The author and cook, Heather

Toasted Coconut Cream Pie with Macadamia Nut Crust

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

Coconut pie is one of my husband's favorites, so he was a little surprised I hadn't made this for him before when we saw it in the Poole's cookbook...until he realized it was a coconut cream pie. For some reason, he just doesn't love coconut cream pie; his favorite is more of a chess pie, sometimes with pineapple included. (Sadly, we have yet to get a recipe for that pie from his family, though there's one at most holiday meals.)

This recipe packs in as much coconut flavor as possible, using no dairy aside from butter and the whipped cream topping, though you could easily substitute a coconut-based whipped topping and a butter alternative if you have problems with dairy. But it is not for the faint of heart if you start with a whole coconut, unless you are well-versed with dealing with one. I had...problems. If I had had coconut flakes to fall back on, I definitely would have given up on the fresh coconut after wrestling with it for a while. Without that bit, it's a much, much easier recipe.

Serving Size1/8 of pie, not including any whipped topping
Carbohydrates46g (5g fiber, 22g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather today we're going to be
[00:08]: working once again from ashley
[00:10]: christensen's pool's diner cookbook
[00:12]: and we're going to be making a toasted
[00:14]: coconut cream pie with macadamia nut
[00:17]: crust
[00:18]: i thought i was done with this book but
[00:20]: we were turning through it and my
[00:21]: husband saw this pie and said why
[00:23]: haven't you made this for me and
[00:26]: we had a thanksgiving potluck coming up
[00:29]: and i thought i'd make something for
[00:30]: that
[00:31]: and uh
[00:32]: his family likes coconut pretty well so
[00:37]: that's what we're gonna make
[00:38]: um a little
[00:42]: frustrated with this recipe already
[00:44]: mostly because
[00:46]: um
[00:47]: in the beginning it says that you'll
[00:49]: fold the coconut into the pie and then
[00:52]: later on
[00:53]: it's hard to figure out what you do with
[00:55]: that coconut in the end it's not in the
[00:57]: pie it's strained out of the whatever
[00:59]: whatever so
[01:03]: i'm going to try to
[01:05]: calm my frustration and just follow the
[01:07]: instructions and see what we can do
[01:10]: the first step is to make the crust now
[01:13]: this is a short bread crust so it's not
[01:16]: exactly like you know a standard pie
[01:18]: crust um
[01:20]: i've got everything i need almost laid
[01:22]: out here
[01:23]: uh so let's go ahead and get started
[01:25]: we're using a
[01:27]: um
[01:28]: food processor
[01:30]: and we're going to start
[01:31]: with some macadamia nuts
[01:34]: i found ones they called just natural
[01:36]: macadamia nuts i did not go for the
[01:38]: salted ones there is salt in this recipe
[01:41]: and i didn't want to have too much
[01:44]: um
[01:45]: if you can only find salted ones i would
[01:48]: use those and cut down the rest of the
[01:49]: salt in the recipe no big deal
[01:51]: i'm just going to put some of the flour
[01:54]: that i've already measured out in here
[01:59]: so we can get these nuts started to sort
[02:02]: of grind up
[02:04]: and we are going to uh pulse i think
[02:07]: pulse this
[02:09]: yep we're uh
[02:11]: just sort of pulsing it until
[02:14]: we get even sized crumbs
[02:17]: so
[02:22]: and i just hit on a knuckles
[02:28]: so this is not
[02:29]: no we're not completely done with this
[02:31]: but they look pretty
[02:33]: evenly sized pretty small but not tiny
[02:37]: i'm going to call this good
[02:39]: and now we're going to add the rest of
[02:41]: our flour
[02:45]: and we have some
[02:47]: sugar this is just plain granulated
[02:49]: sugar so this is going to be a sweeter
[02:51]: crust than usual
[02:54]: and we're going to pulse this together
[02:55]: just to combine it
[02:58]: that seems good
[03:01]: and now
[03:04]: we're going to add
[03:06]: the salt that i mentioned previously
[03:07]: this is sea salt and i chose some fine
[03:11]: sea salt which is what i usually choose
[03:13]: when i'm going for sort of a
[03:16]: baked good i kind of like i usually like
[03:18]: the finer crystals depends on the
[03:20]: product i'm looking for but
[03:22]: um
[03:24]: so i put my salt in
[03:26]: here and now i'm gonna add my unsalted
[03:29]: butter that i've cut into one half inch
[03:32]: cubes i think i've shown you how i
[03:34]: usually do that with a stick before
[03:36]: and i've kept it in the refrigerator so
[03:38]: it's cold so it will um
[03:40]: sort of become pieces instead of all
[03:43]: mushing together
[03:44]: and we're again going to pulse until the
[03:47]: butter forms pea sized pieces so
[03:52]: okay i'm going to call that good it was
[03:54]: like 15 pulses so 10 to 15 is probably
[03:57]: good
[03:59]: and now
[04:00]: we're gonna deal with the last
[04:03]: three ingredients be right back
[04:06]: so i need
[04:07]: an egg yolk so i'm gonna go ahead and
[04:10]: crack
[04:11]: my egg
[04:17]: i'm gonna leave my white
[04:19]: in
[04:20]: this bowl
[04:25]: and
[04:27]: probably cook it up for my dog later put
[04:30]: my yolk in that bowl
[04:32]: we don't need
[04:33]: this for what we're doing right now so
[04:36]: that will go in the refrigerator i think
[04:37]: we're going to end up with a lot of egg
[04:39]: whites actually
[04:41]: i have to figure out something to do
[04:42]: with those
[04:43]: um
[04:44]: so we have our egg yolk
[04:46]: we need some vanilla i'll wipe my hands
[04:50]: i'm gonna put some vanilla in with our
[04:53]: egg yolk
[05:04]: and
[05:11]: some ice water so i just um
[05:13]: put it in this little bowl with some ice
[05:15]: and some water and left it in the
[05:16]: refrigerator until we were ready with my
[05:18]: butter
[05:20]: there we go
[05:22]: so everything will remain cold and we're
[05:23]: supposed to whisk this together so i've
[05:25]: got this itty bitty whisk
[05:32]: just perfect
[05:33]: [Music]
[05:35]: and now
[05:38]: we are supposed to
[05:41]: um
[05:44]: slowly drizzle this into the food
[05:46]: processor while we pulse so
[05:49]: here we go
[05:56]: now
[05:60]: this is always what happens to me
[06:02]: with pie dough and with almost
[06:05]: everything um i feel like it's not
[06:09]: wet enough i always feel like my
[06:12]: flower is too
[06:14]: dry
[06:15]: but um
[06:18]: it says as soon as it has mostly come
[06:20]: together i don't feel like it has mostly
[06:23]: come together i feel like it's still
[06:24]: really
[06:25]: loose
[06:26]: so what i'm gonna do and this is not in
[06:28]: the recipe
[06:30]: i almost always feel like i need extra
[06:32]: water so i'm gonna add a little bit more
[06:35]: um
[06:36]: ice water
[06:38]: i'm at least getting some pieces now
[06:40]: [Music]
[06:41]: so let me feel
[06:43]: that
[06:44]: i feel like that is probably good so
[06:48]: we're gonna put this into the
[06:49]: refrigerator for at least an hour and up
[06:52]: to overnight um so i'm gonna call this
[06:55]: good and the
[06:57]: um
[06:58]: the flour will hydrate
[07:00]: uh
[07:01]: and it will sort of come together
[07:03]: from here so i think that's good
[07:06]: let me show you what we do with this
[07:09]: so we're going to um
[07:13]: put this onto our plastic wrap and try
[07:15]: not to get it off of the plastic wrap
[07:17]: too much even though my
[07:19]: countertop is clean
[07:22]: there we go
[07:23]: now we're supposed to press this into a
[07:26]: disk
[07:28]: so
[07:33]: that is let's see
[07:35]: one inch thick round disk
[07:45]: i say
[07:46]: that is good enough and we're just going
[07:48]: to
[07:49]: wrap this
[07:50]: with plastic wrap
[08:00]: and
[08:02]: this goes into the refrigerator
[08:05]: for at least an hour
[08:07]: so
[08:08]: we'll be back
[08:10]: to actually bake up our pie crust
[08:13]: and continue with the recipe
[08:16]: okay
[08:17]: my crust has been in the refrigerator
[08:18]: for
[08:20]: like four hours now so plenty of time
[08:23]: i've got my pie plate here i thought
[08:25]: this one would be the prettier one than
[08:28]: my standard
[08:29]: um
[08:31]: glass one it's supposed to be a nine
[08:33]: inch pie
[08:35]: it's roughly what this is it might be a
[08:37]: ten inch i'm not sure
[08:39]: it holds more
[08:41]: might not be quite as
[08:45]: deep or quite as full as a smaller one
[08:48]: would but we'll see we'll see how it
[08:49]: goes
[08:50]: should be fine
[08:52]: um so i've got my
[08:54]: disc here
[08:56]: that i now need to unwrap
[08:59]: i was supposed to flatten it out a bit
[09:01]: with my
[09:03]: um
[09:04]: rolling pin before i put it in the
[09:06]: refrigerator but whatever it's fine
[09:09]: there we go
[09:15]: so now we have
[09:19]: instead of doing flour
[09:21]: i'm going to roll this out on
[09:26]: wax paper so
[09:30]: let's see
[09:33]: yeah i should probably get it a circle
[09:35]: about as wide as this
[09:38]: so we'll see how well that goes i love
[09:41]: rolling out dough but
[09:43]: [Music]
[09:50]: i'm going to put a little bit of flour
[09:52]: on my um
[09:54]: rolling pin because i think it's going
[09:56]: to starting to stick and i don't want it
[09:57]: to stick too much
[09:59]: so i'm just going to put a little bit on
[10:01]: there
[10:03]: a little bit on my rolling pin
[10:07]: it should be okay
[10:10]: [Music]
[10:18]: all right i'm just throwing this
[10:21]: upside down i think i need to be a
[10:23]: little bit bigger
[10:26]: but it'll stretch a bit when i put it in
[10:28]: as well
[10:30]: hopefully that will
[10:31]: fit
[10:34]: and cover my pie plate
[10:36]: i guess we'll see
[10:38]: so
[10:40]: [Music]
[10:43]: transfer this
[10:45]: to my pie plate i think i'm gonna try to
[10:47]: just put it on top upside down
[10:51]: peel this off
[11:01]: this side is a little sticky
[11:04]: but
[11:06]: um
[11:07]: i put a little more water in the dough
[11:09]: than she calls for so that might be my
[11:11]: fault we'll see
[11:18]: make sure now
[11:20]: um
[11:21]: put a little flower
[11:28]: to sort of be able to
[11:31]: touch this without it
[11:36]: sticking too much to my hands
[11:38]: and now i've made a mess all over my
[11:40]: counter when i was trying to avoid that
[11:42]: but whatever so now we are supposed to
[11:46]: trim
[11:47]: uh it to like a half an inch
[11:49]: outside of our pie plate but
[11:52]: i don't have that much so
[11:55]: uh and crimp it
[11:58]: as
[11:59]: you like so because mine has these have
[12:02]: my pie plate has these nice flutes on it
[12:06]: i'm just gonna kind of
[12:09]: make sure
[12:11]: that
[12:13]: it gets all
[12:14]: into those
[12:18]: bits
[12:20]: now
[12:22]: that is as it should be
[12:26]: and i need to put it in this in the
[12:28]: freezer
[12:29]: for an hour so i'm gonna do that
[12:32]: and we'll be right back to deal with
[12:35]: our coconut
[12:38]: uh while we're waiting for this freeze
[12:41]: we'll take care of our coconut
[12:44]: so
[12:45]: we have a full
[12:48]: coconut
[12:50]: she says to use a young coconut
[12:56]: the
[12:57]: young coconuts that i could find
[13:00]: descriptions of
[13:02]: do not have meat that you can
[13:06]: flake
[13:07]: supposedly it is more gelatinous meat
[13:10]: um
[13:12]: it's more for drinking the water
[13:15]: it has more water whatever um and
[13:19]: i found a white coconut
[13:22]: uh
[13:23]: that was actually larger than the
[13:26]: brown coconuts i've never seen a white
[13:27]: coconut before but it is what it is
[13:30]: these ones seemed
[13:32]: heavier
[13:33]: um better than the brown coconuts that i
[13:37]: could find i don't know what the other
[13:39]: differences are but it says that it has
[13:41]: tender flaky meat
[13:43]: uh delicious in baked goods beverages
[13:45]: curries and desserts so
[13:49]: hopefully it'll work just fine um
[13:54]: so the instructions on here are slightly
[13:58]: different than the instructions in the
[14:00]: book but i'm going to try to use the
[14:02]: instructions in the book but first i'm
[14:04]: going to take off
[14:07]: the label
[14:09]: so in the book it says to or on the ins
[14:12]: the label it says to poke
[14:14]: a hole in the eye which is what my dad
[14:16]: always did to um
[14:18]: [Music]
[14:20]: drain out the coconut water first i have
[14:23]: this hopefully it'll be large enough for
[14:25]: whatever water we have
[14:27]: seems like there's quite a bit in there
[14:29]: but she says to use the heel of a large
[14:32]: knife
[14:33]: to cut it
[14:35]: from pole to pole not around the equator
[14:38]: because supposedly that will make it
[14:39]: easier to get
[14:41]: the meat out
[14:43]: i don't know i have
[14:45]: i haven't dealt with a full coconut
[14:47]: since
[14:49]: i've lived with my parents so that's
[14:51]: been a really long time my dad used to
[14:53]: do it occasionally but i just i buy
[14:55]: coconut
[14:56]: she says you can substitute just uh
[14:59]: unsweetened coconut flakes uh she
[15:02]: definitely wants she wants the larger
[15:05]: flakes not the small shreds but
[15:10]: i'm glad my husband's not watching he's
[15:12]: gonna think i'm gonna hurt myself with
[15:13]: this
[15:18]: [Music]
[15:28]: i think i can probably get the water out
[15:30]: now
[15:42]: sun's coming out
[15:44]: kind of slowly
[15:50]: i'm gonna let it drain
[15:51]: well
[15:53]: we're not quite done with that and we
[15:55]: are full up on this measure
[15:59]: pour from this through the strainer just
[16:01]: so i don't get all of the little
[16:03]: bits of
[16:06]: airy stuff that you know kind of got
[16:09]: stuck in there
[16:12]: there we go
[16:14]: and continue draining this
[16:17]: all right there we go we got about two
[16:18]: cups of coconut water out of that
[16:20]: coconut that is
[16:22]: kind of crazy
[16:25]: okay
[16:30]: since this is trained i'm gonna just
[16:32]: move it aside where we won't get all of
[16:34]: this
[16:36]: stuff in it
[16:38]: and now the goal is to
[16:40]: basically crack this in half
[16:45]: [Music]
[17:01]: that's done
[17:02]: now i'm going to clean everything up
[17:04]: just a little bit
[17:05]: um
[17:07]: so that my meat doesn't get
[17:09]: quite this dirty
[17:12]: so
[17:13]: now
[17:14]: excuse me while i peel on some of the
[17:16]: bits
[17:17]: of uh stuff that came out coconut
[17:21]: supposed to use a butter knife
[17:24]: to pry
[17:27]: the coconut meat from the shell
[17:34]: and it will probably not come out all
[17:36]: together
[17:45]: [Music]
[18:01]: [Music]
[18:18]: [Music]
[18:26]: so
[18:34]: [Music]
[18:42]: all right another cleanup
[18:44]: all right so now i have a lot of
[18:48]: relatively small pieces like this and
[18:50]: they have brown on the outside which i
[18:52]: don't really like but
[18:54]: i'm supposed to shave them which
[18:58]: is working okay
[18:60]: with a wide healer
[19:03]: so i'm gonna leave the brown stuff and
[19:09]: let me see
[19:12]: actually
[19:14]: might as well i guess peel off the brown
[19:16]: stuff
[19:19]: [Music]
[19:29]: i'm going to try to just put these small
[19:31]: bits aside unless i need them
[19:32]: [Music]
[19:34]: i am probably not even halfway through
[19:36]: my coconut but i'm gonna go ahead
[19:39]: and toast up this stuff
[19:41]: it doesn't say
[19:43]: what temperature to toast these at
[19:45]: however the previous
[19:48]: um step has the temperature at 300
[19:53]: degrees convection
[19:56]: so i'm gonna go with 300 degrees
[19:58]: convection the previous step is for
[19:60]: baking the crust which we haven't done
[20:01]: yet because this is taking
[20:04]: forever
[20:05]: um so i'm going to be
[20:07]: going to i'm going to go ahead and
[20:14]: bake this for
[20:18]: it says five to eight minutes stirring
[20:20]: halfway through so i'm gonna put in for
[20:21]: four minutes stir it and we'll see
[20:24]: this is what it looks like at
[20:26]: four minutes
[20:28]: it is
[20:29]: nowhere near toasty
[20:31]: i'm gonna
[20:33]: spread it back out put it in for another
[20:35]: four minutes and check it again
[20:38]: eight minutes still not toasty
[20:42]: so
[20:43]: back in it goes i'll be checking it
[20:45]: every four minutes or so
[20:47]: until we start to get toasty
[20:51]: i'm gonna hope i have enough i'm just
[20:53]: done with this
[20:55]: whole process
[20:57]: um
[20:58]: i'm gonna turn my oven up because they
[20:59]: are not getting brown at all and it's
[21:01]: been almost three times no
[21:05]: one and a half times the amount
[21:07]: whatever
[21:08]: that she says is the maximum amount so
[21:12]: given
[21:15]: um
[21:16]: there's no real indication of exactly
[21:18]: what temperature we're supposed to roast
[21:19]: these at
[21:21]: um
[21:26]: yeah i'm going to turn it up to where i
[21:28]: need my
[21:29]: oven for the crust because now we have
[21:32]: to
[21:32]: [Music]
[21:34]: bake the crust because it's going to be
[21:35]: fully baked before we put the filling in
[21:38]: we're not going to bake it with the
[21:38]: filling in so i need to bake my crust
[21:41]: and i'm going to turn up the oven to
[21:42]: where it needs to be for that and
[21:45]: which is for
[21:46]: no 375 convection so i'm going to do
[21:49]: that
[21:51]: i'm going to call this done
[21:53]: some are really sort of blonde some are
[21:56]: darker
[21:57]: it's fine
[21:59]: i'm still going to have to toast the
[22:00]: rest of them i'm pretty sure that's not
[22:03]: going to be enough
[22:04]: for the whole recipe but i'll toast
[22:06]: these while i bake my pie crust because
[22:09]: that is the next thing i need to do
[22:16]: i'm just going to get my pie crust out
[22:18]: of the freezer
[22:20]: there we go
[22:21]: hope my pan doesn't
[22:23]: uh shatter
[22:25]: i've got
[22:28]: a piece of parchment paper here
[22:32]: and
[22:33]: pie weights i use these beans that i've
[22:36]: used over and over and over again
[22:39]: which is fine
[22:43]: i will
[22:45]: wait the crust down
[22:47]: and
[22:49]: hopefully keep it from
[22:52]: bubbling up and getting too brown on the
[22:57]: bottom
[22:58]: so we're gonna
[22:59]: cook this at 375 convection or 400
[23:02]: without convection
[23:04]: for
[23:05]: 30 minutes like this and then we're
[23:07]: going to take it out we're going to take
[23:08]: all of this out and we're going to bake
[23:11]: it we're going to reduce the heat to 300
[23:13]: convection 325 regular
[23:16]: um and cook it for another 10 to 15
[23:19]: minutes and we want to be completely
[23:21]: cooked at that point so
[23:23]: 30 minutes i'll show you what it looks
[23:25]: like
[23:27]: so i took my
[23:29]: pie crust out of the oven at
[23:31]: 30 minutes i've turned the oven down to
[23:35]: 300 degrees convection or 325 regular
[23:38]: and this is what it looks like after i
[23:40]: have taken the pie beans pie weights out
[23:43]: of
[23:44]: my pie i'm a little concerned that the
[23:46]: edges are really dark already but
[23:49]: we're going to continue cooking these
[23:51]: cooking this at 300 degrees
[23:54]: convection
[23:55]: for
[23:56]: about 15 minutes
[23:59]: but we just want it to be fully golden
[24:00]: brown and
[24:02]: done so life happens
[24:05]: coconut took forever
[24:08]: but my crust is done i've wrapped it in
[24:11]: um it's cooled i've wrapped it in
[24:13]: plastic wrap and you can keep that at
[24:15]: room temperature for like a day
[24:17]: we're gonna make our filling now
[24:21]: and uh
[24:22]: that needs to refrigerate we're gonna
[24:24]: refrigerate it overnight and we're gonna
[24:26]: fill it all up tomorrow
[24:27]: and then we'll be done
[24:29]: so
[24:30]: uh
[24:31]: to make the custard here i have
[24:34]: coconut cream
[24:36]: you do not want sweetened coconut cream
[24:39]: which i think they usually call cream of
[24:42]: coconut what you want is unsweetened
[24:45]: coconut cream now this is
[24:46]: i've
[24:48]: takes a little more than one can but not
[24:50]: two
[24:51]: so i just want i just kept this to show
[24:54]: you guys what it looks like
[24:56]: coconut cream it's thick but it does
[24:59]: sometimes separate but it's thicker than
[25:02]: coconut milk
[25:05]: so i'm just putting that over there so i
[25:07]: don't forget about it
[25:10]: so i can forget about it it's not in my
[25:11]: way
[25:14]: and then you need some coconut milk um i
[25:17]: found this
[25:18]: whoops
[25:19]: that's um
[25:21]: resealable so we'll have to find
[25:23]: something else to do with it soon
[25:25]: also unsweetened just coconut milk
[25:29]: so i'm going to add the coconut milk now
[25:33]: to
[25:34]: the
[25:35]: coconut
[25:37]: cream
[25:40]: and we're heating this on medium heat
[25:47]: and
[25:51]: then we have some of our
[25:54]: roasted coconut i've already taken out
[25:57]: um the part that we're going to use just
[25:59]: for garnish but the rest of it is going
[26:01]: in here now
[26:03]: so
[26:04]: there we go
[26:07]: our
[26:08]: roasted coconut that we spent a lot of
[26:10]: time on
[26:12]: mostly is going to be in the custard and
[26:15]: then strained out so
[26:17]: we're heating this up
[26:19]: medium heat
[26:23]: um
[26:24]: until it's
[26:25]: hot but not boiling so we don't want it
[26:29]: boiling but we do want it hot
[26:32]: while this is heating i'm going to go
[26:33]: ahead and
[26:35]: whip up the eggs with
[26:38]: some other ingredients so
[26:44]: we have a
[26:45]: medium bowl
[26:47]: we're going to whip up we have some egg
[26:50]: yolks here the yolks only
[26:53]: so i have a lot of egg whites to use up
[26:56]: so i'm just going to put these
[26:59]: in this bowl
[27:01]: i'm going to add some sugar again plain
[27:05]: white granulated sugar
[27:09]: and
[27:10]: corn starch
[27:12]: so this is going to be this along with
[27:14]: the egg yolks is going to be what
[27:15]: thickens
[27:16]: the
[27:17]: custard filling
[27:22]: so we have that and we're just going to
[27:25]: oh we also need some salt
[27:27]: there's no measurement for salt here i'm
[27:29]: just going to put in a pinch of kosher
[27:31]: salt
[27:36]: so
[27:38]: um and we're going to
[27:40]: whisk these until they're smooth
[27:44]: that's pretty pretty nicely whisked you
[27:47]: probably didn't hear all that because
[27:48]: there's a lot of scraping because i know
[27:50]: what's coming i'm going to put
[27:54]: a
[27:55]: non-stick
[27:56]: non-skid
[27:59]: pad underneath here
[28:02]: because
[28:05]: when this gets hot we're gonna have to
[28:07]: add some of this to here
[28:11]: really slowly while whisking
[28:14]: we are nearing about 150 degrees i'm
[28:16]: gonna call that good for this stage
[28:19]: and i'm going to start adding
[28:24]: um
[28:27]: tablespoons of this until i have
[28:31]: approximately a cup
[28:33]: in here
[28:34]: while i whisk
[28:39]: so we're basically tempering our egg
[28:40]: yolks
[28:47]: except i'm right-handed and this makes
[28:48]: it much more difficult
[28:52]: there we go and now our egg yolks are
[28:54]: tempered
[28:56]: and we are supposed to add the rest of
[28:58]: this into here and hopefully it will all
[29:00]: fit if it doesn't i'm not too concerned
[29:19]: that is most of it
[29:21]: except for
[29:23]: the solids
[29:25]: and now
[29:27]: i'm going to
[29:30]: um
[29:33]: return it all
[29:37]: to the bowl
[29:39]: a lot
[29:41]: and again i'm gonna be real messy
[29:46]: i'm gonna cook this
[29:48]: while whisking over medium heat
[29:50]: until it gets to approximately
[29:55]: 178 to 185 degrees
[29:59]: uh
[30:02]: which is you know when it's thick
[30:04]: thickened
[30:06]: it's really
[30:07]: hard
[30:08]: with all of those solids in there
[30:11]: to whisk it but i'm gonna go get
[30:14]: paper towel clean up
[30:17]: now we just want to cook this um
[30:21]: until it thickens
[30:24]: and hopefully
[30:26]: not too far
[30:28]: all right there we are
[30:30]: all right
[30:32]: i'm taking it off the heat now and you
[30:34]: probably can't see this but that's all
[30:36]: right
[30:37]: um and we're just going to add a little
[30:39]: bit of butter
[30:41]: and actually we're supposed to stir this
[30:43]: in not necessarily whisk it
[30:45]: until it's all smooth
[30:49]: that's unsalted butter by the way
[30:51]: i think that is good i'm gonna put this
[30:55]: here
[30:57]: and she specifically says to
[31:00]: use a sieve set over a plastic
[31:04]: bowl
[31:09]: to strain out the solids which
[31:13]: honestly it makes me feel very very sad
[31:15]: that i spent all of that time on
[31:20]: these coconut bits and most of them are
[31:24]: just going to be discarded
[31:26]: very sad
[31:35]: so i'm a little annoyed
[31:37]: because i feel like the butter is not
[31:39]: actually mixed in
[31:41]: so i'm gonna see if i can whisk it
[31:47]: okay
[31:49]: that's better
[31:50]: now
[31:52]: take a piece of plastic wrap
[31:57]: and push it down until it touches
[32:03]: the
[32:04]: top of the custard
[32:07]: so that it won't form a skin
[32:11]: see just all push down on the custard
[32:14]: and then we're going to put it
[32:15]: in the refrigerator put the lid on it
[32:17]: put in the refrigerator um at least four
[32:19]: hours up to overnight we're gonna finish
[32:21]: this up in the morning and we'll see you
[32:22]: then okay so
[32:25]: now it is the next morning we're gonna
[32:27]: preparing to
[32:29]: actually eat our pie today
[32:31]: i've got my crust that's been at room
[32:33]: temperature overnight
[32:35]: just covered with plastic wrap and i'm
[32:37]: going to keep this for when i
[32:40]: put it back in the refrigerator and
[32:42]: we've got our filling here
[32:49]: with the plastic wrap on top just to
[32:51]: keep it from
[32:55]: developing a film on top
[32:57]: and so we've got our filling and i think
[32:60]: that this is thin enough for me
[33:02]: but
[33:03]: if you wanted to thin it out you can use
[33:06]: a little bit more coconut milk a
[33:08]: tablespoon at a time whisk it in that's
[33:11]: why i brought a whisk but i think i'm
[33:12]: going to be fine so i'm not going to
[33:14]: worry about that and i'm hoping this is
[33:15]: enough to fill this pie because it seems
[33:17]: like not a whole lot once you take out
[33:19]: all of those coconut uh flakes
[33:22]: but we'll see
[33:23]: so i'm just going to pour it in
[33:45]: yeah this is going to be a pretty
[33:47]: thin pie
[33:52]: because the filling
[33:55]: will not fill it all the way up which
[33:57]: kind of sucks but
[34:02]: we'll
[34:03]: live
[34:04]: so i feel like i should have gone with
[34:06]: my um glass pie pan which
[34:10]: takes a little bit less filling it's not
[34:13]: quite as deep as this but this will be
[34:15]: fine we do have to um
[34:20]: put this in the refrigerator for an hour
[34:22]: so
[34:23]: i'm going to put the plastic wrap back
[34:25]: over it put it in the refrigerator
[34:27]: and you serve it with
[34:30]: your reserved um
[34:33]: flakes of coconut
[34:35]: on top of a mound of
[34:38]: whipped cream so she says soft whipped
[34:40]: cream she doesn't give you any
[34:41]: instructions for that just i'm gonna
[34:43]: whip up some heavy cream with a little
[34:45]: bit of sugar to make it kind of sweet
[34:47]: and uh
[34:49]: we'll top it up when we get there
[34:51]: and we'll be all ready to go and we'll
[34:53]: let you know what we think of it in just
[34:55]: a minute
[34:56]: [Music]
[35:04]: on this episode of cooking the books
[35:05]: with heather you watched me make toasted
[35:08]: coconut cream pie with macadamia nut
[35:10]: crust from
[35:12]: uh pool's diner ashley christensen's
[35:14]: pools
[35:15]: cookbook um
[35:17]: i have to say
[35:18]: this was a lot of work
[35:21]: and it absolutely killed me to put most
[35:24]: of the
[35:26]: coconut that i had spent
[35:28]: so much time trying to pry from the
[35:31]: shell
[35:32]: and shred or
[35:34]: not really shred but you know shave into
[35:38]: thin layers and toast in the oven
[35:41]: put them into the
[35:43]: the custard and then strain them out so
[35:46]: nobody ever saw them
[35:48]: um just a few that were on top
[35:53]: that annoyed me
[35:54]: because it was a lot of work
[35:57]: um
[35:59]: but
[36:00]: it was really delicious um the
[36:04]: it was it was full of coconut flavor
[36:08]: i'm not sure the toasted coconut flakes
[36:11]: that you leave in the
[36:12]: custard and then strain out really
[36:15]: provided much of that flavor i mean you
[36:17]: use
[36:18]: all coconut
[36:20]: in the filling it's coconut cream
[36:22]: coconut milk
[36:24]: and eggs and sugar and that's about it
[36:26]: so
[36:27]: i'm not sure about that
[36:29]: i wouldn't do it the next time and in
[36:31]: fact i definitely would just buy coconut
[36:34]: flakes i'm not
[36:35]: dealing with a coconut myself again
[36:40]: if i can help it
[36:43]: so
[36:44]: that said
[36:45]: um
[36:46]: everybody enjoyed it it was the flavor
[36:48]: was delicious i really enjoyed the crust
[36:51]: it's a shortbread type crust with a
[36:52]: little bit of macadamia nuts
[36:55]: it was perhaps a little bit more
[36:57]: difficult to cut
[37:01]: and
[37:02]: this doesn't
[37:04]: save very well so
[37:06]: you want to put the whipped cream and
[37:08]: the coconut shavings on at the last
[37:10]: minute
[37:12]: um and then
[37:14]: eat it
[37:16]: try to try to eat it all
[37:18]: because while it still tastes okay
[37:20]: afterwards the coconut that you put on
[37:22]: top um
[37:24]: doesn't stay as crispy and toasty as it
[37:27]: is it just sort of
[37:29]: becomes
[37:31]: it
[37:32]: gathers up the moisture from the whipped
[37:35]: cream and the custard and it is just a
[37:37]: little bit chewier
[37:39]: it wasn't awful but it's at its best
[37:42]: sort of immediately after you do those
[37:44]: things
[37:45]: um
[37:47]: this is but it is great since you don't
[37:50]: have any of that coconut in the pie this
[37:52]: is great for somebody who
[37:55]: can't necessarily
[37:56]: eat the fibrous coconut so it's easy to
[37:59]: to
[38:00]: avoid that part so
[38:02]: um yeah
[38:05]: i would make this again
[38:07]: but definitely differently so
[38:12]: if you
[38:13]: decide to make it please let me know
[38:16]: what you think and if you have a better
[38:17]: way to deal with a coconut rather than
[38:19]: the
[38:23]: novice and absolutely time-consuming and
[38:27]: horrible way that you may have seen me
[38:29]: do here i don't know how much my
[38:31]: editor's going to cut out probably quite
[38:33]: a lot because it took for
[38:35]: ever
[38:37]: let me know in the comments down below
[38:40]: and uh
[38:41]: if you enjoyed watching me make this and
[38:43]: if you maybe laughed at me while i
[38:45]: prepared the coconut give me a thumbs up
[38:48]: hit the subscribe button and come back
[38:50]: and watch me make something else next
[38:51]: week
[38:52]: [Music]