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Bacon, Cheddar, Green Onion Biscuits

Brown Sugar Kitchen

This is a different type of biscuit than the ENC style we made from Deep Run Roots. It's a more traditional biscuit, made with all butter, and with a much easier method to use for the first time on a weekend morning, and still end up with a pretty, delicious biscuit.

You can see Tanya herself make this on her cooking show on OWN, available here:

You can find the full written recipe here:

I find it interesting that the recipe linked above says to use a larger biscuit cutter than the book, and she uses an even larger one in the video. Either way, you can generally judge the doneness of the biscuits by the browning on both the top and the bottom!


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with heather
[00:08]: this week we're going to continue
[00:09]: working out of our new book uh brown
[00:11]: sugar kitchen from tonya holland
[00:13]: and i decided that we should have some
[00:17]: bacon cheddar green onion biscuits with
[00:20]: our dinner tonight so
[00:22]: i'm going to make them um
[00:25]: i am a huge fan of this recipe because
[00:29]: it uses the mixer i don't have to
[00:32]: cut the butter in with a pastry
[00:36]: cutter or anything like that it's all in
[00:38]: the mixer
[00:40]: so fingers crossed it works because i
[00:41]: would really enjoy
[00:43]: that i don't love making biscuits
[00:45]: honestly
[00:46]: so i'm going to start with some
[00:48]: all-purpose flour
[00:49]: [Music]
[00:51]: just get that into the bowl here
[00:57]: there we go and then
[00:60]: we're going to add to this some
[01:03]: baking powder
[01:06]: some baking soda and some kosher salt
[01:11]: and this just gets mixed a little bit on
[01:14]: low speed here just to sort of mix this
[01:16]: stuff together none of that was sifted
[01:20]: but we're just mixing it together
[01:26]: there we go just got it distributed
[01:29]: and now i'm going to go get my chilled
[01:33]: butter so we have
[01:36]: quite a lot of butter here and i have it
[01:39]: is cold
[01:40]: unsalted butter and i have
[01:44]: kind of cubed it into roughly each
[01:47]: tablespoon
[01:47]: is about four cubes roughly
[01:50]: um which is how i generally do that when
[01:54]: i'm making
[01:56]: pie dough or biscuits or anything like
[01:58]: that that requires
[01:59]: butter and we're going to mix this
[02:03]: on low speed until the butter is in pea
[02:06]: sized
[02:07]: pieces
[02:10]: okay this has been going for a little
[02:11]: while they're mostly pea sized maybe a
[02:15]: little bit more
[02:17]: but we're going to drizzle in buttermilk
[02:21]: and just mix it until the dough forms a
[02:24]: ball so
[02:25]: i've measured my buttermilk i hope it's
[02:27]: enough my flour tends to be
[02:29]: pretty dry compared to most recipes and
[02:33]: what liquid they call for
[02:35]: we'll see how this goes
[02:42]: [Music]
[02:48]: well that definitely seems to have
[02:50]: formed a ball
[02:52]: um and i'm pretty happy with it i'm not
[02:56]: gonna over mix it because we don't want
[02:58]: our biscuits to be tough
[02:60]: so i'm gonna clean up a little bit and
[03:02]: move
[03:03]: my mixer out of the way because next
[03:06]: we're going to have to roll these out
[03:09]: okay so now i need to divide this dough
[03:11]: into
[03:12]: thirds so i'm just going to kind of
[03:18]: cut it such that i think it
[03:21]: will come out in approximately thirds
[03:30]: all right and now i'm going to flour my
[03:33]: work surface
[03:34]: lightly
[03:43]: and take a third of it
[03:47]: out and
[03:51]: i'm going to roll it into
[03:54]: an 11 by 8 and a half inch
[03:59]: rectangle that's pretty
[04:01]: uh specific there isn't it
[04:06]: put a little flower on mine
[04:12]: trying to find room for everything here
[04:15]: it's going to be super fun because then
[04:16]: i have to uh
[04:18]: find room to roll out the other pieces
[04:21]: not on top of it
[04:23]: that's going to be fun
[04:38]: she doesn't give a thickness just a size
[04:42]: for this
[04:45]: i'm going to
[04:59]: try to get it as rectangular as i can
[05:09]: really
[05:24]: okay i'm gonna measure and see
[05:32]: pretty good that's almost exactly right
[05:35]: so and now
[05:38]: now my measuring tape is all um floury
[05:42]: okay so there we go this is our first
[05:46]: third and now we have to add the bacon
[05:48]: cheddar and green onions to it
[05:49]: which i have in this bowl so i have some
[05:51]: shredded sharp cheddar mine just happens
[05:54]: to be white
[05:56]: some chopped white part only of
[05:59]: green onions and some chopped bacon and
[06:02]: we mix this
[06:03]: up and now we're gonna put about half of
[06:06]: it onto
[06:09]: um on top of our rectangle here
[06:13]: just sort of spread it around
[06:17]: okay that will do now i have to
[06:20]: roll another third of my dough into a
[06:24]: piece
[06:25]: approximately the same size
[06:28]: okay i could measure it i'm not going to
[06:31]: i'm just going to try and
[06:32]: try it and see
[06:36]: i think that is good
[06:40]: enough
[06:44]: it's covering most of my stuff at the
[06:47]: very least
[06:49]: okay i just realized i could probably
[06:51]: huh no
[06:52]: oh let's not bother with that we're not
[06:54]: gonna bother with it
[06:58]: okay the other half of our
[07:02]: cheddar bacon and chee our green onions
[07:05]: cheddar bacon and green onions goes on
[07:08]: here
[07:09]: huge thick layer so that's probably good
[07:13]: and now i need to do the last third of
[07:16]: my dough
[07:17]: okay so now i'm going to put this on the
[07:19]: top
[07:23]: and kind of make sure i
[07:26]: cover everything if it's
[07:30]: sealing up the edges and now we're going
[07:32]: to roll out this to make it
[07:34]: 12 inches by 10 inches just sort of
[07:37]: thin it out a little bit
[07:43]: just about right
[07:47]: so now i have she calls for a two
[07:50]: inch biscuit cutter which seems like a
[07:52]: very small biscuit
[07:54]: but that i measured this as well and
[07:56]: that is what it is
[07:58]: she says two baking pans covered with
[08:01]: parchment
[08:03]: i really feel like all of this is gonna
[08:05]: fit on one it's supposed to be 18
[08:06]: biscuits
[08:07]: one of my size i mean if you have
[08:09]: smaller pans maybe
[08:11]: i'm supposed to get 18 of these
[08:14]: out of it so um
[08:18]: just cut these out
[08:21]: and put them oh no
[08:27]: be careful about the layers here
[08:34]: my layers wanted to come apart
[08:37]: now she does not say
[08:43]: to put them next to each other
[08:47]: or not to put them next to each other
[08:50]: so this they're different styles of
[08:52]: biscuits and sometimes
[08:56]: you want them to be separate and
[08:57]: sometimes you want them to be
[09:00]: uh snuggling
[09:04]: so i'm not sure i i assume maybe with
[09:07]: the two
[09:08]: sheets she wants these to be more
[09:10]: separate biscuits
[09:13]: but i'm not positive mostly i like
[09:17]: my biscuits to to be right up next to
[09:19]: each other
[09:20]: and that make helps make them
[09:24]: um rise more rise better
[09:30]: but
[09:33]: i don't know i'm not sure what i should
[09:35]: do for these
[09:38]: let's see how many biscuits we get out
[09:40]: of this
[09:42]: so it looks like i got about 22 inch
[09:45]: biscuits
[09:46]: out of that run i am gonna
[09:49]: see if i can sort of um the layers will
[09:52]: be different
[09:53]: but i don't want to waste all that dough
[09:55]: so i'm probably going to
[09:58]: sort of squish it together and see what
[10:00]: i can do with the rest
[10:02]: just to see see how that works but
[10:05]: before we put these in the oven which i
[10:07]: have preheated to 425 degrees
[10:10]: um i need to brush these with some heavy
[10:13]: cream
[10:14]: so let me go get that so i just have
[10:17]: a little bit of heavy cream that i put
[10:19]: in a bowl to make it easier for me to
[10:23]: um just sort of paint them paint the
[10:26]: tops with a little bit of
[10:27]: pastry paint the tops with a little bit
[10:31]: of heavy cream this will just help them
[10:33]: brown better
[10:34]: so i've painted the tops with some heavy
[10:36]: cream and they're going to go in the
[10:38]: oven for 15 minutes
[10:40]: um definitely want to wait until the
[10:43]: bottom
[10:43]: is golden brown or the top is golden
[10:47]: brown but you want to make sure the
[10:48]: bottoms don't burn because the bottom
[10:50]: sometimes can
[10:51]: burn before the tops get brown i don't
[10:53]: know why biscuits do that
[10:54]: but it's always a thing anyway so 15
[10:57]: minutes and we'll see what they look
[10:58]: like
[10:59]: so i just sort of smooshed it together
[11:03]: folded it in half and then rolled it out
[11:05]: a little bit and cut it into squares
[11:07]: so that i wouldn't have to lose some
[11:10]: more and we'll just try baking that
[11:12]: and seeing how it works after those
[11:14]: other ones come out of the oven
[11:16]: my biscuits have just come out of the
[11:18]: oven they took
[11:20]: much longer than the 18 minutes i put
[11:22]: them in for three minutes and check them
[11:24]: and another three minutes and check them
[11:25]: in another two minutes so that is
[11:27]: another
[11:29]: eight minutes after 15 minutes so 23 ish
[11:33]: minutes before they were
[11:35]: what i consider done and the bottoms are
[11:38]: brown but not black
[11:39]: the tops are starting to get golden i
[11:42]: think they're done
[11:44]: um the rest of the dough
[11:47]: i went ahead and made a square and just
[11:50]: cut them into six
[11:51]: pieces i just sort of folded it up
[11:53]: together and
[11:55]: and rolled it out a little bit into a
[11:57]: smaller rectangle
[11:58]: and i'm going to bake those now i bet
[12:00]: they will take a little bit longer
[12:02]: but uh we're going to have dinner and
[12:05]: we'll let you know what we think
[12:15]: on this episode of cooking the books
[12:16]: with heather you watched me make
[12:18]: bacon cheddar green onion biscuits from
[12:21]: tanya holland's brown sugar kitchen
[12:24]: cookbook
[12:25]: and so i just wanted to let you show you
[12:27]: guys the uh the sort of
[12:29]: extras that i baked these did not take
[12:32]: quite as long to bake um probably a
[12:35]: little bit more than 15 minutes and
[12:36]: they're much browner
[12:38]: so i may have needed extra time because
[12:41]: i did have something else
[12:42]: in the oven when the first batch baked
[12:45]: when these
[12:46]: little round ones baked
[12:50]: but definitely check them at 15 minutes
[12:55]: and then see if you need any more time
[12:57]: um
[12:58]: for technique i liked it because i am
[13:02]: lazy
[13:03]: so for this technique you do need a
[13:05]: stand mixer
[13:06]: but that makes it so easy
[13:10]: the hardest part of this was rolling it
[13:12]: out in three different sections
[13:14]: and putting the bacon and the green
[13:17]: onion
[13:18]: in the middle you don't have to do that
[13:20]: if you don't want bacon
[13:21]: and cheddar and green onion in your
[13:23]: biscuits
[13:24]: in fact i'll probably be trying this
[13:26]: method for a regular biscuit
[13:28]: the next time i make them just because
[13:31]: i'm lazy
[13:32]: and it worked out really well because
[13:34]: because the texture was really good they
[13:36]: were not
[13:37]: um too tough which is what a lot of
[13:38]: people uh
[13:40]: think will happen if you use those which
[13:42]: is why a lot of people make biscuits
[13:44]: with hand by hand because you don't want
[13:47]: to work the dough a lot because you
[13:48]: don't want to develop the gluten
[13:50]: you want it to be sort of soft and flaky
[13:53]: and delicious
[13:54]: and that's what these were
[13:57]: rolling them out in separate batches was
[13:59]: not that bad
[14:01]: in in the three different parts and then
[14:03]: all of that it was not
[14:04]: that bad so i'm okay with that
[14:07]: especially with the savings that i got
[14:09]: from using the mixer
[14:12]: the flavor was really good i didn't get
[14:15]: a whole lot of cheese
[14:16]: in it um we did use a sharp white
[14:20]: cheddar a vermont cheddar
[14:22]: um which is pretty
[14:25]: tasty i don't know if i need a little
[14:27]: bit more cheese but
[14:29]: the onion was it was very onion forward
[14:32]: there was a lot of onion in it
[14:33]: um i didn't so i actually did end up
[14:36]: using a little bit more cheese and a
[14:38]: little bit more bacon because my bacon
[14:40]: was a little overdone and it was thick
[14:41]: and so i used
[14:42]: three slices instead of the two that she
[14:43]: called for um
[14:46]: so i'm not sure why because i used
[14:49]: exactly the right amount
[14:50]: of green onion but i think the green
[14:54]: onion was a little bit
[14:55]: forward in these i liked it
[14:59]: too much onion
[15:02]: she still ate at least like three or
[15:04]: four at dinner and
[15:06]: she's gonna steal that one so
[15:11]: she likes them still thinks there's too
[15:13]: much onion
[15:14]: so if i made made them again this way i
[15:16]: would probably
[15:18]: um cut back on the onion my husband says
[15:22]: to use the green
[15:23]: part and cut it much smaller and he's
[15:26]: not a chef
[15:27]: but you know maybe we'll try it and see
[15:29]: if it works anyway
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