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Bourbon & Chili-Glazed Salmon

Brown Sugar Kitchen

Salmon is a family favorite around here. It's really not hard to cook, since it cooks up fast , but pan searing can be so messy -- splatters all around the pan on the stovetop and counters, yuck. Glazing it and then broiling contains the mess, and as long as you cover the pan with foil, cleanup is a breeze!

I loved this super-easy cooking method, though the flavors weren't perfect for my family. Though they did not balk at eating it, I think the strong chili powder flavor was perhaps slightly spicy for the kids, and my husband liked it but thought it needed some acid, like the fresh salsa we happened to have on hand the night I served this.

I look forward to trying this with different glaze options!


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather today we're going to
[00:07]: continue working
[00:08]: uh from tonya holland's brown sugar
[00:11]: kitchen and we're going to
[00:12]: be making something that i am positive
[00:15]: my children are gonna love because
[00:17]: we're making bourbon and chili glazed
[00:20]: salmon we're finally gonna do like an
[00:21]: entree dish from here
[00:23]: but this seems really really simple and
[00:26]: my kids love salmon so
[00:28]: um i already have the pools diner mac
[00:31]: and cheese
[00:32]: ready to go into the broiler and this
[00:34]: also uses the broiler so they're perfect
[00:35]: to make together
[00:36]: to do one and then do the other and
[00:39]: it'll be great
[00:41]: so i'm super excited about our dinner
[00:44]: tonight i think it'll be delicious
[00:46]: two recipes for the channel from great
[00:49]: cookbooks
[00:51]: now the first thing for us to do is to
[00:52]: make the um
[00:54]: the glaze so i have some honey here
[00:59]: i'm gonna put my if you see some green
[01:02]: in here that's just from the lime zest
[01:03]: we're gonna use later
[01:04]: um the honey that i am using is uh
[01:08]: some barrel aged honey bourbon barrel
[01:10]: aged honey that i had
[01:12]: uh that i got from a christmas
[01:16]: uh box that had a bunch of bourbon
[01:18]: bourbony things in it
[01:20]: and so i thought that would be perfect
[01:22]: for this recipe and then i saw
[01:24]: that this little card that came on it
[01:27]: has a honey glazed salmon recipe on the
[01:29]: back
[01:30]: a little bit different than this but um
[01:33]: and then we have the bourbon
[01:34]: i'm just using our standard um not too
[01:37]: expensive
[01:38]: mixed bourbon uh
[01:41]: because i figured this is gonna be fine
[01:44]: with
[01:44]: that and now we're gonna add
[01:47]: the seasonings i have
[01:51]: chili powder this is quite a lot of
[01:53]: chili powder
[01:54]: but bourbon and chili glazed salmon
[01:58]: i have some ground ginger
[02:02]: and some lime zest those are
[02:05]: approximately equal amounts of that
[02:07]: then we also have approximately equal
[02:09]: amounts of just salt and freshly ground
[02:11]: pepper and then we have
[02:16]: lime juice so i just zested it and then
[02:19]: used some of the juice
[02:22]: and there we go and i have my teeny
[02:23]: weeny itsy bitsy
[02:25]: uh whisk that i'm going to mix this all
[02:28]: together
[02:29]: with i have my broiler preheating
[02:32]: because like i said this
[02:34]: only uses the broiler um
[02:37]: actually it's already heated
[02:41]: and that seems pretty well mixed so i'm
[02:44]: gonna put this over here to the side and
[02:46]: clean up a little bit and then i'm gonna
[02:47]: show you my salmon
[02:48]: okay so i have a fresh
[02:51]: uh skin on
[02:54]: salmon fillet which is what this calls
[02:57]: for um and she calls for
[02:59]: four six ounce porsche portions for this
[03:02]: i have enough for about
[03:03]: six of those portions i think we'll have
[03:06]: enough glaze for everything i think
[03:07]: that'll work out okay
[03:09]: i didn't make extra um so i'm just gonna
[03:12]: slice these into
[03:15]: approximately six ounce portions we'll
[03:17]: see
[03:30]: there we go
[03:41]: all right and we'll just put the salmon
[03:44]: fillets on
[03:45]: a sheet pan that has aluminum foil on it
[03:50]: because this glaze will stick and burn
[03:53]: on
[03:54]: i'm sure
[04:01]: [Music]
[04:06]: now this
[04:10]: now this still had a few scales on it
[04:12]: i'm not
[04:13]: too concerned about that because i don't
[04:15]: think we'll actually be eating the skin
[04:18]: since we're not really crisping it up
[04:20]: it's not going to be
[04:22]: a delicious salmon skin crispy
[04:26]: when you pan sear that salmon skin we
[04:28]: really love but
[04:30]: i think this probably won't be that but
[04:34]: there we go i have six fillets i'm gonna
[04:38]: clean up a little bit and show you what
[04:39]: we do next
[04:41]: okay i'm just gonna give my glaze a
[04:43]: little bit of a stir
[04:44]: to make sure it's still there's no honey
[04:49]: on the bottom because that is something
[04:52]: that happens
[04:54]: it separates rather easily but it seems
[04:57]: pretty good
[04:58]: i'm just going to put that here right
[04:60]: now and we just
[05:02]: spoon this over top
[05:05]: of the fillets
[05:11]: we'll be wanting to use all of this so
[05:13]: i'm not really worried about
[05:14]: cross-contamination of the
[05:18]: glaze here
[05:22]: a lot of it's going to drip down so
[05:23]: that's why i think that we'll be
[05:25]: fine for six
[05:28]: filets instead of just
[05:31]: four my kids will eat a lot of salmon
[05:35]: i think that was all that's all pretty
[05:37]: covered and that is
[05:38]: the extent of what we need to do to prep
[05:41]: this and i'm not going to show you how
[05:43]: to cook this
[05:43]: i'm just going to because really i'm
[05:46]: just going to put this in the oven
[05:48]: in the broiler um as close to the roller
[05:51]: as i can
[05:51]: six to eight inches i think she says
[05:54]: about six inches away so i just have it
[05:55]: on the
[05:56]: have my um my rack on the
[05:59]: top setting and we're gonna broil it for
[06:03]: about eight minutes so these pieces
[06:07]: are the size that she says um
[06:10]: so i think it'll take about eight
[06:11]: minutes she says until it's no longer
[06:14]: opaque in the center
[06:15]: so i'll let you know how long it takes
[06:18]: but i'm just gonna stuff these in the
[06:19]: broiler and then we'll have dinner
[06:29]: on this episode of cooking the books
[06:31]: with heather you watched me make
[06:33]: bourbon and chili glazed salmon from
[06:34]: tonya holland's brown sugar kitchen
[06:37]: cookbook i loved this method
[06:42]: it was really fast the salmon was
[06:45]: delicious it was it took a little bit
[06:48]: longer for me than hers for it to be
[06:50]: sort of the temperature that i
[06:53]: thought i was going for um
[06:56]: i think i ended up cooking mine for 12
[06:58]: minutes probably would have been okay at
[07:00]: 10 minutes we like our sam
[07:02]: salmon kind of medium it was not
[07:06]: too overdone but maybe slightly i used
[07:09]: my thermometer
[07:11]: my instant read thermometer just to
[07:13]: check to make sure it was done all the
[07:14]: way through or
[07:17]: done to our preferred temperatures
[07:23]: the chili powder i was a little
[07:25]: concerned about it being
[07:26]: too spicy especially for the children
[07:29]: when i opened
[07:30]: the oven the first time after eight
[07:33]: minutes i opened it to check
[07:35]: it kind of hurt my eyes it was
[07:39]: it was kind of like um
[07:42]: not chopping onions but uh the
[07:44]: equivalent of chopping onions but really
[07:47]: spicy things but
[07:48]: generally spicy things don't get up in
[07:49]: your eyes when you're chopping them
[07:52]: generally um but it was kind of like
[07:54]: that it made my eyes water pretty bad
[07:56]: with all of the chili powder in it i
[07:59]: will definitely use this
[08:00]: method again the kids i don't think
[08:03]: really loved the flavors of it
[08:06]: for me i think i needed a little more
[08:09]: salt
[08:10]: um but my salt is as i've said many
[08:13]: times the salt that i use is generally
[08:15]: slightly less salty by volume than
[08:19]: other kosher salts um i don't believe
[08:23]: she says what kind of salt she uses in
[08:26]: here the other book that we recently
[08:28]: started
[08:28]: does which i find very helpful because
[08:31]: it helps me sort of
[08:33]: adjust the salt level to our preferences
[08:37]: a little bit easier or at least to the
[08:41]: values that the salt value that the
[08:43]: recipe has
[08:44]: anyway i'm babbling so i really like
[08:47]: this method and i will use it again i
[08:49]: will probably
[08:50]: change up the flavors a little bit just
[08:52]: to suit our preferences
[08:54]: um the
[08:58]: this recipe i think i thought needed a
[08:60]: little bit more salt
[09:01]: for us um maybe my salt was you know not
[09:05]: as salty as hers who knows maybe we just
[09:07]: prefer a slightly
[09:08]: saltier end result
[09:11]: and uh my husband said it could have
[09:15]: done a lot better with a little bit of
[09:17]: acid a little bit of a sauce
[09:19]: we happen to have some salsa on the
[09:23]: table from a previous
[09:24]: snack and he thought it was really good
[09:27]: with some of that so maybe even a
[09:30]: fresh salsa on top would be delicious
[09:33]: with this i think
[09:36]: so i hope you enjoyed my watching me
[09:39]: make this and
[09:40]: if you did please give me a thumbs up
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