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Spicy Green Coleslaw

Brown Sugar Kitchen

Coleslaw is a southern staple, found at every pig pickin' and offered as a topping on sandwiches, burgers, and even hot dogs. (The standard Carolina hot dog has mustard, raw onions, chili, and slaw.) Often the cabbage is chopped, but this one is more of a shredded slaw. It's also not a mayo-based slaw, but a vinaigrette-based slaw. (There are way more intricacies when it comes to slaw than I ever expected.)

I was worried about the spice in this recipe so I de-seeded the jalapeños, but I think with the amount of slaw this makes it would have been fine for the kids even without doing that. As it was, it was not spicy at all!

Stay tuned to see how we use this, in our next video.

Serving Size1/8 recipe -- it would take a lot to eat that much, though!
Carbohydrates4g (1g fiber, 2g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather
[00:06]: on this episode we're going to be making
[00:08]: spicy green coleslaw from tonya
[00:11]: holland's
[00:12]: brown sugar kitchen cookbook and we have
[00:15]: a plan to use this with another recipe
[00:20]: but uh uh tomorrow so we're gonna go
[00:22]: ahead and make this today
[00:24]: you can make the vinaigrette and keep it
[00:26]: for about three days
[00:27]: you can just put the slaw together and
[00:30]: keep that for a couple days and it will
[00:32]: be fine so
[00:33]: we're going to use this tomorrow i'm
[00:34]: going to go ahead and make this today
[00:37]: and to make a vinaigrette this is a
[00:38]: vinaigrette based
[00:40]: sauce on the coleslaw not a mayonnaise
[00:42]: creamy coleslaw
[00:44]: so we're making a vinaigrette today in
[00:48]: well if i can there we go
[00:52]: in a blender or a food processor this is
[00:54]: going to be a very vegetable
[00:56]: heavy vinaigrette
[00:59]: so we are adding a bunch of vegetables
[01:02]: in here to flavor this
[01:04]: i have some jalapenos i have
[01:07]: uh de-seeded or taken most of the seeds
[01:10]: out
[01:11]: and gotten the membranes out because i'm
[01:14]: hoping that it won't be
[01:15]: too spicy for my children to eat i'm
[01:18]: looking for just a little bit of that
[01:19]: jalapeno flavor
[01:20]: and a tiny bit of spice uh we have some
[01:24]: whole garlic cloves that have just been
[01:26]: peeled
[01:27]: and then we have some red onion that
[01:30]: i've just
[01:30]: chunked up so we're putting that just
[01:34]: we're putting that just all in the
[01:35]: blender and we're going to add
[01:39]: um some
[01:41]: red wine vinegar this is just plain
[01:44]: red wine vinegar nothing special
[01:48]: and then we're going to add uh some salt
[01:51]: just a little bit of salt here
[01:55]: this is kosher salt which is what she
[01:57]: calls for in the recipe
[01:60]: and let's see
[02:03]: and we go ahead and put the oil all of
[02:05]: the oil in here she calls for canola oil
[02:07]: i am using
[02:08]: um avocado oil it's very neutral
[02:12]: flavored and it happens to be what i
[02:14]: have i don't usually keep
[02:15]: canola oil it goes rancid it tastes bad
[02:19]: to me really fast
[02:20]: so it's not something i keep in the
[02:23]: house so
[02:24]: i use other neutral flavored vegetable
[02:26]: oils instead of canola oil
[02:31]: and so we're just going to uh just
[02:33]: process it until smooth i think i'm
[02:35]: going to use the
[02:37]: puree setting on my blender so here we
[02:40]: go
[02:42]: i still see a few things sticking to the
[02:44]: side and i'm going to
[02:45]: just kind of take a look and see if it's
[02:48]: as smooth as i'd like
[02:50]: it's pretty good i'm going to process it
[02:52]: just a little bit more
[02:54]: and then we'll call it done
[02:58]: we're just going to call this done and
[02:60]: i'm going to put this in my refrigerator
[03:02]: to wait until i'm ready to put
[03:05]: everything together
[03:06]: um and like like i said this can sit
[03:08]: there for about three days
[03:09]: before you put it together it'll be fine
[03:12]: um
[03:13]: i'm going to try and find room in my
[03:14]: refrigerator for it so
[03:18]: we'll be back when we put the slaw all
[03:19]: together so it is much
[03:21]: later the same night that i made the
[03:23]: vinaigrette for my coleslaw and i'm
[03:25]: ready to put it all together so we can
[03:27]: eat it tomorrow
[03:29]: so i've already cut up a three quarters
[03:32]: of my
[03:34]: cabbage this uh was the smallest headed
[03:37]: cabbage i could find so she calls for a
[03:38]: small green cabbage
[03:40]: um i weighed it just because i was
[03:43]: curious it was about three pounds
[03:45]: so before i you know trimmed anything
[03:48]: so what i do i was just going to show
[03:50]: you sort of what how
[03:51]: i cut the cabbage for this kind of thing
[03:55]: and um
[03:58]: i've already quartered it so i did three
[03:60]: quarters of the work already
[04:02]: and so you cut it in half
[04:05]: through the root end and then you cut it
[04:07]: in half again
[04:08]: also through the right end and then just
[04:11]: cut off the core so you see this
[04:15]: sort of part is the core um you can eat
[04:19]: that part
[04:20]: generally don't and then what i do is
[04:23]: i don't like really long
[04:27]: shreds of cabbage just because they kind
[04:29]: of
[04:30]: follow all over the place so i kind of
[04:32]: cut this quarter
[04:33]: in half so we have eights now and i'm
[04:36]: supposed to cut this into one
[04:38]: eighth inch or four millimeter shreds
[04:41]: um so i just sort of start from the tip
[04:45]: and cut it sort of as thinly
[04:48]: as i can i don't know if that's
[04:52]: 1 8 inch or 4 millimeters but you know
[04:56]: i do it as thinly as i can with my knife
[04:59]: i've tried
[05:00]: shredding cabbage on
[05:03]: a uh in a food processor doesn't work
[05:06]: very well you can end up really with
[05:08]: the sort of chopped cabbage if you want
[05:11]: chopped cabbage it's
[05:12]: perfectly fine
[05:15]: but not so much
[05:18]: for shreds in my opinion so
[05:25]: but there may be part of a technique
[05:27]: that i'm not getting right there so if
[05:28]: you know exactly how to get
[05:30]: good shreds out of a food processor let
[05:32]: me know in the comments down below
[05:35]: um so i'm gonna finish cutting this up
[05:38]: sometimes at this point
[05:42]: i sometimes kind of turn it over
[05:45]: turn it sideways however i feel it is
[05:48]: stable for me to cut and when it starts
[05:52]: making me annoyed i
[05:55]: kind of change my tactics here
[06:12]: so i get to this point and then i'm like
[06:15]: i get kind of annoyed with it
[06:17]: and just sort of try to get
[06:22]: as chopped as i can here so i'm doing
[06:24]: that now
[06:44]: okay into the huge
[06:48]: bowl i go where i already have um
[06:51]: half of my red onion but i was going to
[06:54]: show you what i do
[06:56]: with that okay so i've already chopped
[06:59]: up
[06:60]: half of my red onion we're also looking
[07:03]: for
[07:04]: the same size shreds and um
[07:07]: i always do it sort of root
[07:11]: to stem i think that's a stem
[07:15]: just because they tend to get
[07:19]: doesn't sort of fall off your
[07:22]: it's not as slippery that way anyway so
[07:27]: i'm trying to do as thinly as i can with
[07:43]: this
[07:53]: okay so that is
[07:56]: all of that and this is a huge
[07:60]: batch of
[08:03]: coleslaw um the only other thing i need
[08:06]: to chop
[08:06]: so i need some fresh cilantro and i
[08:09]: happen to have
[08:11]: some right here that's already been
[08:12]: chopped sort of part way and i measured
[08:15]: it and it seems to be
[08:16]: almost exactly the right amount so
[08:19]: i am just going to chop this a little
[08:22]: bit more
[08:25]: so i don't have quite
[08:28]: as many large pieces as here
[08:34]: love the way cilantro smells
[08:38]: if you don't like cilantro i'm sure you
[08:39]: can leave it out
[08:48]: all right so there we have
[08:53]: all of our fresh vegetable ingredients
[08:56]: i'm gonna move my bowl up here and i'm
[08:59]: gonna
[08:59]: get rid of my trash
[09:03]: and i'm gonna grab our dressing
[09:06]: so the only other things i need to add
[09:09]: to this
[09:10]: uh before i add the dressing is some
[09:13]: that we have some celery seed
[09:17]: which is pretty common in coleslaw i
[09:20]: don't know that i love it but
[09:24]: i'm gonna add it um
[09:25]: [Music]
[09:27]: some more salt that we just add to this
[09:31]: i think i'm gonna add a little bit more
[09:34]: than
[09:34]: she calls for honestly because i don't
[09:37]: think there's enough salt for us
[09:38]: our salt is not super salty and there
[09:41]: wasn't a lot of salt in the dressing so
[09:45]: i'm just going for it right now and i'm
[09:47]: just going to put
[09:48]: i'm not going to measure the pepper i'm
[09:50]: just sort of gonna
[09:53]: put a good amount of pepper in here
[10:04]: all right yeah we'll call that good
[10:08]: and now i'm going to put our all of our
[10:12]: vinaigrette on here
[10:14]: um this is the vinaigrette that we made
[10:17]: earlier in the blender
[10:19]: it hasn't separated too badly there's a
[10:21]: little bit of oil on top but it's
[10:24]: mixing in pretty well but i'm going to
[10:26]: just pour this all over
[10:28]: and i hope that it will cover nicely i
[10:30]: think it'll be fine
[10:32]: it's a lot of dressing
[10:42]: all right
[10:45]: and we're going to try to get this all
[10:48]: coated mixed up and coated in the
[10:50]: dressing
[10:56]: it's pretty well mixed
[10:59]: um looks like there was plenty of
[11:01]: dressing for the
[11:03]: amount of cabbage and everything else
[11:05]: that i had so that's great
[11:07]: and this is really it for the
[11:10]: spicy green coleslaw um i'm gonna find
[11:13]: a bowl something that i can put this in
[11:17]: in my refrigerator to keep it overnight
[11:19]: she does say to
[11:20]: serve this immediately or if you're
[11:23]: going to keep it you can keep it for
[11:24]: about two days
[11:26]: but you want to bring it sort of back up
[11:27]: to room temperature before you eat it
[11:30]: because it
[11:30]: you know it's just not as good when it's
[11:32]: super cold so
[11:34]: that is it and we'll let you know what
[11:36]: we think about it in just a minute
[11:46]: on this episode of cooking the books
[11:47]: with heather you watched me make spicy
[11:49]: green coleslaw from tonya holland's
[11:51]: brown sugar kitchen cookbook
[11:55]: i have to say ours was not spicy and
[11:58]: that's
[11:59]: because i'm sure i took out the seeds
[12:02]: and the membranes so that's where most
[12:04]: of the spice from a pepper
[12:06]: is so really with the amount that
[12:09]: it made the amount of coleslaw it was
[12:11]: it's a lot of coleslaw
[12:12]: it is like 16 cups approximately of
[12:16]: coleslaw because i filled up two large
[12:19]: plastic containers it was
[12:23]: there was not at all really any spice
[12:26]: to it my kids did not complain one bit
[12:28]: about it so
[12:30]: if you like spice at all definitely you
[12:32]: can just leave
[12:33]: the um seeds and the membranes
[12:37]: in the jalapenos so that's fine
[12:41]: also in uh
[12:45]: in my batch i felt like there was not
[12:47]: enough salt
[12:48]: um my salt
[12:51]: may be less saltier than hers by volume
[12:54]: i've talked about this several times
[12:55]: just because i use
[12:57]: the diamond kosher salt which is usually
[12:59]: sort of has more air in it
[13:01]: so by volume it's slightly less salty by
[13:04]: weight it would be the same
[13:05]: and i used a volume measurement she
[13:07]: doesn't
[13:08]: include a weight measurement so you know
[13:11]: that's what we have there um
[13:14]: and i have to say it's just not the kind
[13:17]: of coleslaw
[13:19]: we like we do like a bit of a creamy
[13:21]: coleslaw
[13:22]: most of the time um
[13:26]: so it was not it was not our favorite
[13:29]: it was good on the sandwich and it was
[13:31]: um i think
[13:33]: our modifications to this recipe
[13:37]: recipe would be definitely more salt and
[13:40]: probably needed a little more acid for
[13:43]: our tastes
[13:44]: because it was just kind of bland um
[13:46]: maybe the extra spice would have helped
[13:48]: that some but i
[13:49]: think it definitely would have still
[13:51]: needed more salt so
[13:54]: take that as you will if you like spicy
[13:56]: coleslaw
[13:58]: i would make this but leave in the
[14:01]: seeds and membranes for the jalapeno and
[14:03]: other than that it was i mean it was
[14:05]: pretty easy to make
[14:06]: you got to use a blender or a food
[14:09]: processor to mix up all the veggies and
[14:11]: and make that vinaigrette
[14:13]: and that made it a nice thick
[14:14]: vinaigrette it didn't separate too badly
[14:16]: when we kept it in the refrigerator sort
[14:18]: of over the course of the day before we
[14:19]: were ready to put it all together
[14:21]: so that was good um yeah it was pretty
[14:23]: easy and
[14:24]: and if it's something you think you
[14:25]: would like you should try it
[14:28]: and let me know what you think in the
[14:29]: comments down below
[14:31]: so if you enjoyed watching me make this
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