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Jam Tarts

Outlander Kitchen

It is strawberry season here in North Carolina again, and the whole family is excited about all things strawberry! But the best thing about this recipe is, you could make it ANY time of the year, since it uses jam (and ONLY jam) for the filling. You can make this with any sort of jam you prefer, but we used the Fraser Strawberry Jam ( that we made for the channel a few weeks ago, as suggested in this recipe in Outlander Kitchen.

Some pie crust (like the Short Crust Pastry we made last week, and some jam is all it takes to make these cute, hand-held desserts that are perfect for a party; no need for a fork! If you want to get fancy, garnish with some fresh fruit and whipped cream. I used a mini tart pan, but I think the results would be just as good with a plain ol' muffin tin.


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather today we are going to be
[00:08]: working once again from outlander
[00:10]: kitchen
[00:11]: theresa carl sanders
[00:13]: cookbook about
[00:15]: everything outlander all sorts of
[00:16]: different um recipes either from places
[00:20]: that they've been
[00:21]: uh
[00:22]: or even just
[00:24]: sort of whimsical
[00:26]: uh
[00:27]: takes on
[00:29]: potential
[00:30]: recipes from outlander so
[00:33]: um but today what we're going to be
[00:35]: doing is we're going to be combining
[00:38]: our previous two recipes
[00:41]: to make a new one but that's it it's
[00:43]: really mostly in
[00:46]: most of the work is in the other two
[00:47]: recipes and as you can see here i have
[00:50]: pie dough this is a half recipe of the
[00:52]: short crust pastry and i'll link the
[00:55]: video up here
[00:57]: and we stopped at this point for that
[00:59]: video
[01:01]: because everything else after rolling it
[01:03]: out or even rolling it out really is
[01:06]: um
[01:07]: part of
[01:09]: the recipe that you use
[01:11]: the dough for
[01:13]: so
[01:14]: this is supposed to be uh an eighth of
[01:17]: an inch thick
[01:20]: it's pretty thin i hope it's i hope it's
[01:22]: right
[01:23]: we'll see
[01:24]: um
[01:25]: and oh did i even say we're making jam
[01:28]: tarts so we're going to be using this
[01:30]: short crust pastry
[01:32]: and we're going to be using our fraser
[01:34]: strawberry jam that we made
[01:37]: and really those are the only two
[01:39]: ingredients we're probably gonna uh
[01:42]: take her q and put some
[01:44]: sliced strawberries on top just to make
[01:46]: it beautiful right before we serve it
[01:48]: but uh but that that's it is
[01:52]: recipe
[01:53]: recipe
[01:55]: that that's it that's the uh short crust
[01:57]: pastry and the jam and then you make
[01:60]: tarts
[02:02]: now rolled out my dough
[02:04]: eighth of an inch thick got my oven
[02:06]: heating to 375 degrees
[02:09]: with a with a rack in the middle
[02:13]: and i bought this cute mini tart pan
[02:17]: so
[02:18]: because i kind of liked the fluted edges
[02:20]: and we'll see if that even makes a
[02:22]: difference the way these these are made
[02:24]: but um i thought it was cute and i
[02:26]: wanted it so i bought it
[02:28]: but you can just do these in a regular
[02:30]: muffin tin as well
[02:33]: no problem
[02:34]: um and
[02:35]: it's and it's supposed to make 12. so
[02:39]: this is supposed to be a four inch round
[02:42]: cutter this is about three and a half so
[02:45]: hopefully
[02:47]: that'll be okay
[02:48]: but i'm supposed to now
[02:52]: cut out twelve
[02:58]: [Music]
[03:03]: nine without having to re-roll i should
[03:05]: be able to get all of them
[03:07]: so it does not say
[03:10]: that i need to
[03:12]: um put any butter or anything in this it
[03:14]: is a non-stick pan so
[03:17]: hopefully they will come out well
[03:20]: um
[03:20]: [Music]
[03:22]: i'm going to go ahead and
[03:24]: get all of my rounds cut out so that i
[03:27]: can show you better
[03:29]: all right so now i'm i don't want to
[03:31]: work overwork this but i do want to put
[03:34]: this back together
[03:38]: and kind of make it into
[03:40]: one dough
[03:41]: without
[03:43]: lots of extra
[03:47]: um
[03:49]: a little bit more of this
[03:52]: [Music]
[03:53]: i need i only need three more
[03:56]: but i do want it to be
[03:58]: them to be the right thickness so
[04:02]: you can
[04:04]: any of the leftover pastry that you have
[04:06]: you can
[04:09]: toss them with cinnamon sugar and bake
[04:10]: them
[04:13]: in any shape that you want really you
[04:15]: can make twists sort of long thin
[04:18]: twisted
[04:23]: shapes
[04:26]: and then
[04:35]: those are delicious little snacks for
[04:37]: the
[04:38]: the cook or the kids
[04:39]: while you wait for the
[04:41]: main
[04:44]: recipe
[04:45]: to finish because we're gonna have to
[04:47]: wait for these to cool before
[04:50]: we eat them because otherwise the jam
[04:52]: will be really hot and really liquid
[04:55]: all right so i'm gonna get
[04:59]: three more out of this one
[05:09]: there we go
[05:10]: all right
[05:13]: so these are our second
[05:16]: batch which will always be a little bit
[05:18]: more tough in my experience
[05:21]: at least with cookies so
[05:23]: uh we're just going to press this
[05:26]: down into
[05:29]: our tin
[05:33]: i'm going to remember that the ones on
[05:35]: this side
[05:37]: were the ones
[05:39]: it looks like the size is working out
[05:41]: fine for my tin so that's good
[05:46]: even though they're
[05:47]: a little bit
[05:49]: it's a little bit smaller than the
[05:50]: recipe calls for it'll be fine
[05:53]: it might shrink up a little bit but
[05:56]: i'm really just trying to make sure i
[05:58]: get my crust sort of down into the
[06:03]: corners
[06:08]: and she has hers sort of folded over
[06:10]: each other and that i'm sure is
[06:12]: absolutely fine but i'm kind of trying
[06:14]: to fix it
[06:15]: [Music]
[06:25]: so there we go
[06:27]: and there's one more step before we can
[06:29]: par-bake these
[06:31]: uh we are supposed to
[06:34]: prick these three or four times on the
[06:35]: bottom
[06:36]: uh with a fork before we bake them so
[06:39]: this is called
[06:41]: docking
[06:43]: it will help
[06:44]: let some of the air bubbles out so maybe
[06:47]: it won't make huge bubbles
[06:56]: which ones are filling won't all go in
[06:59]: so
[07:06]: all right
[07:10]: okay
[07:14]: all right
[07:15]: these go in the oven for she says uh
[07:17]: five minutes or
[07:22]: uh
[07:23]: until they're dry about five minutes so
[07:25]: i'll check on them in five minutes and
[07:28]: i'll be cleaning this up a little bit
[07:30]: while i wait
[07:31]: i just checked on mine
[07:33]: on my tart
[07:35]: crusts
[07:36]: they did not look dry they certainly
[07:38]: looked wet or at least the ones that
[07:40]: were
[07:42]: one of the first ones that i made so
[07:44]: those definitely looked wet so i set a
[07:47]: timer for another five minutes and i'll
[07:48]: let you know how long it takes for
[07:51]: mine to be done
[07:52]: so this has been
[07:56]: about 12 minutes
[07:59]: yeah
[08:00]: timer about to go off for
[08:02]: that was 13 minutes
[08:04]: so they've been in for about 12 minutes
[08:07]: um and the second batch
[08:09]: the second rolling um
[08:12]: seem to have puffed up way more it
[08:14]: doesn't look super dry you can kind of
[08:16]: see the buttery
[08:17]: melting there
[08:20]: but i've gone for double the length of
[08:22]: time so i'm going to call that good for
[08:24]: now these ones definitely look drier
[08:27]: than these ones so whatever
[08:29]: and now uh we've got our freezer
[08:31]: strawberry jam which has some
[08:33]: apples in it as well that was used for
[08:35]: the pectin
[08:37]: and
[08:38]: i'm just going to measure
[08:41]: in you can probably just you know put in
[08:44]: oops
[08:47]: put in as much as you know you don't
[08:49]: want to over fill it because you don't
[08:52]: want it to um bubble over and stick but
[08:56]: she says to put this amount in
[08:60]: it's two teaspoons so that's what i'm
[09:02]: going to measure unless it looks like it
[09:04]: cannot hold that much some of them are
[09:07]: really puffy
[09:09]: but i think that'll be okay
[09:11]: and uh this is just the leftover jar
[09:14]: that we had
[09:16]: in
[09:17]: the refrigerator
[09:20]: but i'm gonna have to open up one of our
[09:22]: other jars
[09:25]: go wash my hands
[09:27]: open a jar
[09:29]: so
[09:30]: if if your jam is
[09:32]: correctly
[09:34]: sealed you can take that off and it's
[09:35]: going to be really hard to get that off
[09:37]: but ace
[09:40]: usually this thing is
[09:42]: there we go very helpful
[09:45]: so there we go
[09:47]: um i'm going to try to keep using this
[09:49]: we'll see
[09:51]: see if this comes out a little bit
[09:53]: better
[10:03]: the room temperature jam comes out of my
[10:05]: spoon
[10:06]: a little bit better than the cold jam
[10:08]: but that's all right
[10:10]: either one will do
[10:13]: it won't take long for this to heat up
[10:18]: you can use any jam that you like
[10:21]: um
[10:21]: [Music]
[10:23]: but we strawberry is our favorite one
[10:25]: that all of our family
[10:27]: generally is okay with
[10:30]: [Music]
[10:37]: now
[10:39]: this one's going to go in the
[10:40]: refrigerator
[10:41]: and
[10:42]: these are going back in the oven for 12
[10:44]: to 15 minutes so i'll set a timer for 12
[10:46]: minutes but you want this to be all
[10:48]: bubbly and the edges to be brown
[10:51]: so hopefully
[10:52]: we didn't overcook it the first time and
[10:55]: uh
[10:56]: so it won't get
[10:58]: brown i don't know we'll see
[11:01]: okay
[11:02]: so this has been 12 minutes
[11:06]: and
[11:07]: uh the jam is starting to get bubbly in
[11:10]: most of them
[11:12]: and it is brown around the edges and so
[11:15]: because i
[11:17]: baked them a little bit longer the first
[11:19]: time and they look a lot like what she's
[11:21]: got in the book
[11:22]: i'm going to call this done at 12
[11:23]: minutes
[11:25]: we're going to let this cool
[11:28]: in the pan for 15 minutes
[11:30]: and then uh we're going to transfer them
[11:34]: to a wire rack to cool completely you do
[11:38]: not want to eat these really hot that
[11:40]: jam will burn your mouth and stick
[11:43]: i'm going to
[11:44]: enlist the help of
[11:47]: yeah it looks like they'll come out
[11:48]: easily of my small offset spatula
[11:52]: because these are really small but it
[11:54]: looks like everything turned out really
[11:55]: well
[11:58]: let's hope they're delicious
[11:59]: we'll show you what they look like when
[12:00]: they come out here and let you know what
[12:02]: we think of them in just a minute
[12:05]: [Music]
[12:13]: on this episode of cooking the books
[12:14]: with heather you watched me make jam
[12:17]: tarts from teresa carl sanders
[12:20]: outlander kitchen cookbook and we used
[12:23]: two other recipes and that was pretty
[12:25]: much it so we used
[12:27]: the short crust pastry
[12:29]: and the
[12:31]: fraser strawberry jam and we made
[12:33]: strawberry jam tarts
[12:38]: so that was really simple the other
[12:39]: recipes you know so like the strawberry
[12:41]: jam is
[12:43]: not inconsequential to make you could
[12:45]: use any sort you like and you could even
[12:47]: use store-bought it would be fine
[12:50]: um
[12:51]: so that was you know that's kind of meh
[12:54]: but then there's also the short cut
[12:56]: crust pastry which was not too difficult
[12:58]: and you put those two things together
[12:60]: and it made
[13:01]: a really gorgeous little uh
[13:04]: three or four bite dessert that you
[13:06]: could eat with your hands so it'd be
[13:07]: great for sort of like a finger food
[13:09]: party um you don't have to cut up the
[13:12]: tart into slices it's sort of individual
[13:15]: right there
[13:16]: the recipe as it is makes 12 but since
[13:19]: the short crust pastry you use half of
[13:21]: that recipe you could make 24
[13:24]: really easily if you've made both of
[13:26]: these recipes or if you have a
[13:28]: jar of jam and make the short crust
[13:30]: pastry
[13:31]: you don't need to buy
[13:33]: the the tart pan like i did you can just
[13:36]: put them in a muffin tin which i think
[13:38]: most people probably have already
[13:41]: i just thought it was
[13:43]: might be a little prettier i think once
[13:45]: i took them out
[13:46]: it wasn't really all that different than
[13:48]: if i had done it in a pie tin but you
[13:50]: know
[13:52]: made me feel better about it whatever
[13:54]: um
[13:55]: they cooked up in about the the amount
[13:58]: of time that she says um
[14:00]: about the amount of jam in the tarts
[14:03]: that she says everything worked really
[14:05]: well with this recipe and we really
[14:08]: enjoyed them and so
[14:10]: it's strawberry season and uh we really
[14:14]: enjoy strawberries so this was perfect
[14:17]: for us
[14:19]: so if you make these please let me know
[14:22]: what you think
[14:23]: and what kind of jam your favorite is in
[14:26]: the comments down below
[14:28]: and if you enjoyed watching me make this
[14:30]: give me a thumbs up hit the subscribe
[14:32]: button and come back and watch me make
[14:33]: something else next week
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