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Buttermilk Cornbread Pudding

Brown Sugar Kitchen

I'm not calling this one easy mostly because I failed. It might have been my fault, it might have been the recipe, or maybe it was a bit of both. If I tried again, I'd definitely use more cornbread, and I would probably also bake it at a lower temperature. Mine was less of a bread pudding than I expected and more of a baked custard...that had split. It was, to be honest, disappointing.

This recipe is available at the following link, where it calls for more of the cornbread than the book recipe and also for a lower baking temperature, so maybe I'm right!

You can watch me make the original Buttermilk Cornbread (which we love!) here:

Serving Size1/8 recipe
Carbohydrates31g (1g fiber, 30g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather today we are going to be
[00:08]: using some left over
[00:10]: uh buttermilk cornbread that we made out
[00:13]: of the same book
[00:14]: to make buttermilk cornbread pudding
[00:18]: uh from tonya holland's
[00:21]: brown sugar kitchen that's that's the
[00:23]: name uh cookbook
[00:25]: and
[00:26]: just fyi we're making we've made a
[00:28]: second batch of it and i didn't put corn
[00:30]: in it because of some of the things
[00:31]: we're doing so i haven't tried it with
[00:32]: the extra corn yet
[00:34]: um but this recipe i just want to let
[00:36]: you know uses about an eighth of the
[00:39]: total recipe so you don't have to have a
[00:42]: whole lot left over to make this recipe
[00:44]: um
[00:46]: and there's not a whole lot like i said
[00:48]: not a whole lot in here
[00:50]: but we're gonna get started and
[00:52]: we're gonna start with a bunch of eggs
[00:57]: um so
[00:59]: actually first i'm gonna put my vanilla
[01:01]: in
[01:03]: because i don't want
[01:05]: my
[01:06]: um
[01:09]: my measuring spoon to get all sorts of
[01:12]: egg stuff on it not that it would really
[01:13]: matter because i'm not going to touch it
[01:14]: whatever
[01:16]: i like to think about these kinds of
[01:18]: things and sometimes i over think these
[01:20]: kinds of things so we're putting some
[01:21]: vanilla in
[01:24]: there we
[01:25]: go
[01:26]: spilled it all over the bottle but
[01:28]: that's okay we'll put it down on our
[01:30]: napkin that i keep nearby because i am a
[01:33]: messy cook
[01:34]: all right
[01:36]: so um we need
[01:40]: uh some whole eggs and some just egg
[01:44]: yolks so i'm gonna start i have
[01:47]: a container that i'm gonna put in my
[01:48]: refrigerator for the leftover whites
[01:51]: which i'll probably cook up and give to
[01:53]: my dog to be to be
[01:55]: completely honest if i don't use it for
[01:56]: something else
[01:58]: in a couple days and
[02:00]: another
[02:01]: container to crack it in in the first
[02:03]: place to to get the white
[02:06]: mix from
[02:07]: separated from the yolk
[02:10]: so
[02:11]: i'm gonna be getting a few egg yolks and
[02:14]: if i happen to break this yolk that's
[02:15]: okay
[02:17]: i still need a lot of um
[02:20]: whole eggs so yolks first is a good
[02:23]: plant
[02:32]: there we go
[02:43]: uh so i've got all of my egg yolks in
[02:45]: here so now i just need the whole eggs
[02:47]: um
[02:48]: if you are concerned about getting a bad
[02:50]: egg you can you know people always say
[02:52]: to um crack it in
[02:56]: another dish first before you put it in
[02:58]: with your
[02:59]: main
[02:60]: all of your other ingredients i
[03:02]: generally don't do that i have never had
[03:04]: a really bad egg so
[03:07]: you know
[03:10]: now of course i'll get one but we just
[03:13]: bought these eggs yesterday so i'm not
[03:16]: anticipating any problems with that
[03:36]: okay
[03:37]: that's all my eggs i'm gonna go get this
[03:39]: eggy stuff off my hands
[03:42]: okay so i've got all my eggs and my
[03:44]: vanilla in here i need to add
[03:46]: some sugar i measured this by weight i
[03:49]: do like that she includes both
[03:52]: volume and weight measurements
[03:55]: and then
[03:56]: this is quite a lot of buttermilk
[03:59]: especially compared to the amount of
[04:01]: corn bread so
[04:04]: i'm can i feel like this is going to be
[04:06]: very custardy and not
[04:09]: quite like bread pudding but you know
[04:11]: we'll see how it turns out it just is
[04:14]: what i'm expecting
[04:16]: so we are just going to whisk all of
[04:18]: this together and this will be very loud
[04:20]: so you probably won't see it so
[04:24]: [Music]
[04:29]: we have a pretty homogenous mixture i
[04:32]: don't feel any sugar don't hear any
[04:34]: sugar on the bottom of the fold so i
[04:37]: think we're all with
[04:40]: and now
[04:41]: i'm going gonna clean up just a little
[04:42]: bit and we're gonna finish this up
[04:46]: so all i have to do now is to
[04:49]: gently stir in some crumbled cornbread i
[04:52]: also measured this by weight
[04:56]: just because it was easier
[05:01]: so coarsely crumbled i just used my
[05:03]: hands
[05:05]: and these are
[05:07]: dried currants
[05:09]: she says you can also use raisins we're
[05:11]: not great big fans of raisins but i
[05:13]: thought we would try the currants and i
[05:15]: just i bought them online because i
[05:16]: couldn't find them at my local grocery
[05:18]: store
[05:19]: um
[05:20]: and we're just gonna stir this in
[05:27]: and as you can see it looks uh like it's
[05:30]: going to be mostly custard and not a lot
[05:33]: of bread but you know
[05:36]: we shall see what it ends up like
[05:39]: now that that's all mixed in um
[05:42]: we need to bake it
[05:44]: all right put this over
[05:46]: here
[05:49]: so i have
[05:50]: i have previously buttered this 8x8
[05:54]: baking dish
[05:56]: and she says we're going to put it
[05:58]: inside a larger roasting pan
[06:01]: we're going to fill this up with water
[06:03]: hot water so it's going to be a memory
[06:07]: so you need a pan that will hold enough
[06:10]: water for you to come up to about
[06:12]: halfway up the side of your baking dish
[06:14]: that's inside
[06:16]: so i found
[06:18]: my best option here um
[06:23]: do what you can with this
[06:26]: and we're going to
[06:27]: pour this into our prepared baking dish
[06:33]: trying not to
[06:36]: spill
[06:37]: this like i think i said this is an
[06:39]: eight by eight
[06:40]: those currants are gonna want to sink to
[06:42]: the bottom but we'll see we'll see what
[06:44]: happens
[06:45]: they were at the bottom in my bowl
[06:51]: all right
[06:53]: now we're going to cover our inner dish
[06:58]: with aluminum foil
[07:18]: so
[07:19]: um she says to put
[07:21]: a hot water hot tap water in here up to
[07:24]: half um
[07:26]: you know halfway up the sides of your
[07:29]: interior dish
[07:31]: i am gonna do that
[07:34]: after i put it in the oven so i'm gonna
[07:36]: get a large um
[07:39]: measuring cup and pour it
[07:41]: when it's in the oven
[07:43]: because i know i am messy and i am going
[07:47]: to slosh water all over the place
[07:49]: especially if i take it from here to
[07:50]: there
[07:51]: so
[07:52]: my oven is preheated to
[07:55]: 425 degrees
[07:58]: and once we get this in the oven we're
[07:60]: gonna bake it for one hour
[08:02]: covered
[08:03]: then we're gonna take the
[08:05]: aluminum foil off and bake it for 15
[08:08]: more minutes
[08:09]: and we want the top to be golden brown
[08:12]: you can serve warm or at room
[08:14]: temperature so
[08:16]: we'll be having this later um
[08:20]: so
[08:22]: she says
[08:24]: to
[08:25]: make a head so you can store this in the
[08:27]: refrigerator and reheat covered in a 350
[08:31]: degree oven just until it's heated so
[08:33]: this is something you probably want to
[08:35]: eat warm not cold
[08:38]: i'll show you what it looks like when
[08:39]: it's all done
[08:41]: but now i have to go deal with some hot
[08:44]: water
[08:45]: and this
[08:47]: [Music]
[08:55]: on this episode of cooking the books
[08:56]: with heather you watched me make
[08:58]: buttermilk cornbread pudding from tonya
[09:00]: holland's brown sugar kitchen cookbook
[09:04]: first off i have to say
[09:06]: i pretty much failed this recipe
[09:09]: um
[09:10]: it tasted okay but it had curdled so
[09:14]: what what can happen with a custard
[09:17]: um which is what this ended up being
[09:19]: very custardy very eggy
[09:23]: if you cook it too high or if you cook
[09:25]: it too long it can split and it gets
[09:27]: really watery and then the top can get
[09:30]: sort of
[09:32]: chewier sort of uh it reminds me a
[09:34]: little bit of a cheesecake
[09:38]: i think it's the egg proteins anyway
[09:42]: and that's what happened and i'm sure
[09:43]: you'll see it in the pictures you'll see
[09:44]: that there's sort of some
[09:46]: juice in the bottom of my pan even
[09:49]: though i did cook it
[09:51]: exactly to the directions um
[09:54]: i
[09:57]: baked it for an hour
[09:59]: in a water bath i at the correct
[10:01]: temperature
[10:02]: took the foil off and baked it for 15
[10:04]: more minutes
[10:06]: i did bake it for a little bit longer
[10:07]: than that because the top of my pudding
[10:10]: wasn't brown at all at the 15 minutes
[10:13]: so
[10:15]: i may have overcooked it or
[10:17]: maybe it was at a little bit of maybe it
[10:20]: was too high temperature
[10:23]: maybe my oven is a little bit high i
[10:25]: don't know
[10:27]: but i did follow the directions pretty
[10:28]: well
[10:30]: the other
[10:31]: issue that i had with this recipe is
[10:33]: that i i kind of expected it to be more
[10:35]: like a bread pudding
[10:37]: um buttermilk cornbread pudding so i
[10:40]: expected the cornbread to be
[10:43]: uh they're expected there'd be more
[10:45]: cornbread in it whereas this really
[10:47]: ended up to be
[10:49]: more
[10:51]: custard with a little bit of cornbread
[10:53]: that mostly kind of stayed on top
[10:56]: so
[10:58]: it just
[10:59]: didn't work for me i would like to
[11:02]: we liked the flavor of it we liked that
[11:04]: it wasn't a super sweet dessert i think
[11:06]: the buttermilk in it makes gives it a
[11:08]: little more of the tang and there wasn't
[11:11]: a lot of sugar honestly in it so it was
[11:13]: a very nice
[11:15]: adult
[11:16]: type
[11:17]: um
[11:19]: bread cornbread pudding an adult dessert
[11:22]: in our estimation
[11:23]: but i would definitely if i was going to
[11:25]: make this again i would play with the
[11:27]: ratios i would probably add more um of
[11:30]: the cornbread to it and i might even
[11:33]: bake it in sort of individual ramekins
[11:36]: at a lower temperature for a little bit
[11:38]: longer
[11:39]: time until you know it sets up just to
[11:43]: avoid
[11:45]: it curdling and separating because it's
[11:47]: not
[11:48]: it wasn't horrible but it's not the best
[11:51]: sort of texture in your mouth when that
[11:53]: happens so
[11:55]: i failed
[11:56]: but
[11:58]: it's not a super hard dish it just kind
[12:00]: of requires you to find a dish that fits
[12:03]: inside of the other dish that you can do
[12:05]: the water bath in and a water bath is a
[12:07]: little bit difficult to deal with if
[12:08]: you've never done it you just have to be
[12:10]: very careful
[12:11]: um
[12:13]: once you have a whole pan of hot water
[12:16]: in your oven that you
[12:18]: either let it cool down
[12:20]: or are very very very careful when you
[12:23]: remove it from your oven because you can
[12:24]: splash that or slosh that hot water all
[12:28]: over the place and you know hurt
[12:29]: yourself because it's
[12:31]: your oven was at 425 degrees your water
[12:33]: is pretty much at the boiling point it
[12:35]: just sort of
[12:37]: keeps your um
[12:39]: the stuff you're cooking it in at a
[12:41]: lower temperature
[12:42]: at least where the water is touching
[12:44]: anyway
[12:47]: whatever you have to be very careful
[12:49]: with that big pan of water
[12:51]: when you're done
[12:53]: that was the only point i wanted to make
[12:55]: there
[12:55]: anyway
[12:57]: so but
[12:58]: if you
[12:59]: think you would enjoy it
[13:01]: i really wish you would make it and let
[13:02]: me know how it goes for you in the
[13:04]: comments down below
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