The author and cook, Heather

Spiced Winter Squash Soup

Brown Sugar Kitchen

At least once a year, I make a winter squash soup. I tried to make this one last year, but it was a bit late in the season and I wasn't able to find any delicata squash anywhere! It's a thin-skinned variety (the skin gets tender enough to eat when cooked, unlike most types of winter squash) so it doesn't last as long, and they're not as ubiquitous as something like the butternut squash. This recipe uses three different types of winter squash and adds green apples and onion.

I think the best thing about this version is that you don't have to cut up the squash, at least not more than cutting it in half. Winter squashes are notoriously hard to cut, and a butternut squash will stain your cutting board and even your hands. Then everything gets roasted before it goes into the broth, so once you're at that step it's almost done! (You could easily switch out the chicken stock for vegetable broth for a vegetarian version; I think coconut milk would be a good swap for the heavy cream if you are vegan, since the flavors of the soup would work well with coconut.)

Serving Size1/10 of recipe
Carbohydrates22g (3g fiber, 4g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather on this episode we're going
[00:08]: to be working out of tanya holland's
[00:10]: brown sugar kitchen cookbook and we are
[00:11]: going to be making spiced winter squash
[00:14]: soup now i really wanted to make this
[00:17]: last year
[00:18]: but i started looking for the
[00:20]: ingredients a little bit late in the
[00:22]: season i think it was like january or so
[00:25]: and one of them is really hard
[00:27]: to find in this area
[00:29]: when it is not
[00:32]: in season because
[00:35]: it is this delicata squash it is a
[00:37]: winter squash apparently the skin
[00:40]: actually gets
[00:43]: pretty tender so you
[00:44]: can eat the skin on this one after it's
[00:46]: cooked um
[00:48]: i don't think we're going to be doing
[00:49]: that here
[00:50]: so i i was on the lookout and got this
[00:53]: now it is the beginning of fall here
[00:56]: finally starting to cool down we have a
[00:57]: nice
[00:59]: gray
[01:00]: rainy kind of day
[01:02]: and it's perfect for some soup so
[01:08]: the first thing we have to do
[01:10]: for this soup is to roast all of this
[01:13]: stuff in the oven for quite a while um
[01:16]: so i'm gonna be preparing my squashes
[01:18]: and my so i've got some squashes we have
[01:20]: delicata squash we have a
[01:23]: butternut squash and we have an acorn
[01:25]: squash this one's kind of large this is
[01:27]: kind of a medium this is actually pretty
[01:30]: large for delicata as far as what i can
[01:31]: get here
[01:33]: we have some granny smith apples
[01:35]: we have a yellow onion
[01:37]: and
[01:38]: some garlic um i think that's everything
[01:41]: we need to
[01:44]: roast i have my oven preheated at 425
[01:50]: and i have my baking sheet lined with
[01:53]: parchment we're supposed to be able to
[01:54]: fit all of this on here
[01:57]: we'll see
[01:59]: how that works
[02:03]: if we can't i'll have to
[02:05]: um
[02:07]: get another one but i'm just going to
[02:08]: show you how you can handle these winter
[02:10]: squash she tells you to um
[02:14]: have them
[02:16]: what does it say this is halved and
[02:18]: seeded so we're just going to cut it in
[02:20]: half long way
[02:21]: and these are really
[02:25]: difficult to cut
[02:33]: be very careful not to hurt yourself
[02:37]: experience but
[02:40]: so
[02:42]: i have just a grocery bag here that i
[02:44]: can throw all of my seeds and stuff in
[02:48]: and i am going to be using a an ice
[02:51]: cream scoop that i have to kind of scoop
[02:53]: out the
[02:55]: seeds
[02:56]: here
[03:02]: i'm just going to put this on my baking
[03:03]: tray
[03:05]: and do my acorn squash next
[03:11]: all right so this is the inside of the
[03:12]: acorn squash i didn't do great at having
[03:15]: it but we're gonna roast these for quite
[03:16]: a while and that should be not a problem
[03:22]: acorn squash
[03:23]: all seated goes on my oh
[03:26]: i'm gonna i just have a little actually
[03:28]: no i thought it was um
[03:30]: there's a little blemish i thought it
[03:31]: might be a little uh
[03:33]: soft and moldy but it's not so i'm not
[03:35]: going to worry about cutting that out
[03:37]: onto my baking tray
[03:40]: so now we have our butternut squash
[03:43]: often i slice it here
[03:45]: and then because it makes it easier to
[03:47]: cut in half but i'm going to leave them
[03:49]: whole this time and it's going to be
[03:51]: pretty difficult actually
[03:54]: this i'm going to just go ahead and
[03:55]: slice this off because that often makes
[03:57]: it really hard
[03:60]: uh
[04:01]: to slice through
[04:05]: this one
[04:06]: if you've not seen it before it has it's
[04:08]: fully um
[04:10]: squash here there are no seeds until you
[04:12]: get to the rounded part
[04:19]: there we go
[04:20]: so you can see there's a lot of flesh in
[04:23]: these and not a lot of seeds
[04:31]: now this
[04:32]: is going on my baking tray
[04:35]: i left a little bit of space for my
[04:37]: apples and my onion i think i can fit it
[04:39]: all on the same tray
[04:42]: but what i need to do now is
[04:45]: peel these
[04:46]: and
[04:47]: peel and cut the seeds out and quarter
[04:49]: them so
[04:56]: okay so this is how i usually cut apples
[04:59]: for my kids i don't usually peel them
[05:00]: but
[05:01]: cut them in quarters
[05:04]: like that
[05:05]: and then
[05:06]: um if you want to
[05:08]: keep as much of the apple as you can
[05:10]: which i usually do
[05:12]: i usually sort of cut a v-shape
[05:16]: here to get the seeds out
[05:20]: and so that's going to be my quartered
[05:22]: granny smith apple so now i just need to
[05:25]: cut my large yellow onion into chunks
[05:31]: so i'll probably cut this into i don't
[05:33]: know about eights i guess
[05:42]: take the skin off
[05:44]: actually maybe i'll just do
[05:46]: i don't know
[05:48]: maybe quarters
[05:53]: yeah we'll do
[05:57]: there we go so these go also
[06:01]: onto our
[06:03]: baking tray we're supposed to be able to
[06:05]: stir the apples and the onions every so
[06:08]: often
[06:11]: we'll see
[06:12]: and as far as cutting things up the last
[06:14]: thing we have to do is to um
[06:18]: let's see
[06:22]: get that away the last thing we have to
[06:24]: do is to slice the top third off
[06:29]: of our
[06:30]: garlic
[06:31]: and we're gonna roast this just like
[06:33]: this we're going to wrap it in
[06:36]: aluminum foil we're supposed to put it
[06:38]: on the baking sheet with the squash it
[06:40]: certainly isn't going to fit with
[06:42]: everything else but
[06:43]: we're going to wrap this with aluminum
[06:45]: foil so let me go
[06:47]: take care of that
[06:50]: i think i need to get a little bit more
[06:52]: off there we go
[06:54]: we're kind of looking for is to be able
[06:55]: to see all the the cloves of garlic so i
[06:59]: sliced a little bit more off of that
[07:01]: so
[07:04]: usually when i wrap this in aluminum
[07:06]: foil i double it
[07:11]: and sort of wrap it up around
[07:15]: and then we're going to drizzle
[07:16]: everything with olive oil so i'm going
[07:18]: to clean all this stuff
[07:20]: off of my work surface
[07:21]: i'm supposed to have some unsalted
[07:23]: butter at room temperature
[07:25]: i
[07:26]: did not do that but
[07:29]: this will have to do i think it doesn't
[07:32]: really matter considering
[07:35]: um
[07:36]: so the first thing i'm going to do is
[07:37]: drizzle a tiny bit i'm not going to
[07:39]: measure this it's supposed to be a super
[07:41]: super tiny bit like a
[07:44]: half teaspoon or so just drizzle a
[07:46]: little bit
[07:47]: onto your um garlic
[07:50]: and then
[07:51]: wrap this up tightly
[07:53]: and you can probably set it right there
[07:56]: and that'll be fine
[07:59]: and then we're going to drizzle i'm
[08:01]: going to measure this because why not
[08:04]: um drizzle some olive oil onto our
[08:08]: onions and apples
[08:21]: there we go
[08:22]: and
[08:24]: oh shoot um we need to dot the squash
[08:29]: with the butter
[08:53]: okay that is the best i can do with the
[08:56]: butter
[08:58]: and
[08:58]: [Music]
[09:03]: i need some time i forgot to get that so
[09:06]: i have to go outside
[09:08]: and get some sprigs of thyme be right
[09:10]: back so i have my time it's starting to
[09:12]: go a little woody but there's enough for
[09:15]: today
[09:16]: um
[09:18]: scatter our time over
[09:22]: our vegetables
[09:31]: here we go
[09:33]: a little bit everywhere
[09:36]: that'll be good so we're putting this in
[09:38]: the oven at 425 and it will take about
[09:42]: an hour and 15 minutes an hour to an
[09:44]: hour and 15 she says
[09:46]: but we're checking it every 15 minutes
[09:48]: and stirring up the apples and the
[09:51]: onions
[09:54]: so we'll see how that goes
[09:56]: i'll show you what it looks like when i
[09:57]: take it out
[09:58]: maybe not the first time because it
[09:60]: won't look very different but
[10:02]: i'll let you know
[10:04]: when i show you so
[10:06]: into the oven it goes
[10:08]: all right so it's been about 45 minutes
[10:10]: and i'm gonna check i think my
[10:12]: my garlic smells really good
[10:15]: um i've got a little fork to sort of
[10:17]: check for tenderness yeah
[10:20]: garlic
[10:21]: really tender
[10:22]: i'm gonna take this off
[10:25]: we're supposed to
[10:27]: basically take off anything that's
[10:29]: tender
[10:30]: and while the rest continues to cook
[10:33]: these are a little tender but not
[10:36]: completely done
[10:37]: acorn squash certainly not done
[10:39]: butternut squash certainly not done
[10:42]: some of the apples seem done
[10:44]: but i think i'm just going to leave it
[10:46]: all in here for a while longer you see
[10:49]: some of them are really tender but not
[10:51]: all of them this one's really still hard
[10:54]: so
[10:55]: i'm going to try to move
[10:57]: the hard ones
[10:59]: out from away away from things and the
[11:01]: the
[11:02]: tender ones sort of back
[11:04]: where they maybe won't
[11:07]: cook much longer but we're gonna keep
[11:09]: going for probably at least another half
[11:11]: an hour um we're at 45 minutes right now
[11:13]: like i said so we'll see you back here
[11:16]: when it's all done
[11:17]: uh
[11:18]: it took almost two hours to cook all of
[11:21]: our squash um
[11:24]: at about 45 minutes i took the garlic
[11:26]: out at about an hour and 15 i took the
[11:30]: apples and onions out
[11:33]: um
[11:34]: hour and a half i took out the delicata
[11:37]: squash i decided that was done
[11:40]: an hour at 45 i took out the acorn
[11:42]: squash another 15 minutes at two hours i
[11:45]: took out the butternut squash so it took
[11:46]: a lot longer than she said i don't know
[11:49]: if mine are bigger than the ones she had
[11:51]: you know it's just
[11:52]: one squash right
[11:56]: sizes vary quite a bit so
[11:58]: i tried to choose sort of a medium
[12:00]: who knows
[12:01]: um but the next thing we have to do
[12:03]: those are resting they have to rest for
[12:04]: about 15 minutes um you just don't want
[12:06]: them to be super super hot when you do
[12:08]: the next step but so i'm going to
[12:11]: start cooking
[12:13]: the
[12:14]: we're going to basically bloom the
[12:16]: spices in oil and i have my spices
[12:19]: measured out here some paprika some
[12:23]: cinnamon and some cayenne
[12:26]: and we need some
[12:28]: fresh grated ginger now i
[12:32]: find it very a whole lot easier to grate
[12:35]: ginger when it's frozen so i peel it put
[12:37]: it in a bag put it in the freezer and
[12:39]: then just
[12:42]: grate however much i need from frozen
[12:46]: and yes it can hurt
[12:48]: your fingers because it's very very cold
[12:51]: but it grates so much better you don't
[12:53]: have to worry about all of the
[12:58]: fibers that you get
[13:01]: when it's
[13:02]: fresh it's much much less fibrous it
[13:06]: cuts so much better
[13:08]: so i'm going to guesstimate
[13:09]: how much we need here
[13:15]: i think that'll be pretty good
[13:22]: oh very cold
[13:24]: and just measure it
[13:27]: make sure we're
[13:29]: yeah that'll be that'll be good i think
[13:32]: um
[13:34]: i'm just going to put as much of this in
[13:36]: there as we can
[13:37]: [Music]
[13:40]: there we go
[13:42]: and that'll be great so
[13:45]: now what i have to do is
[13:47]: um heat up some olive oil
[13:50]: in i'm going to use my largest soup pot
[13:53]: my largest stockpot i don't know exactly
[13:55]: how much this is going to make she says
[13:57]: it's a pretty large
[13:59]: batch because
[14:01]: you can't really buy half of a squash so
[14:04]: she uses the whole squashes um
[14:08]: so
[14:09]: i'm going to heat up
[14:11]: my oil over on the stove but we're going
[14:12]: to bring it back over here for the next
[14:15]: step and i'll show you what happens
[14:18]: then so we're gonna heat it up um
[14:20]: [Music]
[14:21]: on medium heat until shimmering and then
[14:24]: i'll bring it over here
[14:26]: got my oil shimmery on medium heat and
[14:28]: i'm going to immediately put in
[14:30]: all of my spices
[14:32]: there should be enough residual heat to
[14:34]: cook it over here so i'm not too worried
[14:36]: about that
[14:39]: we're just trying to sort of bloom all
[14:41]: of our spices in the hot oil before we
[14:44]: add
[14:45]: everything else
[14:47]: so they'll get nice and fragrant
[14:50]: and cook just a little bit
[14:54]: hmm
[15:03]: set about 30 seconds so this is still
[15:05]: sort of
[15:08]: sizzling a little bit so it will be
[15:10]: absolutely fine as is
[15:15]: some of our ginger got a little stuck to
[15:17]: the bottom but that's okay
[15:19]: all right so we're going to call that
[15:20]: good
[15:21]: and the next thing we do is put
[15:23]: all of those vegetables that we
[15:26]: roasted back in here
[15:28]: but discard the time sprigs so
[15:35]: first i have the apples and onions i'm
[15:37]: going to put these these are pretty cool
[15:39]: i'm going to put these in here and try
[15:41]: to
[15:43]: find there we go there's a time sprig
[15:47]: try to take these out as i do
[15:50]: that
[15:51]: it's a lot easier with the other ones
[15:52]: because they're sort of sitting on top
[15:56]: but
[15:57]: with this it all kind of mushed together
[15:59]: so
[16:01]: we just don't want the woody stems in
[16:03]: there i got a little bit more of one
[16:07]: right there
[16:08]: [Music]
[16:10]: there we go
[16:13]: now i'll wash up and i missed one right
[16:16]: there fell into the pot
[16:18]: all right so we've got our
[16:21]: apples and onions
[16:25]: um
[16:28]: and we're supposed to do this off the
[16:29]: heat so apples and onions
[16:32]: and now we have to scoop out the flesh
[16:34]: of the squashes and add them in here
[16:37]: so i'm going to just use the same
[16:40]: ice cream scoop i used i just rinsed it
[16:43]: i'm going to
[16:44]: discard
[16:46]: the thyme
[16:48]: and just scoop everything
[16:50]: all of the flesh out of the
[16:53]: skin
[16:54]: the skin is just the part we don't want
[16:58]: now i'm going to do this half of the
[16:60]: delicata squash and it's really cool so
[17:02]: i'm just going to hold it over here
[17:11]: since these are the last ones that came
[17:13]: out they are still pretty warm but
[17:18]: i expect it'll come out pretty well
[17:20]: there we go
[17:25]: butternut squash have a beautiful orange
[17:27]: color but they will
[17:30]: discolor your cutting boards if you cut
[17:32]: them on a cutting board if you're well
[17:35]: if your cutting board is
[17:36]: white
[17:37]: like mine mine are
[17:40]: i think that's good enough for that one
[17:42]: and so i'm just going to do the other
[17:43]: halves of my squashes
[17:46]: and we'll show you what we do after that
[17:50]: so the last thing we need to add into
[17:52]: here is our um roasted garlic
[17:55]: so hopefully this is supposed to just
[17:58]: sort of squeeze out of the
[18:01]: skins which it is very nicely
[18:05]: so we just don't want the
[18:07]: papery
[18:09]: skin of the garlic here
[18:15]: there we go
[18:17]: so
[18:18]: i'm going to wash my hands and discard
[18:20]: all of this stuff
[18:22]: and then we need to add
[18:25]: the stock because it's not soup yet
[18:27]: without some sort of liquid base
[18:33]: so the first thing i'm going to add now
[18:35]: is a little bit of salt
[18:37]: i am fairly certain we're going to have
[18:38]: to add more later but it depends on your
[18:41]: stock i'm sure
[18:43]: um
[18:45]: i'm i've got about a cup of chicken
[18:48]: stock left over that i just haven't used
[18:50]: up it was my refrigerator from another
[18:52]: recipe i'm going to use that and the
[18:54]: rest i'm going to just put some water in
[18:56]: and then i'll put in some of my
[18:59]: chicken soup base i use that a lot
[19:02]: if you are vegetarian you can feel free
[19:04]: to use
[19:06]: vegetable stock instead of chicken stock
[19:08]: here we just happen to have some chicken
[19:09]: stock available and we're not vegetarian
[19:12]: but
[19:12]: um
[19:13]: and if you're vegan there's another
[19:15]: ingredient that won't you could use
[19:18]: margarine instead of butter or you know
[19:20]: butter substitute
[19:21]: and then we're going to add some heavy
[19:23]: cream to this later you could add some
[19:25]: coconut cream i'm sure or coconut milk
[19:28]: but let me get the rest of my stock in
[19:31]: here
[19:48]: and
[19:51]: our soup base
[19:54]: i'm gonna measure it i don't often but
[19:57]: i'm going to this time
[20:03]: trying to get it all out of there
[20:14]: now the next step is we put this back on
[20:16]: the stove um and we want to put it uh
[20:22]: let's see
[20:24]: medium heat again we're gonna bring it
[20:26]: to a simmer and simmer it for 15 minutes
[20:29]: stirring stirring occasionally so
[20:32]: that's what we're gonna do and we'll
[20:33]: show you what it looks like in about 15
[20:35]: probably more like 20 when we bring it
[20:36]: up to a simmer minutes
[20:40]: all of my soup ingredients have been
[20:43]: simmering for about 15 minutes and you
[20:46]: can see it's not a really appetizing
[20:49]: texture at the moment
[20:51]: but
[20:52]: we are going to make this a nice smooth
[20:55]: soup
[20:56]: using one of my absolute favorite
[21:00]: using one of my absolute favorite um
[21:03]: kitchen tools that not everybody has but
[21:05]: i think everybody should have
[21:07]: an immersion blender so she says to let
[21:09]: it cool a little bit
[21:11]: uh you do have to kind of be careful
[21:12]: when you use this on something hot
[21:14]: you could also put batches in a blender
[21:17]: and do it that way but this is so much
[21:19]: easier and such easy cleanup it's my
[21:22]: favorite
[21:23]: so we're just going to blend this until
[21:26]: it is really smooth using this put it
[21:28]: down in
[21:30]: turn it on
[21:32]: and move it around until everything's
[21:34]: smooth so
[21:37]: i got this almost where i want it but
[21:40]: the next step is to just stir in
[21:42]: some heavy cream so i'm going to add it
[21:45]: and mix it up with my immersion blender
[21:48]: just to make sure everything is where i
[21:49]: want it
[21:50]: i said if you are looking for
[21:53]: a vegan you could you know substitute
[21:55]: this with
[21:56]: coconut milk or coconut cream would be
[21:58]: great
[22:00]: and it would be fine so
[22:02]: a little more blending
[22:05]: all right there we go
[22:09]: very smooth soup if this is a bit thick
[22:11]: for you and it will depend on the size
[22:12]: of your squashes and all of that you can
[22:14]: add
[22:15]: water or
[22:17]: broth to thin it out to your preference
[22:21]: and you can also keep this she says in
[22:23]: the refrigerator for about three days
[22:25]: and just warm it gently on the stove
[22:28]: i'm gonna put this in uh
[22:31]: in my sink
[22:34]: and the last thing we're gonna do is
[22:36]: stir it up and take a little taste for
[22:39]: seasoning see if we need
[22:42]: some more salt and we're definitely
[22:43]: going to add some black pepper
[22:52]: i definitely need some salt
[22:58]: and it needs it's um
[23:00]: it definitely has a little bit of a kick
[23:04]: interested to see what my kids think of
[23:06]: that
[23:09]: so we've got a little extra salt and
[23:11]: black pepper stir that in
[23:15]: um
[23:17]: this is pretty thick but not too bad i'm
[23:20]: gonna keep it like this and
[23:22]: but if we re-warm it we'll probably add
[23:25]: a little um
[23:27]: a little extra water just to
[23:29]: because as you warm it it generally
[23:31]: thickens so
[23:34]: more taste
[23:42]: still needs more salt to me
[23:46]: but of course you can add more to your
[23:48]: liking to your serving so
[23:51]: but i think that will be good
[23:53]: and that is it and we'll let you know
[23:55]: what the whole family thinks in just a
[23:56]: second
[23:58]: on this episode of cooking the books
[23:59]: with heather you watched me make the
[24:01]: spiced winter squash soup from tonya
[24:04]: holland's brown sugar kitchen cookbook
[24:08]: this took longer than she said
[24:13]: but it's not really a hard soup you just
[24:14]: kind of
[24:16]: roast all of your vegetables in the oven
[24:20]: before you cook it instead of cooking it
[24:22]: chopping them up fine and cooking them
[24:25]: and or chopping them up at all really
[24:26]: and cooking them in the pan and and then
[24:29]: putting them in a lot of water and and
[24:31]: cooking them like that you roast them in
[24:33]: the oven first and get them pretty much
[24:35]: done
[24:36]: then you add the stock
[24:39]: and and just let it sort of all come up
[24:42]: to a simmer for a while and and then you
[24:45]: have soup so most of the cooking process
[24:48]: is really in the oven
[24:50]: beforehand and for us it took about two
[24:53]: hours so that's that's a lot more than
[24:55]: the like hour and 15 that she suggested
[24:58]: but again our squashes may have been
[25:00]: larger than hers who knows whatever it
[25:03]: took us two hours um
[25:05]: for all of them to be done they did get
[25:07]: done at different rates
[25:10]: um
[25:12]: it was
[25:13]: the only the only equipment i personally
[25:16]: would suggest that you have for this is
[25:18]: that immersion blender you can use a
[25:20]: regular blender you could probably use a
[25:22]: food processor both of those are much
[25:24]: more
[25:25]: uh difficult to deal with a hot soup
[25:29]: than the immersion blender in my
[25:31]: personal
[25:32]: opinion
[25:33]: uh
[25:34]: i'm always afraid that they're going to
[25:36]: explode all over me whereas the
[25:38]: immersion blender has never has never
[25:40]: done me wrong in that way so and they're
[25:42]: not that expensive and they don't take
[25:44]: up a lot of room so
[25:46]: highly recommend
[25:49]: there was
[25:50]: a surprising amount of heat
[25:54]: in the soup considering there's really a
[25:57]: really small amount of cayenne pepper in
[25:60]: it but
[26:01]: our thought is that blooming it in the
[26:03]: oil really helped
[26:06]: bring out that flavor it was not
[26:08]: spicy so much like it did not hurt your
[26:11]: mouth but it was sort of the back of the
[26:13]: throat heat that you felt while you were
[26:15]: eating it so and it did not linger so
[26:18]: if you don't like spicy foods this is
[26:19]: still fine it was just sort of a
[26:21]: surprising um thing that we found when
[26:24]: we ate this soup
[26:25]: um
[26:27]: i really think that it would be great
[26:29]: with
[26:30]: uh a little bit of creme fraiche or sour
[26:33]: cream we stirred a little bit in put a
[26:35]: little bit on ours and it was really
[26:36]: good
[26:38]: and also
[26:39]: potentially a little bit of dry sherry
[26:42]: sort of like a bisque um it complemented
[26:45]: the flavors really well added a bit of a
[26:48]: sweet note to it we enjoyed that i also
[26:51]: think that if i had some time i would
[26:53]: have and i do actually have some sage i
[26:55]: would have made some fried sage because
[26:56]: for me
[26:58]: sage goes really well with the um winter
[27:01]: squash flavors and i think that would
[27:03]: have been a really pretty garnish
[27:05]: on there i didn't do it though because i
[27:07]: was
[27:09]: being lazy so
[27:10]: um
[27:11]: [Music]
[27:12]: yeah i think we really really enjoyed
[27:14]: the soup and if you really like a uh
[27:16]: a winter squash soup this is this is a
[27:18]: great version i think this is one of my
[27:20]: favorites so far so
[27:22]: if you enjoyed watching me make this
[27:24]: please give me a thumbs up hit the
[27:25]: subscribe button and come back and watch
[27:27]: me make something else next week
[27:29]: [Music]