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Short Ribs the Simplest Way

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

I love short ribs, but if they're not tender, they're just not worth it. Let's see if this recipe really is as easy as it proclaims, and if they turn out as tender as I like!

Nutrition information not included because most of the ingredients (wine, herbs, etc) aren't actually meant for eating -- the final product for this would be mostly the nutrition information for the cooked meat itself; I can't find any information about whether or how much meat absorbs the wine.


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[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with Heather and today we are going to
[00:09]: be making a recipe out of the pool diner
[00:12]: cookbook by Ashley Kristensen and we're
[00:15]: going to be making short ribs
[00:16]: the simplest way this is a very basic
[00:20]: recipe and there are a couple other
[00:21]: recipes in the book that you can make
[00:23]: after you've made these so with the
[00:25]: leftovers or with whatever you make
[00:29]: these first and then make something else
[00:30]: with them what we're going to do today
[00:35]: is just make these and eat them as they
[00:37]: are and so maybe later we will make some
[00:40]: of those other recipes my husband found
[00:42]: these he had asked the butcher it asks
[00:45]: for a slab of short ribs which is kind
[00:47]: of hard to find usually they're cut up
[00:49]: as far as I can tell in the grocery
[00:52]: stores you can buy short ribs cut up but
[00:55]: these are just a slab of short ribs this
[00:59]: is probably about four pounds the recipe
[01:01]: calls for five but it was a 16 pound
[01:08]: slab the whole thing so we have extra to
[01:11]: make those other recipes and then we cut
[01:13]: it into four pieces so right now I'm
[01:18]: just putting salt and pepper on it
[01:21]: liberally dusted with salt and pepper
[01:36]: and there is no guidance as to whether
[01:42]: you should cook these bone up or bone
[01:46]: down I'm going to start with them bone
[01:50]: down for the browning period and then
[01:55]: put them bone up so the meat is in the
[01:59]: braise for the second part I don't know
[02:04]: if that's right but that's what I'm
[02:06]: planning on doing that's what we usually
[02:07]: do when we make ribs
[02:10]: so write liberally dusted salt and
[02:21]: pepper and I've got this in a roasting
[02:24]: pan that I can cover with foil because
[02:26]: that's what I'm gonna do after this and
[02:28]: my oven is at 450 degrees convection or
[02:34]: 475 non convection it goes in for 20
[02:39]: minutes and then you let it rest for 10
[02:43]: minutes before we continue so we'll be
[02:45]: back in about half an hour I'm gonna go
[02:48]: put these in the end my short ribs have
[02:51]: been in the oven for 20 minutes maybe a
[02:55]: little bit more didn't hear the beat and
[02:57]: then they've been resting now for 10
[03:00]: minutes outside of the oven I'm gonna go
[03:02]: ahead and turn it over it already smells
[03:06]: like delicious beef smell but nowhere
[03:13]: near done yet this has got to just
[03:15]: you're going for a caramelized crust so
[03:18]: I turned it over so that the meat part
[03:21]: will be in the braise because you have
[03:23]: to worry about that more than the bones
[03:25]: anyway that's my personal thing not her
[03:28]: nothing in the recipe about that I just
[03:30]: did it
[03:31]: and now we put in some red wine I like
[03:39]: to buy small things of red wine my local
[03:45]: grocery store either sells the little
[03:47]: mini bottles or they sell them in this
[03:53]: sort of like milk carton but with the
[03:54]: spout it's just easier for me to use it
[03:58]: for cooking wine wine I'm gonna cook
[03:60]: with it's easier I can use a little bit
[04:04]: and put it back in the refrigerator or
[04:06]: use I'll use it all and not have a whole
[04:08]: bottle that I have to deal with because
[04:09]: we don't drink wine all that often
[04:11]: anyway she had some red wine and some
[04:14]: water and we have garlic halved
[04:18]: along the equator again just like in the
[04:20]: steak recipe and we're
[04:23]: just putting this in here we have some
[04:25]: [Music]
[04:30]: might have some knows why we have some
[04:36]: rosemary that goes in and then sometime
[04:41]: she calls first particular amount of
[04:43]: time I just grabbed some out of the
[04:46]: package and didn't count them like you
[04:49]: know a normal person because they were
[04:53]: all kind of tangled together and that is
[04:55]: it I'm going to cover it with this
[04:58]: aluminum foil and try not to burn myself
[05:01]: while I do that I'm going to cover it
[05:05]: tightly I might have to get the other
[05:09]: aluminum foil these wider heavy-duty
[05:13]: stuff be right back so this is the
[05:16]: heavy-duty aluminum foil which we defy
[05:19]: in a wider alright I think that's good
[05:53]: and my oven is now at 250 convection or
[05:59]: 275 without convection mine's at 250
[06:02]: convection and we put this in for 4
[06:05]: hours you don't have to touch it don't
[06:06]: have to do anything just leave it in
[06:08]: there for 4 hours and we're back we'll
[06:11]: be back when that's done our ribs were
[06:16]: in the oven for 4 hours and when you
[06:18]: take them out I haven't looked at them
[06:20]: at all all you do is sort of pull up the
[06:25]: edges of the foil to let it vent a
[06:29]: little bit and let it sit for 20 minutes
[06:31]: mine has actually been sitting for a
[06:33]: little bit longer I put it in the oven
[06:34]: on warm just warm because life happens
[06:38]: but it should be fine so I'm gonna open
[06:41]: this up for the first time it smelled
[06:43]: delicious
[06:44]: while we were baking it but all right
[06:49]: there we go and now we're just gonna
[06:53]: pull this out and hope it doesn't
[06:55]: completely fall apart and I'm gonna put
[07:01]: it down like this because it's easier
[07:03]: with a bone up because it's just much
[07:06]: easier to see where the bone is and
[07:09]: and cut it correctly and she says to
[07:13]: basically if you're going to serve them
[07:15]: just like this to slice between the
[07:19]: bones and serve them you know divided
[07:23]: among plates and serve them like that if
[07:26]: you're going to make other recipes in
[07:28]: the book she suggests you let it cool
[07:30]: completely before you slice it off the
[07:33]: bone and then and chop it up however
[07:36]: that recipe calls for but so since we're
[07:39]: just gonna eat these as is and really
[07:41]: there's no you don't use that juice to
[07:43]: make a sauce or anything in the recipe
[07:45]: this is just the the recipe is this is
[07:49]: this is what you eat we're just going to
[07:51]: slice in between the ribs and divide
[07:56]: that between plates it sounds super
[07:59]: juicy you see what that looks like it
[08:02]: looks like all the fat has rendered they
[08:04]: get a lot smaller because it is a lot of
[08:06]: fat and connective tissue in the ribs
[08:07]: but it looks very meaty looks delicious
[08:11]: go ahead and slice them all up and there
[08:22]: we go there's our short ribs the
[08:26]: simplest way
[08:37]: so we had the short ribs
[08:41]: the simplest way from the coolest diner
[08:43]: cookbook for dinner tonight and they
[08:47]: were cooked very well they were tender
[08:51]: not mushy but but had a good a good sort
[08:57]: of bite to them so it wasn't you know it
[08:60]: wasn't too mushy it wasn't too tough so
[09:03]: it was perfectly cooked
[09:05]: they were flavorful but honestly I
[09:10]: didn't get a lot of the line or the
[09:13]: garlic or herbs from it myself and I
[09:16]: think my husband said the same thing but
[09:18]: they were delicious I mean it was beef
[09:21]: very beefy kids ate it which was really
[09:25]: good and I think you really can't go
[09:30]: wrong it was a very it was a super
[09:32]: simple recipe as you said it take as you
[09:34]: saw me make them it didn't take very
[09:38]: long it was you know one pan and the
[09:41]: oven it just took a lot of time in the
[09:44]: oven a lot of hands off time for this so
[09:46]: as long as you have the time to do that
[09:50]: it is in very much worth it personally I
[09:54]: would really love to use some of the
[09:58]: juices and maybe make a sauce I did not
[10:01]: do that tonight didn't really have time
[10:04]: in my schedule for that but I'm thinking
[10:07]: about testing it out separately I'll let
[10:10]: you know in the comments below how that
[10:12]: goes
[10:13]: but yeah I would certainly make this
[10:16]: again family loved it in fact I have
[10:19]: plenty more in the freezer so I will be
[10:22]: making it making it again and hopefully
[10:25]: also make the short rib potpie or the
[10:27]: short rib hash also from this book that
[10:29]: starts with this recipe and then builds
[10:32]: upon it so stay tuned to see that
[10:36]: sometime in the near future
[10:37]: I hope you enjoyed watching me cook
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