounced
[22:07]: anyway so I feel like maybe I should
[22:10]: have
[22:11]: used
[22:13]: food processor maybe that would have
[22:15]: helped
[22:16]: maybe the Ninja
[22:19]: just
[22:22]: bend it too much
[22:25]: I don't know
[22:26]: but
[22:29]: we're gonna call that good
[22:31]: I'm gonna go ahead and put
[22:34]: some on my the rest of my plates so I
[22:37]: can
[22:38]: dish every dish them all up at once
[22:42]: kind of annoys me when
[22:45]: the recipe
[22:46]: includes another ingredient and you end
[22:49]: up not using all of it it's like we're
[22:52]: supposed to use about two-thirds of this
[22:53]: for four servings which is what this is
[22:56]: supposed to make
[22:57]: so then I have just random pieces of
[23:01]: rest pieces of a recipe in my
[23:03]: refrigerator
[23:06]: and that
[23:10]: that I don't know
[23:12]: kind of annoys me
[23:15]: this has been exactly 10 minutes but I'm
[23:17]: gonna put it back in because none of it
[23:19]: seems brown or crispy enough to me I
[23:22]: want to be a little bit crispier
[23:25]: okay these were in for approximately
[23:29]: five extra minutes
[23:31]: and I think
[23:34]: they're done
[23:35]: so what I'm gonna do is just
[23:37]: put some
[23:40]: on each plate here
[23:43]: and I'm really glad that I had the uh
[23:51]: non-stick aluminum foil
[23:54]: on there
[24:01]: I think I'm gonna
[24:02]: call that enough for these plates for
[24:04]: now
[24:05]: and now I'm going to drizzle these with
[24:08]: the balsamic
[24:11]: honey
[24:18]: a couple spoonfuls for each
[24:23]: and
[24:26]: garnish
[24:28]: with the nuts
[24:38]: that's it
[24:39]: we'll let you know what it looks like
[24:41]: take some pictures and let you know what
[24:43]: we think in just a minute
[24:45]: [Music]
[24:52]: on this episode of cooking the books
[24:54]: with Heather you watch me make country
[24:57]: ham wrapped and roasted peaches from
[24:60]: Vivian Howard's Deep Run Roots cookbook
[25:03]: um
[25:05]: this was she said sort of a take on
[25:07]: prosciutto and melon but she wanted to
[25:09]: go ahead and she wanted to to sort of
[25:12]: crisp up the prosciutto a little bit and
[25:14]: you could she also said you could use
[25:16]: thinly sliced country ham if you can
[25:18]: find that I'm sure it would be great
[25:21]: um prosido is so much easier to find at
[25:24]: least where I am than finding someone to
[25:27]: thinly slice country ham
[25:30]: um
[25:32]: it was it was really really good uh
[25:37]: we or I enjoyed it uh my husband
[25:42]: not as much because there is goat cheese
[25:45]: in the the gingered goat cheese I think
[25:48]: I got my Ginger goat cheese a little bit
[25:51]: too runny so that's the thing to watch
[25:54]: out for maybe
[25:57]: I mean the the measurement here is in
[25:59]: cups of goat cheese and I tried to take
[26:02]: that to ounces and not actually measured
[26:04]: in cups so I'm not sure if that was why
[26:07]: um but next time I would try to measure
[26:09]: it in cups but also I would probably not
[26:12]: quite put in all of the buttermilk to
[26:15]: start with and just try to get it to the
[26:17]: consistency that she suggests mine sort
[26:20]: of ran over the plate a little bit too
[26:21]: much
[26:23]: um
[26:25]: I enjoyed that my daughter who enjoys
[26:28]: goat cheese liked that I gave her the
[26:30]: rest of it uh
[26:32]: for school where she was going to dip
[26:35]: her apples in it I think she ended up
[26:36]: basically just drinking it out of the
[26:38]: little condiment cup
[26:40]: um but so she enjoyed that
[26:42]: if you don't like goat cheese may not be
[26:44]: your favorite thing but I did really
[26:47]: enjoy the prosciutto and
[26:50]: peaches
[26:52]: and a little bit of the balsamic honey I
[26:55]: do have some balsamic honey left and I
[26:58]: will probably make uh a vinaigrette out
[27:02]: of that when I'm back to cooking more
[27:05]: um
[27:05]: because if you've
[27:07]: seen our recent video we've had a
[27:11]: refrigerator issue which means I haven't
[27:12]: been cooking as much
[27:15]: um been back to cooking some more but
[27:17]: it's very seed of your pants and trying
[27:18]: not to have leftovers because we have no
[27:20]: space so
[27:22]: in our freezer is full we got a little
[27:24]: refrigerator it is full we're just
[27:26]: trying to get by until the refrigerator
[27:29]: is fixed so we're really glad we did a
[27:32]: lot of this before the refrigerator
[27:34]: broke so we can still keep bringing you
[27:36]: videos
[27:38]: anyway
[27:39]: I enjoyed it if you try it and you enjoy
[27:43]: it please leave me a comment down below
[27:44]: and let me know what you thought if you
[27:47]: enjoyed watching me make this please hit
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[27:55]: foreign
[27:58]: thank you