The author and cook, Heather

Coconut Chess Tart

Brown Sugar Kitchen

It took over two years, but...I finally got the 'vid. Of course it happened when our video backlog was empty, and we were making this recipe specifically for Father's Day (and my husband's birthday)'s Cooking with Brian on this one! He makes a much better pastry than I do, but I did that part and he had to step in to make the filling the next day.

He had a hard time judging doneness on this tart. The filling created a crispy crust on top, which made the jiggle test a little more difficult. I feel like there was too much sugar, and in the end it was a little gritty because it was almost impossible to cream that amount of sugar with the butter in the recipe.

In the end it still tasted good; not as sweet as I expected, and the crust was crumbly and cooked nicely even if the filling was a bit runny. I would definitely try this one again; if I get it just right it might be my husband's new favorite!

Serving Size1/10 recipe
Carbohydrates70g (2g fiber, 45g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather on this episode we are
[00:09]: going to be cooking again from brown
[00:11]: sugar kitchen by tonya holland and we
[00:14]: are going to be making a coconut chess
[00:17]: tart
[00:18]: uh tomorrow is father's day and coconut
[00:21]: pie but not coconut cream by not coconut
[00:25]: cream pie more like a
[00:27]: custard but not really not a really
[00:29]: creamy but so i'm hoping this will will
[00:32]: be what he likes so that's his favorite
[00:33]: he does not like coconut cream pie which
[00:36]: the other coconut pie we've made i'll
[00:38]: link up here uh from pool's diner was a
[00:41]: coconut cream pie
[00:42]: it which was fine just wasn't his
[00:44]: favorite so we're hoping this tart will
[00:47]: be much more like
[00:48]: his favorite pie
[00:50]: um
[00:51]: the first step is to make the crust
[00:53]: because
[00:54]: this has to sit in the refrigerator for
[00:56]: at least 30 minutes and then after you
[00:58]: roll it out and put it in your tart pan
[00:60]: it has to sit in the refrigerator for a
[01:01]: while so
[01:03]: we're going to go ahead and get started
[01:04]: with that
[01:06]: i have already
[01:07]: measured the flour in here
[01:10]: and
[01:12]: i'm going to add a little bit of kosher
[01:13]: salt
[01:16]: there we go
[01:18]: um
[01:20]: and
[01:22]: now i'm going to need my butter i left
[01:24]: that in the refrigerator and i haven't
[01:26]: um cut it into cubes yet so i'm gonna do
[01:29]: that right here and you probably won't
[01:31]: see it i'm gonna go get my butter cut it
[01:33]: into cubes and it goes in here i'm using
[01:36]: the food processor that's what she says
[01:37]: to use so i'm glad about that i don't
[01:40]: like making
[01:42]: pie dough pastry by hand but so this is
[01:46]: this is how we're doing it today
[01:48]: [Music]
[01:57]: so all that goes in there
[01:60]: and that is all
[02:02]: but a little bit of water and this is
[02:03]: unsalted butter we added salt separately
[02:06]: so we don't need salted here
[02:09]: we want to control the amount of salt in
[02:10]: here
[02:11]: and now we're going to pulse it until it
[02:14]: resembles small peas so you won't see me
[02:17]: doing this because it's very loud
[02:21]: most of it is at the size of small peas
[02:24]: or smaller
[02:27]: so
[02:29]: i'm going to add
[02:32]: uh
[02:33]: so she has you start with a certain
[02:35]: amount of water
[02:37]: but then
[02:38]: you add it a tablespoon at a time after
[02:41]: that
[02:44]: if you need more
[02:46]: so we've
[02:48]: measured that out that's ice water try
[02:50]: to keep the butter cold so it doesn't
[02:52]: melt
[02:58]: all right that certainly
[03:01]: so she says just until the dough holds
[03:05]: together when pressed between your
[03:06]: fingers it's not really doing that so
[03:09]: i'm going to be good and only add it a
[03:12]: tablespoon at a time like she says
[03:17]: so hopefully we won't end up
[03:20]: mixing this too much
[03:27]: [Music]
[03:34]: okay i've lightly floured my surface
[03:40]: and
[03:42]: we're supposed to
[03:45]: turn this out
[03:50]: it seems very watery
[03:52]: i mean very flowery
[03:55]: but
[04:01]: okay i'm gonna try and get
[04:03]: all of this off here without
[04:06]: killing myself on the blade
[04:11]: as much off as i can that should be good
[04:14]: all right so she says to knead this
[04:17]: lightly to form a disc
[04:21]: [Music]
[04:26]: call this good i'm going to try to form
[04:28]: a disc
[04:30]: with as much of this in here as possible
[04:36]: there we go
[04:38]: i don't think i could have gotten away
[04:40]: with any
[04:41]: less water
[04:44]: it's certainly not sticky it's a little
[04:45]: bit crumbly
[04:47]: but
[04:49]: okay there we have a
[04:51]: kind of disc like shape
[04:55]: we're going to wrap this in plastic
[04:57]: plastic wrap and put it in the
[04:59]: refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or
[05:01]: up to overnight so we're probably gonna
[05:04]: go with like i don't know at least an
[05:06]: hour because i got shopping to do
[05:08]: so i have to go get some groceries so we
[05:11]: have everything we need for our father's
[05:13]: day
[05:14]: meal
[05:16]: so
[05:17]: uh we'll be back when this has rested in
[05:20]: the refrigerator for an appropriate
[05:22]: length of time
[05:23]: and we'll show you what we do next
[05:25]: so this has been in
[05:27]: the refrigerator for over an hour for
[05:30]: sure
[05:31]: um and now i've got to roll it out so my
[05:34]: tart pan
[05:35]: is a little
[05:37]: bit bigger than the one she calls for so
[05:40]: my filling might not
[05:42]: come quite come up quite as as high on
[05:45]: the top but it i either have this one or
[05:47]: a much smaller one so we're gonna go
[05:49]: with the bigger one
[05:50]: um she calls for a 10 inch or 25
[05:54]: centimeter
[05:56]: uh mine is like 11
[05:58]: or 27 point something centimeters so
[06:02]: um
[06:03]: i'm trying to roll this out it seems to
[06:06]: want to
[06:08]: crack a bit
[06:11]: but hopefully it will be
[06:12]: good enough
[06:15]: we're supposed to roll it out slightly
[06:17]: larger than our tart pan
[06:19]: and
[06:20]: an eighth of an inch
[06:24]: thick so
[06:25]: pretty thin here
[06:28]: [Music]
[06:41]: i think i can make that work so
[06:47]: just says fit the dough into the pan and
[06:49]: trim it so
[06:55]: try not to
[06:58]: hurt it too bad
[07:04]: there we go
[07:14]: it feels like some areas are a little
[07:16]: thick
[07:18]: but no areas seem too thin so that's
[07:20]: good
[07:22]: all right
[07:25]: just trying to get it into the
[07:27]: corners here
[07:30]: little trick that i've heard but never
[07:31]: really tried is using a piece of your
[07:35]: dough
[07:38]: to push it in the corners
[07:41]: that seems to work pretty well
[07:55]: there we go
[07:58]: now my dough is getting a little sticky
[07:59]: wants to stick to it
[08:02]: okay so now i'm gonna go ahead and trim
[08:05]: it
[08:10]: have a little paring knife i'm gonna
[08:16]: try to
[08:18]: trim it off the top here
[08:22]: i've seen people ooh let's try this i've
[08:25]: seen people do this and that just sort
[08:26]: of
[08:29]: cuts it off nicely
[08:34]: not too bad
[08:37]: kind of see where some of the areas are
[08:39]: thicker than others
[08:40]: right now
[08:42]: but
[08:44]: i like that that worked out pretty well
[08:45]: for this
[08:46]: so
[08:48]: now all we have to do is refrigerate
[08:51]: this again
[08:52]: for at least 30 minutes before
[08:54]: filling what i'm gonna do is uh cover it
[08:57]: with our plastic wrap
[08:59]: and put it in the refrigerator because i
[09:01]: think we're probably not gonna make the
[09:03]: filling until
[09:04]: tomorrow or maybe late tonight i don't
[09:07]: know but we're not gonna make this
[09:09]: too soon so
[09:11]: because this has to refrigerate for at
[09:12]: least 30 minutes
[09:14]: so we're gonna do that and uh we'll see
[09:16]: you when we're ready to make the filling
[09:18]: hey everyone um i know you're expecting
[09:20]: heather but unfortunately she's not
[09:23]: feeling too well and this is day two so
[09:26]: uh
[09:27]: i
[09:28]: and
[09:29]: uh my son sawyer will be
[09:32]: taking over and finishing this tarp
[09:34]: because it's for me and i want it
[09:38]: all right
[09:39]: so we're making a coconut chest tart
[09:41]: we're going to finish up we've already
[09:43]: made the crust yesterday and today we're
[09:45]: going to it's been a refrigerator
[09:47]: overnight it didn't even stay that long
[09:49]: but it was anyway and uh we're going
[09:51]: oven is preheating to 350 degrees
[09:55]: right now and we're going to put
[09:56]: together all the ingredients for the
[09:58]: filling
[09:59]: so our filling today for the coconut
[10:02]: chest
[10:03]: tart is going to involve
[10:06]: we got our unsalted butter at room
[10:08]: temperature okay we're going to go ahead
[10:10]: and put the unsalted butter into
[10:13]: the mixture
[10:15]: into the mixer here
[10:18]: it's uh
[10:20]: something
[10:21]: okay
[10:22]: it's been softened overnight long time
[10:25]: very soft
[10:27]: there we don't need this anymore that's
[10:29]: trash
[10:30]: helper
[10:32]: all right
[10:34]: and we're going to also add in the sugar
[10:38]: okay um and it is a lot of sugar because
[10:42]: this is a very sweet dessert
[10:45]: but we'll see what it tastes like all
[10:47]: right so
[10:48]: okay you doing are you doing that
[10:51]: okay he's doing it
[10:53]: he's gonna go everywhere
[10:59]: i want can i help you with with this
[11:01]: because it's really full is that okay
[11:03]: all right
[11:09]: good enough
[11:11]: um
[11:14]: and
[11:16]: last one
[11:18]: you have no idea how much this is yeah i
[11:22]: really don't
[11:24]: it's a lot of sugar to put the lid back
[11:25]: on that
[11:26]: we're done with it just put it aside so
[11:29]: it's out of our way
[11:30]: okay
[11:31]: [Music]
[11:33]: thank you
[11:35]: all right so with that we're going to
[11:38]: cream the butter and sugar
[11:40]: on
[11:41]: medium
[11:42]: until light and fluffy now it says it'll
[11:45]: take a few minutes we're just going to
[11:46]: do it until it's light and fluffy the
[11:48]: way we want it okay so it's been about
[11:51]: three minutes and you can see that
[11:54]: um this is not creaming up the way it
[11:56]: normally would um
[11:58]: with the ratios that are you normally
[12:01]: work with but that's okay
[12:03]: we're gonna um just scrape down the bowl
[12:05]: a little bit make sure we get everything
[12:08]: incorporated there was some that was
[12:10]: sticking to the side of the bowl we
[12:11]: don't like that
[12:13]: okay so we're gonna put this back on
[12:15]: we're gonna go a little bit longer see
[12:17]: if we can actually get it creamy
[12:18]: and i hope we do um
[12:21]: but if we don't we're just gonna move on
[12:23]: because it's the brian sawyer show today
[12:31]: stop stop stop
[12:35]: next we add in what we did not spill
[12:38]: anything
[12:39]: this is a spill free
[12:41]: production
[12:43]: all right guys i had time during that
[12:46]: whole thing to go get a beer because uh
[12:48]: it took forever to not fluff up
[12:51]: but that's okay we're moving on and i
[12:53]: think i'll just lock it back cause my
[12:55]: helper i opened it
[12:57]: um we're going to scrape this down go
[12:59]: ahead sorry
[13:10]: yeah that's good enough we're gonna make
[13:11]: some more don't worry about it
[13:13]: it's good enough good enough
[13:16]: good job
[13:16]: you scrape the inside of the bowl
[13:20]: [Music]
[13:27]: come around here if you want to see
[13:30]: all right pretty good pretty good okay
[13:34]: well since you're in there
[13:35]: doing all this do you want to do the
[13:37]: next part yes
[13:38]: okay so we're going to put in our eggs
[13:41]: um
[13:42]: just yolks
[13:43]: just egg yolks i split these myself off
[13:47]: camera and there's only a little bit of
[13:50]: eggshell on the egg white so if you try
[13:51]: to use it remember that it's at the
[13:52]: bottom okay
[13:54]: but there's none in here all right
[13:56]: all right can you pour it in
[13:58]: yes all right
[14:01]: all right she wants us to scrape this
[14:03]: out so we're gonna you do that get all
[14:05]: our eggy goodness for i think what is
[14:07]: essentially a custard
[14:09]: um when it bakes up
[14:11]: out
[14:12]: all right
[14:14]: what do we
[14:15]: add put that over the sink
[14:19]: yes sir sir
[14:21]: now please add the cream
[14:24]: go ahead and do that
[14:27]: we're gonna scrape this out
[14:29]: too it's heavy cream by the way heavy
[14:32]: cream
[14:33]: that's the only kind we keep
[14:36]: not whipped cream okay don't tell your
[14:39]: kids it's whipped cream it's heavy
[14:41]: whipping cream
[14:43]: okay
[14:45]: please
[14:49]: um we also need to add our coconut nut
[14:53]: cookie
[14:54]: can you add that just dump it
[15:03]: next what do we add
[15:06]: your beer
[15:08]: joke on me no
[15:10]: all right um and we also need to add in
[15:14]: um a little bit of vanilla so i'm going
[15:17]: to do that
[15:21]: all right
[15:22]: local vanilla
[15:28]: into this one
[15:32]: oh you got me the tiniest measuring
[15:33]: spoon ever so now
[15:35]: all right and now
[15:37]: odd ingredient we're going to add a
[15:38]: little bit of cornmeal
[15:41]: which yes i don't understand either but
[15:43]: yes we do
[15:45]: how much exactly it will help thicken it
[15:47]: a little bit apparently we stir the
[15:49]: cornmeal in after we mix these things so
[15:53]: hold up
[15:54]: let's mix these things
[15:56]: lock it lock it in let's mix it up
[16:00]: all right
[16:01]: so i mixed it a little bit extra because
[16:04]: it i didn't like the way it um fluffed
[16:06]: the sugar and
[16:11]: go ahead boss
[16:12]: i'm gonna go get um the other measuring
[16:14]: spoon we need
[16:24]: and i'm gonna get ready to do this part
[16:28]: you do
[16:29]: your part
[16:31]: i think we need some more this soon
[16:34]: i have awesome already
[16:37]: can i go ahead
[16:39]: hold up
[16:40]: yeah that's good all right
[16:49]: stir it in please
[16:53]: with your spoon
[16:55]: all right you want to take it off with
[16:57]: this i will
[17:00]: weird
[17:02]: hard to need
[17:04]: yeah
[17:05]: hi so we're going to stir in that
[17:07]: cornmeal
[17:09]: a little bit
[17:10]: in our
[17:12]: slightly airy batter okay so we have
[17:15]: done all of that and
[17:20]: crust
[17:21]: pour it into the crust let's get our
[17:23]: crust
[17:25]: all right
[17:26]: um so now we're going to just pour our
[17:28]: batter into the crust
[17:30]: now remember um this is the batter for a
[17:33]: slightly smaller crust so it may be not
[17:35]: quite thick enough
[17:37]: that's just gonna make us um have to pay
[17:38]: more attention to it in the oven make
[17:40]: sure
[17:41]: we don't overcook that's
[17:45]: all you didn't even drink any of it
[17:48]: i did
[17:50]: barely
[17:53]: well i'm
[17:55]: an adult and i don't chug my beer i
[17:57]: don't know
[17:58]: you're not like thor that no you're not
[18:00]: like aquaman or thor
[18:04]: not like aquaman or thor you're right
[18:08]: yeah i can't wait to see uh the new
[18:10]: movie that'll be fun
[18:12]: if you've already seen it no spoilers in
[18:14]: the comments
[18:16]: or doctor strange movie
[18:18]: we also haven't seen that
[18:20]: i don't think it's out yet it is
[18:23]: all right
[18:27]: okay so i got to spread this out
[18:31]: okay we don't just put it in here like
[18:33]: this although i would love to try that
[18:34]: sometime because you know how the high
[18:36]: just kind of spreads out on its own in
[18:38]: the heat so i kind of wonder sometimes
[18:40]: if fuss never it's really worth it
[18:43]: i don't know
[18:44]: but we're gonna do it we're gonna spread
[18:45]: this out
[18:51]: maybe i should use the uh
[18:54]: offset spatula for this but that's okay
[18:58]: so i'm gonna get it up to the edge
[19:01]: everywhere
[19:04]: don't use your southern accent
[19:10]: audi not you that accent
[19:13]: what are you talking about
[19:15]: daddy
[19:16]: saw your
[19:18]: your first time knowing father second
[19:21]: my baking assistant oh wait
[19:23]: oh look we can we this this batter holds
[19:25]: a shape we cannot make it party
[19:27]: we can put patterns into it and spell
[19:29]: our names and stuff
[19:32]: i know when it cooks it's gonna
[19:35]: just go
[19:39]: okay have a
[19:42]: that's not too bad actually i just i
[19:44]: think i think uh
[19:46]: it's probably supposed to be just a tiny
[19:48]: bit more full but this is not bad so i
[19:51]: like
[19:53]: compared to the quiche i made this
[19:54]: morning which overflowed greatly
[19:58]: but i used a pm for that too
[20:02]: if this overflows that's gonna be a two
[20:05]: for two
[20:06]: two for two enough two for today
[20:09]: no we're going for one to zero what does
[20:11]: two for two mean
[20:13]: as in if you did it twice it happened
[20:15]: twice okay so we're going to put this in
[20:18]: the oven and bake it for
[20:20]: 35 to 40 minutes
[20:22]: we're going to then um
[20:25]: test it with a little shake and the
[20:28]: filling should jiggle but not be too
[20:30]: loose so typical pie stuff
[20:33]: hi everyone so we've uh cooked our tart
[20:36]: um
[20:37]: we tried a little less since it wasn't
[20:39]: um it was a little bit bigger
[20:41]: than the recipe call for and uh
[20:45]: time wise and uh it was um
[20:48]: we took it out of the oven
[20:50]: i don't know if you can see it on camera
[20:52]: but basically the top had um browned up
[20:54]: on the edges
[20:56]: and when i took it out and it slid a
[20:57]: little bit it was still liquid
[20:59]: underneath even though the jiggle test
[21:01]: seemed to say it was done
[21:03]: and the top actually separated the
[21:05]: entire way around and was like floating
[21:07]: there as like a little disc or something
[21:10]: um so
[21:11]: we put it back in the oven um another
[21:12]: five minutes and um i checked it again
[21:15]: i'm still not happy with it so i get
[21:17]: another three minutes
[21:19]: and i just took it out
[21:22]: um because this was three minutes longer
[21:24]: than chef heather uh
[21:27]: suggested
[21:28]: but it seemed necessary to me
[21:31]: so we're going to go with that um i
[21:33]: think this is the one where you can't
[21:36]: necessarily rely on the toothpick test
[21:37]: so i did not do the toothpick test
[21:40]: um please do it and we'll see how it
[21:42]: turns out this could be because i did um
[21:46]: go a little bit longer on the beating of
[21:50]: the eggs than it called for because i
[21:53]: was trying to make up for the lack of
[21:56]: um
[21:58]: fluffy typical fluffiness that you get
[21:60]: when you do the sugar and butter mixture
[22:03]: um usually that's
[22:05]: usually there's a little bit
[22:07]: different ratio and the amount of sugar
[22:09]: in this pie is off the charts i've seen
[22:12]: so wow we'll see
[22:14]: this tart sorry not bye
[22:17]: and we will see
[22:20]: how it turns out in a little bit
[22:23]: and
[22:24]: stay tuned um in a minute for
[22:27]: uh what we think of this dart
[22:30]: [Music]
[22:38]: hey everyone so we just finished trying
[22:40]: the coconut chest tart
[22:43]: and i have to say that i was a little
[22:45]: worried about how much sugar was in this
[22:47]: tart and it didn't uh
[22:50]: disappoint it was very sweet
[22:53]: um probably a little sweeter than i
[22:55]: wanted but and uh
[22:57]: but otherwise tasted great had a nice um
[22:60]: subtle coconut flavor
[23:02]: very good the crust was
[23:05]: really good
[23:06]: um definitely think that crust was um
[23:09]: spot on
[23:11]: um and it cooked very well so i have no
[23:14]: trouble with that crust
[23:15]: um the tart itself
[23:18]: i cooked it for an extra three minutes
[23:20]: but it still ended up when we cut it
[23:22]: being
[23:23]: um a bit
[23:25]: run
[23:27]: so
[23:28]: i don't know
[23:30]: if we just really needed to cook it
[23:31]: longer or if it was um
[23:34]: [Music]
[23:35]: something to do with our preparation i'm
[23:38]: not entirely certain but i think
[23:41]: perhaps the
[23:43]: uh
[23:44]: 35 minutes the 40 minutes it says is
[23:51]: well i guess we did 30
[23:56]: let's see we did how many minutes we did
[23:58]: 30 plus
[24:00]: five five plus three so we did 38
[24:03]: minutes and i gotta say that was not
[24:05]: enough and so it can't go to 40. so i
[24:07]: guess we should have done it longer
[24:09]: anyway it was very difficult to say with
[24:12]: this pie if it was a jiggly because the
[24:15]: the tart
[24:16]: sorry yeah the part
[24:18]: because the the top
[24:22]: sort of bait off into a layer
[24:24]: that didn't really show you the jiggle
[24:27]: it was the stuff underneath it kind of
[24:29]: jiggled a little bit
[24:31]: and it got to the point it was just like
[24:33]: i think it's okay but i'm not certain
[24:36]: and it's been a while so let's stop
[24:40]: anyway so it might take the full 40
[24:42]: minutes plus sun depending on your
[24:44]: elevation just a warning
[24:47]: otherwise
[24:49]: pretty good i also kind of wonder if it
[24:51]: would be
[24:52]: potentially a little bit better if it
[24:54]: was more like the um
[24:56]: coconut pie that i i'm sorry that actual
[24:59]: pie that i normally
[25:01]: would make
[25:03]: as opposed to this um fancy
[25:05]: coconut chess tart
[25:07]: anyway
[25:09]: so what did you think sawyer well my
[25:11]: thoughts on it were i really don't like
[25:14]: coconut but i didn't taste any coconut
[25:18]: in here so i
[25:19]: i was fine with that
[25:21]: um i don't think it's a bit too sugary
[25:24]: but everything else i agree on with him
[25:27]: spot on
[25:29]: all right
[25:30]: so if you like watching the entire
[25:33]: family make this coconut chess tart not
[25:36]: annabelle
[25:37]: except for our uh his sister annabelle
[25:41]: maybe we'll get a whole video with all
[25:43]: of us at one point at some point but if
[25:45]: you like watching uh heather make this
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