The author and cook, Heather

Banoffee Trifle at River Run

Outlander Kitchen

What can we do with leftover gingerbread cake? Make a trifle!

Trifles are a common British dessert, usually layered with some kind of cake, a pudding, and lots of whipped cream, along with whatever other additions you would like. This one is a take on banoffee pie, another Very British dessert that combines bananas and toffee.

The gingerbread:

I really don't want to know the nutrition information on this one, but it's very sweet and rich, so a small serving is plenty. She says it serves 6+; we definitely got more like 12 servings from this.


[00:00]: this ish is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s
[00:08]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:10]: with heather today
[00:12]: we are going to be making something that
[00:14]: we hadn't really planned on making but
[00:18]: we had leftover gingerbread
[00:20]: we had almost everything else we needed
[00:22]: to make it i happened to buy bananas at
[00:24]: the store and they were
[00:26]: about to go a little bit
[00:28]: too ripe for me
[00:31]: um so we're making this
[00:34]: at night
[00:35]: which we rarely do
[00:37]: but uh we're gonna make this and we're
[00:39]: gonna eat it tomorrow so this will be
[00:40]: fine
[00:42]: we are making
[00:43]: banafi trifle at river run so from the
[00:47]: outlander kitchen cookbook
[00:49]: now um
[00:50]: as far as being time appropriate this
[00:54]: was not a thing in the
[00:56]: uh
[00:57]: 1800s
[00:58]: and it was not yet a thing
[01:02]: for
[01:03]: much of the uh future part of outlander
[01:08]: um until a little bit
[01:11]: later i don't want to spoil anything if
[01:13]: you're just watching the series um
[01:16]: but this was created
[01:18]: the banoffee pie was created in england
[01:21]: by apparently two restaurateurs in 1971
[01:25]: it's a big thing in england um
[01:28]: the stars of the outlander show have a
[01:30]: thing about it like they banter about it
[01:32]: um because
[01:33]: the person who plays claire
[01:36]: really likes it um so
[01:40]: banafi is a
[01:42]: uh
[01:43]: combination of banana and toffee so
[01:47]: uh it's usually a pie
[01:49]: we're going to be making it a trifle
[01:50]: which is
[01:52]: very appropriate very english very um
[01:54]: something that they would have
[01:57]: would have had back in the you know
[01:58]: 1800s 18 1700s sorry i misspoke about
[02:02]: that
[02:04]: anyway
[02:05]: so first we have our gingerbread
[02:08]: leftover it's about half of the recipe
[02:11]: that we made
[02:12]: last time
[02:13]: and
[02:15]: i've just cut it up
[02:17]: into
[02:18]: half inch
[02:19]: cubes
[02:21]: approximately um and then we have a
[02:23]: bunch of other stuff over here the
[02:25]: bananas we have some grand marnier
[02:28]: you can substitute
[02:30]: other things other alcohols if you
[02:32]: prefer or even orange juice if you want
[02:34]: to make this alcohol free
[02:36]: it does call for quite a bit of the
[02:38]: grand marnier we have some sweetened
[02:40]: condensed milk which is going to go into
[02:42]: our toffee portion of the trifle
[02:45]: some brown sugar some regular sugar some
[02:47]: vanilla
[02:49]: and oh there's some chocolate that i
[02:51]: have to deal with which i don't think is
[02:53]: a usual component of the pie but i could
[02:56]: be wrong i don't think it's something
[02:58]: i've ever had before
[02:59]: um
[03:01]: and some some whipping cream so but i
[03:04]: think
[03:05]: that's about it
[03:07]: but what we're going to do right now is
[03:08]: we're going to make the toffee that's
[03:10]: the first thing we have to do
[03:12]: so
[03:14]: let me flip
[03:21]: so we're doing this it's not really a
[03:23]: toffee it's sort of a
[03:25]: toffee flavored pudding sort of thing
[03:28]: anyway
[03:29]: um
[03:31]: because toffee is usually sort of
[03:37]: thicker
[03:38]: sometimes hard anyway
[03:40]: um
[03:43]: so we have i've melted the butter on the
[03:45]: stove i'm not going to show you
[03:46]: everything on the stove because it's
[03:47]: really very simple
[03:49]: melted the butter i'm going to
[03:51]: add
[03:52]: the brown sugar that i have already
[03:55]: measured out
[03:57]: and
[04:00]: this sweet and condensed milk
[04:02]: which is
[04:03]: takes a bit to get
[04:06]: out
[04:09]: of the can
[04:11]: always
[04:14]: so that'll take me a second
[04:18]: that's not too bad
[04:20]: that's most of it
[04:22]: so
[04:23]: um
[04:25]: she said to melt the butter over medium
[04:27]: heat which i mean i melted it
[04:30]: it's fine um
[04:32]: we're going to stir all of this stuff
[04:34]: together and we're going to put this
[04:36]: back i think over medium heat she
[04:39]: doesn't say to change it so i'm going to
[04:40]: put it on medium heat and we're going to
[04:43]: boil this
[04:44]: and we're going to stir this
[04:47]: constantly to keep it from scorching and
[04:50]: burning and all of that because there's
[04:52]: a lot of sugar in this and we don't want
[04:55]: that to happen so we're going to go put
[04:57]: this over medium heat we're going to
[04:58]: boil it and we're going to boil it
[05:00]: for
[05:02]: one
[05:03]: minute stirring almost continuously
[05:06]: so
[05:09]: we will be back when that part is done
[05:12]: all right so this is what it looks like
[05:14]: after it had boiled for about a minute
[05:16]: and now we have to add i should have
[05:19]: made sure this was open
[05:21]: a little bit of our grand marnier this
[05:23]: is not all that goes in the recipe but
[05:39]: there we go so we're going to stir this
[05:41]: in
[05:42]: nice orange smell there
[05:43]: [Music]
[05:45]: you can see that it's still hot
[06:03]: there we go
[06:04]: now i've got this nice and smooth
[06:07]: i am going to set this aside to cool
[06:11]: um because this needs to be pretty cool
[06:13]: before we continue
[06:17]: so i'm going to put it on my granite
[06:20]: countertops to sort of
[06:22]: let that absorb some of the heat
[06:24]: hopefully it will cool off faster
[06:26]: that's my plan
[06:29]: and
[06:31]: the next thing we make
[06:32]: is
[06:33]: whipped cream
[06:35]: so let me gather the things i need for
[06:37]: that
[06:39]: we're ready to make the whipped cream
[06:41]: i've gathered everything i'm going to
[06:42]: use my hand mixer for that because
[06:46]: it takes a while i'm gonna put my heavy
[06:49]: cream whipping cream in here
[06:55]: and
[06:56]: we're gonna add a little bit of sugar to
[06:58]: this
[06:59]: you can add more than this if you want
[07:01]: um
[07:02]: the
[07:04]: gingerbread is not super sweet
[07:08]: um but
[07:10]: that toffee will be pretty sweet so i am
[07:14]: gonna currently stick with the amount
[07:16]: that she
[07:18]: recommends for that
[07:20]: but then you put a lot of vanilla in
[07:22]: here and i feel like it might be a typo
[07:25]: it's so much vanilla
[07:28]: but i'm gonna do it because this is what
[07:31]: we do here
[07:41]: [Music]
[07:43]: there we go
[07:49]: and
[07:50]: we're just going to beat this
[07:53]: to um on high speed
[07:56]: stiff peaks we want this to be pretty
[07:58]: pretty well be beaten but not butter
[08:02]: don't go that far
[08:04]: you won't see most of this because it's
[08:06]: very loud
[08:08]: so i tasted it it's very vanilla but not
[08:12]: off-putting um but i did think it was
[08:15]: barely sweet so i added
[08:17]: double the sugar that the recipe calls
[08:20]: for so i'm just gonna beat that in now
[08:23]: our toffee is still kinda warm
[08:26]: but it's not hot anymore so i'm gonna
[08:29]: kind of just leave it here and i think
[08:31]: we'll be able to use it honestly i just
[08:33]: want to get this done
[08:34]: um
[08:36]: but whipped cream very vanilla whipped
[08:38]: cream is done
[08:40]: um bananas i'm going to cut as i put
[08:43]: this together just so they don't get too
[08:45]: brown
[08:47]: and
[08:50]: oh no we're supposed to toss them we are
[08:52]: supposed to toss them
[08:54]: so with some of our
[08:57]: grand marnier so
[09:00]: i don't think i will need all of these
[09:03]: bananas um
[09:08]: the
[09:08]: recipe says medium bananas and
[09:12]: these are definitely on the large side
[09:16]: so i'm gonna go with
[09:20]: four
[09:21]: so
[09:23]: i'll have those back there if i need
[09:25]: them but i'm gonna go ahead and peel and
[09:28]: slice
[09:30]: these bananas
[09:31]: okay slice all my bananas and now i need
[09:34]: to add
[09:36]: some more grand marnier
[09:48]: there we
[09:49]: go and i'm just going to toss that
[09:51]: around with my spoon
[09:55]: but other than that we are now pretty
[09:58]: much ready to put this together oh i do
[10:00]: need to tell you
[10:02]: um this also calls for chocolate
[10:05]: either
[10:07]: good quality dark or milk chocolate
[10:09]: whatever you prefer is fine but it calls
[10:12]: for a lot of it and grated so
[10:15]: i put mine in the freezer
[10:17]: and i meant to do this before but it was
[10:19]: in the freezer for quite a while
[10:21]: measured it out put it in the freezer
[10:23]: and i used my um food processor for that
[10:26]: the grating blade
[10:28]: i would not suggest that almost broke my
[10:30]: food processor i'm pretty sure still
[10:32]: works still fine i just managed to do it
[10:35]: i've got all my chocolate so let me grab
[10:37]: that
[10:39]: so now i have everything ready
[10:42]: pretty sure
[10:44]: and we're going to layer it in this bowl
[10:46]: and it does not look like all this stuff
[10:48]: is going to fit in this bowl but she
[10:50]: says a large
[10:52]: a trifle dish or a large glass bowl with
[10:55]: this
[10:56]: so
[10:57]: this is this is what i have
[11:03]: it's not all going to fit
[11:06]: all right so we've had some discussion
[11:08]: about the bowl and we don't think it's
[11:10]: big enough to hold all this stuff and
[11:12]: the other bowl that we have is not
[11:13]: nearly as pretty and he says it's not
[11:15]: that much bigger anyway
[11:18]: i'm gonna make this one work
[11:21]: uh but that means that i'm going to have
[11:23]: to be
[11:24]: a little go a little bit against the
[11:25]: recipe because i don't think it will all
[11:27]: fit in here
[11:29]: so but it does seem like it's about the
[11:31]: same size as the one she has in her book
[11:34]: so
[11:36]: anyway
[11:38]: putting some of the
[11:40]: gingerbread down at the bottom
[11:43]: supposed to go for a single layer
[11:48]: i'm just kind of trying to
[11:50]: make it fit the whole bottom here
[11:53]: and if if your bowl is big enough you're
[11:55]: supposed to use about half
[11:57]: but
[11:60]: all right
[12:01]: and now i'm supposed to put some grand
[12:03]: marnier on this to soak it
[12:06]: um i'm not gonna put quite as much as
[12:08]: she says because i feel like i have
[12:11]: way
[12:13]: less
[12:14]: gingerbread to soak
[12:17]: than half so we're gonna go with
[12:20]: that much
[12:22]: that should be fine um well maybe
[12:27]: no we're gonna do
[12:29]: do like one and a half
[12:33]: because there are a couple pieces but
[12:35]: other than that it looks pretty soaked
[12:36]: looks pretty good so we have got our
[12:39]: gingerbread in here and then
[12:42]: we spread with some of the cooled toffee
[12:46]: which is
[12:47]: kind of hard to spread
[13:05]: i feel like i got about a quarter of my
[13:09]: um
[13:11]: gingerbread so i'm going to try to do
[13:14]: approximately a quarter
[13:18]: of this stuff and no you cannot spread
[13:21]: it so
[13:23]: once it's in there it's in there
[13:26]: and then um
[13:29]: we put in bananas
[13:31]: so
[13:33]: i'm going to try to get
[13:36]: a good layer of bananas
[13:39]: here
[13:43]: and my bowl
[13:45]: like many gets
[13:47]: a little bit wider after that first
[13:49]: layer of
[13:54]: gingerbread so
[13:60]: [Music]
[14:03]: okay
[14:04]: i'm gonna call that good for that
[14:07]: and then
[14:09]: uh
[14:10]: chocolate so we put i'm gonna get a
[14:12]: spoon because otherwise my hand's gonna
[14:14]: be super chocolatey
[14:16]: at this point we put our
[14:19]: grated chocolate on top of the bananas
[14:27]: mine is not grated perfectly but it'll
[14:29]: be fine
[14:34]: and that seems like plenty to me that's
[14:36]: that's a lot of chocolate
[14:40]: this is a lot of chocolate
[14:43]: i can always make use of grated
[14:45]: chocolate however
[14:46]: so we've got our
[14:48]: bananas chocolate and now some of our
[14:51]: whipped cream
[14:53]: and she does say to make sure you spread
[14:57]: the whipped cream
[14:59]: all the way to the edges
[15:01]: to make sure the bananas are fully
[15:04]: covered
[15:05]: to keep them from
[15:08]: browning
[15:09]: so i think the grand marnier will help
[15:11]: keep them from browning but also
[15:14]: covering them
[15:16]: with this whipped cream
[15:18]: so now we do more of our gingerbread
[15:22]: cake
[15:24]: [Music]
[15:32]: do
[15:34]: [Music]
[15:48]: all right so the last step is to garnish
[15:51]: with some chocolate and i'm not going to
[15:52]: put quite that much on just because i
[15:55]: want some of the whipped cream to show
[15:58]: which means there this i thought that
[16:01]: much chocolate was way too much and it
[16:03]: turns out i believe i was right
[16:07]: because this is a lot of chocolate
[16:08]: leftover so we'll be having some hot
[16:11]: chocolate later
[16:12]: all right
[16:13]: so you're supposed to i think cover this
[16:18]: yeah well you're supposed to refrigerate
[16:19]: it i'm probably going to cover it with
[16:21]: plastic wrap just because
[16:24]: i want to i don't want it to dry out
[16:27]: on top but you want to refrigerate it
[16:30]: for at least an hour and she says up to
[16:31]: six
[16:33]: longer will be fine
[16:35]: so we are going to have this tomorrow
[16:38]: my nice pretty
[16:40]: layers
[16:42]: we'll show you what it looks like when
[16:44]: we uh when we dish it all out and uh
[16:47]: tell you what we think in just a minute
[16:50]: [Music]
[16:57]: on this episode of cooking the books
[16:59]: with heather you watched me make banafi
[17:01]: trifle at riverrun from the outlander
[17:04]: kitchen cookbook
[17:07]: so this
[17:08]: makes a lot of trifle
[17:11]: we had to invite some friends over to
[17:13]: help us because
[17:16]: we made
[17:17]: you know one relatively large bowl
[17:20]: and then had few few bits left over and
[17:23]: made another smaller bowl
[17:26]: where we used the creamed crud that we
[17:29]: had left over from the gingerbread that
[17:32]: we used that was left over for this
[17:35]: we had that left over as well so we used
[17:37]: that in our other
[17:39]: our sort of
[17:41]: leftovers bowl of trifle
[17:45]: um and it was a lot it make this makes a
[17:49]: lot so just be warned about that make
[17:52]: this when you have
[17:53]: friends coming over family coming over
[17:56]: that you want to feed because while it
[17:58]: is very pretty
[17:60]: in its container
[18:01]: once you dish it out it's not something
[18:03]: that you can like
[18:06]: send some to the neighbors and it looks
[18:07]: at all good so
[18:09]: you could also make smaller batches
[18:12]: smaller dishes of it sort of an
[18:13]: individual
[18:15]: trifle if you prefer
[18:17]: but um yeah it's not something that you
[18:19]: can
[18:22]: just send to somebody who hasn't seen it
[18:23]: and they might think it tastes good
[18:25]: because it kind of looks like a mess
[18:28]: anyway
[18:32]: i found
[18:33]: there i think the recipe had a
[18:36]: couple of problems
[18:38]: for one it calls for a lot of chocolate
[18:42]: and i put a lot of chocolate on the
[18:44]: layers and i still had more than half
[18:46]: left over so and it looked a lot less
[18:49]: than there is
[18:51]: in the picture so i really feel like
[18:54]: you don't need that much chocolate you
[18:56]: can start with half and maybe not even
[18:58]: use all of it but that's okay we've been
[19:00]: using it for other things it's fine
[19:03]: um also i feel like
[19:06]: the vanilla
[19:07]: in
[19:09]: the whipped cream
[19:11]: maybe had a typo she calls for two
[19:14]: tablespoons of vanilla and i feel like
[19:16]: it should have been teaspoons because
[19:17]: that was a lot of vanilla it was not
[19:21]: it was not super
[19:23]: it wasn't so much that it tasted bad in
[19:26]: conjunction with everything but it was
[19:28]: just a lot of vanilla
[19:30]: and villain is very expensive these days
[19:31]: but i think it could you could get away
[19:33]: with you know switching that to
[19:34]: teaspoons and it would probably be fine
[19:37]: um
[19:39]: i we felt like the oh and there was also
[19:41]: not quite enough sugar in the whipped
[19:43]: cream for us especially since the uh
[19:47]: gingerbread is not very sweet i think i
[19:48]: ended up adding a little bit more sugar
[19:50]: to that whipped cream as well
[19:53]: but
[19:55]: the grand marnier and the toffee
[19:58]: certainly do add a level of sweetness to
[19:60]: this so this is a much sweeter dessert
[20:01]: than the gingerbread on its own
[20:05]: the toffee was really easy
[20:07]: i don't know how well it would work
[20:10]: to let that cool completely before you
[20:12]: start putting
[20:14]: make putting the layers together ours
[20:16]: was a little bit warm and then as we
[20:18]: went along it had cooled off some more
[20:20]: and it was just really hard to get out
[20:21]: of the pan
[20:24]: excuse me
[20:27]: but once you if you wanted to warm it up
[20:30]: just a little bit on the stove that or
[20:32]: in the microwave if you don't have it in
[20:33]: a still don't still have it in your pan
[20:36]: that would that would be helpful um
[20:40]: the grand marnier was great it was a
[20:42]: nice um a little bit of an orangey
[20:45]: twinge
[20:47]: taste
[20:49]: to the dessert also i think makes it
[20:51]: very much more of a of a
[20:54]: christmasy dessert i think oranges and
[20:57]: and and
[20:58]: gingerbread both are very christmassy to
[21:01]: me and we really liked it actually with
[21:04]: the creamed crud i think
[21:06]: the fact that that was a little bit too
[21:08]: salty not very sweet
[21:09]: putting it in this recipe helped and
[21:11]: helped make it a little bit more stable
[21:14]: so that was good
[21:16]: all in all we really liked this but if
[21:18]: you don't like bananas
[21:21]: um or if you don't like whipped cream
[21:23]: then this is probably not going to be
[21:26]: something you really like but if you
[21:28]: like both of those things this is a
[21:31]: great use for any leftover gingerbread
[21:33]: that you have a gingerbread cake
[21:36]: or you can just make a batch and make a
[21:38]: huge trifle for a large gathering and it
[21:40]: would be great
[21:41]: anyway if you enjoyed watching me make
[21:43]: this please give me a thumbs up hit the
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[21:47]: me make something else next week
[21:49]: [Music]