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BBQ Baked Beans

Brown Sugar Kitchen

I don't often make baked beans from scratch. They take a long time to cook, often with multiple methods, moving from the stove to the oven. My whole family does love them, though, so it was easy for me to pick out this recipe for the channel. It's hard to mess this one up, even though apparently I tried! Watch to see how it worked out in the end.

Serving Size1/6 recipe
Carbohydrates75g (23g fiber, 31g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather
[00:07]: uh today we are going to be making
[00:10]: barbecue baked beans
[00:11]: actually we're going to start them today
[00:13]: we're going to finish them tomorrow
[00:15]: because we're making these from dried
[00:18]: beans
[00:18]: so i have dried navy beans
[00:22]: and we have to soak them overnight so
[00:26]: if you forget there there are several
[00:28]: quick soak methods but
[00:31]: we are going to go ahead and soak them
[00:32]: tonight as the recipe calls for
[00:36]: so uh often you want to sort of pick
[00:40]: through your beans see if you find
[00:42]: any rocks or anything sometimes
[00:45]: little bitty rocks get stuck in there
[00:47]: just because of the way they're
[00:48]: processed and they're
[00:49]: similar in size and all of that or or
[00:52]: one looks just
[00:53]: not great and so you pick it out
[00:55]: [Music]
[00:57]: these all currently look okay but i'm
[00:60]: going to
[01:00]: cover these with just cold water from
[01:03]: the tap
[01:04]: by at least two to three inches do that
[01:08]: okay so sometimes you'll have little
[01:11]: bits of the
[01:14]: skin i don't know what that's called of
[01:17]: the bean
[01:18]: that gets separated and will float to
[01:21]: the top
[01:22]: but i don't see any of that there and
[01:24]: usually you would
[01:25]: take that off as well just sort of pull
[01:27]: that out with a with a strainer if you
[01:29]: want to
[01:30]: but i don't see any of that so really
[01:33]: we're just going to let this soak
[01:35]: overnight i also
[01:37]: i think i forgot to tell you but this is
[01:38]: from tanya holland's brown sugar kitchen
[01:40]: cookbook
[01:42]: so we'll be back tomorrow to actually
[01:44]: cook
[01:45]: these beans okay so my beans have
[01:48]: been soaking overnight and i have
[01:50]: drained them
[01:51]: and rinsed them now
[01:55]: she says to cook this in a a large soup
[01:59]: pot
[01:60]: but i checked the instructions and later
[02:03]: i have to
[02:03]: drain the beans but reserve the cooking
[02:05]: liquid
[02:06]: so i am cooking them in my uh
[02:09]: pasta pot which has that strainer built
[02:12]: in
[02:13]: so hopefully that'll work out really
[02:15]: well for me instead of having to sort of
[02:19]: pour hot liquid through something but
[02:21]: save the hot liquid anyway i think this
[02:23]: is a good idea
[02:25]: this step we're just trying to cook the
[02:27]: beans
[02:28]: until they are tender and we're not
[02:31]: going to add any
[02:32]: salt to this because that's something
[02:34]: that could make it hard for the beans to
[02:36]: get
[02:37]: tender so what we are adding though
[02:40]: is a smoked ham hock a small one
[02:44]: um we're adding some
[02:48]: garlic just peeled don't have to worry
[02:50]: about that
[02:51]: and then some a quartered yellow
[02:54]: onion half so half of this
[02:57]: it goes in now and the other half we
[03:01]: dice and use later so
[03:04]: all i'm gonna do with this right now is
[03:06]: cover it with
[03:08]: cold water again uh by at least
[03:12]: an inch i'm gonna bring it up to a boil
[03:14]: and i'm gonna simmer it for
[03:16]: about an hour she says or until they're
[03:18]: tender now you want them tender
[03:20]: but not really mushy and falling apart
[03:23]: right because you
[03:23]: you don't want mushy super mushy
[03:27]: baked bean you don't want baked bean
[03:28]: mush right so
[03:31]: that's our goal here and i'll show you
[03:33]: what it looks like when they're nice and
[03:34]: tender
[03:35]: so i've got my beans simmering here i've
[03:38]: got a timer on those
[03:39]: they won't be done for a while but i'm
[03:41]: going to go ahead and make the sauce
[03:43]: that you add these to when they are done
[03:47]: just because that'll take a little while
[03:48]: and let's just go ahead and get it done
[03:50]: so i have some regular bacon
[03:54]: that i have diced up and i've got my pan
[03:57]: here that i'm going to put on i think
[03:60]: medium let me
[04:00]: check real quick she doesn't say what
[04:04]: temperature
[04:04]: i'm going to put it on medium and then
[04:08]: we're going to add to that the rest of
[04:12]: the onion
[04:13]: that we used in the beans there
[04:16]: but this is diced i didn't make a
[04:19]: particularly small
[04:20]: or particularly large dice just kind of
[04:22]: medium
[04:23]: and we're going to cook these until the
[04:25]: bacon has sort of rendered its fat
[04:27]: and the onions are translucent she says
[04:30]: five minutes i think it's going to take
[04:31]: longer than that
[04:32]: but we'll see i think this has been
[04:36]: going for
[04:39]: seven minutes-ish and my bacon fat is
[04:43]: rendering and my onions are
[04:45]: are starting to get translucent but i
[04:46]: want them to be cooked a little bit more
[04:48]: because we're not going to
[04:50]: cook this much um on the stove it's
[04:53]: going to be baked for a while but
[04:55]: i think yeah i think
[04:59]: we're going to cook it a few more
[04:60]: minutes and then we'll call it good
[05:02]: okay went for about two more minutes and
[05:05]: i'm going to call it
[05:06]: good for now um let's see
[05:11]: it doesn't say what temperature to keep
[05:13]: it at now even so
[05:15]: i'm going to leave it i turned it up to
[05:17]: a little bit above medium earlier but
[05:19]: now we're going to add the rest of our
[05:20]: ingredients um these are
[05:22]: diced tomatoes just a can of diced
[05:24]: tomatoes
[05:26]: with all of its juices goes in
[05:31]: and then we have some just plain ketchup
[05:39]: which i'm going to put in here and then
[05:41]: i'm going to use this
[05:43]: also to measure my next ingredient
[05:47]: which sadly i thought i had some
[05:50]: molasses
[05:51]: but i could not find them so if i have
[05:54]: them
[05:55]: i don't know where they are but
[05:58]: i do have some sorghum which is very
[06:01]: similar
[06:03]: this is supposedly a little bit more
[06:07]: sweet than molasses and they suggest
[06:09]: reducing
[06:11]: it by a third so
[06:14]: luckily that's pretty easy with this
[06:15]: recipe so i'm not going to be using the
[06:17]: full amount
[06:18]: that it calls for of molasses um
[06:21]: in sorghum but i'm going to be using
[06:23]: sorghum instead of molasses
[06:26]: i'm just going to put that in
[06:32]: all right let me
[06:36]: make a little room over here
[06:40]: okay i'm trying to use the same
[06:43]: sets uh set of uh
[06:46]: measuring spoons for both dry and wet so
[06:48]: i'm gonna try to do all of my dry
[06:50]: ingredients first and hope i don't mess
[06:52]: up that way
[06:53]: so i'm gonna do oh yeah i need some salt
[06:57]: obviously some kosher salt
[07:03]: [Music]
[07:04]: and some pepper i'm not going to measure
[07:06]: it
[07:08]: she doesn't call for that much
[07:13]: that should be good see and now i need
[07:16]: some
[07:17]: dry mustard
[07:20]: i have colemans here
[07:25]: but you can buy just mustard powder
[07:31]: other brands or just plain
[07:34]: i have a little bit of cayenne pepper as
[07:36]: well which means i have to take the
[07:39]: lid off
[07:45]: there we go i did that right because i
[07:48]: really didn't want to get the cayenne
[07:50]: pepper into my almonds for our mustard
[07:55]: there we go let's see
[07:58]: i have some brown sugar already measured
[08:02]: so there's both um molasses or sorghum
[08:06]: and
[08:06]: brown sugar in this
[08:12]: and then let's see i've got my salt
[08:15]: black everything
[08:16]: yeah uh so we need some worcestershire
[08:20]: sauce
[08:22]: there we go worcestershire
[08:23]: [Music]
[08:25]: and some she calls for tabasco i have
[08:29]: this hot sauce that i'm
[08:30]: trying to use up i don't know what brand
[08:34]: it is but it is a similar
[08:36]: type of hot sauce to to tabasco so i'm
[08:39]: just going to use that
[08:41]: and making sure yep that is how much it
[08:43]: costs for
[08:46]: so we're going to simmer this
[08:50]: we've sort of brought it up to a boil
[08:52]: already while we've been putting
[08:53]: everything in here we're gonna simmer
[08:55]: this
[08:55]: for five minutes and then it'll be done
[08:58]: so
[09:00]: uh we're just gonna simmer it for five
[09:02]: minutes and we'll be back when we
[09:03]: combine everything
[09:07]: our timer went off for our beans a
[09:08]: little while ago and i took
[09:10]: the ham hock out here because we're
[09:13]: supposed to
[09:14]: um pull whatever meat we can off of this
[09:17]: and add it back in
[09:18]: uh but i wanted to let it cool off a
[09:20]: little bit first so we're going
[09:22]: to the my beans are just tender they're
[09:25]: um
[09:26]: they're not where you want to eat them
[09:27]: yet but we're going to bake them in the
[09:29]: oven for like two hours so
[09:31]: that'll be fine so i'm going to pull
[09:33]: these out
[09:39]: and drain them and i need to reserve
[09:41]: that water because i might
[09:42]: i'm going to need some of it at least
[09:48]: there we go
[09:53]: there we go and now
[09:57]: i'm gonna just pick out the onion
[10:01]: and the garlic this is
[10:04]: a difficult maneuver at this point just
[10:07]: because they're so
[10:10]: um soft
[10:14]: it all separates but
[10:17]: pick out as much as i can i'm sure it'll
[10:20]: be fine
[10:22]: i'm going to go ahead and pour this into
[10:25]: a baking dish
[10:26]: you guys aren't going to be able to see
[10:28]: right now but i'll move it
[10:34]: there we go so now i'm just going to add
[10:37]: this sauce
[10:40]: all of it just right in here i'm going
[10:44]: to see if i can
[10:45]: pick the bits of
[10:49]: it's very hot pork off of here i feel
[10:52]: like it was not
[10:55]: it's really hot i feel like it was not
[10:57]: cooked long enough for it really to be
[10:59]: fall off the bone and there's not a
[11:02]: whole lot of meat on here
[11:04]: yeah i'm gonna let that cool longer
[11:08]: and maybe add it in a little bit later
[11:10]: we're also
[11:11]: have an optional ingredient of
[11:15]: some cooked pork like pulled pork
[11:19]: which we don't have ready yet so
[11:22]: uh i might add that in a little bit
[11:24]: later you're supposed to add it at this
[11:25]: stage but i just don't have all that
[11:27]: ready yet and i'm not that's too hot
[11:29]: i'm gonna let that cool um so we're
[11:31]: gonna cook it for a little while and
[11:32]: then we'll stir that stuff in and
[11:34]: that'll be fine
[11:35]: so now we're going to
[11:38]: gently stir this together
[11:53]: and then we'll moisten it with some of
[11:55]: the bean liquid if we need to
[11:59]: i feel like this is pretty moist right
[12:02]: now
[12:02]: i might need to add some later so i'm
[12:04]: just going to leave this on the stove as
[12:06]: is and use it if i feel i need to when i
[12:09]: add the rest
[12:10]: of the stuff so we're going to
[12:14]: bake this in the oven i don't think she
[12:17]: says to cover it
[12:18]: let me verify again she does say to
[12:21]: cover this with aluminum foil so
[12:24]: i feel like this is pretty moist i might
[12:27]: add a little bit of this
[12:28]: cooking liquid
[12:32]: just because it's
[12:35]: not looking moist all the way through
[12:39]: those beans will still need to absorb
[12:42]: some liquid so
[12:44]: all right cover this with aluminum foil
[12:46]: and then we're gonna bake it for about
[12:48]: two hours i'm gonna check it after an
[12:49]: hour uh just
[12:51]: to be sure um
[12:54]: just to be sure that it's done and
[12:56]: probably
[12:58]: hopefully our pork will be done at that
[12:59]: point and we'll add that all right
[13:01]: see you then so this is what it looks
[13:04]: like after about an hour
[13:07]: dumping in the bits of ham
[13:11]: from the ham hock and i'm going to stir
[13:13]: this up gently and probably add a little
[13:16]: more
[13:17]: of the liquid just to keep it moist
[13:19]: because we have another hour to go
[13:21]: and our pulled pork isn't done yet so
[13:23]: we're not adding that right now but
[13:24]: we'll probably add it
[13:25]: um before we eat it'll be fine
[13:35]: on this episode of cooking the books
[13:36]: with heather you watched me make
[13:37]: barbecue baked beans from tonya
[13:39]: holland's brown sugar kitchen cookbook
[13:42]: and i thought these beans had a really
[13:44]: great flavor
[13:46]: but mine were really dry and i feel like
[13:49]: that was entirely my fault
[13:51]: um because i should have put more of the
[13:55]: bean
[13:56]: cooking liquid in the baked beans when i
[13:59]: made them
[14:01]: um baked beans aren't really
[14:04]: a thing that i make from scratch all
[14:06]: that often and even
[14:08]: my backseat chef was like no it doesn't
[14:10]: need any more it doesn't need anymore
[14:11]: and then
[14:12]: after an hour when i had oh i just
[14:15]: remember something anyway
[14:16]: after an hour when i had uh when i
[14:19]: checked it and i even added a little bit
[14:21]: more
[14:22]: um it still was kind of dry at the end
[14:24]: so when i reheat
[14:25]: what we have left over i'm planning to
[14:26]: add just some more water since i'd
[14:28]: already gotten rid of all the bean
[14:30]: cooking liquid when i decided that it
[14:31]: was too
[14:32]: uh too dry i'll just add some water
[14:36]: when i reheat this on the stove in a
[14:39]: just a saucepan
[14:41]: um and we'll see how that goes if i if i
[14:44]: like it better the flavor was really
[14:45]: good
[14:46]: it was just what i look for in a flavor
[14:49]: of a baked bean
[14:50]: so the only thing i would change is for
[14:53]: me to add more of that cooking liquid
[14:56]: and that's just something that is
[14:58]: probably going to be a little bit
[14:59]: different depending on the age of your
[15:00]: beans and how well they're cooked in the
[15:02]: first step
[15:03]: and all of that and we also held them at
[15:06]: a
[15:06]: sort of warm temp for a while
[15:09]: while we waited for the rest of our meal
[15:11]: to be done and in fact i forgot to add
[15:14]: some diced cooked pork that i was going
[15:16]: to because
[15:17]: things just kind of got crazy at the end
[15:19]: there so
[15:21]: maybe i will add some of our leftover
[15:23]: pork when i reheat it and we'll see what
[15:25]: we
[15:26]: what we think about it at that point but
[15:28]: uh these were
[15:29]: again really easy don't really need
[15:31]: anything the only thing is you have to
[15:33]: remember to sort of
[15:35]: soak those beans ahead of time and it
[15:37]: takes sort of it takes
[15:39]: quite a bit of time just cook those
[15:41]: beans from dry and then to make the
[15:42]: baked bean flavor
[15:44]: imbue that in them but it's not really
[15:46]: hands on time and all of that is
[15:48]: pretty simple so uh if you want to make
[15:51]: baked beans from scratch and you haven't
[15:53]: before you should try this recipe
[15:55]: just remember to add more of that liquid
[15:59]: and i think you would probably prefer it
[16:00]: unless you prefer a drier
[16:02]: baked bean people like all sorts of
[16:05]: different things
[16:07]: so if you enjoyed watching me make this
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