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Pan Roasted Salmon with Spring Pistou

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My family loves salmon, but can we make it just as good as at a restaurant?

I found this recipe as part of the preview in google books:'s%20diner%20pan%20roasted%20salmon%20with%20spring%20pistou&f=false

Serving Size1/4 recipe
Carbohydrates6g (2g sugar, 1g fiber)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:03]: when I was trying to decide the next
[00:05]: recipe to do for this channel I came up
[00:09]: with two and my family said why not do
[00:13]: both because we did the Fried Chicken
[00:15]: last and my family also loves salmon so
[00:18]: we're going to do the pan-roasted salmon
[00:24]: with spring pea stew it's got a
[00:27]: beautiful picture that's probably gonna
[00:29]: be upside down on this one but oops so
[00:34]: it's that thing one of the reasons I was
[00:37]: gonna do it is because I had a bunch of
[00:38]: basil left from another recipe that I
[00:40]: did not for this channel and when I went
[00:42]: to go look at it today just now it was
[00:46]: all wilty and gross and so I had to go
[00:48]: back to the store to get basil I kind of
[00:52]: worked that way when I make recipes I
[00:54]: have a little bit of this leftover what
[00:56]: can I use use it for and then I get
[00:58]: whatever else I need sadly I didn't work
[01:00]: out this time but we're gonna make this
[01:02]: recipe my family loves salmon so we've
[01:06]: got a lot of salmon here calls for six
[01:09]: four six ounce portions I don't know if
[01:12]: that's what we have here I'm just where
[01:15]: my kids can eat like at least eight
[01:17]: ounces the same in each so but the first
[01:29]: step is to brine the salmon I already
[01:33]: have my water in the bowl and I'm gonna
[01:36]: add a bunch of salt I'm just gonna use
[01:39]: these tongs just stir it up and get it
[01:42]: dissolved hopefully this is cold water
[01:49]: I'm just cold from the cap so you stir
[01:53]: this up
[01:57]: [Music]
[02:06]: keep it cold and then you can add the
[02:11]: salmon I think you just leave this at
[02:13]: room temperature you only have two oh
[02:15]: great
[02:17]: they are individually wrapped so so
[02:25]: we've got these nice salmon portions we
[02:30]: got them from a local that's a very
[02:33]: large one from a local seafood shop that
[02:38]: we love they will cook things for you
[02:40]: and you can go and get raw seafood as
[02:42]: well
[02:52]: so we've got five portions here because
[02:56]: my kids will probably eat one and a half
[02:58]: at least each I have two of those itself
[03:01]: all right
[03:03]: these are brining they have to sit for
[03:06]: 15 minutes and while that happens there
[03:09]: are a couple other things we're gonna
[03:10]: make so I'm gonna wash my hands
[03:12]: clean up a little bit and be right back
[03:14]: okay I've cleaned up and I have
[03:15]: everything ready for the next part of
[03:17]: the recipe which is called a tomato
[03:19]: relish really it's just some tomatoes
[03:22]: and some shallots some salt and some
[03:25]: olive oil so I'm gonna cut up the
[03:29]: tomatoes measure them put them in here
[03:31]: and then the rest of the recipe needs
[03:34]: two shallots minced and I need a
[03:37]: tablespoon here these are really large
[03:40]: shallots I'm just gonna mince these up
[03:42]: and take a tablespoon out and use the
[03:44]: rest for the rest of the recipe because
[03:45]: they're very large so I think that'll be
[03:48]: plenty these are just supposed to be
[03:54]: halved so I probably won't use this
[03:58]: whole container said cherry tomatoes
[04:01]: these are grape tomatoes similar
[04:03]: slightly smaller
[04:06]: [Music]
[04:17]: that should be plenty and now I'm gonna
[04:24]: just mince up all of these shout outs
[04:30]: [Music]
[04:53]: okay got a little teary there I don't
[04:59]: take my 1tbsp put it in here and just
[05:08]: put the rest in this I think this is
[05:10]: what I had the salt in before but it's
[05:14]: okay this is a lot of shallots okay put
[05:36]: some salt on that just sort of to taste
[05:42]: and then some olive oil this is just
[05:47]: probably extra-virgin olive oil is the
[05:49]: olive oil I keep around for everything
[05:58]: gonna mix that up and you serve this on
[06:04]: top of the salmon with the pea stew
[06:09]: which we'll be making next underneath so
[06:12]: this is just gonna sit and marinate for
[06:14]: a bit clean up and come back with the
[06:18]: pea stew and dry my eyes all right so
[06:23]: the next thing we're doing is making a
[06:25]: spring pea stew which is a mixture of
[06:30]: basil and garlic and olive oil and then
[06:33]: we're gonna mix it with some other
[06:34]: things later but for now that's all
[06:36]: we're gonna do we're gonna mix all that
[06:37]: in here but first I have to chop up the
[06:41]: mince up the garlic so I'm gonna do that
[06:51]: probably not gonna be too picky about it
[06:54]: because it's going into the food
[06:57]: processor anyway
[06:60]: [Music]
[07:15]: not a great mince but it's a start
[07:22]: alright and then just gonna pick off the
[07:26]: tough stems of the basil it asked for a
[07:33]: cup I found the little clamshell
[07:36]: packages say it has up to 1/2 of a cup
[07:40]: so I just have two of those
[07:42]: clamshell packages here figured that
[07:45]: would be close enough
[07:55]: and I've washed them didn't really
[07:59]: bother to dry them all that well because
[08:03]: there's definitely some liquid in this
[08:07]: recipe so we don't really need to be
[08:09]: totally dry
[08:23]: all right so that's all the basil and
[08:25]: your teeth
[08:38]: just gonna process that I always forget
[08:47]: I need a special
[09:04]: I think that's good put this in a bowl
[09:15]: and stored in the refrigerator until I
[09:18]: need it so I'm gonna do that and we'll
[09:20]: be back for the next day okay so now
[09:22]: we're gonna continue making the piece do
[09:23]: on the stove I don't have two nice large
[09:27]: skillets so I'm gonna use this frypan I
[09:31]: don't I don't know which which is called
[09:33]: which I think it's the opposite of what
[09:34]: I think so I've got some neutral
[09:40]: vegetable oil I use grape seed in here
[09:44]: heating up the pan
[09:46]: and the first thing we're gonna do is
[09:48]: cook the shallots this and then the next
[09:56]: part salmon I'm also going to need two
[10:01]: tablespoons of oil so I'm gonna go ahead
[10:02]: and measure
[10:11]: so like I said I have an induction stove
[10:14]: it it heats up pretty easily pretty
[10:16]: quickly doing this over meeting her you
[10:18]: know I'm gonna do it at about six online
[10:25]: [Music]
[10:31]: it's a little shimmery that means it's
[10:33]: hot and ready and then I'll put in the
[10:36]: shadows all right starting to see a
[10:39]: little shimmer eNOS all right so these
[10:45]: have to cook for about five minutes or
[10:47]: until they're starting to look cooked
[10:50]: like onions they get translucent
[11:06]: okay these are starting to look softened
[11:09]: and a little bit translucent and there's
[11:11]: some browning going on which is I think
[11:13]: what is to be expected at this point and
[11:17]: the next thing is you add wine white
[11:20]: wine and there was no indication at all
[11:25]: of what type of wine to use I like to
[11:29]: cook with wine that I like to drink but
[11:31]: I didn't really like to drink sweeter
[11:34]: white wines I like Rieslings not always
[11:36]: super sweet but so I found this
[11:39]: Sauvignon Blanc that said it was good
[11:42]: with fish and had some flavors that I
[11:46]: thought would go well with it so I
[11:48]: picked this up and now we add this make
[11:53]: sure to scrape everything up and let it
[11:56]: reduce
[12:06]: brought it to a boil now you let it
[12:09]: simmer for about three and a half or
[12:12]: four minutes till it's about a quarter
[12:15]: of what it used to be I'm just going to
[12:18]: time it because it's hard to tell when
[12:22]: something's reduced by a quarter
[12:24]: especially when it's relatively thin to
[12:27]: start with not a huge thick deep deep
[12:31]: that's it
[12:32]: not a deeper piece of liquid so let that
[12:36]: go for four minutes okay so this has
[12:43]: been about four minutes
[12:46]: I assume it's reduced by about a quarter
[12:49]: the next thing we do is add a cup of
[12:53]: clam juice I found this near the fish
[12:57]: counter this particularly was at Whole
[13:00]: Foods but I did see it at my regular
[13:01]: grocery store too so probably can find
[13:04]: it just about anywhere they add this
[13:10]: stir it up and then just keep it warm at
[13:15]: this point so I'm going to transfer this
[13:19]: to another burner and keep
[13:35]: the next thing we do is the fish cook
[13:42]: the salmon so I have to get that out of
[13:45]: the brine and Pat it dry and also score
[13:49]: the skin side just through the skin with
[13:54]: the knife so I'm going to be doing that
[13:56]: next I'm going to start with these
[13:59]: smaller in the pan at once
[14:32]: I've got one larger one that we'll do
[14:35]: separately the the recipe is really for
[14:38]: four portions we just got a little bit
[14:40]: more because you know we'd like to see
[14:42]: them in a lot around here so how did
[14:48]: these dry I'm gonna go ahead and pop the
[14:52]: heat to medium-high or go seven on my
[14:57]: stove and put the oil in the skillet
[15:09]: this is again the neutral vegetable oil
[15:12]: and I'm going to do my best to slice
[15:23]: just through the skin and not through
[15:26]: the flesh on the backside here
[15:45]: I need a sharper knife this is not going
[15:50]: very well place is usually pretty good
[15:52]: about having scales on it
[16:01]: well what works I am still getting
[16:04]: scales off my goodness
[16:09]: all right that's gonna have to be also
[16:13]: supposed to season it with salt
[16:20]: put that skin side down in my the
[16:30]: cutting is not working
[17:04]: loyal
[17:35]: [Music]
[18:22]: from these over and baked them with
[18:29]: plate in the microwave to store them and
[18:33]: put them on when they're done since I
[18:35]: have a few more to make also wouldn't
[18:37]: fit in the pan these are slightly larger
[18:39]: than what the recipe calls for so if
[18:42]: there were just four six pounds portions
[18:44]: you might've been able to fit it so now
[18:51]: we're gonna turn these over I think
[18:52]: we're about ready about halfway through
[18:55]: [Music]
[18:58]: turn them over
[19:16]: let them hook for about 30 seconds and
[19:18]: then you start basting them and cook
[19:20]: them about 40 minutes
[19:21]: they're probably breaking the video
[19:39]: these cuts on they're done okay put them
[20:02]: on the plate that I have in the
[20:04]: microwave the middle one it's certainly
[20:07]: gonna come out do the same thing with
[20:26]: these other two pieces that I have here
[20:28]: that have been thoughtfully be scaled by
[20:39]: my kitchen crew
[20:58]: okay it looks like it's about halfway
[21:02]: through so I'm gonna turn it over like
[21:05]: it
[21:29]: let me get the other ones out
[21:39]: they will all
[21:41]: [Music]
[22:06]: in the microwave safe warm microwave
[22:10]: safe one with the lights on
[22:23]: okay
[22:25]: No
[22:32]: there we go so what I'm gonna do now is
[22:39]: finished off the spring piece - we're
[22:42]: gonna bring this back over here return
[22:44]: this burner oh and we're gonna bring
[22:47]: this up basically to a boil over high
[22:51]: heat and then we're going to add the
[22:56]: basil puree we're going to add some
[22:59]: lemon juice and then we're gonna add
[23:01]: some butter and swirl it around to make
[23:03]: it a little bit more creamy basically
[23:06]: we're just getting this we're just
[23:07]: getting this warmed through and then
[23:11]: we're gonna turn off the heat and add in
[23:16]: the basil puree and the lemon juice and
[23:20]: the button so I think this is definitely
[23:23]: warmed through
[23:24]: I don't know how much the Seas but I
[23:28]: want to kind of get it a little bit off
[23:29]: the heat a bit so we're gonna stir in
[23:35]: this basil puree that has been in the
[23:37]: refrigerator
[23:38]: it's the basil and the garlic and the
[23:41]: olive oil so this is the piece do not
[23:47]: piece to piece do is a French word I'm
[23:52]: not even sure what it means but it's
[23:54]: it's it's a it's a keulen Airy term
[23:60]: I can look that up before I wrap this
[24:03]: video I've got the juice of half a lemon
[24:07]: [Music]
[24:21]: the rest of our butter and swirl it
[24:27]: around until it's melted and that is it
[24:35]: swirl this around get it melted feel
[24:38]: like this should be less liquid but this
[24:46]: is what the instructions say to do so
[24:51]: we'll see how it turns out
[24:59]: I think I was supposed to whisk it
[25:03]: actually
[25:18]: there we go and that is the whole recipe
[25:24]: done all I have to do is plate it up and
[25:28]: I'll show you what that looks like
[25:39]: okay today on cooking the books with
[25:42]: Heather we made the pan-roasted salmon
[25:46]: with spring pea stew from the cools
[25:49]: diner cookbook and I have to say the
[25:55]: same enforce the I think the the brining
[26:03]: really helped with the flavor salmon was
[26:07]: delicious
[26:08]: the sauce the pea stew which I looked it
[26:12]: up it is basically just a French style
[26:14]: of pesto does not usually have nuts or
[26:17]: cheese in it it was a little thin I feel
[26:22]: like we should have reduced it a lot
[26:24]: more before we added stuff into it it
[26:26]: certainly looks more soupy than the one
[26:31]: on here look somebody's kind of hard to
[26:32]: tell but ours was certainly it was more
[26:35]: like a thin broth with a layer of green
[26:39]: on top of it so I would reduce it more
[26:43]: if I made this again meat made the sauce
[26:45]: again I would reduce it more before I
[26:47]: added the the pesto so it's the basil
[26:50]: mixture and the butter and all that into
[26:53]: it so it would be more like a sauce and
[26:54]: less like a soup it was good it was a
[26:59]: little cleanup intensive but I mean
[27:02]: because there's the bowl for the for the
[27:09]: brine and then the relish and then the
[27:12]: piece do with the with the food
[27:14]: processor and all of that but it was
[27:18]: good my daughter loved it my son didn't
[27:22]: eat much of his which is very strange
[27:25]: but I don't think that's the fault of
[27:28]: the food he may be getting a little sick
[27:32]: we're keeping our fingers crossed that
[27:34]: he's not so I don't I don't think it was
[27:37]: that he didn't like it I think you just
[27:38]: because he didn't eat his bread either
[27:40]: so that's he's a carb kid so I don't
[27:44]: think that that is anything against
[27:46]: Sam and I thought it was delicious but
[27:50]: the sauce I could kind of take or leave
[27:51]: so thanks for watching and please like
[27:57]: and subscribe
[28:02]: [Music]