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Apple Bundt Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze

Brown Sugar Kitchen

I was looking for a good apple cake recipe, and was so glad I found this one! It's lightly spiced with cinnamon, chock full of apple pieces, and has walnuts added for crunch. Even with a failure on the glaze, it was still delicious.

You can find this recipe here:

Serving Size1/12 of cake
Carbohydrates82g (54g sugar, 3g fiber)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather today
[00:09]: i was so i got some granny smith apples
[00:12]: in my produce box and i really wanted an
[00:15]: apple cake
[00:16]: um so i was looking online for some
[00:18]: recipes and then i decided to look
[00:19]: through the books that i was that i've
[00:21]: been cooking from for this channel
[00:23]: and found apple bundt cake with brown
[00:26]: sugar glaze from tonya holland's brown
[00:28]: sugar kitchen
[00:30]: cookbook and i decided that would be
[00:31]: absolutely perfect it seems like a
[00:33]: relatively simple recipe
[00:34]: makes a huge cake but that's that's cool
[00:36]: i'm sure it freezes well
[00:38]: most most bundt cakes do most pound
[00:40]: cakes do
[00:41]: um so i'm really excited
[00:44]: to so we're going to go ahead and get
[00:46]: started with this um
[00:48]: so i have my bundt cake pan i don't know
[00:51]: exactly how big this is she says a 12
[00:53]: cup uh 2.8 liter bundt
[00:56]: pan but this is the largest one i have
[00:58]: and we're gonna just hope it's okay
[01:02]: um so i have a few little knobs of
[01:04]: butter in here
[01:05]: and i'm just going to we're preparing
[01:07]: this so that the
[01:08]: um so that the cake doesn't stick
[01:11]: and i'm just going to rub
[01:15]: the butter all over the inside
[01:18]: it was cold so you know as it melts it
[01:20]: will
[01:22]: rub a little bit better so we're going
[01:26]: to butter and flour this
[01:28]: and if you've never done this it's
[01:29]: really easy you can use
[01:31]: um a paper towel if you prefer
[01:34]: but i'd just rather use my fingers and
[01:37]: wash my hands when i'm done
[01:42]: i'm just going to get all covered
[01:44]: including this center
[01:46]: ring
[01:50]: that's the only thing that makes it more
[01:51]: difficult for buttering and flouring a
[01:54]: bundt pan is that it has that center
[01:56]: ring
[01:58]: that a normal cake pan doesn't but it
[02:02]: helps
[02:02]: the cake cook better so the middle isn't
[02:06]: outside it's not overdone while the
[02:08]: middle is underdone
[02:11]: all right got a nice thick layer
[02:14]: of unsalted butter there
[02:18]: i'm gonna wash my hands and be right
[02:21]: back
[02:22]: so i just put a sort of large spoonful i
[02:25]: didn't measure it of all-purpose flour
[02:27]: on here and i'm just going to
[02:30]: uh try to cover all of my butter with
[02:34]: this flour
[02:35]: uh not too thickly
[02:39]: so um i usually do this over the sink
[02:43]: since i'm trying to show you guys
[02:46]: although it's not probably not doing
[02:47]: that well
[02:49]: um yeah i'm gonna continue doing this
[02:51]: over the sink and make sure
[02:53]: you get all the way to the edges and all
[02:55]: the way up to the top
[02:58]: cover up your butter with the flour and
[02:60]: then i just dump the rest of the flour
[03:01]: in the sink and wash it down
[03:04]: so this is our prepared pan you can see
[03:06]: i kind of missed a few spots
[03:08]: it'll be fine just i don't want too much
[03:11]: flour on there because it'll sort of be
[03:13]: on the outside
[03:14]: of the cake and although we're going to
[03:16]: glaze it so that will help but uh
[03:18]: yeah this should be good i'm gonna put
[03:20]: this aside while we finish making our
[03:21]: cake
[03:22]: okay so now i'm actually ready to make
[03:24]: the batter for my cake i have
[03:27]: the flour already measured out in this
[03:30]: bowl
[03:31]: and it's kind of a small bowl for what
[03:33]: i'm about to do but i'm going to be very
[03:35]: careful and hopefully it'll be all right
[03:37]: so i need to whisk together the flour
[03:40]: with some baking soda and some cinnamon
[03:45]: so
[03:48]: there we go and i've got a teeny tiny
[03:50]: little whisk because my sort of
[03:51]: medium-sized whisk is
[03:53]: dirty so i'm just gonna get that all
[03:56]: whisked together
[03:57]: whisking it helps um incorporate it
[04:01]: together obviously but also helps
[04:04]: aerate your flour a little bit instead
[04:06]: of sifting it
[04:07]: and
[04:10]: making sure there are no lumps in your
[04:13]: flour
[04:13]: and so whisk that as well as i could
[04:17]: not too messy really good um
[04:21]: and now i have my stand mixer with the
[04:23]: paddle attachment
[04:25]: um and we're going to start with
[04:29]: eggs sugar oil and salt
[04:33]: so first i'm going to crack the eggs in
[04:35]: here
[04:41]: all my eggs are in there i'm going to
[04:43]: add the
[04:44]: sugar this is just plain white
[04:48]: granulated sugar
[04:53]: a little bit of kosher salt
[04:56]: and i'm gonna get these mixed up
[04:57]: together before i add the oil
[05:01]: excuse my dog
[05:04]: okay and now i've got just plain
[05:07]: vegetable oil i was really tempted
[05:10]: to switch this out for melted and cooled
[05:13]: butter
[05:13]: because that's normally what i would do
[05:16]: but
[05:17]: to be as faithful to the recipe as
[05:20]: possible
[05:21]: i'm going to use the vegetable oil i
[05:23]: actually have happened to have grape
[05:24]: seed oil which is
[05:26]: i don't keep much different vegetable
[05:28]: oils on hand but i do use grape seed oil
[05:30]: and sometimes avocado oil but they're
[05:31]: all
[05:32]: it's a very neutral flavor and which is
[05:34]: what you're looking for here so i'm
[05:36]: going to
[05:37]: stir this in
[05:40]: [Applause]
[05:42]: i think that's pretty well combined she
[05:43]: said on medium speed
[05:45]: now we're going to reduce it to low add
[05:49]: add our flour mixture i'm going to add
[05:51]: it sort of a little bit at a time she
[05:52]: doesn't really
[05:53]: say that but that's what i'm going to do
[05:55]: because i don't want it to all
[05:57]: puff up um just going to add it until we
[05:59]: have it all
[06:00]: on a really low speed and just mix it
[06:03]: until it's completely moistened
[06:09]: okay this is a much
[06:12]: thicker dough than i was expecting but
[06:16]: didn't miss anything there's no other
[06:18]: liquid ingredients but usually a
[06:20]: like a pound cake is sort of a a um
[06:23]: a thicker dough than most cakes anyway
[06:27]: i'm not worried about a little bit of
[06:30]: a flour that's not completely mixed in
[06:33]: right now or that i'm knocking into it
[06:35]: from the
[06:35]: mixer because i still have a few things
[06:39]: to add
[06:40]: to this dough that i'm going to mix in
[06:43]: by hand
[06:44]: now that i've made a nice mess on my
[06:46]: work surface
[06:48]: oh well um i'm ready to
[06:52]: man this is a thick batter anyway i'm
[06:55]: ready to
[06:56]: fold in my apples so these are granny
[06:59]: smith apples as i said i had those i
[07:01]: wanted to use up
[07:03]: i have peeled them cut the core out and
[07:06]: small diced them it doesn't really give
[07:09]: an indication of what a small dice is so
[07:11]: really that's up to you
[07:12]: but you can see sort of my
[07:15]: interpretation
[07:18]: less than half an inch maybe
[07:22]: and we have some
[07:25]: toasted walnuts now in her book she has
[07:27]: a method for toasting walnuts she does
[07:29]: it in a dry pan on the stove which is
[07:31]: absolutely fine and works great since my
[07:34]: oven was already on and i was going to
[07:36]: have to dirty up a pan anyway i just
[07:38]: used
[07:40]: the oven to do it about 10 minutes on
[07:43]: 350.
[07:44]: and they smelled great and were not
[07:46]: burned
[07:47]: and then i coarsely chopped them so now
[07:51]: we're going to mix these into
[07:54]: this very thick dough
[07:58]: by hand
[08:02]: try not to lose it
[08:06]: i might need to actually okay she says
[08:08]: to use a wooden spoon
[08:09]: i think i might actually have to get a
[08:10]: wooden spoon i was going to use mine
[08:13]: silicone spatula it's not working very
[08:15]: well
[08:17]: but this makes sense as to why you need
[08:19]: a wooden spoon because it is
[08:22]: a very thick dough
[08:29]: i guess it's supposed to cake batter
[08:31]: usually but
[08:32]: this is much more like a cookie dough in
[08:35]: my opinion
[08:47]: let's take some muscle as good as i'm
[08:50]: gonna get
[08:51]: um so now i'm going to spoon it into my
[08:54]: prepared pan all right
[08:58]: so i've got my pan here and i'm just
[09:01]: going to
[09:04]: spoon it
[09:12]: very stiff
[09:16]: okay so that is all of my dough which
[09:19]: means this pan will probably be just
[09:21]: fine
[09:22]: um i'm just gonna
[09:26]: try to make sure it's relatively even
[09:29]: and push
[09:29]: down and not you know since it was so
[09:31]: thick that it wasn't
[09:34]: it's not too much weighted on one side
[09:38]: and that is it so i've got my oven
[09:40]: preheated
[09:41]: to 350 degrees as she says
[09:45]: and i'm going to put it in the oven for
[09:48]: she says 60 to 75 minutes um
[09:52]: so i'm going to take it out at 60
[09:54]: minutes and then we'll you do the
[09:55]: toothpick test
[09:56]: make sure it comes out clean and
[09:59]: if it doesn't we'll put it in for a
[10:02]: little bit longer but i can't wait to
[10:04]: see what this looks like when it's done
[10:06]: um you do have to put the glaze on this
[10:10]: while it's still warm but i'm going to
[10:12]: go ahead and
[10:14]: bake it before i do the glaze so i don't
[10:16]: over reduce it or
[10:17]: it doesn't weird things don't happen so
[10:20]: i'll make the glaze as soon as this
[10:22]: comes out of the oven and uh
[10:25]: we'll see you when that happens cake has
[10:27]: been in the oven
[10:28]: for the full 75 minutes at this point
[10:31]: because and i tested it at 60 and i
[10:32]: tested it 70. i think it'll be fine now
[10:35]: we're just gonna put a toothpick pick in
[10:39]: and it comes out pretty clean a few
[10:42]: little crumbs
[10:43]: that's it i think we're good um
[10:46]: we have to let this sit for 15 minutes
[10:50]: on a cooling rack before we turn it out
[10:54]: so i'm gonna put this on my cooling rack
[10:57]: and set a timer for 15 minutes
[10:59]: so now all we have to do is make our
[11:02]: brown sugar glaze this is only supposed
[11:04]: to take
[11:04]: about five minutes of boiling but it'll
[11:06]: take a little while to get boiling etc
[11:08]: etc
[11:10]: but we need to put this on the cake
[11:12]: while it's still warm so we're going to
[11:13]: do this now i've got
[11:15]: light brown sugar already measured
[11:19]: i have a lot of
[11:23]: unsalted butter
[11:36]: and then just a little bit of whole milk
[11:42]: there we go so what i'm gonna do is put
[11:44]: this on
[11:45]: um high heat bring it to a boil
[11:48]: and cook it for five minutes
[11:52]: uh at that point the sugar should be
[11:53]: completely dissolved and we'll have our
[11:55]: glaze
[11:56]: so we'll see you in about
[11:60]: 15 minutes when our glaze should be done
[12:03]: and our
[12:03]: cake should be done cooling well
[12:07]: partially cooling i just wanted to show
[12:10]: you guys what this looks like it
[12:11]: boiled pretty well the whole time
[12:14]: um kind of felt like i was making fudge
[12:18]: so it's very thick at this point
[12:22]: i'm letting it cool off just a little
[12:24]: bit but then i'm going to keep it
[12:26]: on my burner on very low
[12:29]: heat just so it doesn't i don't know
[12:33]: cool off too much and become unpourable
[12:35]: it kind of started smelling like it was
[12:37]: like the sugar was burning with it on
[12:39]: high heat
[12:40]: so um yeah i i think i cooked it a
[12:44]: little bit
[12:45]: less than five minutes but
[12:48]: hopefully we will be good i'm gonna go
[12:49]: put it on the low heat now that it's
[12:51]: sort of calmed down and
[12:53]: isn't boiling anymore and we'll be right
[12:56]: back to
[12:57]: turn out the cake
[13:00]: now we're ready to turn this out onto
[13:03]: the rack
[13:04]: i'm going to just kind of check and make
[13:06]: sure she says to sort of run a knife
[13:08]: around it
[13:09]: and i think that i don't see any places
[13:12]: where it is super stuck so i think
[13:16]: it's gonna come out okay we're gonna
[13:18]: keep our fingers crossed on that one
[13:20]: so we're going to put our rack upside
[13:24]: down
[13:25]: i've got a baking tray with parchment
[13:27]: paper here because we're going to pour
[13:29]: the glaze over it and it'll just help
[13:30]: keep the glaze from
[13:32]: just being all over our rack or all over
[13:36]: our tray
[13:37]: i'm gonna turn this over oh
[13:40]: maybe not
[13:44]: gotta do it this way
[13:50]: there we go there we go
[13:55]: well it hasn't slid out yet so
[14:02]: this is awesome that was awkward but
[14:06]: here we are
[14:10]: yay but yay our cake came out
[14:16]: all right i'm gonna heat up my glaze
[14:18]: just a little bit because it started
[14:19]: getting um
[14:20]: crystally because it's just not
[14:23]: as warm as i think it was when it first
[14:26]: came out
[14:27]: um but we're gonna heat that up just a
[14:28]: little bit and then spoon
[14:31]: it over here over our cake while it's
[14:33]: still warm
[14:35]: and then we're gonna let it cool
[14:36]: completely so
[14:38]: all right we're just gonna do take care
[14:40]: of this as it is i added a little bit of
[14:42]: water to try and
[14:44]: um get the oil to stop separating which
[14:49]: is probably not a great idea
[14:50]: anyway so i'm just going to spoon this
[14:53]: over
[14:55]: while it's nice and warm i think if i
[14:57]: had to do this
[14:58]: again i would wait
[15:02]: and make my glaze after i turned out
[15:05]: my cake so it would not sit here
[15:09]: for so long because it got very very
[15:12]: grainy
[15:15]: i think i cooked it just a bit too long
[15:17]: at first so that was not helpful
[15:21]: so glaze maybe didn't turn out great
[15:26]: it's not very glazy
[15:29]: but
[15:36]: that is all of it
[15:40]: and i'll see if i can make it look a
[15:44]: little bit better
[15:45]: and we'll show you what it looks like
[15:46]: and tell you what it tastes like after
[15:53]: this
[15:56]: on this episode of cooking the books
[15:58]: with heather you watched me make the
[15:59]: apple bundt cake with brown sugar glaze
[16:02]: from
[16:03]: uh tonya holland's brown sugar kitchen
[16:05]: cookbook
[16:06]: and um first off i had a complete
[16:09]: failure with the
[16:11]: actual glaze it got way too uh
[16:14]: it got grainy i don't know if it was
[16:18]: the timing because i made it probably
[16:20]: too early
[16:21]: or if it was just that i overcooked it
[16:24]: so i would i would
[16:25]: try that again in a different way next
[16:28]: time
[16:29]: but the cake itself was delicious it was
[16:31]: a very lightly spiced cake so it wasn't
[16:34]: super heavy cinnamon or
[16:36]: or whatever was the other thing in there
[16:39]: yeah just cinnamon so it wasn't a
[16:40]: super heavy cinnamon flavor it wasn't
[16:43]: like a spice cake it was full of apples
[16:47]: and it was
[16:48]: really really delicious and in fact
[16:51]: while i didn't think we would my family
[16:54]: did
[16:56]: completely destroy the cake in just a
[16:58]: few days and
[16:59]: ate all of it so it got
[17:03]: thumbs up from everybody here
[17:06]: so yeah if you like apples
[17:10]: you like a spice cake this would be a
[17:13]: great recipe to try
[17:16]: and let me know if you try it and
[17:20]: if you maybe don't have such a fail with
[17:22]: the brown sugar glaze
[17:24]: um happy to hear any tips
[17:28]: below if you enjoyed watching me make
[17:30]: this please give me a thumbs up
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